Homeowners Demand Action To Combat Flooding At Meeting With Officials, Flood Board MembersBy Kathryn Brown

LITTLE FALLS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — As flood-prone areas of New Jersey began drying out Tuesday, angry residents of flooded areas called again on New Jersey’s leaders to do more to keep their roads and homes dry.

Flooded-out homeowners packed a town meeting with local leaders and flood board members Tuesday night, after yet another rainstorm left their streets, backyards and basements underwater from the swelling Passaic River, reports CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

“This flood made it to the CNN – not even anybody in Chile would want to buy a house in Little Falls – so can you imagine?” resident Yvette Reyes said.

Reyes was speaking out as one of the lucky ones. Her home on Louis Street is on the list of homes that will be raised, part of a limited flooding relief program between the state and federal government.

With the flooding year after year, though, Reyes said the damage is in her plummeting property value.

“Taxes are going up, and every time the insurance pays a claim, our insurance goes up – and it’s not going up by $50, $60, it’s going up by $100, $200, $300,” Reyes said.

Little Falls residents were joined by those from nearby Wayne and Fairview, which have also suffered from major flooding this year. Many blame the Pompton Dam, its gates opening and closing with the rain – to the detriment, some say, of areas downstream.

“The floods are coming too often, and they’re frustrated, they’re angry,” Little Falls Flood Board member Dorothy O’Haire said.

O’Haire said the recent addition of floodgates upstream, combined with a plan to dredge the river there to prevent flooding in those areas, has made the situation in Little Falls much worse.

“Common sense will tell you that’s going to bring more water down here,” she said.

Board members presented several options to residents Tuesday night – among them, getting rid of a rock gorge upstream and building new floodgates at Beattie’s Dam.

“We just want to tell everybody that there is hope,” O’Haire said. “I mean, we are trying.”

The mayor of Little Falls announced a study by the Department of Environmental Protection.

“To make sure that an independent company comes in and takes a look at exactly how those gates are being opened,” Mayor Mike DeFrancisci said.

In the meantime, residents are demanding short- and long-term relief – buyouts of their homes, a new floodwall, dredging – anything to stem the tide.

“Stop the building and check everybody to make sure nobody builds in any of the floodplain areas,” homeowner Paul Scollo said.

Are New Jersey’s leaders doing enough to stop the flooding? Leave a comment below…

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  1. Dry in NYC says:

    Stop making excuses people, your not going to make a million dollars selling those homes. Take the initiative and move.

  2. Paul Gjokaj says:

    Our government does not have $30 million to install a proper sewer/drainage system (or at least some system to slow the flooding)!!! Ironically, we DO have money to build roads in Afghanistan (“to win the hearts and minds of the Afghani people” as quoted by a military commander). Lets take care of our own expenses, then donate to charity whatever is left over. Not vice-versa.

  3. jerseyjoey says:


    1. niklu52 says:

      Very easy to say Joey, they should just leave, cant sell it, and go where?
      You want to take them in for a while Joey?… got some extra room?
      Think first

      1. wayneguy says:

        Thanks for the tip…joey…your a regular einstein aren’t you…you should run for office and help the rest of jersey with your easy answers

  4. Melanie says:

    I am a real estate agent in Passaic County and am happy to do some research and provide a cma (certified market analysis) to any folks in the flood areas who may want to try to sell. I have family there and know what a hardship this flooding is. Yes your property values are affected, but if you’ve owned your home for a while and have a lot of equity in it, this may be an option for you. I’m so sorry you all are going through this.

  5. Tom says:

    Flood insurance itself is a federal government subsidized program. So EVERY time you get a payout from “your flood insurance” there is a percentage of it that is from us. So shut up about not getting bailout money because you do. Move.

    1. Joe says:

      You were a day late and a dollar short Tom. I only came back to verify something. I’m sure if you were to attend one of the many flood board meetings you could convince the owners of the 20,000 homes and businesses affected to move. You could also convince the mayors of these towns to forfeit their rateables while you’re at it. Telling people to move is simple thing to do, unfortunately it’s not based in reality. Have a nice life.

    2. bella says:

      Yes. A percentage from us as you say. We, who live in the flood zone, who pay our taxes, are also part of that “us”. We put into the system just like you.

