FLORAL PARK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A 9-year-old boy, riding his bicycle on a sidewalk in Floral Park, was struck and killed Thursday by an out-of-control SUV operated by a teenager getting a driving lesson.

Police said the 16-year-old girl made a wide turn from Plainfield Avenue and drove up onto the sidewalk on Martha Terrace striking Andrew Burrous and his mother, 49-year-old Kathy Burrous around 6:20 p.m.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports: Mother Says The Accident Happened So Fast 

A memorial is seen where 9-year-old Andrew Burrous was struck and killed in Floral Park (credit: Mona Rivera/1010 WINS

Andrew, who loved playing soccer and Little League baseball, was taken to Long Island Jewish Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

His mother, who was struck while walking near her son with the family’s two dogs, was treated and released from the hospital.

Kathy Burrous told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera that the accident happened so fast she was stunned.

“The car came from behind us and hit me on my left side, and went up on the sidewalk — hit him on the bicycle,” Burrous said. “I didn’t see what happened after that because the car spun me and I went down.”

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports: Driver Not Expected To Be Charged

The teenage driver and her mother, who was in the front passenger seat giving her daughter a driving lesson, were not injured.

Police believe the driver, who had a learner’s permit, must’ve hit the gas pedal by mistake.

Burrous told 1010 WINS that she doesn’t understand why the mother was giving the teen a driving lesson in Floral Park in an area surrounded by houses and people.

“It’s not the place to do it,” Burrous said.

No charges have been filed.

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  1. RichieT says:

    I don’t know if they own any other vehicle, but an SUV is an awfully big car to give driving lessons in. Even in a normal situation, they take a long time to finally stop.

  2. Luz says:

    There is no forgiveness for the recklessness of an adult.

  3. Floral Park Community says:

    Can we all just sit back and think about the big picture…we lost a perfect boy from this commuinty and his mother will never be able to kiss him good night again. So instead of all of the negative feed back, why dont you say a prayer for all of the families involved, that they will have the strenght to put one foot in front of the other to make it through this oh so difficult time.

  4. kendra says:

    i am sure that the kid getting driving lessons didn,t mean it and he is feeling very pained by all of this…that is why we must tell our kids they must stay focused when driving for the firsdt time in there lives.

    1. Vienna Joe says:

      The driver was not a “he” ‘kendra’, you really should read the article prior to posting your comment: “Police said the 16-year-old girl made a wide turn from Plainfield Avenue and drove up onto the sidewalk on Martha Terrace striking Andrew Burrous and his mother, 49-year-old Kathy Burrous around 6:20 p.m.”

    2. passinthru says:

      kendra, please don’t ever teach anyone to drive. Do you think ‘staying focused’ would have helped her keep off of a sidewalk???

    3. Glenwood, Fl neighbor says:

      driving lessons by a professional

  5. Vienna Joe says:

    Hmmm, SUV, mom chatting or texting on cell phone rather than instructing the driver in training? Who knows? God bless the deceased child, may he rest in peace. A car in the hands of an inexperienced or inattentive driver is a lethal weapon.

  6. Noelle says:

    Having grown up in NJ, I am confused about the whole “mom giving her daughter a driving lesson” idea. In NJ, your parents do NOT give you lessons. Lessons are taken either during school in a driver ed course or you pay for private driver’s ed course. In both cases the cars have brakes & steering on both sides of the car (for student & driver instructor). After completing the proper amount of driver hours, then & only then is one issued a permit which allows you to drive with a parent or other adult until a road test is taken.

    When I had driver’s ed, I was taught to drive on the highway & residential areas NOT in a parking lot. And as for an SUV, I don’t think it’s wrong to learn to drive in one. And no where in the article does it mention the type of SUV, so it could something small like a Honda CRV for example.

    So, if this girl had her permit was she actually having a lesson? Or was she just driving with a permit having completed driver’s ed? And let’s think about all the older/elderly people who have done the same thing.

    For all intents & purposes this sounds like a tragic accident ( assuming she wasn’t on her cell phone) & you never know what you will do in an emergent situation. You may think you do, but until you’re in the situation you really don’t know.

    However, in the end we must remember that an innocent little boy lost his life today & no amount of criticism will bring him back or help either family have a normal life again.

