NEW YORK (CBS 2) — An international manhunt was underway after a brutal double murder. A mother and daughter were found stabbed to death inside their sixth floor Brooklyn apartment, and police were searching for the older woman’s live-in boyfriend, Pablo Guzman reports.

“It’s pretty scary. It’s terrible,” said neighbor Maria Kazancseva.

Police said 28-year-old Larissa Prikhodko and her 59-year-old mother Tatyana were each stabbed repeatedly.

“They both were nurses. They were very nice people and it’s a shame, shame they’re gone,” said neighbor Anna Nowak.

Police were looking for Tatyana’s live-in boyfriend, Nikolai Rakossi who, sources say, was caught on surveillance camera entering the building but not leaving.

Police believe he went out the back door where the surveillance camera wasn’t working, something any resident would have known.

“We have a channel where you can see the camera, of all the camera angles,” said neighbor Armando Petrillo.

Monday night, close friends paid their respects with flowers but kept their thoughts to themselves. Earlier, police took away the bodies, along with evidence that included garden tools.

“I live underneath so I would have heard something, you would think, given the situation of a brutal stabbing and stuff. You would think there’d be some defensive stuff going on, yelling or screaming,” questioned Petrillo.

However, detectives said no one seems to have heard a thing.

Police were called to the scene after the father of Larissa’s baby, who shared custody with her, called police Sunday night when she didn’t come to pick up the child.

“A single mom, she was a good mom, she was living there with her mom and both of them were taking care of the baby,” said neighbor Varenta.

The 28-year-old leaves behind an older sister who lives in Switzerland. That sister bought the apartment for her mother.

Sources told CBS 2 that police believe Rakossi may have already fled to his native Russia.