NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Rex Ryan sounds the same as an author as he does as a coach: bold, brash and confident.

The Jets coach’s upcoming book, “Play Like You Mean It,” gives an entertaining glimpse into the man who has become one of the NFL’s most colorful and controversial personalities. And — no shock here — he pulls no punches.

Ryan, who co-wrote the book with Don Yeager, talks about growing up as the son of Buddy Ryan and having dyslexia, his philosophies on coaching and how he helped turned the Jets from a punchline to a team that has made two straight AFC championship games. He also reiterates his Super Bowl guarantee in the 280-page book coming out next Tuesday.

“Everything we do, everything I do, will be to make sure that we bring the Lombardi Trophy home,” Ryan wrote. “I said it the week after we lost to the Steelers (in the AFC championship game) and I’ll say it every time I’m asked. … This team is soon to be Champs!”

The book is in a first-person, conversational style through which Ryan is at his uncensored best — with only a smattering of the cuss words that drew so much ire during the HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series last summer. While there are no stunning revelations — which would have been a surprise given all the media attention Ryan and the Jets have received — the sometimes-cocky coach delves deeper into some of the moments that helped shape his life, on and off the field.

Ryan dedicates the book to his father — “I grew up wanting to be Buddy Ryan” — and reveals that the elder Ryan was born in 1931 and not 1934 as most biographies say, because he fudged his age knowing “the NFL was already becoming known as a young man’s game” in 1968.

He also praises Bill Belichick, criticizes a few former Jets such as safety Kerry Rhodes, says he thought former first-round pick Vernon Gholston was “a phony” before he coached him, and tweaks the Giants.

“Some people like to say the Giants are the big brother team and the Jets are the little brother team. … I have news for you: We are the better team. We are the big brother.”

Ryan also says the Jets are going to be better than the Giants for the next 10 years.

“When people ask me what it’s like to share New York with the Giants, my response is always I am not sharing it with them – they are sharing it with me. … It seems clear that right now we are the better team and we are going to remain the better team for the next 10 years. Whether you like it or not, those are the facts and that’s what is going to happen.”

He goes into detail about how he has tried to transform the team in his image and gotten rid of players who didn’t fit. Rhodes, traded to Arizona last offseason, was one player he singled out, calling him selfish.

“He wouldn’t work, and he was a Hollywood type, flashy and needing attention,” Ryan wrote. “I don’t mind flashy, but your work ethic had better back it up.”

Ryan also said he dumped linebacker Eric Barton and tight end Chris Baker when he took the Jets job in 2009 because he was told by people in the organization that “they were negative guys” and “never respected the guys they played with.”

Gholston, who was released before the lockout, was also not a favorite of Ryan’s before he took over in New York after being the defensive coordinator in Baltimore. The former No. 6 overall pick was drafted by Eric Mangini in 2008.

“Truth be told, I didn’t like the kid coming out of college,” Ryan wrote. “He’s a good athlete and a smart guy, but I thought he was a phony.”

Ryan recalls having a conversation with Brett Favre, who had finished one season with the Jets, but chose to retire — again. New York drafted Mark Sanchez a few months later.

“I told him I’d be happy to have him come back,” he wrote. “Part of me really wanted to coach Favre and I think we would have been great with him.”

He dedicates a chapter to last season, entitled “2010 … A Wild Ride,” and discusses several things that made news on and off the field, such as the Ines Sainz incident — “It shook me up beyond belief” — and when coach Sal Alosi tripped a Miami Dolphins player on the sideline.

“I’m telling you right now, I had no idea about it,” he wrote. “Mike Westhoff, our special-teams coach, had no idea about it. I promise you that. I’d happily take a lie-detector test to prove it.”

He talks about “Hard Knocks,” and things he liked and disliked about the series, and said former coach Tony Dungy’s criticism of his language on the show “really upset me.”

Ryan also said New England wide receiver Wes Welker apologized to him for making foot jokes during a press conference before a playoff game in reference to foot-fetish reports allegedly involving Ryan and his wife, Michelle. Ryan doesn’t address the foot-fetish reports in the book.

After beating the Patriots to get to the AFC championship game, Ryan said Belichick praised him in the postgame handshake.

“He came up to me and said, ‘That was an unbelievable coaching job. You deserve it and I hope you win the whole thing.’ He really said that,” Ryan wrote. “And I could tell he was sincere.”

Ryan thanks several people in the acknowledgments, from Jets owner Woody Johnson to the fans, signing off with: “We’ve got a championship coming, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!”

Are the Rex’s Jets the Giants’ “big brother”? Sound off in the comments below…

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Comments (48)
  1. Joe says:

    Really easy for the guy standing on the sidelines to run his mouth. Shut up and win something.

