NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Lady Gaga’s latest single, “Judas,” may be a hit with her fans but not with the Catholic church.

The fame monster has created a Holy Week uproar after the single leaked on the Internet last Friday. The song, which is now available for download on iTunes, expresses love for Judas — the apostle who betrayed Jesus.

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“Because of her fame and her notoriety and the influence that she has with young people on the culture, one would think that she would learn to back off,” Bill Donohue, of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, told 1010 WINS. “Why does she always have to be edgy with my religion? Why can’t she just simply say, ‘Look, it didn’t work out,’ get divorced from Catholicism and move on.”

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This is not Gaga’s first run-in with the Catholic church. In the video for her chart-topping single, “Alejandro,” the New York native dressed up as a nun and swallowed a rosary.

Donohue believes the release of the single at the start of Holy Week was intentional and that it’s “one more example of her ethics.”

“She chooses Holy Week to basically stick it to Catholics again,” Donohue said. “One would think that a Grammy award winner would be able to do this on her own merits without engaging in these kinds of antics. While it’s not the worst we’ve seen here at the Catholic League, she is bothersome.”

In the song, Gaga proclaims, “I’m just a holy fool, oh baby he’s so cruel but I’m still in love with Judas, baby” and “Jesus is my virtue but Judas is the demon I cling to.”

Lady Gaga has not released a comment.

Her new album, “Born This Way,” will be released next month. HBO will also be showing a special concert series on her “Monster Ball” Tour on May 7.

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  1. Jim says:

    Considering how weird she dresses, Gaga is liable to say anything. She is not my idea of a recording artist.

  2. LadyGagaFanAndCatholic says:

    Just a note to all the people who think Lady Gaga is satanic: Who are you to be judging Lady Gaga? She is inspiring and is very holy. On a talkshow, she said she prays to God before all her shows. One time she even cried backstage before a show because all the people who are calling her a demon worshipper don’t even know who she really is.
    To all The people who think Lady Gaga is gay: The only reason she is supporting gays is beceause she believes we shouldn’t be making fun of them because it’s a sin to make fun of someone that are no better or worse than you. She isn’t gay, she is just trying to be a good person.
    Lady Gaga is Catholic, so this news source is wrong. You other so called Christians think you’re holy but at the same time you’re making fun of someone and you don’t even know THEIR point of view? Grow up. Be real Christians and stop judging people when you’re not even perfect. Only the Lord is perfect in every way!

  3. Douglas says:

    Honestly it’s funny everyone is making this such a big deal, read what her message is in the song maybe you won’t be so affected, maybe that or get your bible out of your ass. I’m just sayin. People need to stop bringing religion into everything, it’s getting very very old….

    1. paige says:

      This obviously is religious, that’s why they are clearly bringing religion into it. The video and song it’s self is very obscure with depth and imagery of the bible the message of the song is very unclear on what she believes in. So that’s why religion is brought into it…You dont put crowns around the head of someone not thinking religious issues will rise from it. She new what she was doing with her unclear message of the song. Just sayin.

  4. Truthsayer says:

    Before you tout about everyone else needing to “research” before they make claims you should take your own advice. Granted, it was not exactly released during Holy Week. It was, however, released to days before on the 15th and was pushed up by four days. So it WAS originally scheduled for release DURING Holy Week. And as far as a metaphor, you might try watching the video before you chalk it up to pure metaphor and artistic expression.

  5. zakee says:

    I agree …can she be more a bit original?

  6. Meowmeow says:

    Most people who went to Catholic school and then leave it, somehow always believe they know better than anyone who is a believer.

    Lady Gaga is not an authority on anything concerning religion. Just like all the rest of us, she is but a twinkle in time. I wouldn’t put too much stake into her lyrics or actions. Let her defile whatever she wants…. she will have to answer for that on her own.

    (I’m not a Catholic. I was formerly a Lady Gaga fan. And am sick of this type of story being called “news.”)

  7. Paul Kohloff says:

    obama is just as bad ,you hear his explanation of easter,hes brutal.

  8. cassandra says:

    She is not mocking Catholicism. She has even said herself what Judas means. You guys really need to do some research instead of sitting back on your computers and listening to what everybody else says.

