NEWBURGH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Newburgh authorities believe Lashandra Armstrong of Orange County killed herself and three of her children by driving her minivan into the Hudson River Tuesday night.

Officials say that Armstrong, 25, had all four of her children in the minivan when she drove it into the murky depths of the Hudson River. However, one child — 10-year-old Lashaun Armstrong — managed to escape by slipping out of the van before it sank below the waves.

Police announced Wednesday the apparent murder-suicide took place after Armstrong was involved in a domestic dispute.  Armstrong had apparently found out that her husband had been cheating on her and was distraught.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams With Reaction From Mayor Nick Valentine

“He managed to hit the power windows and opened up one of the windows and climbed out of the vehicle before the vehicle sunk,” said Chief Mike Ferrara of the Newburgh Police Department, describing how Lashaun Armstrong escaped.

The boy swam back to the shore. Maeve Ryan, a passerby, found the soaking wet, shivering boy and took him to firefighters, authorities said.

Wednesday night Ryan told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey “I don’t know what state of mind she could have been in to do that to her children.”

Ryan said that she “will never forget [Lashaun’s] face because the fear in that little boy’s eyes was just terrible.” The lone survivor of the tragedy told Ryan that before they went into the water, his mother went into the back seat and held the kids and said “if we’re going to die, we’re going to die together.”

Fire officials said the boy probably had less than two minutes to escape.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams: Aunt Among Those Searching For Answers

Newburgh resident Cynthia Beadle leaves a stuffed teddy bear in the water where on Tuesday night a woman drove her car with some of her children into the Hudson River in Newburgh, N.Y., Wednesday, April 13, 2011. (credit: Seth Wenig/AP)

Armstrong’s aunt, Angela Gilliam, was at the scene of the horrific tragedy Wednesday in tears, asking “why would she drive her car down there?”

Gilliam told police she spoke with her niece earlier Tuesday and that Armstrong was “not too good.”

CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman asked Gilliam how her nephew was feeling a night after his mother and siblings drowned.

“He’s taking it easy,” an emotional Gilliam said, “he had the strength to get out and try to get help.  Lashaun is fine.”

Lashaun told authorities his mother had just driven into the river with his brothers and sister. He may have been suffering some hypothermia from the approximately 45-degree waters when he told them about his escape.

“When Lashaun came to the fire department, he was having difficulty speaking, of course, and was just repeating about the car being in the water with him mom and siblings,” said Chief Michael Vatter of the Newburgh Fire Department.

Police boats and divers pulled the minivan from the Hudson late Wednesday night.

Two boys, five-year-old Pierce Armstrong, two-year-old Lance Pierre and their 11-month-old sister Lainina were drowned along with their mother.

1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney reports: Nightmare In Newburgh

“I don’t know her. Like I said, I have nine grandchildren of my own and I can’t imagine, I just can’t imagine,” said Delores Currier of New Windsor.

“We are talking about a tragedy in this city that is probably second to none,” Newburgh Mayor Nicholas Valentine said. “The whole scene surrounding what occurred in Newburgh last night will have a lasting effect on this city,” he added.

Police had been responding to a domestic dispute call at the Armstrong’s home about six blocks away from the river when they got word.

Officers arrived to find an empty house, and minutes later, Lashaun was delivered to the firehouse.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports: Neighbors Are Shocked

Armstrong’s neighbors on Williams Street have expressed shock.

“I just know that she works, and she goes to school… she was always out with the kids, playing. It’s amazing,” said Carmen Davila. “She seemed like a real busy person and real responsible with those kids.”

Other neighbors said they were not aware of any problems in the household.

“If there was something going on nobody would’ve known because we never heard anything, she never said nothing to nobody, they’re very quiet people,” neighbor Tina Claybourne said. “We never heard no violence, no screaming, no nothing.”

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  1. 123 says:

    What a shame.
    Wished it was some evil worthless soulless dreks instead!

  2. TONY says:


  3. britney says:

    iI just dont understand how anyone could do that to her children! iI mean seriously, if your that upset dont take it out on your kids. they have done nothing wring to ever deserve something as horrible as that! myself and my family will be keeping lashaun in our prayers and hope that he goes on to live a happy, healthy life! lashaun, life may seem horrible right now but just know you have a lot of people who are there for you every step of the way! keep a strong head! EVERYONE. IF YOU HSVE ANY HEART OR EMOTIONS YOU WILL DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO HELP LASHAUN IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM! RIP PIERCE, LANCE, AND LAININA!!!!!

  4. Single Mom says:

    To Lashaun Armstrong: You will always be in my prayers. Do not blame yourself. Your mother and siblings are watching over you, as are all of your family and friends. Make them proud of you. Talk to someone you trust about what you are feeling. Never keep it bottled up inside. May God Bless you, keep, and cover you now and forever more. Amen, amen, amen.