  6. jack tripper says:


    1. niklu52 says:

      Yes it does Jack…. can’t wait to get out of here… coming soon

  7. Thomas says:

    Saturday i had my weather alert on and there were at least 30 flood warnings all for NJ. New york had the same rainfall rates and their was not one flood warning at all. I have no clue why people dont get out and move if its so bad. this is tuesday and i received two more flood warnings today 3 days afer the rain and they are extended until friday morning and there is more rain with heavy bouts of rain tomorrow and friday night as well. get out now

    1. wayneguy says:

      Because most of us own these homes and can’t just get up and leave….if you have the money pay my home loan and get me a new home…thanks

  8. Erick says:

    Reading those comments it is easy to recognize who is from where. I will not comment fellows who understand our situation, they are most of the time right.
    But to all ignorants, millionars living in Manhattan in cardboard and others who sucking goverment stick i have this…..
    In area of Wayne where I reside there are only 4 new houses build in the past 22 years, to get permit from Trenton to build house in here it’s almost impossible,Most of our houses are old and renovated and a lot of people living here for long time. To those who do not understand how our govermet works the explanattion is this.They will not buy us out because they will loose a lots of money: taxes, home insurances, flood insurances,they will not create new jobs, contractors will have nothing to do, home depot will sell goods,lumber, appliances sheetrock etc. So alll d….mm a,,,, who not living here and think we are living for free learn this. If the goverment is not making money or have no business here they will never ever put $1 in here.Answer is simply , they making a lots of money on us

  9. alieniak says:

    Always being against any bail out plans and stimulus packages, I have to admit that if we already have such a package founded by all the taxpayers, the flooding problem is the perfect example where state and federal governments have to come up with help. If this is not their responsibility than what is?

  10. SicofFloods says:

    You sound pretty darn stupid yourself. Can’t spell and your grammar is pitiful as well.

  11. Bella says:

    You’re dumb. We’re not crying for anything.
    We feel sympathy for the people all over the world who are suffering.
    But for the moment, we are suffering from excessive flooding (3 x’s in 6 weeks) due to the problems with the Pompton River Dam.
    WE are not crying for money.
    We are demanding answers.
    Get yourself educated.

    1. SicofFloods says:

      Way to tell him Bella !
      There is a flood board meeting in Little Falls tonight – at the Civic Center – 7:00 p.m. – anyone can come – and should if you are affected !
      I’ll sure be there !

      1. Think about it says:

        This is not to diminish anyone’s pain. Allow me to validate that it sucks for your home to be flooded. That being said, in response to “We are demanding answers”, here’s the “answers”: a) it has been raining, a lot; b) you bought your homes in an area that is prone to flooding, when it rains a lot; c) flooding is part of nature’s process for the area, and it has been that way for centuries, and will stay that way for centuries more; d) the prices that you paid for your homes reflected that your homes will flood, when it rains a lot; and e) no one, including any person who works for any governmental authority, has any ability to stop the rain. These are the “answers”; there is no need to “seek” them now, because they are the same as they have always been. Thus, some affected homeowners now seek something different from “answers” — they want to change the facts, and they want others to pay to make those changes. Affected homeowners have two choices: 1) accept reality, and deal with it as you see fit (e.g., move, and get a fair price for your house, as it is, or just live with the occasional floods); or 2) try to pretend that somebody else — namely all other taxpayers — have some “obligation” to “fix” YOUR problem. In practical effect, affected homeowners who choose Option No. 2 demand (despite that they paid less for their homes because they are in a flood zone) that all other taxpayers foot the huge bill to to flood proof their homes. If all other taxpayers did pay that money, and the affected homeowners got newly flood-proof homes, then they would be able to sell their home for much, much more than they can now (and, of course, much, much more than they paid for them). Thus, the affected homeowners would wind up with a huge windfall — all at taxpayer expense! This is nothing other than all taxpayers simply giving a huge sum of money to a relatively few people, who are already rich enough to own their own homes. Leave Mother Nature and our taxpayer dollars alone.

        While flooding near a river has always been expected, as part of how Nature has always worked, perhaps the flooding has become more exacerbated as the area has become more developed. While rain can soak into the ground in a forest or a field, it simply runs off of roofs, roads, sidewalks, and driveways. However, this is common knowledge, and everyone who buys property near a river took this into account (or should have taken it into account). to whatever degree flooding has increased due to increased development, the taxpayers should not have to pay huge sums of money to bail out those who knowingly bought property in the affected areas.

      2. Ken says:

        If you look at the wayne twp passic river home page you will see the historic high river marks, (I linked it below). U can easily see the flood waters are rising higher since the 07 flood…is this due to more construction casuing waters to shift? incorrect damn monitoring/placment cause lower areas to recieve more water while saving other areas the brunt of the flood? I damn well want to know why I have 3 foot of water in my living room 3 times in the past 2 years.

        As to you ignorant people who say to move? If you think that doesnt cross your mind while throwing out everything you own, your damn wrong. Mortgages dont go away when you move, and who is going to buy your home till after you spend thousands fixing it up., and believe me when I tell you nobody is getting rich off of these insurance claims or FEMA aid, it helps and I appreciate every dollar they give me but DAMN it barley covers the cost and doesnt cover any of the aggrivation!

        Historical Crests
        (1) 17.50 ft on 10/10/1903
        (2) 12.91 ft on 04/07/1984
        (3) 11.97 ft on 03/16/2010
        (4) 11.88 ft on 04/18/2007
        (5) 11.81 ft on 03/13/2011

      3. bella says:

        In reply to : Think about It ~

        The answers we are looking for are not as to why we flood. We bought homes in a flood zone, we KNOW it floods.