    1. uhhhyea says:

      So what did Gaga say Judas meant? I am too tired and lazy to look it up myself.

  9. jerseyjoey says:


  10. Bored says:

    This uneducated middle-aged female can’t act, sing, or dance. Like a desperate stripper in a sleezy club, she takes her clothes off. Since no one sober will pay to see her dressed or undressed, she decides to display her intense hatred and bigotry (apparentky her only emotions) by viciously attacking Catholicism. She should just join the KKK.

    1. Julie Peak says:

      That is a bit much, don’t you think? Peronally, I believe Gaga is a well spoken, talented artist. She is a positive role model and speaks for the people. Not to mention, she is very entertaining and gives hope to many . She is bold and dramatic, yes. But notice, she grabs your attention and speaks her mind. People need to listen to the message and not just the words. Most of all; please remember she is an entertainer, and does a fantastic job!!!

  11. Auburn Dale says:

    Keep in mind that Lady Gaga is named after a Queen song (“Radio Ga Ga”) that’s older than she is and whose original title was “Radio Ca Ca.” Sounds about right.

  12. Kristy says:

    WHY is everyone saying they have rapist preists you know what you will find rapists and child molesters any where you go so people need to let up you will find sick minds anywhere and im sure other religions churchs have sick preists also so maybe you should check yourself.

  13. john ghead says:

    For the love of god people, Gaga is nothing original or new. Luckily for her young people today do NO research into anything other than today’s music. No interest at all about where Gaga came from, so to speak! She destroys any talent she has by failing to come up with any original ideas of her own! She is a joke in it for the fame only. Her outfits? Dale Bozzio, Grace Jones, et al. Her music? Madonna, Madonna Madonna! Is it really so hard to see?!

  14. Ellen says:

    Like to see how this would go down if it was a song about a Muslim tradition. All hell would break out.

    1. TuckahoeJoe says:

      Or the Jews. The city council is on the verge of passing the Ban on Offending Jews, Blacks, and Gays. Any act or statement that does this is unlawful.

      1. Kristy says:

        wow really but what about the show South park the small chubby boy always makes fun of him for being jewish he yells out of no where “JEW” i found it quite humurous (I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO SAY I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST ANY OTHER RELIGION) and i dont know what that show would do. Has this law been passed?

      2. Henry says:

        While other city councils have enacted ordinances (within the past 5 years) prohibiting blacks and whites from marrying or gays from living in their town. Of course these ordinances, like the ordinance you cite, are unconstitutional and would never win in a challenge.

  15. NJ Gaga fan and active Christian says:

    I also believe the song is a metaphor talking to all the temptations we have as humans that draw us to figures and actions such as Judas when we know Jesus is the true Savior.
    Gaga is very talented and it is true if you watch videos of her singing live and playing the piano you will see that. She also is a marketing genius who created fame and that is the part that offends some. Happy Easter! Christ is Risen.

  16. QueensGirl says:

    Nice of this monster and the music industry to release this garbage on the holiest week for Catholics.

    1. Kristy says:

      i completally agree with you it should at least be delayed until after Easter 🙁

      1. Num-nums says:

        Yeah, but Easter rhymes with keister. And Lady Gaga’s got a sweet one, that I’d happily wreck.

  17. brooklyn4ever says:

    This should be the least of the Catholic Church’s problems. Sodom and Gommora makes GaGa look like the Virgin Mary.

  18. John Lydon says:

    Is this the definition of an uproar? One upset person from a religion known for protecting kid-touchers? Methinks otherwise.

  19. Timbo says:

    Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kristy says:

      🙂 you too

  20. Timbo says:

    GaGa is anything except a Lady. She is an ugly, freaky sl?t.

    1. steve says:

      I heard she is also a Hermaphodite.

      1. steve says:

        Yeah I know. Look up Hermaphodite in images. See who pops up.

  21. Natas says:

    Wish the church was as vocal about their priests molesting kids as they are about these so-called religious songs.

    1. Nechemya Weberman, Lewis Brenner, Israel Weingarten says:

      More rabbis molest little children in Hebrew camp than do priests. It’s just that the semetic media and Elders of Zion cover it up.

      1. Kristy says:

        WOW see i was right it wasnt just catholic priests people need to just SHUT UP!!!