    To single mothers everywhere: Please ban together to help, support, and empower each other. That’s what we do:

    D (a single mom of 6, ages 3 to 20)

    1. WhyCompassion says:

      I can only hope God doesn’t entrust his mother to watch over him. We’re a society…we ban together…that’s what we do. We don’t empower ANYONE to kill their children.

  5. Nadine says:

    This was very tragic, Having compassion for the mother is not a defense or an excuse. My heart goes out to her, the children whose life was taken and the surviving child. Let us not judge what she did or her reasons. Calling her names may make you better (that in it self is very sad) will not undo what she did. We must pray for her soul and the well-being of the surviving child. God bless him and the rest of the family.

    1. geraldine callands says:

      this message is for lashaun armstrong i have a gift for you but i need your address you just hold onto god hands he will see you through we are all praying for you and your family


    The washington post state that her ten year old son said his mother had change her mind and tried to get the car out of the water……hoW true I do not know.

  7. Jacqui says:

    Susan smith killed her 2 sons because she and her husband were seperated. She was in love with another man and the new man in her life did not want children in his life. So, Susan smith decided to kill her children just to get this other man. I just did research on Susan Smith on wednesday and found out the real reason she murdered her 2 boys by driving the car into the river. Even though LaShanda Armstrong is no longer alive. My heart still hurts for her and her children as no one but the LORD knows what she was going through. She apparently had POST PARDEM DEPRESSION from the birth of her 11 month old daughter. GOD KNOWS ALL OF OUR HEARTS. May God touch and heal her surviing son and family.

    1. WhyCompassion says:

      They both had one thing in common…they felt entitled to kill their children. One to get a result for herself, and the other to take her property with her to the grave…in the same context as perhaps a Pharaoh. But we as a society need to take some responsibility for this.

      Through our chivalrous, puritan, illogical laws of child property, we give mothers a false sense of sole ownership of the children. We pretend it is in the best interest of the children, but it creates a mindset that allows for so many to accept and rationalize this type of behavior…when it is decided by the mother. Our society seems to get it right when it comes to holding fathers responsible for their actions, but so many it appears are afraid to do the same with mothers.

      Perhaps if we saw children as joint creation between two people, and weren’t so quick to remove one of them as unimportant (and then wonder where that parent is when something goes wrong), then perhaps, just perhaps a little responsibility would eek into the brains of some of these people, and ultimate control would seep out. Children are not property of anyone. They are human beings entrusted to the two people that created them. When our laws and our courts reflect this, then maybe, just maybe the rationalization for killing ones children can be left in the jaded history of our broken-down system.

      But until we hold responsibility and accountability for all parents, the privilege of thinking one has more rights (or all rights) to a child will continue to offer up the results of these cases. When a parent kills their child intentionally, they should be subject to the death penalty. I cannot think of anyone more deserving. In this particular case, she saved taxpayers the hassle. Susan Smith…not so much. We listen to her justify killing the children, and many feel compelled to offer leniency…but why? Does it matter what story she comes up with? What leniency did the children have? I have no more ability to accept what either of these mothers did than I do with the guy who killed a baby by throwing it out of a car. Why did he do it? What mental state was he in? He must have been in a lot of pain. I DON’T CARE. YOU DO NOT KILL CHILDREN.

  8. nlee1 says:

    If only we had one more chance. One more day. One more minute. We would have made better decisions for ourselves. This young woman made a bad decision and most likely over someone that given enough time, would have been out of her life anyway. She’s already proven she was smart. She both worked and attended school….while rearing 4 children. May the dear Lord bless, guide and keep the 10 year old. I hope he gets the help he will no doubt need,

    1. WhyCompassion says:

      A bad decision? Eating a twinkie when you’re trying to lose weight is a bad decision. Calling in sick on the day the corporate president decides to show up is a bad decision. KILLING YOUR CHILDREN is not just a BAD decision. It is a selfish, selfish, monsterous thing to do. She left a Facebook note, called her mom, she KNEW what she was doing was horribly wrong and she did it anyway. She is not smart…she is an evil horrible beast of a mother who took her difficulty out on her defenseless INNOCENT children.

      1. Victoria Colbert says:

        A ten year old can read and so can the survivng members of that poor family. You can not change the past by writing ugly things about her. Post partum depression,mental illness,obviously the poor gal was not sane or she wouldn’t have done it. If the woman had brain cancer and committed the act, people like you would not be so outraged, try to look at it like mental illness is such a serious sickness,maybe even worse than camcer because the diagnosis’s and treatments(if the person is lucky enough to get help) are so elusive.What’s done is done,the only thing of worth any of us ever can do,is just be kind to each other.Peace.

      2. anony says:

        WhyCompassion, have you experienced severe depressed? Didn’t think so….

    2. WhyCompassion says:

      Yes, I have experienced those who are depressed…it sucks, but you’ve got to understand that you are still accountable for your actions. She didn’t make a mistake…she KILLED three children.

  9. J says:

    Huh, when Susan Smith killled her kids and kept herself from harm way we saw so much sympathy in her community they even allow her to rot in jail (should have been condemned to die – she did kill her kids).

