Man Does Full-Monty, Yells 'Shoot Me' To Police Officers

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – That’s one rude nude dude.

The recent rash of bad behavior on New York City’s subways that has been caught on tape seems to have found another new low.

This time, an irate man on the #6 train apparently had some kind of meltdown.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on May 4, a man is seen in his underwear, shouting the N-word repeatedly, pants around his ankles. Apparently he already stripped off his shirt.

When asked to leave the train, he replies “YOU get the f*** off this train!”

Then the man screams “Shoot me! Shoot me, n*****!” apparently to a police officer. The officer is seen standing outside the train car, speaking into his radio.

“Wake the f*** up!” yells the man. “I’m insane, right? I’m insane.”

The man then apparently goes on to yell “F***in Jews!”

After bashing a train door’s window with his fist, the man goes for the Full Monty, sending the remaining shrieking passengers running.

The man then charged out onto the platform at Hunts Point Avenue. He accosted a woman on a stairwell, ripping a bag from her hands and smashing it against the stairs.

The police officer closed in on him, but the man ran down the stairs and apparently swung on another pedestrian.

That’s when the police officer, pedestrians and the naked man all grappled.

Some pedestrians can be heard remarking on the man’s behavior. Many seem to be videotaping him on a cell phone.

The man was ultimately brought under control.


It’s just the latest in a series of outrageous incidents caught on tape in the subway. Back in March, two women got into a fight over eating spaghetti on the train. In October, a young man identifying himself as “Bloody Loco” yelled at a cool rider, threatening to shoot him. And of course, there was the brave woman who got subway flasher Mario Valdivia arrested after confronting him.

What do you make of the incident? What’s with all the outrageous behavior on the subway lately? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. Richard Mendenhall says:

    Strange how this type of “racism” always gets reported by the MSM, yet a mob of black teenagers from Wisconsin can attack only whites while screaming ethnic slurs and the silence from the media is deafening

  2. Richard says:

    Obviously a black man in pancake makeup! These coloreds are just totally out of control. Something must be done!

  3. lo says:

    barefoot on the subway. eww gross.

  4. SubwayGuy says:

    I don’t see what the problem is here. Who hasn’t done this once or twice on the subway?..

  5. Born Again Bloomberg says:

    What did Donald Trump do on a #6 Train? What certificate is he seeking today? Now I’m really not votijng for him for President.

  6. Mental illness, always good for a laugh. So I take this to assume no real news took place in that tiny backwater Manhattan

  7. Ronnie says:

    Next time look around for something else, he could have been a distraction for something much worst about to happen. Be aware of where your attention is pointed and where it should be. He was naked, clue, no weapons unless they were enclosed and he was about to be detonated, yup I watch a lot of TV

  8. Arish Sahani says:

    Pure misuse of the freedom. Public need education respect others freedom too.

  9. Bond Girl says:

    IGood grief! The man is probably mentally ill. Instead of taking pictures, people should have called for help for him. He probably needs medical attention. We are so quick to demonize people when there are those who walk among us with mental disease. Instead of helping them we mock and laugh at them.

    Cameras and cell phones have made fools of all of us. This man probably has a family and a mother who knows about his condition and doesn’t like seeing him posted in a poor mental condition all over the internet.

    1. George says:

      With all due respect but is that what you’d say if let’s say he got to you in a subway alone and decided to groap you or do worst to you. Maybe by posting it up everywhere people will take notice of him and next time, know who he is and know whats up and what to do. I’m glad that no woman or child were attacked in a sexual way as for his parents, this is what happens when you are not taking better care of your sick child. Some people should be kept off the streets entirely.

    2. Jove Lauren says:

      i agree with you wholeheartedly, i pray that our current Mayor and Governor take a closer look at this prevailing situation because it’s getting out of hand, unfortunately New Yorkers have gotten so used to this behavior that it sometimes goes unnoticed until it becomes major. This is rather sickening and it’s nothing to laugh at or ridicule, these are mentally ill people who need help and a lot of these people are homeless individuals and we never stop to notice until it effects us and that’s a dangerous way of thinking because this means that they can pounce at any time.

    3. claude says:

      i think you have your head up your ass, everybody thats acts stupid is not mental retated

  10. James Johnson says:

    I’ve been on the subway in Rio de Janeiro, Athens, Washinton, D. C., and Barcelona and they are no way nearly as nasty as New York’s subway system. I love New York, but I need to hurry up and get my car up here. I’m tired of the filth, people asking for money, and the bumpy rides.

