NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn neighborhood is on alert after a woman was viciously attacked.

The shocking March 20 attack was captured on a surveillance camera. The victim’s blood-curdling screams can be heard ringing out on a silent night, shaking residents out of their beds in Park Slope.

“Help me! Please, someone help me!” the woman yells. “Get off of me!”

The video shows the woman fighting off her attacker after he grabs her from behind and the terror in her voice is undeniable.

“The screams is what got you. It made you jump right away. It was like real, piercing screams,” Don Harrington, who lives across the street from where the attack took place, told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez. “It was terrifying, you knew somebody was in trouble with those screams.”

The video shows the man who owns the brownstone with the security camera running out of his home, scaring away the attacker.

“I ran out without even my shoes, just got my pants on and got the heck out there,” the homeowner, who asked not to be identified, said. “She saved herself, she’s the one that got us out there. Thank God we did. Hopefully she’s alright, because we don’t even know who she is.”

Harrington also ran out of his house to try to help the woman but when he got outside she was running away, as was the thug, who is seen pulling up his pants, who jumped her.

“You wish you could see everybody like that get locked up.  You don’t want to see anyone like that run around that’s gonna hurt somebody,” Harrington said.

Police are still hunting down the suspect. Some neighbors are nervous the attacker is still on the loose.

“I totally take my safety for granted in this neighborhood.  And it’s very disturbing that this could happen right next to my door,” Isabel Duke said.

The video clearly shows a crime was attempted. There’s a potential victim and an aggressive attacker. What’s not clear is why it took police so long to investigate. Neighbors told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis the cops didn’t care.

“Basically there’s a sense that the police aren’t going to do anything. And that encourages this kind of crime,” neighbor Mirem Vilamil said.

“The first time I heard about it was this morning when I actually asked your cameraman why you were here. Then, half an hour later, there’s a cop knocking on my door,” another neighbor said.

NYPD detectives have now canvassed the neighborhood in search of the suspect. Neighbors said the police were offered the video the day after the attack, but are just now following up.

“Doing anything is doing the right thing. The fact that she was yelling was very effective,” self defense expert Gabrielle Rubin said.

But self defense expert Gabrielle Rubin said the attack could have been stopped cold with a head butt, a fist to the groin, a stomp on the foot, a kick — you know where — or, just screaming the word “fire.”

“That could be my car, that could be my apartment, that could be whatever, so people are definitely more affected by the word ‘fire,’ than the word ‘help,’ unfortunately,” Rubin said.

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Hazel Sanchez

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  1. Sampson says:

    yup, you are the typical idiot.

  2. Alex says:

    The content of your posts exudes a total lack of intelligence. It’s not just your spelling, but sentence structure.

  3. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    clearly this is a video of two crack heads fighting .The video of a white woman being almost beat to death in a McDonalds by blacks received less attention

    1. BKresident says:

      Reading your comment made me want to throw up. Most women know another woman who has been assaulted in some way. Can you imagine reading about another woman’s attempted rape and allowing yourself the freedom to assume it was nothing more than a friendly quarrel? That could be your friend, your sister, your mom. It’s incredibly despairing that people are doubting she was a victim. People who are yelling and screaming on the streets MUST be crackheads?? Or, people wrangling their way away from somebody MUST be involved in a lover’s quarrel?? Is that really how de-sensitized New Yorkers are? You can only help people in a pre-determined and organized method with sign-ups required?

  4. Heartslord says:

    I thought Gary Coleman had pass away. I think he simply sprouted.
    P.s. There are a lot of decent caring people who will intervene to help. Glad to see one of them out and about !

  5. HooDatIS? says:


  6. Ajh says:

    Well now I know that if you know a woman or she is a European immigrant it’s OK to sexually assault her. In addition where she is coming from is a mitigating factor and the police are not supposed to protect us. Wow!

  7. LOL over your ignorance says:

    Nothing says “Gotcha” like a smoking gun. Bet that would a stopped him, Where are all the bleeding heart gun controlists now? Cops cant be everywhere.

    1. KPMc says:

      So when the perp wrestled away the gun from her and shot her that would make things just fine, right?

      Talk about ignorance!

      1. For Valor says:

        The ‘ignorance’ is beliving that you dont need protect yourself. People who talk down guns are victims waiting to be violated. Look at the states with open carry gun laws, notice the lower crime rates? I’m sure it isnt the choice of clothes on a woman that divers an attacker in those states..its the weapon in plain view that says “I am not one to be triffled with.”