    Now this woman is all these things – even though both had the nerves to take lives. Is it more acceptable for the mother to survive? Just asking.

    I cannot understand why a person would do this and honestly don’t want to know, but one thing for sure that child that survived will need the community to wrap their arms around him and support him the rest of hs life. WOW !!!

    Folks call this mother names but it does not matter what that kid reads he will take his prospective and live with that. So name calling means nothing to him – he will be the only one who can judge.

    Her husband, what ever he said and did he will have to live with this too. I hope his hands are clean because everyday he looks at that kid that boy will always feel he caused the loss of his mother and siblings.

    1. WhyCompassion says:

      “Huh, when Susan Smith killled her kids and kept herself from harm way we saw so much sympathy in her community they even allow her to rot in jail”

      Right? And this is what is so damn disturbing. We as a society take offenses all the way up to murder and remove responsibility if it is a mother. For the love of God, does it matter what the monster has between its legs? Apparently in our society it does.

      No matter if the father feels like he could have prevented it or not, he will come to terms with the fact that it was her decision and HER decision alone. She holds the responsibility for her actions, and no one else. If someone were to really, really upset me, I can’t think of a reason that would justify killing my children. It is HER own selfishness that held those children together and said (as reported today) “If I’m going to die, you’re going to die with me.”

  10. Rodin says:

    Enough of this parade of inanity, misinformation, lack of education, ignorance and bigotry!

    I’ve unsubscribed.

    Bye-bye, y’all.

  11. Being Judgmental is a sin! says:

    People are so quick to judge it’s crazy. The minute I heard this story my heart sank for EVERYONE involoved including her. I’m sure that boy and his siblings loved their mom because kids naturally do. He does not need to read one day that people are calling her HORRIFIC names. WE DON’T KNOW what this women was going through and it’s apparent that whatever it was SHE SNAPPED! Her family is greiving because they expressed what a good person she was and can’t even understand why she did it?! But here ya’ll are, complete strangers and calling her all types of names! Many of you feel you are above what she did, and think it can NEVER happen to you…NEVER SAY NEVER is all I can say. Furthermore, THE ONLY person fit to judge her is a higher power, the rest of you who are strangers to her don’t have the right until you have walked in her shoes. What she did is sinful yes, but so is hating and passing judgement! On a complete stranger nontheless.

    1. LJ's Mommy says:

      You must be sick in the mind to defend this woman for murdering her children. I could care less about a higher power or whatever B.S. she may have been going through – it does not justify murder!!!!! If she was so distraught about what ever situation she was in, she should have sought help or at least left her children alone and only hurt herself. As a mother of a 5 month old son, this story truly breaks my heart and so does your ignorance. I would die before I let my son feel any ounce of pain, as every NORMAL mother should feel. Anyone that tries to justify murdering 3 innocent children is just as sick as the person who did it! You and your higher power need to seek professional help…IMMEDIATELY.

    2. Heather says:

      I can honestly say that this could NEVER HAPPEN TO ME!!! I think that any given person that is going to take the lives of their children are complete monsters. You are just as sick to be defending a mother who would take the lives of her children because of some kind of personal issue with herself. Being judgmental is not a sin. Killing your children is Slim. Deep down in my heart after reading your post, I feel as though you should get some psychiatric help. IF anything now everyone that has read this post is now dumber. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

    3. RJ says:

      We live in a free country and have the right to our opinions. If you do not support this right, get out of America.

      As for sin, I don’t buy into religion.

      1. Rodin says:

        “I don’t buy into religion,” the great escape, either.

        Well said!

    4. WhyCompassion says:

      “Being Judgmental is a sin!”

      Jesus! Moreso than killing your children? Are you really defending her, and saying those who believe what she did was wrong are the ones who sinned? Go back and read your bible just a little further. If there is a higher power, she is in hell right now.

    5. RJ says:

      It finally occurred to me that all of these people telling us we have no right to judge the mother, are judging us based on out opinions simply because we think she is a killer, etc. Where I come from that is called being a hypocrite.

    6. WhyCompassion says:

      “He does not need to read one day that people are calling her HORRIFIC names.”

      Yes, he does! He needs to know society believes it is OK for him to hate his mother for what she did to his siblings. He needs to know he doesn’t have to feign love for an evil monster because society won’t allow him to feel. He needs to know he doesn’t have to suppress his anger at this beast of a human that tried to kill him. He needs to know that he is loved and understood by those around him…not pushed into a corner and told “She didn’t mean to and you shouldn’t be upset.” Want to develop serious problems…try to convince him that reality isn’t real and that his feelings are misplaced. Get him on a couch and ask him about his mother. Right? I hope he does read this and understands that we support him and his feelings and if he ever is able to forgive her, more power to him…but I don’t think he has to. What she did was wrong, wrong, wrong and made her a monster of a human…and he should know that, if nothing else than to keep him from expecting that from other women in his future.

    7. yasmin says:

      i agree with you 100 %.

    8. S. C. says:

      Whoever you are, that is a great comment!!!! Thanks!!!

