NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) –– If you are one of the New Yorkers who have to juggle alternate-side-of-the-street parking, this bill is for you.

City Council passed a measure Thursday that could mean one less day a week of having to move your car to facilitate street cleaning. Alternate-side parking regulations are currently used in 54 of the city’s 59 community districts.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks With More On The Parking Bill

Under the bill, if a community keeps its streets clean for two consecutive years and gets a 90 percent cleanliness grade, the local community board would have the option of reducing its street cleaning to once a week.

Councilman Brad Lander said the bill would relieve a tremendous burden from city residents. He said that for many people the parking regulations mean “organizing an enormous part of your life around moving your car and getting a parking spot.”

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On What The Measure Means

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn stressed Thursday that it was up to each community to make its own decision on the matter.

“We’re not saying to a neighborhood ‘you have to have less street cleaning and less alternative-side-of-the-street parking.’ We are saying you have that option,” Quinn said.

However, A number of council members think their communities would opt for cleaner streets rather than one day less of alternate side angst.

SOUND-OFF: Would you prefer to see alternate-side parking down to one day a week? Share your thoughts in the comments section…

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  1. NYER says:

    I am a person who has to move my car for alternate side parking and would love the idea of only having to do it once a week. It gets crazy trying to switch sides with so many people looking for parking in Manhattan that don’t live on your street.

    1. NYC17 says:

      I am in the same situation as you NYER, if this goes in effect I would only have to move my car also 1 time a week. I only have to move it on Tuesdays and Fridays as of now. I am all for one less day a week for moving my car. Also, if you are trying to get employment, you can only get times when you aren’t moving your car and waiting until you can leave your car so you won’t get a ticket.
      After the sweeper goes by and you switch your car it should be that you may leave your car and not have to wait until a certain time.

  2. Tina says:

    Not a home or car owner but I do sympathize with my neighbors when it comes to parking and I think they would welcome this. Change is good and we need to embrace it. I agree with Junior street cleaning is BS. The trucks moves the trash from one corner to the next.

  3. Rick says:

    It’s about time. The streets where I live in Queens are clean. Business and property owners are required to clean their sidewalks and 18″ into the street and do so daily.

    Not only will this benefit drivers it will also allow the sanitation to hopefully reduce staff as they will have less work to do. Althouth I’m not holding my breath on that one. But there will be less wear and tear on their equiptment and they will use less fuel than before.

  4. Frank says:

    Did anyone take into consideration the utilities & plumbers that depend on alternate side to perform their work or think about the amount of 311 calls the city’s going to receive because the utilities can’t pave their openings, because a car hasn’t moved off of the roadway plate covering the excavation in front of their home. Will the DOT consider extending the amount of time they issue a street opening permit so the utilities have more time to pave the roadway or perform a Local Law 14 backfill required by the city? Even better do away with summonses for overdue excavations not paved in a timely manner.
    A couple of things to think about Mike!!!

  5. Hornet Montana says:


  6. BROWN says:


    Absolutely not.

    I would rather move the car and seek parking that would allow the streets to be cleaned three days a week instead of allowing the streets to collect trash and allowing the RATS to return.

    Okay, there are seven days in a week and our block has the sanitation department coming through with the street sweeper on three out of the seven days to clean, you got my vote; please keep it the way it is now.

    Why would I want to have the street that I live on or other streets not maintaned by the sanitation department for five long days and nights; that’s a stark recipe for rodents and other animals to linger in the neighborhoods. If rodents are on the next block over because the residents opted for this new program and they don’t clean their gutters; what do you think will happen…returning rodents then those rodents will move over to your block and your backyard.

    It’s all about just being lazy, get up off your rumps up and park accordingly the day before; the same way you have for the last 50 years.

    What’s next, asking collecting the trash on less days because you are too lazy to walk your trash out to the curb, let’s be real; we do not need any more RODENTS or any other pest roaming around our zones.

    Okay, they state that if we keep the streets clean for two years; they will continue with the new program; right.

    You are always going to have those who jump up to say that they can keeep up to the deal; but wait a minute, when they don’t get their lazy romps up to clean the gutter/street; what happens…you get a ticket for not cleaning in front of your house then you start getting the rodents. It’s a hassle to follow behind cleaning the streets now on the other four days; especiallly after a weekend when you have individuals walking through the block and dropping trash in the gutters or those kind folks that drive pass and toss items out of the window.

    Hey, did you think about the holidays? Yes, when there are holidays you won’t be available to clean the gutters and the sanitation will not either because they are off…so that means you will possibly be cleaning the streets how many extra days….no; YOU won’t!

    I know one person that is not raising their hand to sweep the gutter anymore, I would like the city to continue to provide me with my well spent tax dollars and service my neighborhood. It’s enough that i must shovel during snowy days…..

    Okay, lets say you have to sweep near someones car because you see trash near the tires or under the car doors…the owner claims after you swept/cleaned near their car they noticed a dent, a scratch or the mirror broken from you bumping into the car when you was cleaning around the car…who needs these types of problems…these are some of the concerns that are filtered to the sanitation department now, I can do without any of that.

    If these folks feel that moving their car; on the legal alternate sideof the street days is too much for them; that’s something they should have thought about before purchasing that vehicle; now deal with the rules and regulations of moving your damn car; that’s whenever the sign states you should move it, you FOOLS!

    I know at times it can be hard looking for parking, but that is a part of owning a car in NYC, yes; parking can be a challenge at times….I prefer clean streets rather then not moving my car for that extra day.

    NYC, please continue with the same street sweeping alternate side program that you have had in place for the last 50 years, PLEASE!

  7. PL says:

    Yes, this is a sensible idea. Better than having thousands of people starting up cars every day, belching hydrocarbons, doing U-turns and creating the potential for more accidents, trapping other cars by double-parking, etc. Does more harm thaan good. Other cities have one-day-a-week cleaning per side, and there’s not reason why we couldn’t.

  8. Art says:

    Actually it would be 2 days less, 1 day less on each side. I would JUMP at the chance to reduce it.

  9. Junior says:

    Alternate side parking is a freaking joke! First, they do not come by to clean the street every day there is alternate side, and 2, street cleaning is pure BS and a waste of money. Makes more of a mess in most cases.

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