NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — To help offset the rising cost of attending prom, a Brooklyn community organization gave away dresses for students in financial hardship.

The Brooklyn College Community Partnership (BCCP) held its 2nd Annual “Belle of the Ball” prom dress giveaway for students involved in the organization’s after-school program.

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Two hundred students attended the event at Brooklyn College, where over 300 dresses lined the racks, walls and doors.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Reports From Brooklyn College

One student, named “Angelina,” spotted the perfect dress for her prom.

(credit: Al Jones, 1010 WINS)

“I found this purple, lavender dress and it’s really long and I love it,” she told 1010 WINS’ Al Jones while displaying the dress.

Shoes, handbags and even makeup were donated in addition to the dresses.

One of the organizers, Denise Paige, said all of the donated items were “all current fashion.”

“You know it’s not the old lady, frumpy. It’s not their mom’s prom dress,” she said.

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    1. nonyabizzness says:

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    1. nonyabizzness says:

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  6. FollowingTeenParticipant says:

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    1. nonyabizzness says:

      I do understand. Perfectly

  7. FollowingTeenParticipant says:

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  8. FollowingTeenParticipant says:

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    1. nonyabizzness says:

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  9. FollowingTeenParticipant says:

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    1. nonyabizzness says:

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  10. followingTeenParticipant says:

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    1. nonyabizzness says:

      black enough for the handout though?

    2. nonyabizzness says:

      This sentence was put together by a college graduate. I sure feel for the Country.

  11. lori says:

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    1. nonyabizness says:

      Yeah and damn proud of it

  12. bertha hughes says:

    For all the negative remarks; listen real good, you are your fathers children;
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    1. NoMoreHandouts says:

      Thank you for showing your ignorance. Those people you claim were “stolen” from another nation, were, in truth, SOLD BY THEIR FAMILIES. Not Stolen. Even back then, anything for a few coins.. gettin’ paid, that’s all that mattered. Go head on and sell Unca Joe, we doan need him ennyway. Oh, and the first slave owner in the US? Black man. He sued to have the right to own slaves. This is all on the record; it’s fact. Perhaps you should spend more time educating yourself and less time writing, since it’s apparent you aren’t any good at it. Also, Africa is a continent, not a nation.

    2. nonyabizzness says:

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    3. nonyabizzness says:

      You people are gonna find the well dry one fine day. I cannot friggen wait. Then what? What are you gonna do when their are no more handouts. Will you then finally join the rest of us? Or will you always be a failed culture?

  13. bertha hughes says:

    Prom Queen, your comment speaks volumes about your ethnicity,morality,
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    knowledge.” Get EDUCATED!!!!

  14. bertha hughes says:

    won’t you be surpised when on the last day of this life you find that our creator is black

    1. DaTruf Hurtz says:

      HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA! Great! That was hysterical!!!!

  15. Nonya says:

    Why is it that of all the people in America “they” always seem to be the ” less fortunate”? They have so many more programs dedicated to them and only them. No others can get in on the freebies. No others can get on welfare so easily. No others line up in droves at the word free. It is not free. We pay for everything giving to them. My question is when will it end? Yes, what America did was not a good thing. Yes, it was wrong. But it is high time that they were made to stand on their own two feet. Do you not think that this economy effects ours as much as yours? You should feel guilty but I know you will not. You will always have the old arguments to fall back on. Always upset that you did not get more when you stuck your hand out. I see it as the main reason that we will always rise above most of you. And the truth is you do it to yourselves. You have someone in the highest office in the land. Voted in by many of our own. Do not tell me no we did not vote for him. You cannot back up that lie. You are still a minority in numbers though not perks. If we did not he would not have one. End of discussion. So most of the old ways are dieing. The truth is that We The People can no longer afford you. I mean blacks, white, all of us. You on the other hand will help to break this country. Where will you go then. No one else will put up with this nonsense. I say give it all back. Support someone who has supported you. Get off your mothers tit. Older children are not allowed a share of Mothers milk. You folks drain the tit dry and wonder why we are beginning to have had enough. I bet more than a few of you feel this way. I sure hope so.

  16. TomNJ says:

    I wonder if all you people with the racial comments would have the guts to get out from behind your safe little computer screens and say this sort of thing in public. And for the record, I am white, but I am not a racist and I will not post anything I would not stand behind. I have the feeling most of you big mouth idiots are cowards getting out your frustrations. Unfortunately, these girls who have these dresses will log on to see their story here and have to see your pathetic rantings. Bet you never though of that, did you?

    1. NoMoreHandouts says:

      Actually, yes, most of us DO say these things out from behind our little computers. Unlike you, who sit and fume quietly while thinking the SAME THINGS we say. Why? Because we speak the truth and you know it. This is just another way these overly-entitled idiots dupe the system. Food Stamps, Section 8, TANF, WIC.. They’re given everything they need to survive without having to work a day in their lives. Then they complain that they’re not getting enough! So, misguided whites, burdened by guilt they should not have, do things like this… How many underprivileged whites got free prom dresses? I’m betting none, or very few.
      As far as these “girls” seeing these comments.. why.. yes, that’s the whole point. They need to know exactly what we think of their Gibs Me Dat nonsense.

      1. TomNJ says:

        Your a moron

    2. DaTruf Hurtz says:

      I say these things and more everyday. I have too, I keep running into witless morons like yourself in my daily adventures!

  17. T. Williams says:

    All these comments are raycis. We blacks invented lots of things that you steal and claim was yours. We blacks built this country. Now we have a black man as presadent. I work hard driving the subway train so I dont have to come home to read these raycis comment about some young girls getting prety for there prom.

    1. TomNJ says:

      We all built this country. Not one race. It’s time to be Americans and leave the black/white stuff alone.

  18. AFNenlighten says:

    The free tents should only be available in bright orange and come with handcuffs, since the sheboons will be wearing both soon anyway.

  19. R. Roberts says:

    Good idea! Everyone deserves to have memories of their prom.

  20. kendra says:

    i think that is the most generous thing people could do for each other to help some1 less fortunate then them and may god really bless them more.

    1. DaTruf Hurtz says:

      I totally agree… Let’s stop giving them free money and just give them free dresses from now on. Much cheaper!

      1. DaTruf Hurtz says:

        In fact, my local Savers has a truly WONDERFUL selection!

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