WEST BABYLON, N.Y. (AP) — Police say a man in custody after a dispute with his neighbor was shot twice with a Taser stun gun in a prison cell and died.

Suffolk County police say officers used the electrical weapon in an attempt to subdue 40-year-old Daniel McDonnell after he began “acting irrationally” Friday morning while being held in a police station cell.

After the Taser, police say McDonnell suffered “respiratory distress” and was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Authorities say his death is being investigated.

The Taser was initially conceived as an alternative to deadly force. In practice, it’s often fired by police officers hoping to avoid a physical struggle or to get someone to comply with an order.

McDonnell was arrested Thursday after a dispute with a neighbor in Lindenhurst.

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  1. Belfast Cousin says:

    You really didnt do your research on this one did you Bruce. Danny Mc Donnell was my cousin how dare you call him a thug who do you think you are sitting there doing judge and jury when you clearly dont have a clue what your talking about. Danny had bipolar and a heart condition. Ignorant isnt a word id use for you what id like to use and say to you i couldnt put on this.

  2. drink and drive says:

    Bruce Goldensteinberg = FU(KING ID!OT.

    the criminal cop deserves be tasered himself. what a fu(king p(_)ssy. ewww i need my taser gun because i’m a fu(king p@nsy @ss f@ggot cop,.ewww eeeheeheeeheeee

    Case closed

  3. Bruce Goldensteinberg says:

    If the dead guy behaved himself the police wouldn’t have to have used the taser. This man obviously didn’t listen to police who told him to calm down. Anyone who doesn’t listen to the cops is a troublemaker, so I thank them for saving taxpayers from having to incarcerate this thug for the rest of his life and pay for his meals, lawyers, etc. Bravo police!

    1. Michael says:

      Even the women who have been raped by on duty cops? Go ahead do some research you apologist for torturers. Sick

      1. Bruce Goldensteinberg says:

        what women have been raped by on duty cops? that sounds like anti-cop propaganda from the left, still stuck in the 60s mentality of hating the police. i hope next time you are being mugged by a gang banger a cop drives by and decides not to help you out.

    2. OTU says:

      People that suffer from a bipolar disorder NEED their MEDICATION, not a Taser! Obviously, being ignorant suits you better than being INFORMED.

    3. Hurt Cousin says:

      Bravo police??? You really are a very ignorant person…the “Thug” was my cousin. Who was in jail “OVER NIGHT” for a VERBAL argument with a neighbor that they had an on going feud back and fourth. THIS article is leaving out a tremendous amount of info. Goggle the same story from the New York Daily News and you will see, he was bipolar, had a heart condition and was denied medication when his mother brought it to him.

      I agree about not wanting to pay for people to stay in jail and get 3 meals, TV, and everything else…but in this particular case you are wrong sir, and should do more research before you say hurtful things about an Amazing husband, Friend, Cousin & most importantly Father to a little 9 year old boy who has NO Father…Read the article…Man Up..and have the decency to say..”perhaps” you had spoken too soon

  4. williams says:

    let that cop rot in that cell

  5. kendra says:

    you know that is not even necessary to use taser guns on us we are not horses u know.and i hate to say it but those cops or a cop is going to get off scott free and assigned to desk duty as if he didn,t do anything wrong and that is just tribble and cops have this blue code of selince which i think is absurd.when you do bodily harm to someone.

  6. Nick says:


    Use Real Guns!

    It’s SAFER!

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