        We are asking for the answer to 1 question: Why since the Pompton River Dam began operating in 2007 has Wayne, Little Falls (and surrounding Pequannock, Paterson, Totowa) started to flood faster, deeper and more frequently.

        The dam is unique in it’s construction. I’ve done a lot of research on it – as have my neighbors.

        And ps.. our houses might have been slightly cheaper, but not by much. I bought my house for $310,000. in 2002 — and my taxes have gone up every year since then.

        We’re not idiots. We’re not fighting mother nature and we know where we live – we know we would expect some flooding (as we’ve had over the years) but since this Dam opened up — the situation for many towns (ones that haven’t flooded before) has become disastrous.

  12. Bill Stephanatos says:

    We need to determine if the siltation of the reservoirs has anything to do with the increases frequency and magnitude of flooding. It is possible that due to the water usage, the water levels are kept to high and this contributes to the flooding. I do not for sure that people have been begging the state to dredge the reservoirs in Wanaque, but to no avail.

    Again, we should look into this. I am not 100 percent sure that the reservoir and river siltation is the main problem.

  13. Jamey De Santo says:

    For people saying this was always a flood area, before 2007 it was NEVER this bad! you got a flood every 15 years, now we got 1 night of heavy rain and it flooded! The rivers flood WAY too easily and it has been only recently that this has happened.

    1. Norman says:

      ONLY every 15 years? Do you realize what you’re saying?

    2. Ken says:

      Historical Crests
      (1) 17.50 ft on 10/10/1903
      (2) 12.91 ft on 04/07/1984
      (3) 11.97 ft on 03/16/2010
      (4) 11.88 ft on 04/18/2007
      (5) 11.81 ft on 03/13/2011

  14. joe says:

    Why should the state or anyone buy out these homes? This area has been flooding forever. I never moved there because of it and those that did, OH WELL! The river cannot be moved, the houses should not have been built ther unless theyh were on stilts. Wht do you think it is cheaper there..DUH

    1. Jeffrey says:

      I realy think some of the people critizing people in areas that being flooded should take the time to read Bella’s ealrlier comment and also look into the increased flooding and realize that people did not buy home “knowing” that they would be flooded several timea annually. There is a corrolation to the damn being built and the increased flooding. Did the residents in the flood prone areas build the damn? No, they did not. And stop just sauing, sell your house and move becuase everyone knows that is not as simple to do as it sounds. A little understanding and compassion for you fellow man would be a good thing. Somehow when ever there is a trgic event in other parts of the world people show large amouns of compassion and understanding. Why is that the, but same can’t be done when the events happend here when there is not a loss of life but serious physical, emoitional and financial impact to those impacted?

      1. Jamey De Santo says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself, all the people leaving the idiotic comments about moving please read Jeffrey’s post and Bella’s post. I live in the area and we had 1 flood from 1994-2007 and have had multiple since, we were NOT psychics and couldn’t have predicted what would happen in 2007!

    2. ken says:

      You dont see a problem with the past 4 years?

      We are not talking about street flooding or water in your basement but at 12ft river elevation water is chest high in my living room which (excluding the past 4 years)
      only happened once or twice in a lifetime.

      Historical Crests
      (1) 17.50 ft on 10/10/1903
      (2) 12.91 ft on 04/07/1984
      (3) 11.97 ft on 03/16/2010
      (4) 11.88 ft on 04/18/2007
      (5) 11.81 ft on 03/13/2011

  15. Jane Cho says:

    What about the phrase “flood prone” do people not understand? When you build on a flood plain that is what you have to expect. Outside of growing crops (and risking crop failure due to flooding) there is no sane reason to build on a flood plain. You would think insurance rates would get this through people’s heads.

    1. JAD says:

      NJ is a flood plain, I’ve lived in Jersey City, then Northern NJ for almost 10 years and it is the same story each time this occurs.

  16. Rob says:

    I grew up in Wayne. Even in the 60’s there was flooding. They should just buy out those homes and get rid of them . Tuen that area into a park. Why keep on paying.? It’s a lost cause.

    1. John says:

      Hmmm..buy out the flooded homes and make a flooded park. Hope your kids have lifejackets Rob. Genius.

    2. JAD says:

      I agree, it is the same situation year, after year. How much $$ has been wasted re-building these homes, replacing appliances, etc. Move to higher ground!!

      1. john says:

        Yes..if we cut down all the trees on the high ground ..everyone can live flood free!

      2. bella says:

        It’s money we are paid by the flood insurance companies that WE PAY for. It’s not government money. It is money we pay to insure our homes & contents.

      3. Courtney says:

        But what about the money Wayne pays for police/firefighters/etc. to keep coming down and rescuing the flood victims? This is costing the town way too much money for nothing. The funny thing is, Wayne is mostly hilly to begin with and the lakes are very well managed to avoid flooding into homes. Neighborhoods like Hoffman Grove are giving the rest of Wayne a bad image.