  11. Richard says:

    Anyone else notice the high correlation between crazy and racist? Think about it!

  12. Willy Makeit says:


  13. LaFeria says:

    Signs of the Times – social breakdown accelerating!

  14. JOHN BROWN says:


    1. chavisbro7 says:

      what did u expect for him to do shoot him…he was evidentally call for assitance

  15. Khant says:

    Am glad this was a white dude. Had he been black or latino all the racists on this site would have been pushing themselves out of the way to have a go.

    1. bill burns says:

      You are right. Coloreds can’t be blamed for this, just the other 12,675 crimes committed today.

      1. chavisbro7 says:

        yeah bill this white dud just fits in with all the massacre and rasism the white people have inflicted over the years

    2. Khant says:

      So true, chavis, so true. We blacks are all innocent kind-hearted folk. Why, just the other day, I helped an old white lady cross the street. Even though I could’ve taken her purse, I did not.

  16. caleb says:

    What is Mayor Communistberg going to say about this?

  17. Patrick Yee says:

    Only in the U.S. can punks, such as he, dare walk around naked and act crazy. In other countries, you’d face harsh penalties. Woohoo for a deviation from the mainstream.

  18. Bob Fowler says:

    I miss the 6 Train. From 125th to Pelham Bay, the sights and shows were always a cut above. Living in suburbia takes away that chance to be entertained every day, all for the cost of a ride on the subway.

    I do like the part of the story where they say he ‘apparently had some kind of meltdown’. Ya think?

  19. RP says:

    I think it’s more disturbing that so many people feel the need to tape it (and every other tidbit of their lives).

  20. Mr.G says:

    Give the guy a brake. You know that the subways are hot down there. He was trying to keep cool.

  21. Ray Kelly says:

    If he was wearing a pink bra the NYPD would’ve followed protocol: cuddling and Bon Joviality.

  22. HARLEM GOING HAM says:


  23. Ellen says:

    Shouldn’t be going around showing off your short-comings

  24. floyd bannister says:

    all i want to know is where was he holding his metrocard?

  25. JIM says:


  26. brooklyn4ever says:

    He’ll go to the nuthouse where he belongs, Thank the lord he was not black or latino and shot and killed or else you’d see his moms on TV saying what a good boy he was. Give me a break.

  27. jtorres says:

    Why is anyone surprised? It was a little over the top but not by much. Not for New York and definately not for the subway, The only reason the cops tried to grab him was becuse he became violent. If he just sat there quietly, no one would probably have even noticed

  28. Bell Toller says:

    police bruatality. lawsuit a must

    1. HARLEM GOING HAM says:


  29. I use to Care says:

    Dylan said it best ‘Peole are crazy and times are strange, I’m locked in tight, I’m out of range…. I use to care but ……. Things have changed”.

  30. ZagYee says:

    lol, too funny. Whats even more funny is that bystanders had to subdue the kid while the cop cant do it on his own. Pathetic.

  31. The Asiatic Black Man says:

    interbred Albinos at it again

  32. jB says:

    Welcome to NYC – 1979

    1. jb says:

      Back then it wasn’t news. It was part of your journey.

    2. Effin Biggie says:

      HA! yeah baby, True!!!

  33. L. Woods says:

    History emphatically supports “J” premise that yes, had he been a black or a Latino male he would’ve been treated differently which remains a sad commentary on the state of affairs in this city. Secondly, I agree with Peter too because in this city the bizarre actuallly has become the “norm.” Have a great day everybody.

  34. J says:

    if he were black or latino, he would’ve been pumped full of lead when he cussed out the police officer. he was allowed to physically accost people and THEN tackled? give me a break.

    1. voiceofreason says:

      if he were black or latino his wee wee would have been bigger

      1. badman says:

        Puitzer prize for journalism to voiceofreason!!!!!!!!!

    2. rob says:

      Actually J.
      I was in Whitehall station about 4 years ago, when it was the old station and there was a black man yelling all kinds of anti white stuff, and when mixed races told him to shut up he just got worse and more agitated. I was shocked he didnt push anyone on the tracks. Unfortunately, he wasnt pumped with bullets because I am sure he is in jail now for something.

  35. Peter says:

    this is normal for NY !!!

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