NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Police have made an arrest in the death of a beloved grandmother in the Bronx.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond: Dispute Supposedly Over $80

Friends say 70-year-old Ethel Klein would often have her neighbor Tyrone Ragland over to do handiwork in her apartment at the Murphy Houses in Crotona Park.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says a dispute between the two led to her death.

“He alleges that she owed him $80,” said Kelly.

Ragland, 50, told police that he was high on crack when he stabbed Klein to death on January 5, officials said.

Klein was well-known in the building for her work with the tenant crime watch program.

Ragland had served 15 years in prison for a fatal stabbing in 1983.

Relatives said that regardless of whether Klein knew of his criminal past she only saw the good in people.

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  1. kendra says:

    damn that is so sad cause i am another 1 that only sees the good in people a guess its more complicated then that uh?but my prayer go out t her and her family…

  2. dan says:

    How violent weve become?! The world has always been this violent!!!! There were just less people and less reporting if any!

    1. Bob Borzotta says:

      Violent, yes, but heightened tension in a modern society, zero education on how to interact with people to resolve differences, and sprinkle on some crack cocaine, and it’s much worse now. Cavemen may have behaved this way to settle disputes, but we slowly built a civilization of law and order so that this type of thing wouldn’t happen. At least not so much. It’s on the rise, even discounting increases in reportage. This story isn’t so much about violence anyway, as it is about misplaced trust among the innocent. Had this lady been more cynical she’d likely be alive today.

  3. nyc says:

    Sad Sad Sad , what a violent society we have become. Our jails are full and there dosen’t seem to be any answers to making things better in the future. Why can’t our leaders get a grip ? Take a look a Japan, with all of the turmoil – no looting and no crime !

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