NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Staten Island leaders are demanding answers from the Port Authority, asking why there was only one cash lane open at the Outerbridge Crossing on Easter Sunday causing massive traffic jams.

On Monday, Councilman James Oddo expressed outrage about the situation, which left many borough residents stuck in traffic for almost six hours.

Oddo Says ‘Heads Should Roll’ Over The Debacle. 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports.

“Who made this decision? And when you see that the backup is halfway to Mexico, isn’t there a red phone that you pick up and you say ‘we have a problem, this has to be addressed?'” Oddo said.

The councilman says “heads should absolutely roll” because of the toll debacle.

“Let’s fire them, reassign them somewhere far, far away from Staten Island,” he said. This wasn’t an hour; it wasn’t a two hour pain. It wasn’t a rush hour. It was an all day event. This is filed under “galactically stupid.”

Oddo said the trip home took some residents 6 hours. WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports.

Oddo has sent a letter to the Port Authority’s executive director, Chris Ward, seeking a meeting to discuss what happened.

“I want them to come to Staten Island — not only to meet with the elected officials, but I’m bringing some of the folks who were stuck in that traffic to sit in the meeting and make the people from the Port Authority listen to their story,” he said.

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