NEW YORK (WFAN) — The Knicks held a positivity pow wow in the locker room on Sunday after their four-game sweep out of the NBA Playoffs. On Monday, the mood on WFAN was quite different.

“They will never win a thing with (Mike D’Antoni),” midday show co-host Joe Benigno said. “This head coach, he is brutal. He’s brutal!”

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The Knicks shot 34 percent against the Celtics in Game 4, capping a quick exit from their first postseason appearance in seven years. They were also swept back in 2004, which means New York hasn’t won a playoff game in 10 years. The frustration is starting to show.

“Where was the intensity on defense all night long? Was that team ready to play?” Benigno seethed. “I never see D’Antoni ever get at mad at his team. Everything is always ‘We can fix it, we’re OK, we’re this, we’re that.’ Does he even yell at this team in the locker room? Who knows. I don’t know. You never hear about it.”

D’Antoni has been under fire all year long for a perceived lack of defense. But caller “Rich from Queens” wants to know where D’Antoni’s offense has been hiding.

“Where is the offensive scheme from this guy?” he asked Benigno and Evan Roberts. “They don’t make threes, they never are inside. I mean, they don’t make any adjustments at all.”

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Roberts was also critical of D’Antoni, but wouldn’t call for the head coach’s job.

“If you were a Knicks fan you would be screaming about this,” said Benigno.

Roberts replied: “I’d probably be screaming about him, but I wouldn’t call for him to be fired.”

New York went 42-40 this season, ending a franchise-worst streak of nine straight losing seasons. In three seasons, D’Antoni has led the Knicks to a 103-143 record.

“Get him out. I’m gonna say this again. They will never approach championship level with this guy.”

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