NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — A Westchester-Rockland congressman was calling for more cars that aren’t solely gasoline-dependent as a means to battle rising gas prices.

Saying consumers can’t keep paying what they have been at the pump, Rep. Eliot Engel was pushing a bill that would establish an open fuel standard.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi reports

“I think that would go a long way to try to force prices down,” he said. “When you have ethanol, methanol and gasoline you’ll have competition between the three.”

This standard would require half of all cars made or sold in the U.S. by 2014 to be flex-fuel vehicles. The number would then increase to 95 percent by 2017.

“Ultimately the United States has to wean itself off of foreign oil,” he said. “It would only cost about $80 a car to manufacture cars that would be flex-fuel cars, which means they can run on ethanol, methanol and gasoline.”

Engel said competition was the only way to take power away from big oil companies.

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  1. Kabud says:

    if Congress is not going to mandate flex LAWS NOW: USA will slip into depression and soon into the war, here on th homeland mark my words.

  2. Rod in says:

    I like ethanol fuel. It starves the people.

  3. Joey says:

    Cars don’t waste fuel…’s bad drivers that waste fuel….

  4. joe says:

    since the government is not doing anything about the oil/ gas prices they should give everyone over 21 born in the US a car that can take all three choices.The alternative is we will keep getting ripped off at the pump.let them use OUR tax money for the good of the middle class

  5. johnny says:

    it would never pass because we all know that oil companies “OWN” congress and tell them what to do …

  6. jerseyjoey says:

    only if his so called bill gives access to these cars threw affordable selling price at the dealers. after all what good is a flex fuel car that gets 40 or 50 miles to the gallon if you have to finace 50 thousand dollars to buy one. Example of this is the lexus that gets 40 mpg plus or the chevy flex cars all over 35 thousand dollars, so it sounds to me only the wealthy will reap the gas savings, yet another bill for and by the rich.

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