        While it’s definitely understandable that the hilly/lake communities of Wayne are unaffordable to Hoffman Grove residents, maybe it’s time to downsize or move to another town.

  17. wmk says:

    >>“There’s nothing we can do unless we move,” said Arlind Ibrhaimi.<<

    Move then! I've bought two houses over the years and carefully checked for flood potential and possible hazards in the area. I wouldn't buy anywhere near a flood zone because the area of such a zone varies because the flow of water is changeable..

    Some of you sound responsible and your comments make sense, but so many of you in this flood zone think Daddy (that would be the government) should come in and fix all of your problems. I bet a whole bunch of you bought mortgages with adjustable rates thinking the rate would NEVER go up…right?

    Sounds like a bunch of ding-dongs live down there.

    1. SicofFloods says:

      What an ass you are – WE DO NOT GET GOVERNMENT BAIL-OUTS ! Where did you ever hear that from ?
      We pay through the nose for flood insurance premiums – it is OUR FLOOD INSURANCE that helps offset the cost of our repairs.
      We NEVER used to flood like this before the dam & flood gates were installed – The Army Corp of Engineers (they’re the idiots) are the ones to blame for all of this !!!!

      1. wayneguy says:

        wmk…yet another genius amongst us….only if we were all blessed with brains like this guy

    2. ken says:

      You dont see a problem with the past 4 years?

      We are not talking about street flooding or water in your basement but at 12ft river elevation water is chest high in my living room which (excluding the past 4 years)
      only happened once or twice in a lifetime.

      Historical Crests
      (1) 17.50 ft on 10/10/1903
      (2) 12.91 ft on 04/07/1984
      (3) 11.97 ft on 03/16/2010
      (4) 11.88 ft on 04/18/2007
      (5) 11.81 ft on 03/13/2011

  18. Erick says:

    Wayne has about 5% of flood prone land.Before 2007 every spring was rainy as usually from 1 to 6 inches of rain-more or less.Now after 2007 and new dam at Pompton Plains 2 inches of rain makes big flood in areas where we usually have flood and areas where people never have any water.Answer is simply: drench rivers about 9 feet and we never have flood again-they do this every day at Mississipir river banks down south (Passaic river was never ever drench).There is not any coincident with POMPTON DAM just looks guys at hydrograph chart how stip it shows water amout dumped on us when rains, before 2007 this was not possible at all water used to rise slowly and goes quicker then right now.And last thing is ….this is not goverment fault or any of those politicians around us. We choose them, we gave them power to disrespect us so guess whos fault is this..As a Wayne residents we should ask our mayor how much money he receiving from goverment every year to run office of emergency,,,, i think it is enough money to buy at least 20 houses a year for $ 300,000 each.

    1. ken says:

      Historical Crests
      (1) 17.50 ft on 10/10/1903
      (2) 12.91 ft on 04/07/1984
      (3) 11.97 ft on 03/16/2010
      (4) 11.88 ft on 04/18/2007
      (5) 11.81 ft on 03/13/2011

      Hmmm pompoton damn built in 07….now that makes sence.

      NJ received 33million in aid for the 2010 flood.
      I sure as hell didnt get any of that $$$.

      Historical Crests
      (1) 17.50 ft on 10/10/1903
      (2) 12.91 ft on 04/07/1984
      (3) 11.97 ft on 03/16/2010
      (4) 11.88 ft on 04/18/2007
      (5) 11.81 ft on 03/13/2011

  19. john says:

    Interseting how northern New Jersey has become a flood zone. Parts of Wayne that never saw water in 35 years are consumed by it. The State Highway is underwater. I understand alot of people not caring, thats the “Jersey” way some times. To say the state and federal government does not hold some form of responsibility is absurd. Sure lets close down the state and plant trees. In Wayne, Fairfield,Lincoln Park,Pinebrook, Chatham,Paterson.
    Close down Willobrook Mall while we’re at it. Tear up rtes 46 ,23,and20.

    1. Wiley says:

      Actually, flooding aside….Rt. 23 sucks. Especially by Riverdale with all it’s lights. I wouldn’t miss it.

  20. Wiley says:

    I’m taking care of MY self and moving. Not only out of a flood zone but out of NJ. Never once did I whine like a 16 year old girl who didnt get a pony on her birthday.
    It’s not just NJ, but the world that doesnt care about your problems. So you flooded, big deal. Theres people in NC and Japan that DIED. But instead your self important attitude makes you feel entitled to say “Me Me Me”
    Man up and make the changes to improve your life yourself and stop asking other people for help. You control your own destiny and are responsible for where you find yourself today.

  21. Bella says:

    Yes, we must look like a bunch of stupid idiots to all of you who don’t live in the Wayne / Lincoln Park / Pequannock / Little Falls flood zones.
    Let’s add Paterson and Totowa flood areas now that since the Pompton River dam opened, they are too now part of our whiners club.

