NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Former Giants Super Bowl star Plaxico Burress is set to get out of prison on June 6, a date that brings his wife to tears at just the thought.

“I just get tears in my eyes, happy tears,” Tiffany Burress told the New York Post’s Steve Serby. “(Plaxico will be) a free man and be able to come home back to this family.”

Burress, 33, caught the winning touchdown for the Giants over the New England Patriots in the final minute of the 2008 Super Bowl. But his fortunes turned in November of that year, when he went to a Manhattan nightclub with a gun tucked in the waistband of his track pants; he later said he had been concerned for his safety because a teammate had been held up at gunpoint days before.

Burress’ weapon slipped down his leg and fired, injuring him in the thigh. The bullet narrowly missed a security guard, prosecutors said.

The gun wasn’t licensed in New York or New Jersey, where Burress lived, and his Florida concealed-weapons permit had expired. He also failed to report the incident to authorities.

He pleaded guilty in August 2009 to attempted criminal possession of a weapon.

“I’m not angry with Mayor Bloomberg because I feel like you should divert your energy in a positive way, but I do definitely feel that Mayor Bloomberg did make an example of him,” said Plax’s wife.

Held in protective custody at an upstate prison because of his notoriety, Burress was turned down twice in bids for work release. Tiffany said she ran into Eli Manning recently, and Big Blue’s star QB had some encouraging words for her family.

“He just said … he couldn’t believe that [Plaxico] was actually in there for all this time,” she told Serby. “He told me to tell him that he asked about him.”

Giants general manager Jerry Reese has said the team will keep its options open with Burress.

For now, “we are grateful that Plaxico and his wife, Tiffany, and their children now know when they will be reunited and able to get on with their lives together,” team spokesman Pat Hanlon said in March. “As we have stated many times in the past, we feel that day is long overdue.”

“I love the Giants,” said Tiffany. “I just want to see him happy. Wherever he wants to go, I’ll just support that 100 percent.”

Giants placekicker Lawrence Tynes recently said in an e-mail to The Associated Press that he thinks of Burress often because his sons attend the same school as Burress’ son.

He deserves to be back in the NFL and if that opportunity comes from the New York Giants then he will be welcomed back with open arms from us in the locker room,” said Tynes, who was on the Super Bowl championship team with Burress. “I’ve always personally wondered why the Giants never issued his No. 17 jersey to anyone over the past two seasons. If it happens to be with another franchise then I hope he has nothing but good health and success.”

Should the Giants give Plaxico a chance at redemption? Sound off in the comments below…

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  1. Nicholas Ryan Frederick says:

    what did dante stallworth do didnt he kill someone thats what i thought the new york gun laws states mandatory prison time so we have to remeber that.but he def got hosed for real

  2. Joe says:

    If Napoleon (Bloomberg) was not trying to get re-elected he would have never mentioned Burress. What mayor talks about the crime of one man. Bloomberg is a narcissist, always looking for a way to get attention, when he brought up Burress… I was shocked. How could Burress get a fair trial after that. Midget Bloomberg controls Manhattan and its courts. Bloomberg changes laws so he can get elected. Bloomberg is the true criminal.

  3. mike jones says:

    Bloomberg Is an A@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ and should never be reelected. 99.99 of first time offender get probabtion. Not jail. Think of how much money New York state lost out on state income tax from Burress. not to mention it costs 300k to house him for 2 years. What a fricking JOKE.

  4. Kayrock says:

    it was a tragedy that a great giants player needed to be the example of one bad decision.He should of been given community service to speak to kids about how dangerous hand guns are. As for returning to the giants I say it’s about time. He was a big piece of the superbowl team and we need that dynamic player that is # 17 Burress.GGGGGG-unit

  5. kenji hundley says:

    yes plaxico should return to the nfl with the giants they are my favorite team plus everybody say me and plax look like brothers.

  6. John G says:

    After last year’s Eagles debacle, the Giants owe the fan’s as much as listening to our requests. Bring back Burress, and if the offense doesn’t put up 21 points per game, we can all point to the O-line again and have it addressed. No excuses to not win the NFC east next season.

  7. Bob Schutte says:

    I think Burress learned a good lesson but I don’t think he needed to be punished this long! I am a big Giants fan since I was little an still am at the age of 40. Burress is a great player I hope he comes back to the Giants so we can get another super bowl!! Burress is and will always be part on the Giants!!! It was great to read and here that the other players kept in touch with him to keep his spirits up while he was in custody. Burress god bless you and your family and I hope to see that #17 Giants jersey on you again!!!!!!