      2. Henry says:

        Great to know; I’m sure you can point out the scientific study to back that up. Perhaps something from the Third Reich’s science department?

  22. tiger60 says:

    Lady Gaga, an attention getter that got attention, so what I just
    got everyones attention by writing a reply.

  23. bob says:

    the song is a metaphor. i’m sure that’s probably over the heads of most people on here, but you should look it up. biblical metaphors have been around for a long time.

    also, to those who are saying she’s untalented…who IS talented in the pop industry? you should google some videos of lady gaga signing live…something that you’ll never see j-lo or britney doing. ever. lady gaga is the most talented female in the pop industry, save for maybe beyonce. do your research before you make all these crazy claims.

    also, doesn’t the catholic church have bigger problems to worry about? the catholic church is a mockery anyway.

    1. Kristy says:

      YOUR a mockery so your opinions SUCK so now you go lay in your freaking PENTAGRAM!!!!!!!!! okay 🙂

  24. mahla says:

    i never dont wanna insult to any nation but every things that lady gaga did and do and will do are right.
    i believe her.and it’s not important that her video clips be same with madonna bcz she is the first creative singer that i know till now
    i hope see her one day and i know i will see her very soon

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      What’s with the third world English? A little less Gaga and a little more education is in order.

  25. Ryan says:

    Die hard catholics are hardly real people anyway so whats the big deal?

  26. Dave Lucas says:

    Leave it to the Lady G to out-Madonna Madonna!

  27. Bill K says:

    Lady Gaga and Bill Donohue have much in common: they are both thoroughly mediocre and talentless people, and have nothing worth saying. Why should anyone care about the opinions of these two pathetic losers? And why should anyone care what the Catholic Church thinks? It is a disgusting anachronism, rooted in bigotry, intolerance and conquest and destruction of indigenous peoples and cultures in every place where it put its bloody hands. The sooner it goes the way of the dinosaur, the better for humanity.

  28. manny says:

    hahahahahahah omg~~~~ the catholic church is full of beep. they care more about gaga than of their own childraper priest!!!or their own people in the church that are doing worse things!!!atleast gaga is ssending a message of acceptance and love!haha she is more holy than christians in my point of view because she is not a hipocrypte like those catholics.

  29. LG says:

    She’s lady caca to me…

  30. Carl Kluegar's Closetmate says:

    In order to be a media hogging pop star signing about sex and such, in addition to talent, don’t you need to look good? Talent she has not, but I would, at least, expect some degree of attractiveness, a la Jennifer Lopez, who uses her pretty face and curvy body as subterfuge for her lack of talent. However, Lady Gaga is a dog. Her elaborate get ups, which, more often than not, cover some part of her face, are used not for some artistic statement but to shield her “fans” from her atrocious face.
    I love how she also claims to have been a guidette. No way. I’m no fan of guidettes, but calling her, in her younger days, a guidette is an insult to guidettes everywhere. She makes that pork chop resembling, fake guidette, Snookie—really a Chilean—look mildly pleasant in comparison.
    Please reply to indicate your support.

    1. bob says:

      before going on ignorant rants, you should look up some videos of her signing live. she has tons more talent than JLo and Britney combined (meaning she can actually sing).

      1. Carl Kruger's Closetmate (with apologies for my earlier misspellings!) says:

        Bob, you need a lesson in logic. Because–and this is your opinion–“she has tons more talent than JLo and Britney combined,” does not mean she can actually sing just as you having tons more money than me doesn’t necessarily make you rich. If what you say is true, it only means she is more talented than two talentless people. You missed the point of the “rant,” but I shouldn’t be surprised in that you probably didn’t read it. The point was Lady Gaga is ugly. And, what are you doing listening to this slob anyway–and live at that? Are you a registered

      2. Carl Kruger's Closetmate says:

        sex offender?

      3. Kristy says:

        bob you are very hateful and really no one cares for your 2 cents

    2. cassandra says:

      THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I HAVE EVER READ. You are honestly saying that to be a “media hogging pop star” you need to be hot and sexy?

      This is why I have no hope in the world. You base your idiotic and ignorant opinions on appearance. You should really start doing your research.

