NEW YORK (AP) — A Staten Island woman who was getting $850 a month in alimony because she was supposedly disabled and unable to work had to give the payments up after her ex-husband spotted photos of her belly dancing on the Internet.

Brian McGurk went to court after discovering a blog that showed his 43-year-old ex-wife dancing at a gallery in Manhattan.

In other Internet postings she wrote about dancing vigorously for several hours every day.

Dorothy McGurk told the court that the dancing was physical therapy for injuries she suffered in a car accident in the mid 1990s.

A county judge didn’t buy it, and reduced her payments to $400 per month.

The judge also ordered her to pay her ex-husband’s legal fees and 60 percent from the sale of their home.

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  1. Michael says:

    DaveA, did you forget to take your meds today?

  2. Dave_A says:

    I see the US moving in the right direction. We can only hope that Obama gets another term to finish destroying the US economy, then the people will be happy to lay down for a facist dictatorship. The only man that can stop us is ron paul and all his gold owning supporters. I hate him…..

  3. Dave_A says:

    Please do not misunderstand, facism does not equal racism. I envision facism here in the US oppressing all people, regardless of color or creed. I had a great uncle die at a nazi camp afterall. Of course he fell out of a guard tower but that is besides the point….

  4. Dave_A says:

    Happiness will only come once the entire poplulation of the US is ground under the bootheel of an all powerfull, facist federal governmen. I love the federal government so much. Almost as much as AROCK……

  5. Dave_A says:

    From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs. Words that a wise man once said. As the former command specialist major of the army and smartest man in the world I endorse this. As would all of you if you were as smart as me…..

  6. Dave_A says:

    Just last night, after making love to my life partner AROCK, he commented that our family court system is out of whack. We need to move into a post constitutional phase in this country, and put liberty and freedom behind us. Only then can we achieve the happiness they have in north korea….

  7. Dave_A says:

    We need to put all conservatives, especially gold owning ron paul supporters into reeducation camps. I stand ready with my A-10 Statist1 to carry that out. As the former command specialist major of the army I approve this message…..

  8. Dave_A says:

    Someday when this country is blessed with a facist dictatorship these things will no longer happen

  9. Trishe says:

    She should not get anything since she has proven that she is able to work. The judge is no better by taking sides.
    Shame on this woman, she makes all women, who are really struggling because their ex’s are garbage, look very bad.

  10. Alan Foos says:

    Belly dancing does not prove disability, but good luck to the both of them, better yet, may they each know the real love of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

    1. RUSS HARDY says:



      1. lisa says:

        another angry athiest…. so sad…

  11. HooDatIS? says:

    how awful!
    she my have been rehabbing
    i just an left orbital blowout fracture, i have double vision but yet i am typing this comment…..u cant judge a disability from a court seat…
    visit my blog

  12. Danny DD says:

    Why is she still entitled to $400 per month? Isn’t she supposed to pay him back all money plus interest? 60% of the house? what a system favoring female liars!! All liars should be punished equally. Where is in this case?

  13. kendra says:

    god don,t like ugly lying deceitful people…

  14. Sal says:

    And why is this woman not charged with perjury or fraud?
    I’m SURE if it was a man, he’d be in jail right now.

  15. Busted says:

    Be grateful she is your ex wife. One day you will not have to pay her anything and that is a day you can celebrate. I am sure you will be looking forward to it. Be glad she is your ex wife.

  16. Howard A. Sinclair says:

    Oh, this is a good one. Classic, you cannot make this stuff up :).

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