NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A police-involved shooting at the Holland Tunnel Friday evening caused severe delays heading into and out of New York City.

Authorities are still unsure of what led up to the shooting, which happened in an eastbound lane around 6:10 p.m.  It may have been spurred by a blown checkpoint or refusal to stop by two men inside a Jeep.

“It still remains unclear exactly what precipitated that encounter,” Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman told 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan.

As the suspects approached the toll plaza, police tried to stop the men.  At that point, police said a “scuffle” ensued in which shots were initially fired by cops. Authorities then chased the suspects into the tunnel.

After the initial shooting, one of the men in the car got out and ran into another driver’s car in a desperate bid to escape.

“He got in the passenger side in the back,” said Mike Fedorko of the Port Authority Police.

One suspect was hit in the shoulder and sustained non-life threatening injuries.  He was taken to Bellevue Hospital.  The other suspect was taken into custody.

The two police officers involved in the incident were taken to Jersey City Medical Center for treatment, including trauma and injuries suffered in the scuffle.

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The shooting led to massive backups all the way to Newark. Commuters were advised to take the George Washington Bridge or mass transit as alternatives.

CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey spoke with stranded drivers, who were struck in traffic for hours.

“I’ve been waiting two and a half hours. And I’ve been making phone calls, so I know the George Washington is backed up, and the Lincoln is backed up,” Tanasha Pettigrew said.

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  1. Rupe says:

    Tim must really be a idiot…or at least a jerk….don’t forget to call a cop when and if you ever need one Tim.

  2. Vindicated says:

    The Barbarians are PAST the Gates!

  3. Patricia says:

    Steuben & Gregory …. My hat goes off to you !

  4. Steuben says:

    If this vehicle had been filled with explosives, drove past the checkpoint and exploded inside the tunnel, killing thousands, people would be screaming, “Why didn’t the cops guarding the entrance do anything to stop it?” Anyone who claims the cops acted inappropriately in this case has, at best, a tenuous grip on reality.

  5. Gregory says:

    Maybe if NYC criminals were effectively punnished by the liberal, lace pantie Justice system, there might just be less crime. Since when are valid police orders to be ignored? These creeps got shot … Good. Perehaps if more criminals were shot and / or killed the City would be a better place.

    1. Tim says:

      i smell pig… are you a pig? yes you must be a cop… or some idiot whom thinks police can legally SHOOT unarmed people… how about we meet and I shoot YOU?

      1. Steuben says:

        There were no unarmed people in this incident. The perps were armed with a 2 ton chunk of metal with physics behind it.

      2. Pig says:

        @Tim: May you and your family die

      3. s.p says:

        Idiot….are you an idiot?? Probably. Only an idiot talks garbage like you. I am NOT a cop. Also, I am not extremely fond of them since the “Blue wall” is always present. But I am not DUMB enough to pull away from a cop pulling me over. I leave my hands on the wheel & get my ticket. NO INCIDENCE AT ALL….DONE! I may not love cops but I have respect for the law. If I don’t agree with a traffic infraction I plead not guilty. Some times I win, some times I don’t. I don’t make the rules and I don’t break them in this post 911 world…Imagine if these 2 people had a car bomb & blew up the tunnel. Then what? Oh yeah, you would be the guy saying how ineffective the cops are. CAN’T EVERY ONE JUST BEHAVE!!!

  6. buy silver says:

    FOX 5 has learned that three people have been injured in a shooting outside the entrance to the Pentagon Metro station..Few details were immediately available but three people who were injured in the shooting were taken to George Washington University Hospitals emergency room officials said. The Metro station was closed..Metro officials confirm the shooting took place outside the entrance to the Metro station. An announcement was made to passengers for them not to exit at the Pentagon Metro entrance because it is closed..Full story ………………Tags ……………

  7. Biggie smalls says:

    I bet there black, the suspects!

    1. Michelle says:

      alli can say is it sucked sitting in that traffic!! i just got done watching a movie at Newport Mall, with my brother, dad and kids and was dropping my brother off in Jersey City. It was insane to get home…..

