Governor Blasted For His 'Take Out The Bat' Comment On Dem

WESTFIELD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Chris Christie is known for his tough talk, but on Friday some lawmakers said he went too far.

The Republican governor is under fire for a controversial comment he made about a female state senator, reports CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

Christie was making the comment as he responded to a dispute between himself and State Sen. Loretta Weinberg, saying she collects a salary and pension while blasting others for doing the same.

“While she knows she did it … can you guys please take the bat out on her for once? I mean here’s a woman who knows she did it, yet she’s coming to you pining ‘oh how awful this is,’” Christie said.

Democrats are now criticizing the governor’s comments, saying he sounded like a bully.

“She’s in that Sunday story on Joe D in the star ledger beating the be-Jesus out of me over this,” Christie said.

Two Bergen County lawmakers were asking all 120 New Jersey legislators to condemn Gov. Christie for his comments.

Assemblywomen Valerie Vainieri Huttle and Connie Wagner sent letters Friday asking state lawmakers to join them. They were demanding a retraction and an apology to Sen. Loretta Weinberg.

The Democrats said Christie’s comment advocated violence against women. Senate President Stephen Sweeney also said Christie’s remark crossed a line.

Sloan contacted State Sen. Weinberg, who is out of state, on the telephone to get her reaction. She said she was “appalled.”

Weinberg went on to say, “He doesn’t owe me a public apology, I am a big girl. But he owes the people of New Jersey an apology … to tone down the rhetoric and stop acting like a bully.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for the governor said everyone who was at press conference knows the governor was talking about pension double-dipping and that “ratcheting it up beyond that is partisan politics at its worst and an attempt to divert attention from Sen. Weinberg’s hypocrisy.”

Still, it remains to be seen if the political fighting will end anytime soon.

Senator Weinberg said she started collecting her pension at age 75 partly because she lost most of her life’s savings to Bernie Madoff.

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  1. tom says:


  2. T Sturniolo says:

    Time to retire old bag!

  3. Jamie Keller says:

    Republicans are still so hurt that they will never have
    another of their kind in the Whitehouse as a President ,go Democrats!

    All Repugs can do is slander after Bush & Co.ruined this country and made it broke.

    Remember it was a Repug President Richard Nixon that kissed China’s behind ,the rest is history and now China owns us.
    But it’s better for this NJ pig to make fun of a 75 year old women. That’s the way these Repug’s are ,DIRTY. G-D will not forgive there hatred .

    1. garth says:

      Based on your grammar and spelling we can tell you are not a returning champion on Jeopardy. Who helps you vote, or do you just go for broke ??

  4. Truth says:

    Weinberg is a crook like most politicians. Best advice for her is to keep your mouth shut.

  5. jerseyjoey says:

    you are wasting your time Republicans and conservetives, Demoncrats and liberals are the worst kind of American, they boast how open minded they are and how civilized they act etc etc, but when it comes to acountablitity for actions they are no where to be found, when it comes to paying for world hunger or freebees for illegals or even handouts for our local lowlife losers better you pay out of your pocket not thiers: they love spending everyones money but thier own. Finally as for that transparent open minded sewerage they spew at us, disagree with them or not see things there way and see how vile, nasty and condensending they become. Gov christie says his mind and does as he says, something the other side has no comprehension of.

  6. Josh says:

    If the law allows you to receive your pension while you are still working, then there is nothing wrong with what Weinberg is doing. Seriously, she is 75 yrs old. As for Christie’s comments about using a bat, it’s unprofessional and sets a low standard. More is expected from elected leaders, especially a governor.

  7. J B says:

    Why don`t all of you people grow up,and leave the man alone. Your problem is that all you hippocrates act so sensitive to every little thing or word that is said that you don`t like and try and use it against that person,while you do the same thing in every day life.People like you should shut up and mind your own business. Go hide some place. You people are the problem to most of the troubles in this country.

  8. Jonathan says:

    Grow up Democrats. I’ve never seen such a bunch of ignorant infantile behavior in my life. Come up with a legitimate gripe and just try having an educated debate and then maybe the public will take you seriously. Stop wasting our time an money.