    1. Long Islander says:

      It was a yellow Nissan X-Terrra.

  7. jen says:

    Why not pay for driving lessons?
    I told my son, “No way,take lessons from a professional”
    These stupid housewives

    1. SUVdriver says:

      I completely agree with you!
      I bet the stupid housewife is willing to pay hundreds of dollars on her hair and nails and such but not for driving lessons for her kid. Cheap were they shouldn’t! I bet she would buy her daughter an expensive purse but not for driving lessons.
      Stupid, Stupid , Stupid!
      Can’t protect people from their themselves.
      I bet this mother thought she would save money by teaching her daughter herself.
      Sure blame the SUV as if she hit the child with a smaller car the child would have lived.

      1. Long Islander says:

        The kid was hit chest high and by the steel bumper/grill of the X-Terra. Had the kid been hit by an Accord or a Prius, he’d likely would have been impacted much lower causing broken legs and hip and not the vital organ areas in the torso. There’s no justification for driving an all terrain truck in an urban setting. The X-Terra has steel pipe bumper guards. The kid had no chance.

      2. Nema says:

        SUVdriver; “I’LL bet “your are as STUPID as you ranting suggest!

  8. Prayers for Floral Park says:

    Everyone has a right to their opinion. With that said please remember they are just opinions. I have lived in Floral Park for a short time and the amount of sorrow that this small tight knit town has gone through in the last two years is devestating. We have lost many young adults and children for various reasons. To ask why, is senseless. No answer will ever justify their loss. Each and evey young adult and child who has died in our town has left a void in the lives of everyone that new them. What we sometimes don’t see right away is the happy memories that they have left inside each and every one of us. I am greatful to have know a few of the beautiful children that we have lost.
    I hope that the pain and sorrow that the family and friends of our deceased children will be overcomed by happy memories that their loved ones have given them during the time they where here. As a parent of a third grader at Andrews school, we will always remember the sweet, loving little boy our children where honored to have known.

    These losses should never happened, their is no reason why the life of a young innocent child needs to end at the hand of someone else.

    Our town needs thoughts and prayers at this time, not negative fingerpointing opinions. Whether right or wrong those responsible will be judged when their time comes.

  9. pay wahun says:

    It’s about time for DMV to subject new drivers to a minimum road lessons with authorized instructors before allowing friends and families who are not trained to offer lessons. New drivers should be subject to a minimum road lessons and the 5 hour class before approaching DMV for learners permit.

    The benefit of such of such regulation far outweighs the consequence of not having it.
    Most accidents involving new drivers go unreported as owners of vehicles involved take on the responsibility to repair for fear of increased insurance rates.

    1. Nema says:

      pay wahun; like suvdriver, you are another IDIOT!

      1. AJS says:

        Okay, Nema, what do you have against professional driver training? Twice now you’ve called people “idiots” or “stupid” for advocating it. I’d like to know what your reasoning is.

        I grew up in a state where newly of-age drivers are required to have 30 hours of classroom instruction plus in-car training before getting the learner’s permit. Additionally, there is guidance available for parents on the safest ways to instruct their kids to drive, and they would do well to take advantage of it. I’m fairly certain that no authority would advocate having a very new driver practice on a crowded and narrow street for one of her first times on the road.

  10. Myra says:

    My condolences to the boys family. I feel terrible for the girl involved, however I don’t understand parents teaching kids to drive in an SUV. I’ve been driving for many years and driven many different cars including SUVs and I gotta tell you these are not cars you want to teach children to drive on. I know even the smallest car can kill a person, but children should be taught to drive on smaller cars that have less power and better visibility for the driver. There is an incredible difference between driving a Corolla and an Explorer. I myself am in the process of teaching my daughters to drive. We practice Sunday mornings when there is very little traffic on wide open streets until I feel comfortable enough to let them drive on a more crowded situation. Its just common sense.

  11. rob says:

    I hold the mother giving the driving instructions accountable in this one. No parents can be in their right mind to be giving driving instructions in a SUV. If ever one was doing this then there will be no driving schools left to teach. Throw the book at the mother that’s giving poor driving instructions. Murder 1.

    1. Nema says:

      rob; you are acertifiable NUT. “if ever one was doing this(?) then there will be no driving schools left to reach” WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?? MURDER 1?? You are another IDIOT on the loose!!