  2. chris says:

    These jet fans are so pathetic they keep saying oh you live in the past but dude what have you won in the present please answer that what????
    We all know what and thats NOTHING NOTHING not even a division title Dude talk about pathetic! Its actually ridiculous I think that dude timbo’s IQ must be around 50? I’m just saying you make dumb arguments your gonna get treated as a dumby.

    1. Einstein says:

      What they don’t realize Chris is for there to be a future you have to have a past, the past in what makes history. Timba believes in the art of winning without having to win. What he can’t seem to grasp, being as you stated, he’s not too bright. All games must first be played in order to determine a winner. No one can predict who’s going to win the game or be in the Super Bowl.

      He states we live in the past, well; the Super Bowl titles are won when the game is OVER & the last team left standing has the most points. This now becomes the past which is now history.

      Timbo believes the Jets are the present & winners even though the outcome of the games has yet to be determined. You see Chris, Timba has what we call E.S.P, Extra bull-S#!T Perception & he lives on believing the Jets have won many Super Bowls even though they have not. I like our past & future, he & all Jets fans can continue to live in the present, pretty much like its Ground Hog Day. Every day repeats itself over & over, never moving, never going anywhere, just stays the same, the present, with no past & no future.

    2. Danny says:

      you try doing better than New England, we’ve gone to two AFC title games in a row for the first time in our histoy so guess what, we have won lately. Look at our playoff runs with a 2-year QB and a 2-year HC, year 1 Cincy, SD, IND and year 2, IND, NE, PIT. On the road no less. What have you guys done in the past 2 years? What did you do last year. I’m not saying I agree with Rex, but don’t get on Jets fans for relishing in our Golden Age while you guys have been choking lately

  3. Idratherbegolfing says:

    Rex Ryan is such a phony. How can you take this book or him seriously? How can he write this tell all book bashing ex players and the Giants but leave out one of the biggest controversies of his short and unsuccessful (getting embarrassed in 2 AFC title games does not constitute success or maybe it does for Jets fans) coaching career. Does he forget that him and his wife made foot fetish videos and posted them on the net. Oh it’s a personal matter so I’m not going to talk about it, but let me bash my ex players and talk about their character issues but leave out anything pertaining to him and his wife. Don’t write a book unless you’re willing to talk about ALL the issue. Not just the ones that are convenient for you.
    As far as being jealous he is not the coach of the Giants. Please I would not want my team to be represented by this blowhard. Talk is cheap and let’s face it to date he can’t back it up.

  4. Timbo says:

    I can’t understand why you Giants Fans can’t accept the fact that the Jets are a better team then the Giants. You guys sound like Yankee Fans. Living in the past with their 27 Rings and 2 Billion Dollar payrole. Accept the fact that New York is now a Jet Town. When Football season begins, People don’t care about the past. They care about this season. And that’s all that matters. That’s like saying the economy was great 10 years ago. But all that matters is how bad it is today.

    1. GiantsForever says:

      Hey, Bimbo, it is Bimbo correct? tells us where are all those Super Bowl titles the Jets have won in the last few yrs that now makes the Jets the toast of New York because I know this year the Packers won it, last year it was the Saints, in ’07 it was the Giants.

      Don’t tell us, those Jets titles are all in your mind. Bimbo, imaginary titles do not count.

      Oh! the Yankees, they just won ’09. Don’t tell us you’re also a Mets fan, damn!!, Bimbo, that makes you a double loser.

  5. Timbo says:

    Here let me repeat. For all those nastalgic Giant Fans. Oh, you poor misguided Giant Fans. You just keep on living in the past. Fans who brag about the past. Are fans that have nothing to root for in the present. You are all just jelious rex isn’t on your sideline. When the Jets beat the Giants twice this year. I want to hear your comments then. Jim leonard is healthy, and will stablize the safety position and backfield. All they need are a couple of Pass Rushers and they will be unbeatable. Enjoy the season. Oh, sorry I forgot your a Giant fan. LOL

  6. LI Sean says:

    JETS rock, Giants are so yester year…. get over yourselves Gfans- Harry Carson retired years ago….

    1. KPMc says:

      Yes… and they have been to three Super Bowls since then and won two of them. What have the Jets done in that time frame besides continuously embarrass themselves year after year?

      Still sniffing Joe Willie’s jock to conjure up some positive memories? That was 42 years ago, genius.

  7. Timbo says:

    1 win against a team does not make a true Champion. Football is the only Sport this pertanes to this. And Soccer. Who cares.

  8. Joe Bins says:

    Rex Ryan is the real phony. All this talk and bragging and he has accomplished nothing. He has never even won a division title. Rex will suffer the same fate as his big mouth father Buddy, he’ll make a lot of noise and win nothing. NY always was and always will be a Giants town.

