No Word On Fate Of 6,166 Public School Teachers Facing Ax

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s final budget proposal would rescue government-subsidized child care services for more than 14,500 children in low-income families — an issue that some City Council members had indicated could be a sticking point in budget negotiations.

The mayor’s administration released details of his budget plan Thursday night, hours ahead of a formal announcement scheduled for Friday morning.

Planned budget cuts had placed 16,000 of the city’s 106,000 child care subsidies on the chopping block. Under the mayor’s proposal, the only children who would lose care next year are 1,350 who are aging out of the program. Another 10,000 would no longer get subsidies but instead would be placed in a cheaper city program that offers activities for students after school and during vacations. The plan would cost the city $40 million.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports: Mayor to present NYC budget

After the independent mayor releases his final proposal Friday, he must negotiate with the City Council to pass a balanced budget for next fiscal year by June. All but six of the 51 City Council members had signed a letter urging the mayor to protect the child care subsidies, and some indicated it would be a priority in negotiations.

The mayor’s administration did not release any details on whether Friday’s anticipated $65 billion proposal would roll back any other previously announced budget cuts — including the loss of 6,166 public school teachers from the nation’s largest school system, which has 75,000 teachers. About 1,500 of those teachers are expected to retire or quit, and the rest would be laid off.

“While the city’s economy and fiscal situation continue to improve, Albany and Washington continue to face serious challenges, and their cuts are real and will have a serious impact on our budget,” Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson said Thursday in a statement.

The mayor’s preliminary budget proposal released in February also called for the loss of another 2,000 city jobs, mostly through attrition, as well as cuts to city libraries, forced furloughs for some city workers and the closures of 20 fire companies. Since then, the administration has said further cuts will be necessary, and it has asked city agencies to propose spending reductions of 2 percent to 4 percent.

Bloomberg has said the cuts are unavoidable because of cutbacks in state and city funding. Since 2008, the administration says, officials have implemented cutbacks and savings measures worth $5.4 billion yearly. The administration says that if state and federal funding levels had remained steady over the last decade, the city would be getting an extra $6.1 billion next fiscal year.

While the city is contending with a tightening budget, its financial sector is improving. Projected business tax revenues of $5.75 billion included in the mayor’s budget proposal outpace the $5.41 billion the city received in the fiscal year that ended before the 2008 implosion of the banking industry and Wall Street.

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  1. Daniel Escurel Occeno says:

    Ouch, your friends better be taller. David Lettermen said on one of his monologues that Michael Bloomberg was short and he used to be a racehorse jockey. If true, your friends you invite better be taller. You sound like a Mormon. Explain this to me. If Mormons are suppose to give up their wealth, so what if a Mormon politician creates jobs? We will be all poor anyway living on social welfare and needing Missouri Medicaid just for an office visit and try to trick a surgeon for free surgery to remove a baseball size gallbladder. How do Mormon politicians outspend working class politicians? Is it the pooling of wealth? But their people need taxation to live on? Tax the Catholics so Mormons look pretty on TV. No wonder Mormon missionaries are skinny. They gave up their wealth and they have to trick people to invite them in, for free food.


    I will charm my way into your home with beautiful words and empty promises. Once you let me in, I will invite my friends over. We will then proceed with the slow process of bleeding you dry. I will tell you “This will only hurt a little bit as I am all out of vasaline”. If you try to resist we will unleash our dogs on you and your children. I will change the law so we can stay until we have taken the last drop. But don’t worry. Before we leave I will kiss you on the forehead and say “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT”.

  3. Daniel Escurel Occeno says:

    Josh, if Michael Bloomberg would have stayed a Republican instead of becoming independent he would be the frontrunner to take on Barack Obama. He was the frontrunner since he hosted the Republican convention but he committed presidential suicide when he became independent. I realize he may have had to become an independent to run for mayor another term because the Bush family might have had another Republican to run for Mayor of New York City, which is common in party politics. It is the reason for an independent party. As an independent, it would be very difficult because like you wrote he is local to Wall Street in his investments instead of nationwide. He needs to run for governor or senator and win to be more presidential. Take on Hillary for the senate seat she vacated. If Bloomberg could achieve the pinnacle, there will be many that will want him running for president in the future if the economy continues to be number two or three or four ….

  4. Josh says:

    @Daniel – Bloomberg will never be President for 2 simple reasons: 1- Our country isn’t into the idea of having a Wall St connected, billionaire Jew in the White House. 2 – His end-around on term limits was disgusting.
    Beyond that, Bloomberg has poor fiscal responsibility. The 2001 budget was appx $44B, and in 10 yrs it’s $65B. That’s a 5% increase every year; good times and bad. NYC & NYS are models of waste, not excellence.

  5. joe for mayor says:

    mike cant balance a budget for 10 years now and hes supposed to be an expert in finance anybody can run a city when its good but when things are bad is when you see a true good leader and mike is no good at his own profession of finance. crime is up with 40000 cops impeach him and his terrible city council

  6. Daniel Escurel Occeno says:

    Because of Ground Zero, New York City in the SPOTLIGHT could trigger a Michael Bloomberg independent run for president on 2012 as the American economy continuous to struggle. Donald Trump, high on polls as the Republican nominee, will encourage independents to egg on Mayor Bloomberg, especially if The Donald decided to cancel a run at the White House and Mr. Trump settled for an apprentice running the country. Mayor Bloomberg getting Al Gore as a VP would send chills to the Obama Administration for the month of November 2012. Mayor Bloomberg might have earned another billion dollars with the Death of Osama, and the mayor might be presidential now. Republicans might be begging The Donald to run for president. He can capitalize as well and it might help in discouraging an independent run by Michael Bloomberg.

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