OAK BEACH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — There may be two killers — not one — on Long Island.

That’s what law enforcement sources are telling CBS News about the investigation into the 10 sets of human remains found along Ocean Parkway.

On Wednesday the search for more bodies moved from land to water.

In hazy drizzle masked scuba divers with tanks and metal detectors cordoned off sections of Hemlock Cove between Oak and Gilgo beaches for a grid by grid search for more remains and for Shannan Gilbert, whose disappearance first sparked the investigation.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall: FBI Aerial Technology Joining The Search

“This is not an episode of ‘CSI’,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

Suffolk’s police commissioner urged patience as forensic teams and medical examiners work overtime to solve the mystery of the latest six remains.

“At this time we will not speculate on age, gender or condition of victims,” Dormer said.

When asked about the search for potential suspects, Dormer said, “I’m not going to get into names for obvious reasons, but we are doing a lot of interviews.”

Dormer also debunked any link to four prostitutes found dead in Atlantic City, and said they’ve received 600 tips and recovered countless clues and evidence.

A source told CBS News there may be two patterns and two killers, perhaps separating the first four and last six sets of remains. The first remains found Monday morning were about 1.5 miles east of the entrance to Jones Beach on Long Island. Later in the day, a skull was found several miles away.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports: Divers search the water for clues

The latest victims’ bones could have languished in the spots they were found for years. Long Island’s notorious serial killer Joel Rifkin confessed in 1993 to strangling and dismembering 17 women. He spoke to CBS 2 from an upstate prison recently, where he is serving out his life sentence.

“Three were dismembered. Three were in oil drums. Some were in water. Some were on land,” Rifkin said.

Former Nassau County Assistant District Attorney Fred Klein prosecuted Rifkin and said he sees similarities.

“The same types of people that Joel Rifkin targeted, young women, usually drug addicted, engaged in prostitution. They make easy targets, they make easy victims and they go undetected as missing for a long period of time,” Klein said.

Investigators are now working with FBI profilers developing a potential suspect – thought to be male, white, between the ages of 25 and 40, intelligent, savvy and street smart.

The divers will continue this week and aircraft with high resolution-imaging technology will fly overhead.

On Thursday cadaver-sniffing dogs and crime scene personnel from Nassau and Suffolk counties will return to Ocean Parkway to continue the search for more bodies.

Gilbert, a prostitute from Jersey City, was last seen in May by Long Island doctor Peter Hackett, who said he saw Gilbert running at night near Oak Beach, looking both sick and distressed.

“These people need closure and we need to find this girl if she is alive,” he said.

A Nassau County medical examiner’s office confirmed the remains found this week are human, bringing the total to 10 sets found along Ocean Parkway in recent months.

“It’s really shocking that it happened here,” said Vanessa Perez of Valley Stream.

“I think this is an area that the killer feels very safe in and there’s no reason to believe that it’s not the same killer. There are some subtle differences. The first four were covered in burlap, the last four were not, but that doesn’t mean they’re different people,” said Lawrence Kobilinsky of John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

As police try to figure out if they are dealing with one or more killers, they also want to know who called the teen sister of Bronx victim Melissa Barthelemy not long after she disappeared.

“I just know he’s a sick individual and needs to be caught as soon as possible. We’re afraid because he’s still out there,” said Lynn Barthelemy, Melissa’s mother.

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  1. Mira Joan Golden says:

    I’ve been told it’s legal to have a flashing red light on top of your car, a police type siren and iloudspeaker. Also handcuffs, fake badges, and so on are not too hard for mean people bent on hurting others to find. But what’s this about the car accessories being legal? If they are, they should not be. If this Dr. saw that a woman was very much in distress, why didn’t he call 911? Looking at the post called “Shannon Doah” this person should take a deep breath and report their horror story to the FBI. Law enforcement with that kind of mentality are as dangerous as these killers. I am sorry for you, sir, whoever you are. You have a huge burden to deal with and I wish you the best of luck. You don’t have to be a profiler to figure out this is a White male, ages 25-45 or thereabouts, who probably has the face of an angel and goes to Church and is active in civic affairs. You better believe they want the details of the investigation so they know what to do next. I am sorry for all the crime that appears to go ignored and people hurt and ruined and nothing done about it. I suggest if that’s what has hapened you and your neighbors contact crime victims services, newspapers, tv, anyone. Don’t stop till you get the news coverage and help that you deserve. I wish you too, a lot of relief from the frustration you have been dealing with, watching your children die and no one appearing to care. A lot of people do care but they are overwhelmed with the nasty stuff going on everywhere. Don’t give up, ever.

  2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer is so stupid its amazing and fun to watch.

  3. chippy says:

    ots of bodies were found in brooklyn but it was not a big deal,but this is so important because of the lets leave this alone.

  4. James Czerwinski says:

    Hey, serial killer! Come get me , you are a sick, demented pig. Pick on a MAN. You don’t have the nerve. You are obviously a mamas boy who never grew out of dependance on your mama.
    James Czerwinski 715 St Louis Ave Egg Harbor Cityn NJ

  5. Shawn says:

    doesn’t shock me, young white male killing young white women. People are murdered in urban areas every day and it doesn’t get reported. As soon as a young precious white girl is killed every news station jumps on it.

    1. Leo Fernandez says:

      You idiot………

  6. nelson ortiz says:

    i’m wondering if there may be a common thread with women who have beenfound the same way in new brtian, ct. if i remember there were 2 to 4 bodies. they were dumped in areas where there were hard to find.

  7. Shanan Doah says:

    I would like help law enforcement authorities on this matter; however, I do not intend to do so. On one occasion when the police were clueless about a crime, where four thugs raped and robed a young woman at gunpoint, and within less than 48 hours following the crime I singlehandedly caught and surrendered all four to them, I discovered that the assistant DA ordered the police to let them go, because one of the thugs was the son of a city attorney, a friend of hers. On my last contact with police regarding yet another serious crime where a woman received repeated terrorizing biased phone calls at work and at home, threatening to rape and murder her and her children, a police detective demanded $900 (for himself) and the other officers covered up for him.

  8. Liza Cruz says:


  9. janet says:

    Yes I believe the man and baby are of differant killings
    and a man and woman is still out there looking for more woman
    most likly surfing the bars of eastern long island
    the woman lures them and the man kills them and the woman helps cover up the crimes

  10. janet jones says:

    i think it’s a man and woman killing team
    i would look in sayville area and i think nj is connected
    and believe gilbert was dumped in the waters

  11. Ronnie says:

    Given the fact that there was a body of a man and a baby found, I say this is more than one killers dumping ground.

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