NEW CITY, NY (WCBS 880) – A New York lawmaker wants parents not to fear what their kids might pick up at the mall.

Sick of the loopholes, New York State Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski of Rockland County is pushing a bill that would ban chemicals known as synthetic marijuana or legal ecstasy.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi with Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski

He says after the incident at the Palisades Center mall involving teenagers sickened after smoking incense, he’s looking to expand the bill.

The legislation would add a host of chemical compounds including “Spice” and “K2” to the New York State controlled substance list.

“They mimic the negative effects of drugs. They have serious health consequences,” Zebrowski tells WCBS 880 reporter Catherine Cioffi.

He says these chemical herbal concoctions need to be dealt with the same way other illicit drugs are.

“Currently, these substances are not regulated. So, we need to close those loopholes in order to protect people and protect our kids,” says Zebrowski. “We need to make sure that our drug laws are keeping up with new technologies.”

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  1. paul says:

    So why is Cigarettes is still legal?

  2. Doc says:

    Here’s the problem with abusing a drug whether prescription or non prescription. You are ALWAYS DEALING WITH THE SIDE EFFECT and not the therapeutic effect. This article points out that these drugs mimic the negative effects. It’s kind of like holding a spitting cobra about a foot from your face, antagonizing it and hoping to get away with it; likely not. I am a retired Pharmacist in practice for 50 years and know what I am talking about. I’ve seen every sort of drug abuse from the phenobarbitals through the Valiums to the Oxycontins and in the past two decades desiner drugs and, now, this stuff. Parents beware and be alert!

  3. Geekymba says:

    Oh great, let’s enact even more laws, particularly laws to protect the stupid. America as a whole is grossly overregulated. When exactly does government stop codifying laws and start destroying them?

  4. Gary Goodman says:

    Excellent move Mr. Zebrowski! As a retired health teacher and chemical abuse specialist, I have to admit that technoly via internet searches of these subustance have found many teens to skirt the law; but by doing so, many have ended up in emergency rooms. Believe me, those 3 teens are not the only ones here in Rockland County that have tried these ‘substitutes. The entire nation has access to them and some areas have already put them on the controlled illegal drug use list.I am very glad that we have a lawmaker here in our home county that is making an effort to protect our teens. As an afterthought, perhaps the substance abuse unit in the health education course should include these substances and parents be made aware of them.

  5. David Flores says:

    hahahaha people actually chasing a high on fragrant potpourri? and getting serious reactions? hahahahahah welcome to america my friends

  6. David Flores says:

    so if you stupidly decide to smoke pot pourri which we all keep at home and nearly die, you are basically umm how shall i say it, oh i know, frigging stoopid and you SHOULD die. heaven help us if you have kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

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