BUCHANAN, NY (WCBS 880) – Standing at the front gate of the Indian Point nuclear power plant, with protesters just on the other side of the fence, Nuclear Regulatory Commission chairman Gregory Jaczko called his tour of Indian Point “very good.”

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi: The Chairman Was Satisfied

He got a tour of the spent fuel pool and met with Indian Point workers, Rep. Nita Lowey, and Rep. Eliot Engel.

Also present were four county executives from the Hudson Valley.

“We ultimately share the same goals, which is to ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants in this country,” he said.

He’s taking in all of the information and concerns.

“We believe, based on all the information we have now, that Indian Point continues to meet our standards and operate safely and securely, but where we identify problems, we’ll work to get those fixed,” he said.

As for the situation in Japan, a nation devastated by an earthquake and resulting tsunami that left nuclear reactors on the verge of total meltdown, he said, “I expect that we’ll learn some good lessons and I expect that they’ll be some changes to our requirements as a result of that.”

The NRC is conducting a study of nuclear plants’ susceptibility to quakes and has promised to make Indian Point a top priority.

Plant owner Entergy Nuclear says Indian Point could withstand an earthquake greater than any the area has ever experienced. It also noted that a tsunami is unlikely where the plant sits on the Hudson River.

Do you think Indian Point is at risk for an earthquake? Sound off below…

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  1. RichieT says:

    Think about how complicated the systems are that run, and maintain a nuclear reactor are. What was the level of technology 35 years ago. In 1976, a computer was almost the size of the box on a twenty foot box truck. Punch cards, and rolls of paper with holes punched in it, was how data was transferred between systems. What does it take to keep a car or truck running 35 years. Is there any part other then sheet metal,that doesn’t need to be rebuilt at least once in that length of time? Shut them down.

  2. RichieT says:

    Reactor # 1 was shut down in 1974, after running for 12 years, because it didn’t meet the current safety standards. Number 3, is 35 years old, number 2 is 37 years old. It sits directly above a fault line. There have been minor tremors, in towns on the east side of the Hudson for years. In ’81 over 100.000 gallons of water from the Hudson, leaked into the containment building for reactor #2. There was 9 feet of water in it when they finally discovered it. The warning systems had failed. They claim it’s safe.from a terrorist attack. On 9/11 one of the planes that took down the two towers at the trade center, flew within a couple of miles from Indian Point. The 2010 Census shows that 272,539 people live withing 10 miles. Over 17 million live within 50 miles. It’s 41 miles from Midtown Manhattan. There is no possible way to evacuate even 1/10th of that many people in an emergency. They want to extend the leases for another 20 years.

  3. Marilyn Elie says:

    Whether it is at risk from an earthquake or any other fast breaking scenario, we just don’t need Indian Point. It generates waste that is deadly for 24,000 years in order to boil water to make electricity. There are better ways to handle our energy needs like managing demand, and being more efficient and conserving. New York has a surplus of electricity now. NYC and Westchester get only 560MW from Indian Point – about 5% of what we use on a typical day. Not the full 2,000MW the plant produces. The rest goes elsewhere. Why should our neighborhood take such a big risk for so little electricity? The site is geared for electricity production. Decommission the reactors and generate electricity another way.

  4. WHY SHUT IT DOWN? says:

    The Town of Buchanan just issued Iodine pills to everyone, gee, let’s all rest easy.

    Indian point Reactor is built atop of two intersecting fault lines, but they are real deep.

    If something goes awry, the 20 million people nearby will just have to accept their fate like the Japanese.

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