  12. amicable says:

    She is can she kil innocents soul,wat could b d problem for her to takelife,dere are people suffurin more her,yet der work hard believe God wil see them true.I feel for the chilren.

    1. Rodin says:

      This has got to be a joke. Of all the ignorant, uneducated, badly written comments EVER on these CBS stories this one takes the ATROCIOUS AWARD. That, for starters.

      In addition,


    2. Anony says:

      Stay in school Amicable!

  13. RJ says:

    Good mothers do not murder their children.

  14. Yasmin says:

    wow. people people … we dont know what truly happened but it will eventually come out. Its sad she killed her children but we dont know what state of mind she was in and what she was running from. only god knows and only she knows and only her husband knows so now is up to him to tell the authorities what truly happened. will he is the question?

    1. WhyCompassion says:

      “…Its sad she killed her children but we dont know what state of mind she was in”

      Who cares? If a father killed his children, would that even come into your mind to wonder what state of mind he was in and what he was running from? SHE drove her car, WITH her children into a river. If she was being chased, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have thought, “That is a great way to get away.” Come on, accept the truth. Because it is a mother and not a father, you don’t want to believe it. So much easier to believe in our fantasies than face the reality. SHE is a selfish monster that got what she deserved. Her children…just unlucky to have such a vile mother.

      1. Bajandoll says:

        @ WhyCompassion: Do you have children of your own? Do you know how hard it is to be a mother, we are looked upon as super beings that can take on the world, and sometimes we can’t take on the world by ourselves. You are right when you said that she should have killed her children, but everyone here are victims. We need to reach out to all mothers to assist them in anyway we can to assure that this kind of behavior doesn’t keep going on. Our children are just too precious to be taken away.

      2. WhyCompassion says:

        “Do you have children of your own? Do you know how hard it is to be a mother, we are looked upon as super beings that can take on the world…”

        Yes, I do. Yes, I do and I also know that mothers are NOT looked upon as super beings…that’s up to the individual person. Do you know how hard it is to carry on a 50-60 hour a week job, plan daycare, never take a vacation, clean the house, make the meals? Yeah, I didn’t kill my kids, and I don’t think I’m a super parent because I can plan and schedule, giving up everything I have for my children. People pretend there is some superhuman strength in being a parent..well there’s not. It’s called love. If you love your children you do anything for them. If you love your children YOU DO NOT KILL THEM. She is not a victim of anything but her own choices. The children are the victims, not her. Look up Kurtis Birth from last October and see if you feel he was a victim as well. Or how about James Harrison from April 2009? He a victim as well? I can’t for the life of me accept that any amount of stress would lead one to kill their children…not if they loved them. If they treat them like inanimate pawns in a game of control, then they are NOT loving parents. They are concerned only with themselves, whether it is a mother OR a father. I give no “special” lee-way for having to deal with family and stress to anyone…you have to deal with it and protect your children while doing it. Anything else is just a wasted excuse for someone you feel belongs to the right societal segment. Why not understand why Asians could kill their children? They have more stress than Caucasians. Why not understand why Catholics could kill their children? They have more stress than Protestants. But just because I say it doesn’t make it true, whether I want to believe it, or the media ingrains it in our heads. It’s all just a bunch of talk, to justify bad behavior. We are all held accountable for our actions…unless they fit a particular demographic for some I guess.

    2. Rodin says:

      Hello, SHE MURDERED THREE OF HER CHILDREN. The fourth was lucky (or smart) enough to escape and go for help.


      God? Pfft…!

      1. Anony says:

        She found out her husband was cheating on her. Looks like WhyCompassion is on a campaign here! WOOT!

    3. WhyCompassion says:

      “She found out her husband was cheating on her…”

      Oh really…so you kill your children? Yeah, you’re defense is on solid ground. They weren’t living together, the relationship was a mess. Had HE taken the children and killed them, would you be so inclined to say he did it because of his WIFE cheating on him? Nope, I wouldn’t either. We hold people responsible for THEIR OWN decisions, regardless of others. If it is found out that he TOLD her to take the children and kill them, then I would certainly believe he is also to blame. Not a campaign, but a wake up call to those who condone child-killing if a cheating spouse is involved. It makes me sick to hear people shift responsibility from this mother for [INSERT REASON HERE]. Anyone who kills their children is SICK! Of course they are. What I find disturbing is that so many people look for reasons to shift the responsibility of HER act to someone else, or to the situation. BS! The responsibility for her selfish act is HERS! She apparently felt so entitled to HER children, that they became objects in her fit of wanting to hurt back. Well, homey don’t play that. Your spouse cheats…and you: 1. File for a divorce and walk away. Go live the rest of your life. 2. You want to beat her up or throw a pan at him? Fine, domestic abuse, go to jail. 3. You want to kill your children. WHAT? How does #3 even factor in…EVER! Does it matter if it is the mother or the father here? Apparently to many of those out there it does. This “poor victim” discussion wouldn’t even be occurring if the father was the one to have done it. Think about it. Responsibility is EQUAL…society doesn’t need a privileged section that is allowed to kill their children and we say, “Poor girl, he must have really done something.” It is disgusting at EVERY level.

