NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Curtis Sliwa, the gregarious founder of the Guardian Angels, ubiquitous talk-show staple, and frequent competitor in the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Championship, is in the fight of his life.

Sliwa announced on his radio show Wednesday morning that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer about a year ago and is planning to undergo surgery today.

Sliwa was shot in 1992 on the orders of mobster John Gotti. As a result a treatment that might ordinarily be helpful in battling prostate cancer is not available to him, reported the Daily News.

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  1. F LEVINS says:

    I have received Tomotherapy radiation treatment for my prostate cancer and had no side effects, unlike RP where there is many negative side effects

    1. roger smith says:

      the side effects of radiation kicks in few months or years after the treatment
      if you can cancer returns after radiation, surgery is not an option
      if cancer comes back after surgery, you can have radiation, I wanted that option open to me

  2. roger smith says:

    from what I know Dr. Scionti is doing HIFU by taking patients to Mexico and perform some experimental procedure, Patients are asked to pay 50K for the procedure that has no data. Samadi just announced that Curtis Sliwa’s cancer is all gone and he is back on air in three days. This guy is practically cured.
    I heard him on the radio today, curtis has helped NY area and I have followed his career for 20 years. He is a great guy and I am so glad that his surgeon was the best in this field. I also heard on the radio that samadi does the entire surgery himself which is incredible. Congrats and wish curtis best regards.

  3. Dan says:

    What a sad commentary. Once again you see that people will try to bash Dr. Samadi because of the success he has had in the field of Robotic Surgery. I clearly think there are some NYC based physicians who have people comment because thay are jealous of his success. They are biased because of his background. I have not met a physician who cares more about his patients than David. Those of you who seem to find their way into these commentarty, we know that you are just angry not because you care about what he does or who he is but because it’s taking away from your practice. Use any name you want to post you negative comments and show how jealous you really are. That’s really what this is all about.

  4. Wally says:

    Curtis, we met on the LL platform at 14th street a year ago. The youngi’ins on the platform didn’t know you.
    We shook hands, and I thanked you then, and I wish you well now.

    Thanks for caring about NYC.

    1. roger smilth says:

      The only choice where you take the entire prostate and give a patient the chance of cure is prostate surgery
      it is a bloodless surgery and samadi is the master of this.
      rate of cancer recurrence with HIFU is rediculously high, this is an experimental procedure and NYU attending are using these patients for their own financial benefit. Stop this nonsense, taking patients to mexico and make them pay 50 thousand dollars and still have the cancer is not the way anyone should be taken care of.

  5. Nurse Practioner Fan says:

    Not brainwashed at all ,soundwaves are quite precise, as you do not
    know about this procedure and you are not DrS.Scionti at NYU hospital Langone
    and a big surgery fan of bloody robotic 15x magnification surgery I expect
    you to be amongst the folks that think surgery is better ,than no surgery.
    and that countries that have approved hi intensity eradication of Prostate are
    inferior, I have seen nothing but good results in Scionti’s patients and they
    walk around the same day ,even go on the beach as their procedure ,no
    way in hell does that recovery come from your surgery.
    Stay with the old surgery with it’s risk of accidents and infection ,it’s your choice .

    1. roger smith says:

      I had my surgery with Dr. Samadi, he and his team are superb, He performs the whole surgery himself, his team are incredible, does over 500 surgeries a year and mount sinai was absolutely the best hospital, I have recommended a lot of patients to him and they are doing quite well

    2. pwalsh says:

      Having treated thousands of men with prostate cancer over the past 30 years, I would never subject my patients to HIFU. Dr Samadi may be known as a robotic surgeon but he is a GU Oncologist by training. His major contribution to medicine is using robotic technology to improve outcomes bases on surgical oncological principles.

    3. Dan says:

      .Nothing helps the medical profession as fear mongering does. As a nurse practioner if in fact you are one, you are a disgrace to the profession. Theories look great and I’m not saying that someday this might not be an appropriate treatment. I walked around an hour after I got back to my room and was home in 24 hrs from the surgery. No side affects. Before your ready to put your life in someone’s hands know the facts. ANd Nurse Practioner Fan don’t attempt to degrade someone simply because they have succeeded where you can’t come close

  6. Nurse Practioner Fan says:

    Because Samati still cuts Davinci robot or not ,you have
    been brainwashed about the exactitude of their robotic surgery.
    Canada ,Bermuda & Mexico and several EU countries remove
    the cancer in the prostate as Dr,Scionti does the FDA not approving
    this Radiowave zapping is only because of well I guess you dont know
    this yet?… Politics and the hesitency of our Urologist surgeons to
    do something new, Looking at the price of even the knives that the
    Davinci robot uses let alone this multi million dollar robot won’t allow
    a change of a very safe procedure to be made anytime soon.
    When you cut accidents happen in Prostate surgery when you Zap
    zero mistakes.
    I know new things sacre folks and yes the Surgeon Scionti above uses USA
    made radiowave equipment ,it’s coming folks but as usual in this countrty
    it will take ten years ,so Canada is smarter than we are and yes they care
    as much about their citizens as the FDA( who is doing trials on this hiwave
    technology by the way) this safe cancer treatment by our Medical. doctors
    is the best kept secret .

    1. pwalsh says:

      Do people who have been brainwashed know they have been brainwashed. Perhaps the High Intensity ultrasound waves have penetrrated your brain and affected your abliity to make rational decisions. The “cutting” done during robotic surgery in done under 15 times magnification with precise control. The ultrasoud waves can not be controlled with the same degree of precision.

  7. pwalsh says:

    Why go to NYU for a procedure that is not FDA approved. He is being treated by Dr Samadi, the world premiere robotic surgeon. dr Samadi has outstanding results and treats all of his patients as if they were close relatives.

  8. A-OK says:

    I know he will be OK I hope before they cut his Prostare that
    he consult with Steven Scionti at NYU urology he does not cut
    in getting the cancer out of the Prostate he uses Ultra Sound
    to destroy the Cancer,no cutting no accidents.
    One has to be wealthy for this as it has to be done in Bermuda
    because we do not approve of this procedure here even though
    Dr.Scionti uses American made equipment.

  9. Hiran says:

    Not sure whether these wishes ever get to Curtis. You’re a role model for the youth and made NYC a safer place. Your silent work for NYC is much appreciated.

    May you get the positive energy needed to overcome this challenging time and wish you a speedy recovery and good health!

    1. michellefrommadison says:

      Doesn’t appear God is wanting that.

  10. michellefrommadison says:

    Looks like God really stuck it to him for behaving as he does.

    1. Deacon says:

      And you’re the one who knows the mind of God !

  11. MJONES says:


  12. jose Aviles says:

    A year or so After curtis Started the Guardian Angels in New York I met Curtis as he was Patroling the train System in the Bronx.If you don’t believe in Guardian Angels then maybe you should meet Curtis!Cause that’s the feeling that I Got!

  13. PaPa Joe says:

    God bless you Curtis. Hope all goes well with a speedy and comfortable recovery.

  14. fivetools22 says:

    A man, and there are few, to look up to. A positive role model. So sorry to hear this news but prayers and love will get you through. We are all rooting for you. Get well soon.

  15. RS says:

    Good man. Hope all goes well for him.

  16. shywink says:

    I really hope he can pull through. He tired to make New York City a safer place and I thank him for it. Good Luck Curtis!! I am praying for you! Get well soon!

  17. JJ says:

    He is a good guy, who did something with his life to try and make a difference. I am saddened by the news and will pray for him to recover and be well.

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