    When I bought my home on Ryerson Ave. in Wayne back in 2002, I was aware that I was buying in a flood zone. The neighborhood at that time had only majorly flooded a number of times spaced out by YEARS. Those floods were caused by weeks of major rainfall and the last big one was in ’98 or ’99 during Hurricane Floyd.
    Other than that, when there was a decent amount of rainfall, only the streets would flood with minor house damage to those who live on a flat street level.

    I pay my mortgage monthly – I pay my taxes – my water bill – my house bills — all on time every month. I donate to the boys & girls club, the P.A.L., to my local church — and I do not have government flood insurance. I pay a yearly premium for a flood policy through Travelers Insurance. I have never asked for help from the city and I appreciate their efforts to pick up the garbage during the clean up process & the street cleaning. I also appreciate the people & groups that come around to donate cleaning supplies, food, water, etc. post flood — and I always donate $ to these non-profits like the Red Cross.

    I am just like you who do not live in a low lying, flood area. A good citizen.

    The problem is this: What we are complaining about is the Pompton River dam that opened in 2007. Since that time, our neighborhoods have flooded faster, deeper, and more often than ever before. Towns like Totowa and Paterson which never flooded are now plagued with this B.S. the same way Little Falls, Wayne, Lincoln Park, and Pequannock are. Businesses along Rt. 23 & Rt. 46 like Willowbrook Mall and A & P on Jackson Ave / Rt. 23 which did not encounter flooding (except maybe during the big one in 84 and Hurricane Floyd) have been prone to flooding each and every time since the opening and operation of that stupid dam.

    I think the Army Corps. meant well — but really, all that dam does is save a tiny low lying area of Million Dollar homes in Oakland — that’s about it. The damage it has caused since it’s inception is beyond belief.

    We are not complaining at all — we know where we live, we know it’s prone to flood. We’re just saying that it has never been like this before and something needs to be done.

    I would move in a second if I could sell my home. I wouldn’t even care to take a loss, that’s how fed up I am. But just like you hard working, tax paying, bill paying people who don’t flood — you know that I can’t just pick up and leave. I have obligations … like a mortgage. I have to sell first in order to move to a new place. It’s not easy — and I don’t ask for sympathy or to be judged.

    So many of you are judgmental. It’s wrong to be that way. You must come from a place of understanding. We’re not stupid, we’re not crying for help. We can hire contractors and help each other to fix up and clean up.

    What we want is someone to look into what the hell is going on with that Pompton River Dam. Flooding before that thing was built was easier to deal with.

    1. Lisa says:

      Well said!

      1. Bella says:

        Thanks, Lisa — It’s true.
        We don’t whine. We just want answers!!

      2. John says:

        Agreed. As if moving in this economy on the spur of the moment is no problem.
        Plus, voicing an opinion should never be confused with “whining”.

      3. Joe says:


        I remember Paterson and Totowa flooding in the 60’s

    2. Erick says:

      Hello neighbour
      You are completly right, all whoo judgeing us should look at river record chart posted at NOAA web site. Every time I see those numbers its remain me that all major floods made by nature accured way before 2007. In 2007 we had about 13″ of rain water O.K was summer and most of water were soaked by ground and was just a few inches on street.People who do not live in our area do not understand us.We pay taxes, home bills and flood insurance to which FEMA lately added $ 2,000.00 deductible….why ????we know why.You mentioned people who helping us , mainly it is red cross. Not so many people heard that last year our major did not let red cross people to help us after march flood, they show up later then usually after forceing him to change his mind. Life here is good very good, but his life is much better that why we choose him

    3. AJ says:

      “all that dam does is save a tiny low lying area of Million Dollar homes in Oakland — that’s about it. The damage it has caused since it’s inception is beyond belief.”

      That pretty much says it all.

      I hope things clear up for you soon, Bella.

    4. janny says:

      Wow, after reading all of the above comments this is the only one that makes any sense. I think you are right to question why this problem has been exacerbated by the construction of the dam. You should do your research to see why exactly the dam was built and investigate the flooding problems prior to the dam being built. Build your case with facts as to why the government should investigate whether there needs to be modifications to the dam in order to prevent this type of flooding in the future. We have the same situation on Long Island where the Army Corps of Engineers constructed groins along the beach. The entire project was intended to fortify the beach by capturing sand that naturally moves along the shoreline. However, the implementation of the project was done incorrectly so that too much sand was being trapped to the east and none was travelling further to the west. The erosion problem became severe on beachfront properties to the west while properties to the east of the groins benefited from the increased sand. One of the affected homeowners sued the government (Army Corps of Engineers) but unfortunately they lost.

    5. jack says:

      “I think the Army Corps. meant well”…………….who is this brainwashed moron? gotta love NJ people…….