      Her own arrogance, bitterness, inability to deal logically is a sign of what society has done. She felt vindicated in her actions as some in society are still trying to do. Maybe if she had been held accountable for her actions a little more while growing up and existing in society, she would have felt a little more responsibility to her children instead of using them as pawns in her game of entitlement.

  15. Spoiled yapping dog says:

    Nobody has the right to take another life because you can’t get your stuff straight. You can’t handle life, okay. Do yourself, but keep your kids out of the picture, okay. My heart goes out for the one that had the mad sense to get out and survive, although he’s gonna need some serious therapy for years to come

  16. Jasmine Ryan says:

    It’s *Meave Ryan. I’d know, my mom picked up him up!!

  17. Fallingleaves2 says:

    please people let’s realize that maybe neither one of them was at fault, Times are very hard for working middle class families,and alot of families are struggling with financial difficultly,and feel they have no other choice.May God bless the children and mother , and watch over the remaing family members.
    Unfornately this isn;t the first time this has happened and trust me it;s far from the last time it will happen, May God Bless us All.

    1. WhyCompassion says:

      “…please people let’s realize that maybe neither one of them was at fault”

      Sorry, she made the decision that cost the children their lives. SHE and she alone is at fault. If someone slaps you in the face and you shoot your children, YOU are at fault! She is RESPONSIBLE! I know those three words don’t sound right to most of you, but yes…mothers ARE responsible for their actions. It is not the the father that drove that van into the river…it was the MOTHER. Accept it and treat her as you would a father who murdered his children. I wonder if so many would be so quick to want to know what was bothering him and push to make people believe it wasn’t his fault, but that of his estranged wife who yelled at him that afternoon. Hmmmm…sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well…

  18. God is Love says:

    I have two children and I could never imagine taking my own life much less theirs. I actually get depressed thinking who will take care of my children or what will become of them if I die tomorrow. So to an extent I can say how she could consider taking their lives, she didn’t want to leave them to suffer or to be abused, neglected or whatever. There must have something terribly wrong for a seemingly responsible mother to see no other options but death for her and her children. May those angels rest in peace, may God have mercy on the mother’s soul and may the surviving child find some peace and comfort.

    1. Fallingleaves2 says:

      Ditto General…. What is happening to society as a whole

    2. WhyCompassion says:

      “…she didn’t want to leave them to suffer or to be abused, neglected or whatever.”

      So she killed them? I don’t understand that in the least bit whatsoever. She got what she deserved for her actions…the children, god rest their souls. May she rot in the only place vial enough to hold her.

  19. nyc says:

    Poor innocent children ! Why didn’t she just kill herself ? The husband had to know something serious was up !

  20. General says:

    Most of you is what is wrong with society today. Very few of you have any compassion. You are all passing judgment on a woman you don’t know. None of you know what her life was like, what struggles she was going through. Desperate people do desperate things. Show some sympathy. All of you are about yourselves I feel sorry for each one of you. That you live life with such anger and hate for your fellow man. God help you all. .

    1. WhyCompassion says:

      “You are all passing judgment on a woman you don’t know. None of you know what her life was like, what struggles she was going through.”

      Interesting. If a father kills his kids, we deem him a psychopath, a murderer, an incompassionate monster. But when a mother does it, we need to understand her…when does gender get thrown out and we treat all monsters as what they are. Selfish beasts willing to do anything, including killing their children, because they’re upset. I don’t care if it is a mother or a father. Anyone who kills their children will go to hell, if there is a hell to go to.

    2. RJ says:

      Don’t make me sick. I don’t care what was wrong with her life she killed her children. Stop making excuses.

  21. toni says:

    where has the compassion gone in this world? will her 10 year who survived ever be the same. I come from a background of abuse. Desperate people do desperate things and I am not excusing what she did. Who is anyone to call her a POS or say they are better off. I think most people these days need serious mental help…. I pray for them and everyone else that walks the earth. and by the way her race has nothing to do with anything.

  22. Sunshine says:

    This whole story is sad, sad, sad from beginning to end. From having her first child at 15 to ending her and her childrens lives. No matter what anyone says about this woman, may GOD have mercy on her soul.

  23. Cambridge Parkinson says:

    So what happened to the Father or Fathers of this family??

  24. Willy says:

    It seems this woman was black..

    1. nathan says:

      Umm so? Susan Smith was white (Ill wait while you google her). So am I. Who cares?

  25. naz says:

    You all make me sick with your stupid judgements and calling her a POS!! She was obviously struggling its not like you wake up one morning and get dressed go to shops oh and don’t forget to drive the minivan into a river!! She clearly was a good mum and women who looked after her kids and went school etc nobody knows her reasons for doing this but if her husband was abusing the kids etc then you know what I don’t blame her!!

    1. Hoo boy says:


      “she clearly was a good mum”. Really? I have a hunch that her victims feel differently.