  8. Jr. says:

    The Giants will never bring Plax back………. They have moved on without him…

  9. jonnie says:

    FREE PLAX! I justhope they play football

  10. MCK says:

    I’m a Jet fan but Plaxico definitely got a raw deal! Rapists and murderers walk the streets on bail and serve less jail time yet this guy injured himself and he gets 2 years! True…he broke the law…but 2 years? Bloomberg is an idiot! By the way…wouldn’t mind seeing Plaxico in a Jet uniform next season!

    1. Ned Martinez says:

      Bloom T U R D had nothing to do with how much time Plaxico got. The law is the law in all 62 NYS counties. This was NOT NYC law. He might have gotten more time if it had occurred in Upstate Oswego County.

  11. mercantilist says:

    Bloonberg psushed to crucify this guy for not having his weapon permit renewed in New York, At the sam time he helps aliens break immigration law. I

    1. Ned Martinez says:

      You can’t re-new a Florida carry permit in NYC. It’s impossible, what are you talking about? For your information you can’t re-new a NYC carry permit in Montana or North Dakota either. Please know what your’e talking about before commenting.

  12. Dave in Tampa says:

    Insane justice. Jason Williams blew the head off of his limo driver and got 18 months…OJ carves up two people and is set free…Vick kills a bunch of dogs and get’s two years…plaxico shoots himself and get’s two years. Moral of the story…shoot others and not yourself.

    1. Ned Martinez says:

      He was convicted of Criminal Possession of a weapon NOT for shooting himself.

    2. J Guire says:

      I agree with *almost* everything you’re saying, but don’t forget that OJ wasn’t found guilty in his criminal trial, whereas J Williams and Vick were.

  13. Joe Keiser says:

    Plax is a good man. He got a raw deal in a political move. Bring him back to the Giants. He has heart!

  14. tonyr says:

    All we are saying………… is give Plax a chance

  15. stop the insanity! says:

    Nice comment Marcella! When will people wake up and rid themselves of these outrageous ANTI-gun laws? If your drivers license expired should you go to prison?

    They ruined some good years for this man and his family, FOR NOTHING!!! How many times have we heard this? Get involved and change these ridiculous laws and get rid of Bloomberg as soon as you can and make sure you don’t elect him to anything!.

    1. Ned Martinez says:

      Again what the heck does Bloom T U R D have to do with NYS LAW? He is the Mayor of NYC NOT the Governor of NYS! He does NOT sign into law NYS Laws! He has no more in the say of NYS Law than the Mayor of Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse or Rochester does. Obviously I’m no supporter of Bloom T U R D but please cut it out with these silly comments about him.

  16. Joe Cornelius says:

    He paid the penalty. Served his time. If he still had the ability to play NFL wide receiver, the NY Giants should absolutely take him back.

  17. marcella davis says:

    briing back plax,he has earned the right to show that this is his,OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN answered. THANK YOU LORD FOR BRINGING PLAX HOME SAFELY TO HIS FAMILY

  18. Glush says:

    Burress and Nicks in 2011?!!! That would be ridiculous.

  19. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    I think he should be Mayor Bloombergs butler now

    1. IRIS says:



  20. Carlos says:

    I hope The Giants listen to all the fans posting. I think he should be back and he owes it to his wife and family.
    Good luck Plax..

  21. Louie Buonaiuto says:

    Bring back Plax he absolutely destroys the Eagirls GMEN need that big time

  22. chris says:

    G Men make the right decision bring him back!!!!!! He’s a Giant and always will be!!!!!!!!

  23. erm says:

    bring back plax!!

  24. Redemption says:

    Hopefully he will come back as a focused team player. Sometimes a humbling experience can make one a better person more appeciative of their God given talents. Good luck.

    1. GMan1115 says:

      What do you mean a more focused team player? This is the same man that couldn’t practice all year because of a bad ankle and went out every weekend and gave his all until the final seconds of the Super Bowl. Oh yea he caught the winning touchdown. He made a mistake, when you make mistakes outside of work does that make you a bad employee???

  25. tonyK says:

    Bring Plax Back! It was stupid what he did, but cant blame him when Ghetto Rats are out there targeting those who are more successful than they are, especially when teammate of his, before the incidence, was robbed.

  26. Mr Sam says:

    If Vick, Irvin et al can be active in the NFL then I see no reason why Plax shouldn’t be given the opportunity to work out for any team that sees fit to give him a shot at a roster spot. He should be afforded the opportunity just like anyone else. He made a stupid mistake and paid for it.