      1. niklu52 says:

        Hey Jack… is your last name ass?
        you sound like one

    6. jack says:

      just get a pair swimmies and speedos and you guys will be ok

  22. Joe says:

    The problem with the flooding is that the homes and towns were built on the flood plain of the river. Unless the river is changed or the land is elevated or something, this will continue to happen. There is also the rising sea level because of global warming. The Passaic is a tidal flow river which when combined with heavy rain will cause flooding. There should be a program to move these people from this location with financial help from the government.

    1. Erick says:

      You are wright Joe Passaic river is tidal but only to Garfield where is 6 feet downdrop and second frontier for high tide would be Gerat Paterson fall.All flood happen to be way before those places.
      We should keep flooding all NJ politicians pockets with our tax money.

  23. Matty says:

    The same people whining for government help now are the same ones whining about how government is too big and should leave them alone. Basically, it’s the same version of “the government better stay out of my Medicare” that was heard during the healthcare debate.

    1. MIKE says:

      You got it all wrong, Bud. Federal people should stay away from our business, while STATE people must help us ( We pay HIGHEST taxes in this lousy state, not only to support their fat salaries and benefits).

  24. Al says:

    If Trenton was in the flood zone, than solution would be fast and efficient ( at taxpayers expense, of course). But, nobody cares about people of Wayne or other towns, take care of yourself. Typical NJ for you!!!!

    1. Wiley says:

      I’m taking care of MY self and moving. Not only out of a flood zone but out of NJ. Never once did I whine like a 16 year old girl who didnt get a pony on her birthday.
      It’s not just NJ, but the world that doesnt care about your problems. So you flooded, big deal. Theres people in NC and Japan that DIED. But instead your self important attitude makes you feel entitled to say “Me Me Me”
      Man up and make the changes to improve your life yourself and stop asking other people for help. You control your own destiny and are responsible for where you find yourself today.

  25. george says:

    Lets see flooding forever, you know it — you buy house anyway -! Now iits the lawmakers fault for you living there!

    Hello people its called due dilligence!

  26. Wiley says:

    See, I live in a flood zone. Never once did i feel the government needed to spend money to help me. Oh sure…I would complain with the best of them, but the main thought in my head was “I need to MOVE” …Especially after this year. The most terrifying thought is a dam breakage…who cares about “STUFF” when a dam breakage can wash homes away and take lives.

    1. ken says:

      Wiley you are a damn renter. get out already.

  27. Danny Kap says:

    How about MOVE?!?!?! Knock that area out and plant some trees or something. Millions spent each year with fixing the damage….

    1. Bella says:

      How about move?
      OK… so let’s say we all pick up and leave our homes and mortgages behind. That would put a lot of banks deep in the hole, furthering this whole bank / mortgage / foreclosure issue our country is dealing with.

      Oh, and after that.. the Townships can hire a demo company to come in and knock out all the houses — what would that be?? hmmmm, another taxpayer’s expense? Yeah.

      And then the demo guy goes in and wants to demo the houses but whoops, they were all built in the 1970’s and prior so guess what, they all have asbestos & mold problems which as you know, needs to be properly removed and disposed of at a certified landfill … so, the demo company has to raise his price, cuz whoops… he had no idea ?!!

      So lets say we get all of that done — then, hmmm, lets find a company that will come in and plant thousands of square miles of trees.

      Dude.. you solved it. You are a genius.

    2. Bella says:

      “”How about MOVE?!?!?! Knock that area out and plant some trees or something. Millions spent each year with fixing the damage….””

      Dude, we fix our own houses. We pay our own flood insurance — even FEMA charges for a flood insurance policy.
      The millions you claim is being paid to fix our damage is garbage disposal, street sweeping, and a mobile police station on site for 2-3 days during a flood.

  28. Mountain View says:

    I lived in “old Wayne” for 3 years, It was cheaper than renting because of the flooding potential. Lets Look at the flood history of this area – starting with the flood of 1903, This flood was worsened by a dam failure but the depth of the water (At two bridges) was 13 feet higher than any flood since. The potential exists for a catastrophic event and no abatement program will completely eliminate that threat. People need to take this into account before they place themselves and their families in harms way.

  29. Joe McKenzie says:

    The issue isn’t that it floods here, the issue is that it has become much worse in the last 4 years. I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for 45 years and with the exception of 1968 flooding here meant water on the streets and yards. I bought my current house in 1992. It was built in 1920 and to the best of my knowledge never had water in it until 1984, the 100 year flood, then not again until 2007. Now I’ve had water in my house 3 times in the 4 years that the Pompton Lakes Floodgates have been in operation. The Army Corp calls this a coincidence and diverts the blame to development in the watershed. Yes people bought cheaper here, in most cases before 2007 and because they can’t afford much else. And yes they keep living here, in large part because no one will buy their houses the way things currently are and government buyouts are limited. Try not to forget the commerce and industry that’s also affected by the flooding. If the water is so high that it’s in my house then Willowbrook Mall is closed as is Route 23 in Pompton Plains and Route 46 in Fairfield, not to mention all the other businesses and roadways. Too much is being affected for a buyout to be practical. The causes of the increased flooding need to be corrected or the water needs to be mitigated, and soon. Vilifying the flood victims? You can do better than that.