      1. WhyCompassion says:

        “She clearly was a good mum and women who looked after her kids and went school etc nobody knows her reasons for doing this but if her husband was abusing the kids etc then you know what I don’t blame her!”

        I knew someone would be ignorant enough to blame the father. No one was abusing her kids or the press would have had a field day…but it’s what we jump to when a mother does something that is apparently inconceivable for our society. Are we so blind that we don’t see that child abuse is 2-1 caused by mothers? And yet we hold so dearly to our single victim mother and beastly abusive father stereotypes that when something comes up that hits you squarely between the eyes, you STILL try to justify it by villifying the father and removing all blame from her for her actions. SHE did it, no matter what happened. She is as big of monster as a father who kills his children and should be treated with the same outrage. We don’t say, poor father, something really must have been bothering him…do we? So why does society say it when a mother does something? She is a discredit to the human race. HER actions are what SHE is accountable for. No one else…SHE did it people. This dismissive talk disgusts me. What is wrong with our society? We look for someone ELSE to blame for her decisions. It is a travesty, an injustice and our own societal ignorance. Put responsibility where it belongs. If you kill your children, you are the vilest of all human REGARDLESS of your gender.

    2. Misha says:

      Good mothers don’t murder their children. Good people do not commit murder.
      There are, there were options. If she could drive away to drown her children she could have driven to a police station,called a domestic abuse hotline dropped them off with one of the people that looked after them while she was at school or work.
      To say you don’t blame her is advocating murder

      1. zoe says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more “Misha”. There were more than enough options for her to take. She chose the wrong one! Who in the name of God makes a decision to bear children and then destroy them??? Someone obviously who has made such a selfish decision.

      2. WhyCompassion says:

        Thank you Misha…a voice of reason in a sea of blindness.

    3. Kids having kids says:

      She is another example of kids to young to handle life having kids. Her 1st child was born when she was only 15. Ten years and 3 more kids later she snaps.

      1. Chris Matthias says:

        It’s too bad they’re cutting funding for Planned Parenthood.. you might see a lot more of these events in the future where a young lady feels she has no hope.

      2. Don says:

        I agree with you totally. It would have been nice if she went back to school after the first child was born, and not have 3 more with an abusive man. Father of 10y/0 is in jail! Another bad choice! at a young age!

  26. Kelly says:

    Really people! Calling her a pos and trying to determine her ethnicity means nothing at this point! The negative comments that are spoken about her doesn’t help the situation. The only people left to read this is the living and what a way to help them get through this tough time in their life. We have no clue what drove her to this, but what we know is there is a traumatized boy that has to go through life not knowing why he won’t see his siblings or mother anymore. My heart goes out to him and their family.

    1. hathatforshore says:

      i agree this child will not ever get over this the effect this will have on him will be there for the rest of his life i hope ppl surround him with love and be there for him to give him the things he needs and to help him get through it he wont ever get over it

      1. Victor Cangemi Diaz says:

        God bless Him always

  27. hathatforshore says:

    i just dont understand and probably never will why not just take yourself out why bring the kids into so cowardly on her part are anybody else who would do harm to there child are anybody else kids leave the kids alone they didnt ask to be brought into this world

  28. Tracie says:

    I don’t care what her reasoning was, the mother had NO right to take her babies lives. How horrific for the children knowing they were about to die. How horrific for the 10 year old who had to escape and watch his mom and brothers and sister die. It was a selfish malicious act by the mother! That is unforgivable!

  29. Tough Times Push people to the Edge says:

    Look at the big picture here. Macroeconomics mandate sociopathological spikes during difficult financial times. During the 30’s depression, people leaped to their deaths out of windows, and yes, financial reasons are most likely the root of this particular, and similar present day tragedies.

    If you really want to blame anybody for this horrific condition, you might want to start with The Federal Reserve Bank, which is not Federal, and has no reserves.

    Bernanke and the globalist henchmen that surround him are the reason that there are no jobs, that the dollar is worthless, that, in general, we are being forced into a depression that the likes of, have never been seen here in America, and that the do not, repeat DONOT, want us to recover from. Do your research: for starters.

    1. Frank D says:

      Sounds like you should have been in the front seat singing 100 bottles of beer on the wall as the water filled up the minvan. LOL

      1. anony says:

        Economics did not encourage this woman to suicide of her and her children, a CHEATING HUSBAND did. 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer….

      2. WhyCompassion says:

        “..a CHEATING HUSBAND did”

        Again I call BS! If my spouse cheated on me, the option of killing my children isn’t even on the table. Domestic violence is horrible, murder is worse, and child-killing is monsterous.

  30. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:


    1. cindi says:

      They’re going stark raving mad because the men ar driving them there. The daddy is probably out with his ho. To bad the kids paid the price.

      1. Frank D says:

        Your point is what? The kids are better off dead. GEEZ!!!

      2. Mike Rotch says:


        you probably are a ho. so STFU.

