Stunt Lands Boy's Father In Fail And Facing Heap Of Charges

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was a gun scare at a Queens school earlier this week. A third-grader brought a loaded 9mm and allegedly sold it to another student for $3.

The boy’s father then landed in jail, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reports.

Guzman visited the boy’s house on Friday and then the school, P.S. 107, where he brought the weapon. Police said the 9mm Taurus contained three live rounds. The father, 54-year-old Ignacio Galvan, spent Thursday night locked up as a result.

The father told authorities he kept the gun on top of the refrigerator. The boy who purchased it brought it home and his mother saw it. She went back to the school furious. The NYPD was called.

“[The gun] should be locked up. I don’t know the full story of that whole home situation, so I can’t really comment, but it’s terrible,” said Colette McArdle, co-president of the school’s PTA.

Galvan was arrested on two felony gun charges, a third felony charge, and also for endangering the welfare of a child. The serial numbers on the gun had been scratched off, one reason why the father has been in jail since Thursday. His son was expected to face juvenile charges.

The father told police he had had the gun for years, and kept it for self-defense.

Should any security changes be made in the school after this incident? Leave a comment below…

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  1. Bob Fowler says:

    Would it have been alright to handcuff this little darling?

  2. dale blenderman says:

    As a graduate of P.S. 107, I have to tell you, this is a great school. It’s sad that this father has to feel soooo unsafe in his own hime, that he feels he has to have a gun. Sure, the neighborhood is changing a little, but it’s not that unsafe that you have to have a weapon in your home, at all times. And to leave it on top of the refridgerator, is simply irrisponsible, as a parent! lock him up!

  3. Fed Up says:

    We own firearms when our kids were home they were kept in a steel cabinet with a double lock. Kid are grown now and they are still kept in the same place..

  4. Joe says:

    The Professor
    PS 107 has always been a GREAT school. They have the BEST administrators, Staff and Students anywhere!! MR Clinton the principal did everything possible during this isolated incident. I would send my kids to 107 anytime.

  5. fastasashark says:

    Lock up that Dad, Let’s start with the simple fact that the gun was not licensed and had the serials scratched-off. That says a lot about this mans character. I ‘m not surprised that he wasn’t smart enough to hide it from his kids! As for politics,,,people like him make us legal gun owners look bad! I suppose we should just be thankful that no one was hurt!

  6. Jackie Chiles says:

    You can’t blame the kid for doing what he “see he daddy do”.

    1. Vindicated says:

      That’s it! Send them all off to SPACE CAMP for the summer, EVERY SUMMER.

  7. Bloomberg R Us says:

    Yo ! Man dat gun looks like it had a lot of use.

  8. Bob Sacamano says:

    Lol at title. Lands father in Fail. yep, big time fail. Only in New York.

  9. Tom says:

    Could of? You mean could have or could’ve right? Could of makes no sense.

    1. 1whoknows says:

      Haha, Thats funny. I saw someone write minus well instead of might as well. must have went to PS107

  10. Former student says:

    AS a graduate of PS 107 and parent of a graduate I can say the school and neighborhood was one of the best. Unfortunately the neighborhood is changing and some not such great material is moving into or renting is happening in the area.
    Mr Phair runs a tight ship!!!

  11. Ken says:


  12. sick of people like you says:

    Probably not as young as your greaseball parents taught you how to roll a joint, swill alcohol and pop vicoden and oxy, nick. when was your last dwui again,
    p r i c k?

  13. Michi418 says:

    This is grade school we’re talking about here. We should not have to put metal detectors in such schools. It’s bad enough high schools in NYC have the detectors and or security always checking students. The point is, school is supposed to be a safe environment, but how can it be if we have irresponsible parents such as this man whose son is now in trouble with the law. I grew up in Ridgewood, Queens and dealt with a similar case as this one but in Jr. High and the boy stole a needle from the nurses’ office. Luckily he didn’t use it on anyone, but he somehow was able to obtain it easily because adults are making things too easy for children to obtain such items and weapons.

  14. The Mirror says:

    Step away from the library computer, Gaydolph!