    1. Lori De Young says:

      Here, Here Joe McKenzie ! Very well said !!!

    2. wmk says:

      >>Yes people bought cheaper here, in most cases before 2007 and because they can’t afford much else. <<

      Then live with your decision. Or rent longer so you can save up a bigger down payment and live somewhere that doesn't become an aquarium. Why do the rest of us have to fix your bad decisions?

      1. bella says:

        Who said you’re fixing our bad decisions?

        What are you paying for that I’m not already paying for?

        I pay taxes, mortgage, water, flood insurance. I fix my own house by hiring a contractor at my own expense. Flood money payout barely covers what we put out.

        I pay for the same garbage collector, street sweeper, and police officers that you do?
        How am I not paying for this too?

        Where I live didn’t become an aquarium until the idiots decided to build a dam to divert the water that made it so.

  30. Wiley says:

    It IS a waste of taxpayer money. Obviously not EVERY homeowner bought knowing it would flood this much, but for instance, those folks that live along fairfield rd, who take boats to their cars almost daily…yeah, absolutely no sympathy from me.

    1. Tom says:

      Did those people build houses there??? No the town did for sale, so once again, use your head before making dumb comments, you just show how dumb you are.

  31. Rich Laurenzano says:

    We never had a problem in East Rutherford until the Army Core of Engineers decided to put a damn above the falls. Now we fllod on RIver Street and these geniuses do nothing about it. Just because you have an engineering degree does not make you competent. How about fixing the problem after almost 10 years of meddling?
    Rich Laurenzano

  32. wiredheart says:

    One word can solve your flood problems- MOVE.
    NJ where you are is a low lying area and as such will collect any all runoff from the surrounding higher elevation areas either from heavy rains or melting snows.
    I’m sure that the native North American Indians were smart enough NOT to live in those areas.

    1. Tom says:

      Once again people having no clue what they are talking about. I live in Wayne in the flood zone, and it never used to flood this bad. There is a flood buyout program, however there is only so much money to buy so many houses, and there are thousands of people effected in the area and surrounding towns. There simply isn’t enough money, you can’t sell because of the bad flooding history since 2007, before then you could sell no problem, no one will buy now with what happened in the last 4 years. I asked Fema last year to buy me out instead of playing for repairs as I had 18″ of water in my living room, they said NO!!! So have some sense, some people are just stuck with no way out right now. When you ask why it floods so bad?? Answer: Politics

      1. donald fabio says:

        dumb@ss. you live in a FLOOD PLANE. expect to get flooded. move or stop complaining. so freakin stupid. just to move to manhattan. can’t stand all the b&ts the invade my city.

    2. Bella says:

      It’s easy to say Move.

      You pick up and move. You’re lucky you can put a sign in front of your house.
      We can’t. No one will bite at a deal on my street since 2007.

      So. What’s the next best suggestion? Another commenter said move to Manhattan? Yeah, cause that’s financially reasonable and oh yeah, it’s on an island that will eventually sink one day.
      Not to mention the roaches & rats.

      Pick up and move. We built lives here. We care for one another. We’re all trying to help each other out.
      Most of all, we have our mortgage obligations to think of.

      We are not in a position to pick up and move.
      We are not complaining for financial help.
      We want answers as to why we flood so quickly, deeper, and more often since the Pompton River Dam opened in 2007.

      That’s all.

  33. jarett says:

    the only reason you were able to buy your home was becuase no one else wanted to live in a flood zone..don’t complain and beg for taxpayer money whenever it rains..move and take your loss

    1. LMD says:

      Jarett – None of us in the flood zone “beg for taxpayer money” you don’t know what you are talking about ! We pay a lot of hard earned money on flood insurance and NONE of us “beg for taxpayer money” for our repairs.
      “move & take your loss” – what an ignorant person you are. It’s so easy for you to say, take a $200,000.00 loss on your home ? Just walk away ? What are you, a millionaire ? How many people do you know that could/would do that ? Besides – Do you want parts of NJ to look like New Orleans with abandoned homes sitting & slowing rotting away ??? Use your head !

      1. Bella says:

        Exactly! Hi LMD. Nice to meet ya!

  34. jame says:

    I live in a flood zone and I get excited(happy) every time there is a flood. There is a dreary feeling that comes over the neighborhood and all of my neighbors walk around the neighborhood like zombies watching the water rise. Call me twisted if you want, but I get a kick out of it.

    1. Mike says:

      You are my hero.