      3. WhyCompassion says:

        Oh really cindi? Perhaps they are stark raving mad and people like you just want to throw some blame around. Everyone has reasons for doing what they do. If a father went mad and killed his children, I’m sure you’d be the first to say it was because the mom drove him to it, that she was out sleeping around.

        Or, wait a minute…do we only come up with stupid accountability logic when women do horrible things…CAN’T be the woman, can it? Society won’t allow us to let her take any responsibility. Bad things are ALWAYS caused by men, and if a woman does something bad, it was because of a man. Really? Is that what equality means to you? Blame someone else for your mistakes…you’ve got a long way to go baby…

  31. NJ Resident says:

    My Prayers go out to the Family. It is a very very sad loss that none of us could comprehend.

  32. hathatforshore says:

    why is the media putting a spin on this story did she let her son out before she drove into the river are did he escape after the van was in the river

    1. Jenna says:

      He escaped after the van was in the river. The early reports had little information, including not knowing the children’s names. Now they have more info. This is the updated information.

      1. hathatforshore says:

        thank you jenna

      2. peter says:

        What was said before was not information. It was speculation and the media should take responsibility and not print or report things that have not been verified.

  33. Shawn says:

    It’s sad that folks use the internet to guess and pass judgment. When I first heard this story on the morning news, my heart went out to everyone involved..who knows what may have happened only she knows. We are living in a day and time whereas people are afraid to talk about their problems, due to comments like this. A hard working women, going to school and then wow.. Maybe the freak was touching the kids who knows..what drove her to edge.

    Instead of passing judgment ask someone who they day is going? And be sincere!

    1. Cindi says:

      wow… ok to kill your children is horrible. She must have been a desperate woman in a desperate situation who probably had no where else to turn. She didn’t have to take the children with her. You really can’t judge her without walking in her shoes. Maybe her husband was abusive. Maybe he beat her and the children. Maybe she tried using our wonderful legal system to get help and was turned away or discriminated against because she didn’t make as much as her husband. I have been there, I have been to the point where I didn’t know where else to turn. The court always backed my ex because he was a city employee. I guess she just wasn’t as strong as everyone else on here, myself included. She lost her will to fight, but she didn’t have to take the children down with her. Also, I wouldn’t be backing her husband like some of you have, I bet he is no prize. Was she a POS.?.. No, I wouldn’t say that. Depressed is more like it.

      1. Steve says:

        Wow, it is the mans fault that she killed her children. Egad, perhpas she is just a voilent domestic abuser. Lets just call it what it is. Women are just as violent as men but we always explain away their actions. If the genders were reversed we would not be having this dicsussion.

      2. Morticia says:


        Okay, then she was a depressed POS. Better?

    2. Cindi says:

      Shawn, you are a compassionate person, and I think there should be more people like you in the world. I agree with you 100%.

      1. badman says:

        hey Steve, what planet are you from? women are not “as violent as men”. your own male brutishness also apparently makes you stupid.

        from Doughboy:
        Said if God was a b***h, there wouldn’t be no nuclear bombs, no wars…
        …because that ain’t in a b***h’s nature.

        this woman was as sick as they come. maybe the man did have something to do with her illness. we don’t know here and now and that’s it. but whatever that truth turns out to be, it won’t change the truth that men are the source of the aggression in this world.

    3. WhyCompassion says:

      “A hard working women, going to school and then wow.. Maybe the freak was touching the kids who knows..what drove her to edge.”

      And another so dead set on not believing women can ever do anything bad that you make up a story to still blame the father. SHE did it and is COMPLETELY responsible for her actions. She is as much of a monster as we would easily see if it were the father that killed his children. If it had been the father, I can guarantee you’d have none of this “passing judgment” talk, or “try to understand why he did it” or “A hard-working man, going to school” or “Maybe the mother was touching the kids…who know” or whatever else you need to make up to try to tie the reality that some women are evil into the current society current of women are always good and if they do something bad, then it is a man’s fault. Seriously! SHE became a pitiful excuse for a human being, just as much as a father would be if he killed his children.

      1. WhyCompassion says:

        “hey Steve, what planet are you from? women are not “as violent as men”.”

        Yes, they are, proven in study after study. Domestic violence is 50/50…the only thing that appears to evade most of society is that women are smaller so they don’t usually do as much damage unless they use a weapon…like a CAR! Women abuse children 2-1 over men. They lose their tempers and resort to physical violence as much if not more than men. Think about it. When a woman hits a man because she is upset, you laugh. When a man hits a woman, you scream foul. So which is it? Is domestic abuse only wrong when a man swings? Is it any less wrong when it is three children that pay the price? SHE killed her children and is as much of a monster as a father would be if HE killed his children. Wake up out of your fantasy society of rainbows and leprechauns to view the reality… it is YOU who appear a bit, no a LOT biased. Do some research, take off your shining armor and pretend just for a second that you can understand that killing your children is the worst think a human being can do. THEY did nothing. Your attempt at trying to blame a man for this is appalling to say the least. Would you blame the mother if the father killed his kids? Right, that just wouldn’t be sexist enough for you, would it?

