SECAUCUS, N.J. (AP)New Jersey Transit said a train staffer was shaken up but not seriously injured Saturday by an electrical “flash” that occurred when he tried to remove a foreign object that was caught on an overhead power line.

Agency spokesman Dan Stessel said the staffer — whose name was not disclosed — was grabbing a “sheet or banner” from the line when the flash occurred around 1 p.m. He was taken to Jersey City Medical Center, where he was treated for undisclosed injuries and later released.

Stessel said the train was evacuated and its passengers were transferred to another train that took them to New York.

Subsequent New York-bound trains were initially running about 15 minutes behind schedule, but normal service resumed later Saturday afternoon.

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  1. KLHrabar says:

    Actually, the person they are speaking about in this article is my uncle. There were two staffers involved, not one. The second staffer had a metal pole and was attempting to dislodge the debris from the track, but due to the rain, the electrical current from the track traveled up the pole and both wound up suffering from the electrical ‘flash’. The other staffer who was holding the pole suffered the most damage including severe burns on his hands. I’m uncertain of his condition, but it was fairly severe. My uncle suffered damage to his retinas due to the flash (doctors said they’re burned), was treated at the hospital and is currently recovering in a dark room. They’re also sending him in for tests since they’re afraid he might also be suffering from potential hearing loss. All in all, they’re both lucky to be alive. The train took a good majority of the electrical flow, otherwise the worker holding the pole would literally have exploded and my uncle (who was standing about two feet away from him) would be dead.

  2. himmy g says:

    this man should receive lifetime njtransit rail pass for life… from being hit by electrical flash

  3. Gholamhosain Tasbihi says:

    I think this man should be treated as a living martyr for his role in the saving of others from the dangers of the electric shock

    1. John Hoelck says:

      LOL, really?!?!?!?!?! That’s just STUPID! Just like being a martyr.

      1. jack asioini says:

        lol…. yea.

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