NEW YORK (WCBS 880/AP) — Sen. Charles Schumer is calling for better rail security now that the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound has turned up plans to attack trains in the U.S.

“Anyone, even a member of al-Qaida could purchase a train ticket and board an Amtrak train without so much as a question asked,” Schumer said. “So that’s why I’m calling for the creation of an Amtrak no ride list. That would take the secure flight program and apply it to Amtrak trains.”

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Schumer said Sunday that he will push for the creation of a “do not ride” list for Amtrak. The list would be similar to the no-fly list that keeps those suspected of terrorism from flying into or out of the United States.

Notes and computer materials seized from bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan last Sunday showed bin Laden wanted to strike American cities again and discussed ways to attack trains.

Schumer is calling for increased funding for rail security in light of the new intelligence.

The New York Democrat says the U.S. must remain vigilant in protecting itself from future attacks.

How safe do you think the trains are right now? Tell us in our comments section below.

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  1. SmithWinston6478 says:

    Airport groping, invasive x-rays, and no-fly (or ride) lists are a charade to desensitize Americans to the coming police state. Honest law enforcement professionals will tell you they’re impotent gestures which do NOT enhance transportation security without profiling. If the bad guys are casing the joint, they’re laughing at us. Although Napolitano said “If you see something, say something”, the brave Federal Flight Deck Officer pilot in California was punished without due process for demonstrating TSA impotence. Our borders have been surrendered. The few border patrol officers we have are sacrificial lambs. We have a Trojan Horse in the Whitehouse. To call him a traitor is to insinuate he was once on our side. He was never loyal to America. He is demented by the jealous rage of his muslim father.

  2. Darrel says:

    Chucky and the Demoncrats. Never waste a good crisis, even if you have to create the crisis to begin with. Next will be TSA groping passengers before they board a train. Chuck You Schumer!

  3. Emery says:

    What we need is a DO NOT ELECT list for idiots like Schumer.

    1. EllieEnlightened says:

      Add to the list, Nancy Pelosii and Barney Frank

  4. hi says:

    Also, for those of you who are unaware, the problem is that anyone can purchase the Amtrak ticket and board the train. It’s not a matter of protecting the track, it’s a matter of preventing a dangerous terrorist from boarding a train and using it in the same manner as planes were used on September 11th. The security wouldn’t be so that TSA is standing around every inch of a track to make sure that nothing is happening… HELLO??… What is wrong with you? It is the make sure they know who is boarding the trains, verify that the person’s identification is legitimate, verify that the person’s identification matches the name on the boarding pass, and to prevent anyone who is a threat to our country from traveling on a train. If you are not a threat to the country, then you don’t have to worry about your rights being taken from you. How many of you posting here can say that you weren’t allowed on a plane because you’re on the no fly list? Yea… right…
    Do you not agree that we should take the necessary measures to protect and prevent against possible attacks on major transportation to and from major cities. It is NOT a question that there are threats to our trains. Why would the US not devise a plan to secure one of the country’s major forms of transportation? Seriously, have any of you ever even ridden on Amtrak? What is wrong with you for criticizing this? Think about what you’re saying…
    You can’t expect anyone to take your comment as a serious remark when you say something like “Schumer, go suck an egg.” YOUR LIBERTIES ARE NOT AT STAKE IF YOU’RE NOT A TERRORIST! All you need to do is have your identification and you can still ride on Amtrak just as you normally would.

    1. Michael McPherson says:

      Go drink some Evian water.

      1. hi says:

        I will, thank you. Enjoy your Dasani.

    2. MainStreet says:

      Why would the terrorist cell waste a good suicide bomber to blow up a train. All they would have to do is blow up the track in front it and save those precious terrorists for another day. I commuted by train to NYC for many years and the ticket was taken on the train. Now all procedures have to be changed, gates and security checks and thousands more government employees to enforce the lists. Also, if I were a terrorist, the first thing I would get would be a fake ID. Most teenagers have them. The list is a joke. Frisking children and little old ladies is a joke. Our government solutions would be a joke if their intentions were to solve the problems instead of controlling our lives.

  5. Charlie Mcarty says:

    I hope Chucky is the first one on the list. He looks and talks like a terrorist!