  8. Doreen says:

    The news report about this showed numerous people saying that they heard the Woman screaming, well then why the HELL didn’t anyone go and help her????

    1. doodlebug2222 says:

      I think that many were not sure of the situation and did not want to get in the middle of a marriage dispute where the woman later changes her mind and it’s dropped. I agree, to yell FIRE would of brought out people — but she was only screaming what came to mind. Honestly, if you are going to go out at night, bring something that can be used as a weapon. In this case even a nail file in a pocket can be used to jab his hands or face. Honestly this guy was going to rape her right there, that is sick, twisted and sad to a new degree.

  9. MCJNY says:

    they know each other. ..maybe not well but they know each other..

  10. Bell Toller says:

    What time did this happen? Also where was the victim coming from?

    1. KPMc says:

      Those are pretty irrelevant questions… unless of course you are looking to cast blame on the VICTIM!

  11. Mary Jane says:

    By coming forward you don’t have to be identified, by doing this, you will HELP OTHER WOMEN. This SICKO needs to be CAPTURED!

  12. kristine4president says:

    Mace is illegal, yes. And I DOUBT this Caucasian woman out for a RUN knew this slug/thug/assailant. Also if he is trying to rob her, what is he trying to take? I wish she had filed a report. Let this be a lesson to us all of the important of reporting crimes to the NYPD. They may have a few bad apples (find me a profession that does NOT) however they need to be aware of violent crime in order to reduce it.

    1. Rod in says:

      Another brainless ho yapping nonsense. Mace is Legal in NYS including NYC.

      And if this is Park Slopes, the white woman is probably an illegal immigrant from Europe. No she won’t be going to the cops.

      1. KPMc says:

        No Mace is NOT legal in NYC. If you’re going to correct people refrain from using disgusting insults and more importantly get your facts straight.

      2. Rod in says:

        You must be born stupid KPMc. Nobody can possibly be working that hard at being that stupid. Mace is legal:

  13. Wolf says:

    Let’s face it. NYPD needs more money to HIRE more honest hardworking policemen. Bring back the days and nights when NYPD actually WALKED the “beat” in EVERY neighborhood. Years back you knew the names of local policemen and they knew yours. They got their coffee and goods in local shops. Having MANY police WALK the neighborhoods WILL reduce crime. Get rid of the MTA, let the police use this money for something worthwhile.

    1. KPMc says:

      Get rid of the MTA??? As in no mass transit in a city of 8 million plus another 3 or 4 who travel in everyday? Brilliant!

  14. steve says:

    to me it looks like they know each other and the clown wears his pants loose

  15. Truth says:

    Maybe the police were investigating to see if it was one of their own first. No wait the NYPD like to rape drunk women in their own apartments…. My Bad

  16. Larry Schwarz says:

    Is mace illegal in New York?.Women out alone at night should carry it anyway.They should be able to defend themselves.I think prosecutors have enough on their pates then to prosecute young women from vicious attackers,even if they defend themselves with illegal tacticts.

  17. Ann Marie Kellett says:

    Police are trying to come up with a motive for the attack? The article states that the attacker was pulling up his pants. I think we don’t need Lt. Columbo to come up with the motive.

  18. Educated Professional says:

    Mr. Homeowner, thank you for being a decent caring GROWN MAN and NEIGHBOR in this situation. Your actions are commendable.

    I am happy that you stopped a crime and that you are safe. KUDO’S to you, SIR!!

  19. heyya'll says:

    Why did it take so long for the police to investigate?

    1. KPMc says:

      Because the victim never reported the crime or filed a report is probably a pretty good guess.

  20. Werner says:

    When are you people going to learn that the police are not there to protect, they are there to solve the crime after the fact…. So protection is left up to the individual………..

    1. KPMc says:

      No… uniformed police don’t solve crimes… Detectives do. So… when are YOU going to learn?

  21. Park Slope says:

    16th St is Windsor Terrace.

    1. EricG says:

      No it is not if it is by 5th Ave dummy.

  22. EricG says:

    This happend on 15 or 16 street bettween 4 and 5 Aves

  23. Be Smart says:

    Ladies: Do NOT walk alone late at night in ANY neighborhood. Sh1t do happen.

    1. yikes says:

      I think a more apt warning would be:
      Men: DO NOT try to attack and/or rape women in the street. It’s ILLEGAL.
      It’s sad that women can’t even walk by themselves in their own neighborhoods without the risk of being attacked. Being a woman and walking alone at night is a normal task…being at risk for attack doesn’t negate the criminality of the action.

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