  35. Paul says:

    These areas have flooded since my father was a kid he is now 84 years old. The problem is that there is no water shed in this part of the state. Simply put there is as much or more pavement and roof area as there is open ground. All of that water drains into the river and is not adsorbed in the ground. This was poor planning years ago by local governments choosing to increase property tax revenue over sensible expansion. No we will have to pay for there mistakes either by trying to manage nature or pay to relocate those in the worst flooding areas.

  36. MareP. says:

    You people bought homes in a FLOOD ZONE…a KNOWN Flood Zone…stop whining! Would you people go to Pennsylvania and live on the Susquehanna River after the 1970’s flooding?? If you would…you are truly an idiot!

    1. Lisa says:

      No you are truly an idiot! When I bought my home I was NOT in a flood zone. I have gotten water in my home (thank God not the first floor) 5 times in the last 10 years. Think before you open your mouth.

  37. jkasdfuoiryewjhsafd says:

    NO more bailouts for people living in these floods zones. What a waste of taxpayer money giving these people money to fix the house only to have it flood again year after year. These property owners complain they dont want to move because they love their community. If my house flooded more than once in a short period of time, I would immediately put it on the market and move.
    And this is what needs to happen. Let the state offer them fair value for the house. If they refuse to move, then they will receive NOTHING the next time it floods. OR better yet, have the town seize the homes of those who refuse the states offer to move by condemning them once they are flooded. This is unfair to the taxpayers having to bail out these people that insist on living in theise areas and them complain year after year about floods.

    1. LDY says:

      Another idiot. Where do you get your information from ??? We who live in the flood zone – GET NO TAXPAYER BAILOUTS !!! WE pay dearly for flood insurance and that’s is ALL WE GET !
      Do some research before you spout off about something you obviously know nothing about !!!
      The problem is the flood gates on the dam up river – Oakland used to flood all the time – now they don’t and we’ve have major flooding nearly every year since those flood gates were installed – you cannot tell me that those flood gates don’t cause our troubles. We have never had flooding as often as we do now…. It used to be maybe once every 5-10 YEARS – now it’s every year – and this year – twice in a month ? Because of a few inches of rain ? NO – we are not the ones to blame….You want to blame someone ? Blame the government – they’re the one’s dragging their feet.
      BUT KNOW THIS – WE DO NOT GET TAXPAYER BAIL-OUTS OR HAND-OUTS – we fix our homes up after every flood – OURSELVES !!!

      1. Bella says:

        That’s right !!!
        All we are “whining” about is that F-cking Pompton River Dam that has caused the worst flooding I’ve ever witnessed in our area since 2007!!

  38. MARYELLEN says:

    I used to to live in Wayne NJ and although everyplace has its problems,l found it to be a wonderful town.

  39. tiredofthesebailouts says:

    The state needs to have a limit on the number of times these poeple living in flood zones like this get bailed out with state and taxpayer money. Same thing with federal funds and FEMA. It is unfair to waste taxpayer dollars to keep fixing these homes every time it floods every few years only to have them flood again. The state should give them an ultimatim and offer the property owners a fair value for their homes . If the property owners refuse to accept, then the state will inform them they will receive NO COMPENSATION from state or FEMA or federal funds if the house is damaged again. Basically they will be stuck having to pay for it themselves.

    1. Tom says:

      Once again people having no clue what they are talking about. I live in Wayne in the flood zone, and it never used to flood this bad. There is a flood buyout program, however there is only so much money to buy so many houses, and there are thousands of people effected in the area and surrounding towns. There simply isn’t enough money, you can’t sell private because of the bad flooding history since 2007, no one will buy. I asked Fema last year to buy me out or raise my house up higher instead of playing for repairs as I had 18″ of water in my living room, they said NO!!! So have some sense, some people are just stuck with no way out right now. When you ask why it floods so bad?? Answer: Politics

  40. Westfieldtaxpayer says:

    You live in a FLOOD ZONE… What’s the shock??? You bought cheaper there, and now you compare your situation, as if to say Life’s Unfair…

    1. Bella says:

      We know we live in a flood zone.
      Yes, maybe we bought cheaper. But I paid $310,000 for my home back in 2002 – not that much cheaper?!
      And, I’ve been paying my mortgage faithfully, on time every month (taxes too) since I moved in.
      And? I pay for my flood insurance yearly. The premiums keep going up and I keep paying.

      No woe is me here… We just want to know why since 2007 when that Pompton River dam opened that we are flooding faster, deeper, and more often… thats all.

    2. Lola says:

      You are ignorant and have no idea what you are talking about!! I hope that there is never any type of environmental problem in ritzy Westfield or you might be the one who is shocked. Karma…

  41. T Sturniolo says:

    These areas flood over and over again. Duh let me keep living there!

    1. Bella says:

      Duh. It’s been impossible to sell our homes since 2007 when the pompton river dam opened.
      What should we do? Pack up and leave our homes to rot? We’ve got mortgages, taxes, and credit scores to think of.
      Where would we go? Even apartments now check your credit before you move in.

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