NEW YORK (AP) — New York Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner is backing President Barack Obama’s refusal to release photos of the slain Osama bin Laden, while a California Republican says making the pictures public would bring closure for the relatives of 9/11 victims.
Weiner says people should accept that “these photos won’t add anything.” Conspiracy theories aside, he said that if the release of the photos endangered even a single military life or the life of an intelligence officer, it would be tragic.

Arguing for making the pictures public, Rep. Duncan Hunter said “it’s not about a conspiracy theory. It’s about closure.”

Appearing with Weiner Thursday on CBS’s “The Early Show,” Hunter said the U.S. “should not curb our First Amendment rights because of what some crazy people might do.”    

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  1. Trochilus says:

    Okay. How about a compromise? Instead of the gruesome photo of Bin Laden, Rep, Weiner, who is married, should instead publicly post a photo of his discernibly turgid junk, covered only by underwear, via his Twitter account, thinking when he does so that it is only going to a 21 year old girl from Seattle (who is NOT his wife, but who thinks Weiner is her “boyfriend), but the photo goes public and causes an internet sensation, resulting in the member causing acute embarrassment for the Member, who is thereupon forced to lie by claim his Twitter account had been hacked, and further causing the young girl to try (unsuccessfully) to scrub every reference to herself from the internet . . . oh wait . . ..

  2. Nick H says:

    Wikileaks? We need you, again.

  3. Bill Beck says:

    I’m having trouble understanding this. I believe whole heartedly that, of course Bin Laden’s dead, but why is this Anthony guy “WEINER-BACKING” the President? Wouldn’t you think the secret service’s primary objective would be to make sure the President doesn’t get WEINER-BACKED?!

  4. Zach Gaskins says:

    Hunter: Just because the Bill of Rights / Constitution allows us to do a thing *does not automatically make it a good idea*.

  5. zak says:

    Why do some politicians consistently misuse an invocation of the First Amendment? Angers me to no end.

  6. Josh says:

    If you don’t believe that Osama bin Laden is really dead, despite statements from our Navy Seals, CIA, his daughter or the DNA tests, then you are just as foolish as those who think someone other than the terrorists are responsible for 9/11. The world has moved on since the death of Hitler. You can too.

  7. Contentious Constituent says:

    Now we can all exhale, safe in the warm embrace of Weiner’s opinion.

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