  6. Red Burton says:

    I think Schumer’s male interns would for sure be safer if they had a “Do Not Ride” sign clipped to the back of their trousers whenever they were working near Schumer.

  7. Carlos says:

    Is there a reason that California, with Diane Fienstein and New York with Schumer, are completely in bankruptcy? I can think of two.

  8. jgualt says:

    There is no reason to have a “do not ride list” for an expensive public transportation system that nobody is riding! Close the soviet style trainsportation, tax payer rip off down now! Shumer is an idiot!

  9. Poppy5 says:

    The ones we need increased security from is Shumer and the rest of the idiots in DC and governments all across the fruited plain. They are the biggest threat to our freedoms more than any terrorists.

  10. hi says:

    Are any of you regular Amtrak customers? I take Amtrak often to and from NY and DC, as well as NY and MA. There is absolutely not enough security boarding the trains. I feel 100% safe when I’m traveling via airplanes because our security is impeccable. However, ANYONE can easily board an amtrak flight. You are neither asked for identification on board nor before boarding. Therefore, anyone can use someone else’s boarding pass. This is quite frightening to think about. Also, there should be other preventative measures performed to ensure our safety. Really? Many of you are criticizing his other policies, for instance, calling him an “anti-gun nut-case.” Okay, great. Unfortunately, that is not the issue being discussed right now. Additionally, that holds no leverage in this issue being deemed as right or wrong. Think about why are country has been able to protect us from terrorists from other countries coming here and attacking us… because our security is excellent! They can’t get to us. However, that does not impede domestic terrorism whatsoever. It is necessary protect our Amtrak lines just as we would protect our flights. So, before you go to criticize something of this nature, consider whether you are a regular Amtrak user, and if so, consider whether you feel safe and/or 100% comfortable with the lack of security. I think Schumer’s plan is brilliant. Don’t criticize him because you don’t like him and/or his other policies. Stick to the issue being discussed.

    1. Bob W says:

      And you are a supreme idiot. Who pays you to write this syrupy drivel? Do you think you’re fooling anyone, troll?

      1. hi says:

        Troll? hahahhaha
        Good one, Bob. That is how you respond to logical reasoning, by calling me a troll? I happen to be a very attractive, well-educated (obviously….), and slightly privileged woman (hence why I can ride Amtrak). Enjoy your life of mediocrity BOB.

  11. Sonny says:

    A FUTILE EFFORT. Every foot of track is a potential vulnerability. There is no way to secure that much track. This will be a huge unnecessary violation of personal liberty and a huge waste of money.

  12. Enzo says:

    Did you know that a terrorist could just walk down the sidewalk? We have to have a “Do Not Walk List”.

  13. Max Ventilatin says:

    Following lib schmuck logic, it’s clearly it’s time to ban trains!

    Especially hi-capacity trains! New limit of 10 passengers per car– safety at ANY price!! The law-makers motto, because if just one train is saved, it’s worth every billion in lost/stolen tax money that those rotten rich people don’t need anyway.

    Thanks Herr Genius Schmuckie, just when I thought the Doofuss meter was un-peggable by you, you reached deep and made us Du Yawkers proud.

  14. Walljasper says:

    How about a “Do note elect” or “Unfit for office” list please.

  15. Jim Crane says:

    look up ‘pompus ass’ on wikipedia. guess whose picture is there!

  16. warren says:

    Amtrac has lost $ every year and is a waste of tax money! Why would a terrorist blow up an empty train. Where is this fool on ARIZONA SECURITY

  17. wsvoboda says:

    You have train tracks all over this country. Bridges that the trains pass over. So Chuck Schummer thinks that having a no ride list will protect passengers, OK. Here is what the politicians don’t seem to get, these people don’t care if they need to swap their lives to kill you, they will. If they die they get their virgins and a seat at the foot of Allah. They have grown up believing in martyrdom. We in the west have to kill them before they get a chance to become a martyr. It’s just that simple. I mean they want to call the place of the sea burial for Bin Laudin, the Martyr Sea. That is what we need to wrap our heads around.

  18. Renee says:

    This move has nothing to do with our safety! It’s all a ploy to take away our right to travel freely in our own country! These control methods are coming to a street near you. Try going to a ballgame! Wake up America, it’s almost too late.