  9. Timbo says:

    Keep living in the past fellows. I am living for today. Another year the Jets make the playoffs and the Giants don’t. And we all know New England was a far better team the last time the Giants won. But because the Championship is based on 1 game. Any team on any givin day could win. Instead of extending the season 2 games. Make the Superbowl the best 2 outof 3. This is the only negitive thing about football. The playoff situation.

    1. chris says:

      It’s interesting you make that point how is it then that the jets in over 40 years have not been able to be that team that ‘on any given sunday’ I’ll tell you why! Cuz they’re garbage thats why LOL
      Oh and by the way Ill live in whatever time period I want and as a giant fan with a great history I can. Just cuz your team has NO history dont mean I have to give mine up. Weirdo

    2. Jonah says:

      Yet the Giants beat them and won the title. You still believe the Jets were better then the Steelers & Colts, yet both beat the Jets for the AFC title. There’s a big difference from imaging & hoping your team can win the Super Bowl & actually winning it.

      For Jets fans all they have is dreams, but for Giants fans we don’t need to dream, Giants do win titles. It’s really been 41 yrs since the Jets won? damn!!, no wonder TODAY you keep on dreamiing. LOL, LOL, LOL

      1. Timbo says:


    3. FourBlue says:

      Timbo, according to you, the Jets don’t deserve credit for their lone Super Bowl III victory because the Colts were a much better team. So the Jets have been losers forever. Great point, Timbo.

  10. Mike says:

    Rex Ryan is a blow hard and moron. He doesn’t even know who is on his team, how can he predict the Jets will win the Super Bowl. As far as being the Giants big brother, the Giants have won 3 of 4 Super Bowls they have been in. When the Jets win 4 Super Bowls he can tell us who is bigger in NY.

  11. FeetLover says:

    Really a Giants fan, but like the Jets an awful lot too and do think Rex is a terrific coach, but the blowhard stuff just doesn’t play well though in my humble opinion when you’re seeking Championships. Walk softly and carry a Big stick, Rex. Pump up your players all you want, change the psychology of the Jets to continuing winners, but do NOT critique or attack other teams. Act like your QB, Rex, he’s got C L A S S and he WILL be a winner, but temper it a bit so he can be a winner and you don’t take him down with you.

  12. Timbo says:

    Oh, you poor misguided Giant Fans. You just keep on living in the past. Fans who brag about the past. Are fans that have nothing to root for in the present. You are all just jelious rex isn’t on your sideline. When the Jets beat the Giants twice this year. I want to hear your comments then. Jim leonard is healthy, and will stablize the safety position and backfield. All they need are a couple of Pass Rushers and they will be unbeatable. Enjoy the season. Oh, sorry I forgot your a Giant fan. LOL

    1. Lou says:

      Lol, “living in the past”? The Giants won the title a mere 4 years ago. Its not like we’re just talking about ’86 and ’90.

      I mean, it’d be one thing if the Giants last title was in ’68, but we’re just talking about 2007 here.

      And besides, fact remains, Jets could win the next 3 titles, and if the Giants won the 4th, the city would go right back to being draped in blue like nothing happened.

    2. Matt says:

      We live in the past because unlike the Jets the Giants have a rich history of winning championships. The last QB to win for the Jets is in the old age home

      1. Tony Sofio says:

        Hey, Joe Willie brought more to football than any GIANT QB ever !

      2. Timbo says:

        Good one Tony

    3. chris says:

      You won 1 more game than the giants 1. loser
      and the year before they had the same amount of wins weirdo

  13. Vince Milton says:

    look rex i like u but u have to stop talkin the way u do am sick of it stop it already

  14. Ken says:

    Gotta love Ryan. He has bolstered the Jets since coming here and I do hope that they do win it all one day for their long suffering fans – especially Joe Benigno!
    As for the “big brother / little brother” remark it is classic Ryan. Being a MYGiants fan I will gladly take that title if we can win three more Super Bowl’s to the Jets one.
    As long as the Giants win and this is a pivotal year for us, Ryan can say whatever he likes to bolster his team’s confidence.

    1. Lou says:

      Lol, Ryan doesn’t seem to understand, its not about who the better team is RIGHT NOW, the Giants will always be the Kings of New York in football.

      The Mets were better than the Yankees for damn near a decade, and NYC was still a Yankee town the moment the Yanks rose again to prominence. And that’s coming from a Mets fan. Jets are no different. The Jets can win the next 3 superbowls, and if the Giants win the fourth, I guaruntee most of New York will be saying, “Rex who?”

      1. Johnny B. Badass says:

        Lou, you’re delusional; Mets were only good for 4 years, 85’ – ’88 with just one title.

        Yankees had the best winning record in all of baseball in the ‘80’s, get your facts right. Mets fans want to believe they were the kings then & winner for many years, but winning just one title & 4 good years doesn’t make you the best. Yankees own this sports town, always have & always win.