    2. ed says:

      At least your spelling indicates you’re black too.

  8. barre says:

    The comments here are more interesting than the story. You people should live in Israel or other high risk countries.

  9. 911truther says:

    Jeffrey thinks that his birth was an inside job. Hey, Jeffy, did your parents have any children that LIVED?

  10. MCK says:

    I have a great idea! All of the people that don’t like the way things are handled in the USA….LEAVE!!!!

    1. Ed says:

      Sweet heaven … a USA without GOP.

    2. Danny says:

      Working on it.

  11. TomNJ says:

    9/11 was an inside job? That is the most idiotic thing i ever heard.

  12. Jeffrey says:

    9/11 was an Inside Job. The ones accused of hijacking the planes on 9/11/01 were found alive, living in their native countries months later. The only criminals who we need to be watchul of are those who have power and influence in our government! Interesting how THE power elites never get arrested since they’re the criminal gangs who own our police and military in modern day America.

  13. JasonS says:

    Such a shame they didn’t kill these criminal savages!

  14. tyuii says:

    Danroy was a piece of trash…one less welfare check to write

  15. Patricia says:

    I’m so done with rants regarding race. I’m disgusted with the animosity so freely spoken against police officers, obviously blindsided or maybe not smart enough to count that high, the number of police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Your assumptions make me sick!

  16. Adam Nash says:

    Police are not trained to shoot guns out of the hands of criminals or shoot their legs…if they are in danger, they shoot the torso or largest target period. This is not to say this shooting is justified, we just don’t know the facts of what happened. The idea, however, that the police should start shooting specific body parts is unrealistic

  17. kosta says:

    Two wrongs wont make a right but 1 wrong can get you killed

  18. Paul Kohloff says:

    if the pace student understood english and stopped he’d be alive

  19. Dilly Bar says:

    gee guys, I guess john was there!

  20. Rod in says:

    The gestapos are at it again. Shooting innocent motorists because of their color. Didn’t they learn anything after shooting that Pace student Danroy Henry?

    1. Joe Jensen says:

      Yeah gestapo. You are a typicall clueless freak who is probably a college ‘educated’ moron or just another out of work loser.

    2. Frank says:

      Hey Rod in yo mama: Yes, they learned that they should keep on shooting

  21. james says:

    doesnt make sense neither do your answers
    stop shooting people use camera hats on everyone
    then youd see how much crime the cops are really committing

  22. john says:

    you’ve clearly never shot a gun before, especially in a high pressure situation and are making yourselves look highly ignorant. Very easy to say. Name the last time Port Authority was involved in a shooting. Can’t? Oh, that’s right, you’re an idiot.

  23. Carl says:

    Gun slinging cops – I’m SO over it. Shoot to kill then ask questions. Too many incidents like this. Makes me ask who are the real criminals? They shot and killed some guy yielding a knife recently. Couldn’t have shot him in the leg? Are they that bad of a shot? That unskilled? Looks it to me. Barbaric type actions of our so-called men in blue warrants an NYPD overhaul. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    1. JB says:

      Carl and Rod in, you don’t like the job cops are doing why don’t you join up and show us how it’s done? You know why you won’t? Because you would be eaten up on the streets and both of you know it. You don’t have a clue what preceded this shooting so why comment? By definition you’re both ignorant and both seem quick to stereotype.

      1. Danny says:

        Wow. I mean, really? Wow.

      2. Ronald Blom says:

        JB I am not sure if I could have handled the job but I do respect those who do it so when they draw there weapon it to save there own life so in my opinion you do what is necessary to protect your self remember ever one want to go home when there shift is over COPS are no different

    2. Steuben says:

      An angry person “yielding” a knife can cover 20 feet and plunge it into your heart in under 2 seconds. Just because you shot them doesn’t mean they will stop coming at you.

      Anyway, I doubt you even read the article since you think the NYPD had something to do with this.

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