  19. andrew izzo says:

    Do we really need a new TSA for trains? Why don’t we look at our forgien policy and see how to prevent attacks?

  20. candy99 says:

    Then why is there a do not fly list??? Oh thats right, only planes can be used in terrorist attacks…..

  21. Bryan Fitzgerald says:

    This is all about control, expanding the TSA and growing government first if there was something in Bin Laden’s Lair about the trains it made too the MSM in record time from raw data to a measurable threat in lightning speed.

  22. Dennis Johnson says:

    Hey Senator Schumer…..I have a better idea. Lets start a ” DO NOT RE ELECT LIST” , You will be at the top of the list!

  23. CHart says:

    “the People” need to form a new government to govern the current government which has gone corrupt!

  24. fredlave says:

    They don’t call him Schmucky Chucky for nothing.

  25. Michael H. says:

    Of course Jim has evidence of all of this and is on his way to the courts right now to file his suit!

  26. Webster's Dictionary says:

    Schumer: obvious, pathetic, self-serving, hack, dufus, failure, putz.

  27. Ed says:

    Oh Yeah, here it comes, TSA in the trains, then the buses and shopping malls.

  28. Scott says:

    Somebody put this moron on a Do-Not-Vote-List.

  29. C says:

    Hey, N.Y. vote this moron out!

  30. Greg c says:

    Schumer is an idiot ! It’s just the liberal democratic ploy to instill terrorist fear into everybody so that they vote for Obozo and get him in for a 2nd term…

  31. Wizard says:

    This government hoax on the American people is going to cost us our freedom, and our dictator is a Kenyan village idiot.
    Shumer is suffering from a messianic complex almost as bad as the world’s Joker who dreamed up the Osama farce

  32. Jubal says:

    Bugs was right. What a maroon. With respect to our crumbling and failing rail infrastructure, terrorists would be a blessing. Ride Amtrak? Not on your life. Known too many conductors and employees of that pathetic organization to place my life in their hands. The right-of-ways are so out of date, in such need of repair, that GAO estimates in 1990 came up with a bill of more than 50B just to get the ‘major’ portions up to spec. AND BO thinks more rail would be better? Would rather walk.

  33. Robert G says:

    Schemer is the poster child for moron.
    The Bin-Laden plan was to derail a train on a bridge. Well even a child with an IQ of 3 would know that you don’t derail a train by getting on it. So even is some do not ride list existed and ever terrorist in the world was on it, it would still do nothing to stop the attack Bin-Laden was planning.
    The best thing we can do is not listen to anything Schemer says. The only people stupider than Schemer and the people that keep voting for him.

  34. grunk says:

    Schumer the Nazi. How ironic.

  35. nomoregore says:

    I’m going to run on a ‘Don’t Eat’ platform. It will serve 2 purposes: (1) It will keep Al-Qaeda out of our restaurants; (2) It will include all obese people from expanding their fat arses.

  36. ew-3 says:

    Why not just investigate the people on the no-fly list and clear them once and for all or take legal action against them ?
    Why keep bothering the rest of us?

  37. NoFreedom says:

    We have become a nation oif cowards. Our government is now at the final stages of totally controlling the American people. We are fools and we are stupid. The greatest people in the world are told by our government to be “afraid” of bombs at the mall, airport, trains and they will protect us by taking away our freedom of speech, privacy and even our property. I am ashamed of us because “We the People will give up (give to our government) everything that our ancestors have fought and died for! For God’s sake! We have our youth fighting, dying and being mutilated over seas for what??? To protect us from what??? Bin Laden, a former CIA freedom fighter that we trained, gave weapons and money to, to fight the Russans? Now Bin Laden is dead!!! You fools, he has been dead for years and the US government is using this joke to scare us into submission and control.

    Now if a person videotapes the TSA then they get arrested??? What the hell?? People should be going in groups to airports with their cellphones and videotaping EVERY person being searched in security. What is the government going to do? Arest every American and throw them in jail?

    I will never post again….I am ashamed of the cowards we’ve become. We have the Constitution to stand with us. Peacefully standing up and saying you can’t and won’t do this to us. If you think our government cares about us and would never lie to us then google “Operation Northwoods”. This was a false flag that the military did in the 60’s to have an excuse to invade Cuba. Thankfully Kennedy said “NO! You guys are insane!” Then later he was killed.