  27. Jer says:

    Bring him back — If the Giants dont we will have to see him twice a year anyway. Im sure hte NFC east rivals would love a 6’5 playmaker in the red zone.

  28. Cindi says:

    if Michael was welcomed back to the NFL and celebrated as he was, than the NFL should throw a ticker tape parade trumpeting the return of Plaxico whose crime was not remotely close to the level of Vick’s. BRING BACK PLAX!

  29. Dave says:

    Bring him back, he made a stupid mistake, wasn’t cruel just extremely dangerous and I bet he’s learned his lesson. I always liked Plax

  30. GetOverIt says:

    It is ridiculous that Mr. and Mrs. Buress blame Mayor Codfish for the arrest, trial, and sentencing of Mr. Buress, who unrepentant for his stupid law-breaking. A sensible adult, afraid of possibly being mugged at a club, would have stayed HOME! Birdie-brain concealed an illegal weapn he didn’t know to use, and might have ended up singing soprano. If he’s as bad at playing pro sports …

  31. joey says:

    bring back plax! we need him!

  32. blue says:

    bring back plax!!

  33. Marc Weiss says:

    He did the crime and the time, so now it’s time to move on. Without a doubt he deserves a chance to play in the NFL. He made a stupid mistake that thankfully resulted in only his injury, not anyone else’s, but he could have easily shot one of the patrons in the club. NY’s gun carry laws are simply to follow. He made his choice and I think learned a very costly lesson. Here’s hoping he’s now a better person for it and can exploit his talents to their fullest over the remaining 3-4 years of his career.

  34. Let it Go says:

    What Redemption? The guy broke the law, served his time and gave restitution. End of story. What he did is easy to forgive and he should be able to go on withhis life as if it never happened. Even bringing up again once he is released is as if he is still being punished. I hope he continues on with his career and his life and it is a happy one.

  35. L. Woods says:

    Absolutely he should be given another chance! While he did break the law, he’s “Paid his d, but bt to society” and should be given an opportunity either with the Giants or some other NFL team. I’m not sure what age he is but I think he’s still young enough(a year away from the physicality of the league will certainly help him from that aspect) to help some team. I am certainly hopeful this awful experience will have ‘taught’ him a valuable lesson re: the benefits of freedom and the invaluable love that having a family can bring. Good luck to him.
    P.S. I’m not a Giants fan but I’m cheering foe Plaxico.

  36. JimmyMaz says:

    Definitely. Burress deserves the opportunity to come back and play with the Giants, and Coughlin would look very bad compared to Andy Reid if they declined to bring him back.

  37. Trish says:

    His crime was for carring a weapon without a license. He spend how long in prison??? He should had been fined and given community service…what a waste of tax payer money.

  38. plax#1fan says:

    bring back plax. i met plax a few years ago in physical therapy in lyndhurst,nj. i was there for something and he was there after he shot himslf in the leg. i chatted with him and he seems like a real nice guy. i couldnt believe how tall and lanky he was while standing next to him. if mike can come back after the dog thing, why cant we give plax a chance? he didnt hurt ansyone except himself.

  39. Yerucham Teitelbaum says:

    Bloomberg has abused his political and economic power for a narrow, extreme personal point of view. Plaxico is not perfect, but he’s not evil, certainly not even bad and i would say is a good person who chafes a bit against authority. Other sports figures had been attacked, robbed, etc just prior to his incident and he felt it necessary to protect himself.

    BLACK PEOPLE DON’T ALWAYS FEEL PROTECTED BY “THE SYSTEM,” and often feel they must protect themselves.

    I just happen to have lived on the extremes of “both sides of the tracks.”

  40. jonny says:

    Could you imagine Eli having both Plax and Hakeem as targets to throw to. Oh Boy!!!!
    I wish him luck and want him back with big blue!

  41. Stiles says:

    Excellent point blic! If Vick is given another chance after murdering animals then Plax definitely deserves another shot. Plus, the G-Men and the fans love him. Eli misses that big target to throw too…guaranteed.

  42. MRS. I. UNDERSTAND says:

    He’s young, hopefully he imprisonment was a learning experience for him. He’s a father and husband and has a responsibility not only to them but to himself. If he feels that he needs to carry a gun when he goes out then perhaps he should either hire a bodyguard or stay home.
    The time he has missed away from his children and newborn he can not change but will hopefully make it up and realize the detrimental danger if he gets into touble of this magnitude again.
    Good luck and I’m wishing him and his family all the best.

  43. blic says:

    Yes a major chance. It’s not like he was out to do harm.

    Didn’t kill any dogs as I’m aware.

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