  15. dipset says:

    Since the kid didnt should anybody yet, he should get a pass on that. He should get a warning that guns are bad, if that happens again the kid should be arrested

  16. dipset says:

    8 year olds are not mature enough to understand. The father should be chardged because he didnt put the gun in a safe place

  17. ControlParents says:

    Whether or not the boy thought it was a toy, he STOLE something belonging to his father, then SOLD it. Eight is well above the age of reason. Unless he is mentally challenged, he knows he did something very wrong.

    Furthermore, an 8 year old can tell metal from plastic. A toy gun is plastic.

    1. BOb says:


      1. A father says:

        Bob plz learn to write correctly cuz people like you are the ones who leave guns at home and their kids end up bringing them to school


    The parents of the kid who purchased the gun should have called the police immediately and let them handle the gun and the details of where and from whom it was purchased. For their safety and for everyone concerned! And for the father of that boy who sold the gun, put him in jail and throw away the key for being so stupid. As for his son he needs to be removed from that home and placed somewhere away from that dangerous father.

  19. Joseph the muslim says:

    You don’t have problems like this in the Middle East. Where all children have access to weapons 24/7 and are trained to use them not sell them. Perhaps a class should be given at this school by the NRA with a lesson on our constitution and the right to bear arms.

    1. Allah says:

      STFU, idiot

    2. Fatima says:

      u are right i am in jhs n this did happen a boy took the gun and was chared he threatened to shoot a pregnet teacher

    3. zipper_mx5 says:

      STFU, really!
      Facts prove you wrong (look at the statistics) about the safety of a country of 24/7 gun toting peoples.

  20. GGP says:

    The kid sells his dad’s gun = thief
    The kid sells a gun = dangerous thieving kid

    Parents fault? Yep, but just the same, I think the kid knew that selling his dad’s gun was wrong and that selling a gun was wrong. I’d keep the kid on a tight leash for say, the next 20, 30 years?

  21. Ignacio Galvan says:

    I guess I won’t store it under the kids pillow ever again. That was stupid of me.
    On to more important matters: where’s my beer?

    1. parent says:

      Yes you are a idiot, I guess the rotten apple does fall far from the tree. Bad parents, bad kids

      1. Ignacio Galvan says:


        Beer me.

  22. NJ Marine says:

    I have had guns in my house for 50 years, My kids were brought up shooting and hunting. I never would expect this from a child that was properly educated on gun safety. This is the parents fault and should be held liable. Blame the problem, not the item. The gun caused no issue, the child did, because his father is an idiot. There is no cure for stupid, except death
    My boys are responsible gun owners today as their dad is.

  23. aConcernedParent says:

    A medal detector maybe.The thing about it though is that the school dont care no more than some parents.If it went off they would be passed though without checking.The system is no better than the parrents that dont care.Wake up.Kids die younger and more offen because of simple mistacks.

    1. Smell Check says:


      Did you even attend “skool”?

      1. Skool iz fer luzers says:

        No, The school don’t care no more.

  24. PS 107 Alumnus says:

    I graduated from that school. My son graduated from that school. The safety measures there are in keeping with the neighborhood. This is an isolated incident that has nothing to do with the school, its management or the town of Flushing. The parent in question is the one who should bear the burden of punishment. The school followed proper protocol after the parent of the child who bought the weapon brought it back to the school administration. I don’t know that I’d have gone back to the school with the gun in my personal possession – I would have called the police and had them handle the situation. I am very sorry that this incident happened at all – regardless of the neighborhood.

  25. d1nonly says:

    Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! Hide yo husbands! they killin erebody in Flushing!

  26. Craig Morgan says:

    if he didnt pay anything for the gun thats a $3 profit. are you people mad that he didnt get more money for the gun?

  27. Julie says:

    Security CHANGES should of been done BEFORE this incident!!!! At that point this would of NEVER happened and the school would of been safe.. It makes you wonder why Tragedy has to happen first before action is taken!!!

    1. PS 107 Alumnus says:

      As a parent who had a child in this school, and as a former student, I can tell you without fear of contradiction that there are proper procedures in the school regarding the overall safety of the children in attendence.

  28. Dee N says:

    I grew up in Flushing across the street from ps 20. Used to be such a nice neighborhood, now its not the same anymore. Glad I moved out.

  29. Holly says:

    I live in Flushing. So glad I am on vactaion now.

