MONROE TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS 2)As Mother’s Day is celebrated this Sunday, the holiday is of even greater significance for moms serving in the military or those who have family members overseas.

That is particularly the case for Marcy Pascik, of Monroe Township. She is the proud mother of twin sons in the military — 21-year-old Clayton in the Navy and his brother, Colin, is in the Marines.

“They always talked about it growing up and I actually thought it would go away, but it didn’t. So when they were 18 they were enlisted,” Pascik said.

colin pascik NJ Mom Recounts Marine Sons Recovery After Roadside Bomb Attack In Afghanistan

Colin Pascik (credit: CBS 2)

Last August, Pascik saw what anyone with family in the military dreads — two Marines walking up the path to her door.

“I opened up the door and I just asked them if Colin was alive and they said ‘yes’ and they said ‘there’s been an incident,'” Pascik recounted.

Colin was seriously injured by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan and lost both his legs.

“At that moment, all you do is [you] just want to see him. You need to see your son’s face,” Pascik said.

She was able to do so when Colin returned to the United States about a week later. The early days were rough.

“I don’t remember being in the ICU or anything,” Colin said.

“She was very broken — crying all the time, just worried. It’s a very traumatic thing. A couple of times on the surgery table, he almost died,” Clayton said.

Pascik found her strength, and ended up spending five months in the hospital with her son.

“I was there all the time for him. So even though he may not have wanted my support, I was there,” she said.

Now, she’s working with service organizations to renovate her house to accommodate him.

“He’s still here and I can put my arms around my son, and I can have both of them together. So that’s more important than anything else,” Pascik said.

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