By Sean Adams

SUMMIT, N.J. (WCBS 880) – Part of the appeal of upscale Summit is the shady streets, the impeccably maintained Colonials and Tudors, and the lush lawns that stretch right up to the curb.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams: There Is No Unanimity Of Opinion On The Issue

In this Union County city, they’re trying to balance safety and beauty.

Some of the old streets in this charming city have no sidewalks and that’s dangerous for young children walking to school.

The issue has been debated for years with some residents worried about the cost as well as the loss of trees and their lawns.

Opinions run the gamut.

“I’m a fan of sidewalks,” said one woman. “If there’s a way to get more, I’d be happy with that.”

“We have beautiful Belgian blocks. We put those in. It’s a nice thing without sidewalks. It’s a nice street,” another woman said. “People really know that kids are walking to school. I teach and I know kids are walking to school. I’m very aware of it and… I don’t think there’s ever really been a problem.”

Still another said, “It would be safer, particularly with the children walking to school.”

The debate continues.

The city council is reportedly drawing up guidelines and there’s talk of the city absorbing the cost.

One plan calls for an emphasis near schools, while another would start in the retail district and branch out.

Ultimately, though, there are many steps ahead before new sidewalks are poured.


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