  30. sawnetbean says:

    I gun in a home is 20 times more likely to result in the death of a family member than an intruder.

    1. ahdaam says:

      How many times more likely is it that a violent intruder kills an unarmed occupant over an armed occupant?

      1. dtcamero says:

        most likely the intruder just wants to rob you… if you start acting like this is the wild west then you and the (previously nonviolent) robber get in a shootout and kill you, and possibly your children or whomever. there is a reason why there are 10,000 gun deaths a year in america, vs. the second highest country in the developed world, germany with 450 a year… bc other countries have sensible gun controls.

      2. Snibblets says:

        @dtcamero: here’s a reality check for you. Most gun deaths come from illegal guns. All gun control does is keep guns out of the hands of people who want them legally. It’s a feel-good measure for the anti-gun crowd. The problem won’t go away until illegal guns go away, which will never happen as we have over 200 million illegal guns in this country.

      3. ahdaam says:

        re dtcamero: feel free to lay down and let an intruder have his way with your home and family. Not me. Nor anyone with a family and a full set . yours is exactly the attitude which emboldens these animals. And “just rob you”? are you high? Is that really an assumption you are willing to make? If you are in your house, where you could access your cowboy weapon, any intruder willing to enter a situation like that would certainly be ready and willing to do more than rob you and your family. A sensible gun law is one which allows armed law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against armed criminals

    2. gary says:

      You are fourteen times more likely to die of heart disease if you have cheese in your home than if you are cheese free. You are also 20 times more likely to die of obesity if you buy food on a regular basis than if you resist the temptation.

  31. misterb1972 says:

    Yes, owning a weapon with a scratched off serial number isn’t good. The government needs to know everything about you. Endangering the well being of a child, nah. You can’t control what your child does or doesnt do 24/7.

  32. ren says:

    if you google Ignacio Galvan.. you’ll get one with facebook.. i dont know if its the same person but click the profile picture album and you’ll see another gun there..

  33. Arslan says:

    Idk… thats a pretty good deal…

  34. Bell Toller says:

    The police have no right to charge this parent, This arrest is definitely based on ethicitiy.

    1. kal says:

      this has nothing to do with ethnicity and everything to do with lack of responsibility on the part of the parent. he’s lucky the gun didn’t go off and injure or kill someone.

  35. Theham says:

    You sure that gun still works its looks like beat up

  36. Ralph says:

    Let’s just thank God that this story didn’t have a tragic ending like so many do when a child finds a gun in the house. Keeping a gun in the house for protection is stupid.
    If you properly store the gun, like you’re supposed to, by the time you find the box, unlock it, and put it the clip, the perp has already unmounted the TV off the wall and stole your beer out of the fridge. Or, you could just keep accessible for you or your 8 year old could find it.

  37. nyc says:

    As someone who has met with school superintendants to increase school security, I can tell you they have no money ! Criminal situation will continue to happen and after someone gets killed (God forbid ) action will be taken. Our country mentallity has always been reactive rather then proactive !

    1. jazzyshoa says:

      Reactive rather than proactive says it all.

  38. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


  39. HooDatIS? says:


  40. jerseyjoey says:

    Well, i had said for years we need a culling provision in our birthing wards or otherwise more stupid people will vote the liberal tickit. The gun shown looks like a hot used piece bought of a street corner, stupid in stupid out.

    1. Bonnie says:

      The gun issues are a conservative issue and not a liberal one you moron!

    2. Snibblets says:

      You spelled “ticket” and “off” wrong. You shouldn’t be calling anyone stupid.

  41. Vindicated says:

    That’s it! Send them all off to Space Camp for the summer.

  42. karlson says:

    Lockdown the exits and install magnetometers on the front door with school guards. The inmates are running the asylum!

  43. john says:

    let the law takes its course . the parent should be fine and jail

  44. Pi$$ed off Long Islander says:

    This makes me think of a one-liner from an old episode of the TV show ER years ago.. “Stupid people shouldn’t breed!”

    1. Urine idiot says:


      Too late, in your case.

  45. KPMc says:

    Security changes in the school? No… just sterilization of the parents. And if the second parent sent her kid back to school with the gun instead of calling the police include her too. What is wrong with people?

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