        As a Giants fan you should know that because you made these same comparison regarding the Jets & Giants. It takes more then 1 title to be the best.

      2. Lou says:

        Did you actually bother to read what I wrote? Never did I imply the Mets ever owned the town, or were Kings of the city. That was the whole point of the Mets/Jets comparison.

        It’s called reading. Top to bottom, left to right. Words form sentences, sentences form paragraphs. Sheesh…

      3. chris says:

        I totally got what your saying the problem is that he’s a spoiled yankee fan. I’m a met fan and I too understand the demographics of the land. But they get all chest in the air when you talk about the yanks its quite weird.

  15. chris says:

    Dude Bandwagon??? The jets can barely fill their own stadium and you think they have a bandwagon. LOL LOL LOL you jet fans are completely delusional!
    Bro what argument do you have to even be in a conversation with a storied franchise as such the Giants? The jets only championship came on whats known as the biggest fluke in all of sports around the world!!!
    jets are an embarrassment I could never stoop so low as to root for such a classless organization.

  16. Jesse Sanchez says:

    CLOWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!…LMAOOOOOOOOO…..Definetly the red headed step child

  17. nathan says:

    DCO grow up. And see if just maybe you can graduate HS. Loser.

  18. chris says:

    The Big Brother of the Giants LOL!!!!
    Thats why they aren’t even allowed to practice at Giants stadium right.
    Thats why the Giants have 3 Super Bowls and 7 titles overall ranking them 3rd in history! The Giants have 15 Hall of Famers! And 5 MVP’s. 10 Conference Championships, 15 Division Titles and 30 Playoff Appearances !
    LOL LOL This guy is a clown!!!!
    The Big Brothe rJets have
    ! Title over 40 years ago LOL LOL
    4 Divisio Titles LOL LOL
    And 14 Playoff appearances LOL LOL
    They have 0 Hall of Famers LOL LOL

    Yea their the big brother allright
    Dude the jets ain’t even the Giants little bro. They are the red headed step child
    Can you say CLOWN!!!!

    1. DCOnEdge says:

      hahaha!!! you guys are funny!!! Can you say “Eli Manning” hahaha!!!! you all know it!!! THAT’S why the Jets will be better thatn the giants for the foreseeable future!!! J-E-T-S, Jets, JEts, JETS!!!!! hahaha!!!!!!

      1. Stone Cold says:

        and this from a guy who I’m sure believed Ryan when he said that the Jets were going to win the Super Bowl last year & this year, how did that work out for you DCOnEdge, did you get your titles or you were left both years, like all Jets fans, holding your little d..ks in your hands? LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL

      2. Lou says:

        Dude, Eli’s a better QB than Sanchez in every measurable way right now. Yards, TDs, QB rating, completion %.

        Bottom line, with the team down 1 score, with the ball, 2 minutes to go in the game, 32 out of 32 NFL coaches would take Eli Manning as their QB right now every day of the week and twice on Sunday over Sanchez. Yes, that includes your boy Rex. He’d never admit it (just like he wouldn’t admit Gholston sucks when he took the job, despite the fact that that was obviously his opinion based on this article), but its the truth.

        And deep down, you all know it.

      3. Hookmasteriii says:


  19. ant928 says:

    Two words…a** clown!

    1. DCOnEdge says:

      hahaha!!! you guys are funny!!! Can you say “Eli Manning” hahaha!!!! you all know it!!! THAT’S why the Jets will be better thatn the giants for the foreseeable future!!! J-E-T-S, Jets, JEts, JETS!!!!! hahaha!!!!!!

      1. KPMc says:

        How many SB MVPs does Mark “Dirty” Sanchez have on his mantelpiece now?

  20. Jason says:

    Aside from getting fans interested in the Jets again, Ryan has accomplished nothing. These super bowl predictions every year will eventually bite him back when he won’t deliver. And nobody has said that the Giants are a better team right now, but it takes more than 2 years, no conference titles and 2 wildcats wins to be a ‘big brother’.

    Obviously he says all this junk to get people to comment and be controversial, but it will definitely cost him, he’ll be out of line again someday soon.

    1. DCOnEdge says:

      J-E-T-S, Jets, JEts, JETS!!!!!

  21. KPMc says:

    The same Jets fans singing this clown’s praises are the same ones that will be riding him out of town, trophy-less, in five years or less. Mark it down.

    How many Super Bowls has he one so far?

    1. DCOnEdge says:

      Don’t hate the player…hate the game!!!! Sour giants fans!!! GET ON THE BANDWAGON!!! J-E-T-S, Jets, JEts, JETS!!!!!

      1. KPMc says:

        Nah… I love the game… it’s the fat, pompous toe-sucking, foot-sniffing clown and the drunken morons who follow him that I don’t like.


    2. Lou says:

      Forget superbowls, how many division titles has he won?

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