  34. Trishe says:

    What is a POS?? Her act is the ultimate selfish act. May God have mercy on her.

    1. Jenna says:

      POS stands for “piece of sh**”

      1. Pure Trash says:

        May God NOT HAVE MERCY on her.

  35. Barre Flynn says:

    The comments here offer a lot of bazaar speculations. It is obvious the mother was at the end of her rope. The rest is a mystery. Race is immaterial. Have mercy on the family and the child left behind. This kind of tragedy is preventable when the community works hard to help moms like this one. Lesson learned for all of us.

  36. Jenna says:

    Where in the article does it state she purposely let him out? The article said the power windows were still functioning. He opened the window, crawled out, and swam to shore. He’d have died too if she’d had her way/

  37. Richard T. says:

    Say a prayer for all ofm them, especially the innocent children.

  38. Frank D says:

    Agreed here- she was one selfish POS. Obviously nuts too.

    I hope she rots in hell for kills those kids!

  39. Tom Carlucci says:

    What a POS

    1. Angry101 says:

      Agreed…I dont care if it is “wrong” to pass judement on someone without knowing every last detail. She deliberatly killed her kids in a selfish act. That’s enough detail for me to judge her as a POS. PERIOD

  40. Looser says:

    She must have been a real beauty to be married to. What a selfish looser.

  41. winston says:

    I’m thinking what etnicity was this woman? Anyone has an answer? I hope she wasn’t a _________________________________. Makes the race look crazy.

    1. marlboro says:

      The woman and her children were _____________. Not atypical of a _____________ person to kill their children and themselves. It does make the _____________ people look crazy. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the _____________ people … 🙁

      1. Jay says:

        You’re an ____. I hate _____ like you who have no idea about anything. I hope you drive into a river with your doors locked.

    2. Johnny Handsome says:

      What difference does it make you racist POS! I hope your stupid ass rots in hell! People like you need to be done away with. Just lined up against a wall and shot. May you and your entire family suffer the same fate.

    3. Therese says:

      Why is it necessary to know her ethnicity? Sadly, plenty of mothers have killed their children – mothers of all ethnicities have been in the news in this country and all over the world and the only thing clear is that this crime is not confined to any particular race. Did you ask this question when Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, Julie Schenecker, or Fiona Donnison were in the news for killing their children?

  42. Ant928 says:

    I love the way everyone automatically jumps on the husband. Maybe the dispute was her drug/alcohol use? Maybe SHE was having an affair and got caught and snapped. Not always the guy’s fault people.

    1. True says:

      It rarely ever is!

  43. hoopsvader says:

    I guess we’ll find out what happened when they make a movie about this on lifetime.

  44. lori says:

    She did it as a final blow to her huband, She didn’t want to take the chance of not being found (then it would appear that she had only left him)…no, she had to let the child live to tell what happened and thereby, further punish her husband. Terrible story!

    1. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


  45. Xoom says:

    Women next time kill your husband first.

    1. WhyCompassion says:

      “Women next time kill your husband first.”

      So I would assume all that domestic violence stuff should just be thrown out then, right? If we have problems with our spouses, we kill them? Great advice Xoom…guess we should just let it happen. Or did you just think it was OK for women to violent domestically? I can see where you’d get that from our society, but you’ve really got to take a step back on this one. Really? Just kill him first when you’re mad? Is that what our privileged society has come to? Women have NO responsibility or accountability and EVERY time they do something bad, we should hold a man responsible? As I’ve said before…if that is what you believe equality is about…you’ve got a long way to go baby. Equality is about taking responsibility for your actions, not shifting it to someone else. Until our society can view horrific actions by either a man or a woman in the same light, equality will never really come, will it?

      1. anony says:

        WhyCompassion, you simply don’t get it. Chillax some, have a bottle of wine.

    2. WhyCompassion says:

      “…you simply don’t get it.”

      Ahhhh…but you do. Kill someone when they cheat. Yep, that’s the society that I want to live in. Let’s make it a justifiable defense. Do you even understand that by stating this, you tell people they are unaccountable for their actions if someone did something. The death penalty for cheating? Really? How many women and men would you sentence to death?

      Now, this woman decided to sentence her children to death because she was really, really mad at her husband who didn’t even live with her apparently. Yep, I’m the one who doesn’t get it. I don’t know what is worse, a crazy person that kills their kids or a society that refuses to place responsibility on the person that does it. Sickening.

  46. Bridget says:

    Sick POS. You are suppose to kill yourself before your kids. Selfish idiot.

  47. nathan says:

    Sick ppl do sick things. And what kind of survivors guilt do you think that 10 yr old will have as she purposely let him out. RIP for the children.

    1. Therese says:

      She did not purposefully let him out. The news article stated that the boy rolled down a window and swam out. He was dripping wet when he flagged down a passing motorist who took him to a fire station.

      1. nathan says:

        Yes I stand corrected now. Early reports were incorrect about the oldest child. Still he will be traumatized for life.

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