BRIDGEPORT, CT (AP) – A 65-year-old Bridgeport man faces criminal charges after police say he called 911 to solve a beer emergency.

Raymond Roberge called the emergency number three times on Sunday. Authorities say when emergency personnel arrived at his home, Roberge offered them money to go to the store and buy him some beer.

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He was charged with misusing the 911 system and was freed after posting a $500 bond. Attempts to reach him Monday failed. His phone number is unlisted.

Police said this isn’t the first time Roberge has abused the system.  Since the beginning of this year, Roberge has used the emergency system 79 times, never for an emergency, according to the Connecticut Post.

Once, he allegedly offered authorities $20 and some loose change to sit with him.

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  1. A friend says:

    The man is very nice and lost all of his family tragically. He suffers from mental illnesses and sever depression. His father was Frank Roberge a successful and famous cartoonist. He means no harm. He needs help people. Be nice!

  2. jere says:

    I think there must be another sickness here (other than the obvious alcoholism) that is undisclosed. Until that problem is found, this will more than likely continue.

  3. jtorres says:

    He is obviously lonely. Fining him and arresting him is clearly not working. That’s probably the most exciting thing that hppens to him in life. Everyone who gets a telemarketing phone call should give out his number. He’ll have more people to talk to then he knows what to do with. He won’t be as lonely and he won’t have time to call 911.

  4. Trishe says:

    He’s lonely…so he drinks…sad

  5. Bell Toller says:

    amazing that the police repsond t this and not a murder call. Way to go

  6. ted says:

    at least he didn’t use it to arrange at rape like the cop ken moreno. by the way why wasn’t he arrested for that mis-use of 911, that part of the story he did admit to.

    1. Johnny Chenango says:

      Maybe if he was wearing a pink bra the police would’ve hung out with him.

  7. YoungStud says:

    old geeza need to get himself sum strange, ay!

  8. fred says:

    Sounds like they should take his calls more seriously, dude is obviously mental or extremely lonley. Get this guy some help for gods sake … no ? just keep finning him ? figures no help just tickets.

  9. joe says:

    dude is obviiusly lonley or a complete drunk. If the man is lonley sit with him for a while chrsit he was even willing to pay you I think they need to take his calls more seriously sounds like he is crying for help. DO YOUR JOB !

  10. Anthony Pepe says:

    its about time the police served some use. they should run errands for us. and pick up our dog poop. and do our dishes.

    1. chris says:

      Anthony Pepe, you’re an idiot! That is all.

      1. WOODSIDE MIKEY says:

        FxCK HIM !!!!

    2. Bell Toller says:

      They should hold my unit when I wee.

      1. Ignorante Elephante says:

        No! It is my unit they will hold!

  11. Richard T. says:

    This idiot is drawing upon police resources that could very well have been needed elsewhere on an emergency basis, and no, it is not funny.
    Perhaps he does need medication, but I would suggest that police start levying huge fines to those who abuse the 911 emergency telephone number.

  12. Larry says:

    Now that’s what I call needing a cold one!

  13. chuck says:

    the idiot cops were probably sleeping anyway….all he did was wake them up

  14. Tom Hoebbel says:

    911 is a public service i guess he thought so. To Funny

  15. Eric Seibold says:

    Gees, didn’t he know that even the cops can’t buy beer in CT on Sundays?

  16. RichieT says:

    Any person that makes a bogus call to 911, should be fined,10 times what it costs to respond to the call. Everything from the phone call. through when ever it’s officially ended. We’ve enough idiots in our government, that we’ve put there, that are pis**ing away our tax dollars, without doing it to ourselves.

  17. kds says:

    must be a nut job…

  18. David Flores says:

    hahahahahahha that is funny!!! dude is obviously lonely or needs meds

  19. Anne Hill says:

    people are so funny & stupid. lol!

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