    Don’t play into this….stand together as Americans…our children deserve to be free rather than a future of chains.

  38. Mr Hawkeye says:

    Schumer is slime. Anyway, lots of other ways to wreck a train or kill people.
    How about “a Do Not Ride list for Greyhound..or taxis…or NY buses?
    Go back to working on building a mosque at the twin towers site Schumer you slimeball.

  39. Crazy_Redneck says:

    How about a “Do Not Drive” list? Well, someone could set off a car bomb in heavy traffic. Maybe a “Do Not Walk” list? This method of walk by suicide bombing is prevalent in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Chuckles should be on the “Do Not Breathe” list…..

  40. ljcope says:

    Hey Senator, it is not a MANIFOLD,that it what is on a car. It is called a MANIFEST, which is a list of passengers/freight being transported. Makes me think that you don’t know what you are talking about

    1. JM in San Diego CA says:

      Sometimes I think he got his education from Ding Dong School

  41. MainStreet says:

    Let’s see, what do we have left? Boats, well the big ones are covered but we could check the rest of them. Cars and trucks still need Homeland Security coverage. Those could and have done some damage. Don’t think we have to worry about tractors. motorcycles, bicycles or golf carts, but I’m sure they are a topic of conversation in this administration.

  42. Rocky says:

    Manifest’s a manifest not a manifold.

  43. harry says:

    Its sad that the current Administrations over reaching, secretiveness, and outright lies have caused us to become so synical that we cant accept a common sense approach like this, just because it is suggested by one of them. We cant get rid of them if we lose our heads.

  44. Greg says:

    Amtrak police are sworn law enforcement agents with hundreds of hours of training. Let them do their jobs.

    Go back to hiding your CCW permit Chuckie.

  45. SailorAP says:

    Everybody getting on a train must then show I.D. and be cleared? Hate to be a commuter in NYC!

  46. Teflonron says:

    “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Schumer, go suck an egg.

  47. Sheila G says:

    Chuck Schumer’s new idea is just another attempt to GROW the government. IF he succeeds in his quest we will then have TSA in OUR train stations, subways and patting down the operators of the big train engines that move goods we depend on across the country. Then they will move on to bus stations, and then when we live OUR private homes to go to work each morning we will all be required to drive through the turnstyles so the TSA can check is we have anything we shouldn’t in OUR private car.The democratzi’s can’t protect OUR borders, but they can damn sure come up with more ideas of how to take OUR rights, OUR liberties, and OUR freedom as little bit more each day. WAKE UP, AMERICA AND VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT IN 2012 AND TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY THAT OUR ‘FAUX’ PRESIDENT IS TRYING TO DESTROY FROM WITHIN. Barack Hussein Soteoro Obama should be brought up on charges and removed from office sooner rather than later.Worse then Jimmy Carter? You got that right!!!!!!!!

  48. harry says:

    I do not like schumer… at all. This doesn’t sound like gubment over reaching to me… it sounds like common sense. I don’t see how having a list of bad guys will cost me any freedom. I want all of these dems out of office ASAP but but I don’t want to believe my brothers and sisters are the 70% that vote against this. Will you also vote against profiling? I won’t.

    1. MainStreet says:

      Common sense says that the list is useless unless there is a means to enforce it. Enforcement means growth in government and loss of freedom. Just common sense.

  49. MainStreet says:

    If I were still living in NY, I would be embarrassed that Schumer was my Senator.

    1. MR TADS says:

      the same people who made fun of palin. how do they feel about MANIFOLDS,
      twice he said it . the smuck it’s MANIFEST.

    2. Bob W says:

      I live in NY and am deeply embarassed he is my Senator. I and all other New Yorkers owe the rest of the nation an apology. He is a pathetic grandstander. I cannot wait to leave this state, but it’s hard to sell my property here because nobody wants to move here. With so many cretins in the Senate, I don’t know which state is without guilt. It seems politics in the US attracts some of the worst individuals humanity has to offer.

  50. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Hey Schumucky, the World you help create isn’t working.

    Freedon & Liberty now replaced by Screening and Fondling. Government Nirvana.

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