Craig and Governor Christie were both very pleased to welcome ex-Met George Foster to the Allstate Studio this morning to talk a little about baseball and a little about life.

Foster rose to stardom during his time in Cincinnati (1971-81), making 5 All-Star teams, winning back-to-back World Series titles (1975 & ’76) and being named NL MVP (1977).  After an impressive stay in Cincinnati, Foster was dealt to the Mets in 1982 and his career never blossomed in New York like many believed it would.

His numbers declined across the board and was eventually released in August of 1986, the year the Mets went on to win the World Series.

According to Foster, his release had little to do with declining play on the field and more to do with the team’s ongoing drug problems (among other things) which he was more than happy to talk about.

Foster also talked about how in certain circles, Tom Seaver was known as “Nancy,” which I’ll allow him to explain and how he had a burning desire to plant a fastball in Davey Johnson’s rib cage…

LISTEN: George Foster In-Studio With Carton & Christie (5/6)

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  1. ed says:

    Glad we gave you your release George, made way for us to pick up mazzillee a true new yorker and true new york met, you let us down George…

  2. proplayer45 says:

    When you two actually have played a sport higher than little league ball and have played amongst the athletes then give me a call. Try to come up with actual facts while you are at it, then we can have a conversation.

    1. tennis1 says:

      I agree.

  3. Paul R. says:

    George Foster is a liar. He said that Koosman prompted the fight between Pete Rose and Bud Harrelson when Koos hit Bobby Tolan. That would have been difficult for Jerry to do because 1) Tolan didn’t appear in game 3 and 2) no Met hit any batters during this series.

    He also wants us to believe he was let go in 1986 for poltiical purposes when in fact the Mets were a much better team with an outfield of Lenny/Mookie in center and Mookie/Mitchell in left than with Foster in the mix.

    I would have expected more from a member of the pre-steroid, 50-homer club.

  4. Ralphinjersey says:

    Soooo sorry I missed this. Funny, I thought he was released because the team was racist. Maybe we should ask Kevin Mitchell, Darrell, Mookie or Doc about that one. Seemed to me at the time it was because he was a washed-up malcontent. Now he’s saying it was some kind of principled stance on his part: Cut me because I don’t like what’s going on here? Puh-leez. If he was such a good guy, why did his former teammates vote him a whoppng ZERO share of postseason bonus money?

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