  9. Phil says:

    I think the old girl and others doing this need to go asap. Get tougher skinned, because when the Dems dish it out, it is no holds barred. Fraud is fraud, simple as that. Who cares what lame excuse or reason. You took an oath of office, you borke it, NOW GET OUT !!!!!!!!

  10. Mary McCarthy says:

    I can see his wife having to be with this slob in the bedroom
    as he snores with the spittle runs down his cheeks ,Yuck!

    There you like Ugly.Mr. Governor?

    1. Kevin says:

      You’re going to be caught peeking in Windows, can’t wait to see headlines peeping Tom caught checking out the spittle. LOL. Just let me know when you’re going to do this. I want to be prepared for the headlines!

  11. Bob D'Agostino says:

    Take the bat out on her ?
    Isn’t that a violent threat against a senior citizen ?
    Republicans said after the shooting of Arizona Rep.Griffords that
    they were going to turn the rhetoric down. glad they have done that.
    Anyway the only thing I believe in this life is that what you dish out you
    get back.

  12. tellitall says:

    look undoubtledy the fat man was bullied as a kid i guess now its his turn picking on the elderly shame on you pick on someone your on size oh no maybe not someone a little older alittle smaller the weak defenseless this what republicans do

  13. Master_Yoda says:

    wonder what his “Medical Premium” will be? definitely a surcharge for his WEIGHT PROBLEM and that he’s a HIGH RISK category. People of NJ are footing this Jabba the Hutt’s medical bills…

  14. mark says:

    I think if I had said that about someone, since I am not Governor, I could be charged with making terroristic threats. The manatee in a suit once again shows his arrogance. People in NJ are sooooo stoopid I bet he gets re-elected.

  15. TSnotELLIOT says:

    So long as politics remains a CAREER path instead of the public SERVICE it was intended to be our country is not safe from any politician of any party.

  16. Vienna Joe says:

    When asked if he had any further comments, Christie replied, “Pass the fried dough and keep it coming!”

  17. Gary says:

    Most sixth graders understand the use of metaphors. But these democratic lawmakers take Christie’s comment literally. Really this is a group desperate people with out a credible argument. They are trying to find some way to discredit the Governor because he had the audacity to reveal their ridiculous wasteful policies. Pathetic. They should apoligize to NJ for spending us into oblivion.

    1. Garth says:

      Could not agree more. The ‘good old boy’ network in Jersey has been in charge of Trenton far too long, and gotten rich at it. So Christie finally calls people out on this, and the old girl takes it to heart as the greatest insult and threat to mankind. Give me a break. Crooks get very defensive when pressed and she is already squirming and fishing for cute answers. You got caught, and that is that. Take it like an adult, and don;t look for every excuse to diver attention from the fact you are a common thief. At new Jerseys expense of course, I say remove here from office and the rest that do it as well, then trully enjoy your retirement pension.

  18. Dilly Bar says:

    No! Dems need to get over their colossal defeat and move on!



  20. Mike Bell says:

    How stupid these people are. I hate them. An innocent comment and they go into full mock offense mode. Yes, that’s it, Christie was advocating beating the woman with a bat, you freakin’ morons. it’s an expression. Get over yourselves.

  21. Santos says:

    Guys as you know Christie is a comedian. He has the same style as Fidel Castro.He is a Macho man that he can do whatever he wants.

    1. chinese t&a says:


  22. CAPTAIN ARAB says:


  23. David says:

    His tie clashes with the flag.

  24. Yomama says:

    No, but you might want to use the correct form of “to” which in this case is “TOO”. Dumb a$$es.

  25. Peter says:

    he is one fat slob!!

  26. None of Your Business says:

    Methinks Weinberg is not one to criticize Christie for being too soft on someone who’s committing the same rip-off-the-taxpayer nonsense she’s committing. That is the height, isn’t it? Evidently, according to her “thinking,” it’s okay if she does it; but someone else doing the same thing: oh, no, the horror of it all!!

    On the other hand, regarding Christie’s “take the bat out” remark: New Jerseyans voted a Republican into office. Now why are they shocked he’s acting like a Neanderthal?

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