NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – In addition to cutting more than 6,000 teaching jobs from New York City’s public schools, Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed $67 billion spending plan could force 20 fire companies to close.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports

Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano’s only response is that his companies just won’t get to fires as quickly.

“The response time goes up; it takes us longer to get there to work the fires. The only saving grace is in the areas that we are potentially going to close fire companies response times are low in those areas. They’re below the city average,” Cassano said.

Cassano said they’ve done a great job at reducing response times, but with 20 companies closed; those times will “certainly go up.”

Holly Fuchs lives in Brooklyn and the fire company near her home already shut down in 2003. Now she’s afraid of what could happen if 20 more fire companies are shut down.

“There is not enough fire coverage right now. There are fire companies coming from other places to cover fires,” she said.

Meanwhile, teachers plan to protest Bloomberg’s budget proposal on Monday.

Bloomberg, however, maintains it’s not his fault. He said blame Washington’s and Albany’s combined $1.7 billion cut to education aid.

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  1. miracle says:

    I can’t decide if closing 20 fire companies is Civic Insanity or Municipal Treason. The fire department is one of the cornerstones of NYC’s homeland security apparatus. I always thought the first responsibility of government is to provide for the safety of the people, apparently Mayor Bloomberg feels differently.

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      “The fire department is one of the cornerstones of NYC’s homeland security apparatus.”

      So are the police. Yet, for some reason, jobs in both departments are reserved for SUBURBANITES because the unions won’t let them live within the City limits. How can they truly “serve and protect” us if they refuse to live among us?

  2. taz delaney says:

    well, mayor billionaire could underwrite the deficit for the entire state of new york, much less new york city. but instead, he fires thousands of teachers and closes fire stations, services for the elderly and children, disabled and poor…

    but hey, here in new york city, alabama, where for 15 years the cops have had open season to kill hundreds of non-whites with all killer cops acquitted… we see bloomie aint closing any precinct houses, eh?

  3. james bloomberg says:

    gov’t is becam devils cos u want to mak it as paradias

  4. nyc says:

    The city could make millions of dollars in taxes that are not being payed by Illegal Immigrants and employers that are hiring them with no benefits and not paying any taxes ! Take one million Illegals being payed off the books ( certainly a conservitive number ) and do the math !

  5. AntiCodfish says:

    You’ll recall that Emperor Nero, who wanted to clear out poor neighborhoods to build his vast Golden Palace on the Palatine, blamed a convenient fire on the Christians. Undoubtedly Mayor Codfish draws his inspiration from the insane Nero. Does he also have a lyre (lor in legend fiddle) to play while NYC burns?

    1. Kevin says:

      Nero? Il Duce as well. Anything he wants he gets. repeal of term limits, repeal of the repeal. Anything he wants. MTA billions wasted. Time keeper fraud billion wasted.

  6. Josh says:

    If they close any firehouses, do you think they would be in affluent neighborhoods? Would the mayor dare close the firehouse near his UES townhouse? How do you even make such a decision?

  7. Ellen says:

    Lets see. We’re giving billions of dollars away to countries like Pakistan, but have no money here to keep teachers and firefighters. Ya, now that makes sense doesn’t it.

    1. Good Try Ellen says:

      NYC isn’t giving money to Pakistan. We waste money on City Time, new 911 systems, bike lanes, pedestrian plazas, overtime, etc…

      1. JOE says:


  8. Kevin says:

    Bloomberg is quite a character. His administration over saw a one billion dollar timekeeper fraud scheme and he has the nerve to cut teachers and firemen. He’s quite the character.

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