    3. I love Gaga says:

      LOL not talented? Do you even know anything about singing? Go listen to her sing Poker face in her acoustic version. I agree that she’s not very pretty, but how shallow are you? Why does that matter? I think she’s the strangest person in the music industry by far, but she’s original. She writes her own songs, comes up with the ideas for her videos, costumes, and shows. As bizarre as it is, at least it’s coming from her and she doesn’t completely rely on an agent or a producer like everyone else in the industry. And she obviously knows a thing or two about entertainment because she’s extremely successful. I’m not saying you should like her music or her style, but you should at least respect her as an artist because she’s the truest one out there right now.

  31. Trishe says:

    I have not heard her song, so I really do not care nor do I care for her music. However, I thought she looked like Madona. She’s a copy cat

  32. Rosa Barone says:

    Gaga that is a perfect name for her. I want her to make fun of the Muslim religion and then go to IRAN. I guess when you are untalented you do anything to get attention and money.

  33. VivaGaga says:

    Long live Gaga and her irreverence! We need her in this most fundamentalist Torah-biblical country.

  34. badman says:

    art is meant to provoke

    Catholicism subscribes to a myth

    1. Sal says: do all religions. But I don’t expect gaga to dress up like mohammed anytime soon.

      1. badman says:

        good point! at least Catholics won’t declare fatwa on her a55.

  35. K says:

    The song is a metaphor, as are most songs. And it’s called the “entertainment industry” for a reason. I’m not a Gaga fan, just an upholder of metaphors and conceits.

  36. GW says:

    A “star” is nothing more than a big flaming ball of gas. ‘Nuff said.

  37. Alex says:

    I think that lady gaga is the pathetic one here. She should leave Catholics alone-we leave her alone. It’s just not right to mock a religion for the sake of money or whatever is controlling her. I will never ever support her in any way now, she has gone too far.

    1. bob says:

      the song is a metaphor. sorry you’re not intelligent enough to understand that. it’s not offensive to any religion at all if you’re smart enough to read the lyrics. biblical metaphors have been around forever. catholics need to worry about their boy-raping priests first.

      1. Kristy says:

        look buddy NOT cool im sorry but thats just hateful “Boy raping” preists really are you really that much of a jerk people may realize its a darn mataphor but a metaphor or not people still find it OFFENSIVE!!! so ya know what BOB i am intelligent enough to realize it was a metaphor and again its OFFENSIVE!!!

  38. mattd says:

    being that we live in a country that gives us the right to freedom of speech. this is just one of many examples of abusing that freedom for financial gain. what she lacks in talent she makes up in free publicity stunts.

  39. Falling Star says:

    Shooting star.
    A star like, luminous meteor, that, appearing
    suddenly, darts quickly across some portion of the sky,
    and then as suddenly disappears, leaving sometimes, for a
    few seconds, a luminous train, — called also falling

    1. Kristy says:

      i dont quite understand your comment? please refrain what your saying

  40. mort snerd says:

    Get over it folks you just called attention to a song I otherwise would never have heard of or cared about.

    1. Kristy says:

      i agree but some people like to voice their opinions (Like you just did!) and Jesus and Judas and catholicism is a very VERY sensitive topic (sorry if i spelled catholicism wrong).

      1. Michelle says:

        Wow…a die-hard Catholic who is unsure of the spelling of Catholicism. I think “Kristy” needs to find something better to do with her time than comment on every one else’s opinions. You stated yours, now let it be.

        Lady Gaga is a musical artist who is entitled to her own opinions; including her song lyrics. Yes, it may be offensive to some people but not every song can cater to every person’s likes and beliefs. You don’t see Atheists throwing fits about every song with the word “God” in it. Yes, Lady GG could have picked a better week to release her song, but she didn’t…so be it. No one is forcing anyone to listen to it or like it.

  41. IhavenodegreebutIcanincitepolitcaldisruption says:

    Yes I think it is pathetic. It is not becoming of a “recording artist” to cross onto another platform “religion and politics”. She has no degree, therefore she is not qualified to poke fun at any religious group.
    She is played out and boring already. This scenario has already been done by Madonna. Why can’t Lady Gaga be more original and have to stop borrowing from Madonna all the time?
    Lady Gaga is almost a carbon copy of Madonna. Amazing that the designers around her can’t copnjure up something more new and interesting in terms of public image for a “recording artist”.

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