  12. Allen Rags says:

    Jeez…exactly what I was doing with my 7 tear old yesterday after school…we were partially riding on the side of the road also even thou I was nervous. Never again! Too dangerous.

  13. Flynn says:

    Seriously…what the hell is wrong with some of you people? A family has lost their young son. A girl has to live with the guilt of a tragic mistake for the rest of her life. Can’t you losers just look at it at face value instead of making wildly speculative and inflammatory pre-judgments?

    Or do you have nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon than be tools?

    1. ValleyStreamer says:

      Flynn, yours is the only good comment on this whole page.

  14. david says:

    I live in Floral Park and saw all the ambulances fly by as I walked home last night. I am disgusted by all the people who are casting stones at this poor young girl who obviously panicked and made a terrible mistake that she’ll live with for the rest of her life. This was a horrible tragedy for all involved. But to call this poor girl a murderer or an idiot is completely wrong and utterly cruel. I will pray for Andrew and his family – that somehow, some way they can find some comfort. I don’t know how that will happen, but casting stones at this poor girl will not help.

    1. Tim says:

      David, would you feel the same way if the deceased was your son???

  15. JIm M says:

    What a tragic accident. To all those involved: please look at this for what is was, a tragic accident. The young girl now has to live with this lifelong memory and guilt of knowing her actions caused a death. The girls mother has to live the rest of her life with the “what if I only had been more cautious”, while the boys mother will forever feel the pain of losing a child. I will pray for all involved to find forgiveness for themselves and others while also praying for the wounds to heal quickly.

    1. Pina says:

      You said it Best….What a tragic and terrible terrible accident, I will also pray for all…its such a shame what a horrible tragedy…

  16. kat says:

    Bad parenting…. you play, you pay.

  17. Friday says:

    Oh how terribly heartbreaking. I live in FP and drive on Plainfield every day. Probably not the best spot for a driving place but it was such a tragic accident. I dont think that anyone did anything wrong. Just the wrong place, wrong time etc. My heart goes out to the family of the little boy and also to the teenager and her family.

  18. Richie says:

    This story is heartbreaking for a dad like me to hear that an all american boy named Andrew getting killed by a 16 year old teenager who could’nt distinguish the brake from the gas pedal. I have been driving for almost 34 years and have never been that stupid to hit the gas pedal in an emergency situation. I say she be banned from ever getting her drivers license. Driving on the real road is not like a video game.

    1. Caroline says:

      As a 19-year-old right now I know how nerve-wracking it is to learn how to drive. When you’re nervous and driving, you sometimes forget which way is up and which way is down because you’re concentrating so hard on steering. I don’t know where you learned how to drive, but I think this happened for me at least the first three times I drove.
      Sure, Plainfield Ave. is a bad spot to learn how to drive, and sure the girl was nervous. I only got my license 2 years ago so I personally know how she felt when she was driving behind the wheel. I may not know the emotions she’s running through right now, but I know that she had to have been nervous while driving. And I know from driving with my parents while practicing it may have not been the best idea to go with your parents. My mother refused to drive with me in the car, which would make me tense because she’s yell at me for doing something wrong every other second.

  19. jtorres says:

    I feel terrible for the child and for his mother but that’s why they are called “accidents” I refuse to crucify the girl and her mother because she hit the gas instead of the brake. She didn’t confuse the two or not know the difference. I’ve read a lot of comments of people who have lost control of the car say the same thing. It was a mistake. I know if I took a life in an accident I’d never be able to get behind the wheel again. Ever. Maybe neither will she.

  20. brooklyn4ever says:

    It’s very tragic for everyone involved, but at the same time, I am sure that the girl and her mother did not say when they woke up “Let’s go find us a little boy and run him over”. Everyone was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The girl obviously panicked and hit the gas instead of the break. It happens more times than you’d like to think whether you have been driving 20 years or 20 minutes. I pray for his soul, for his mother not having to live with a son, and for the girl and her mother who will have this on their heads for the rest of their lives.

  21. Former LIer says:

    Used to live near FP years ago…the location for a new driver might have been inappropriate but is irrelevant. A parent who puts themselves and their daughter in this situation should be in a hyper-vigilant state every second the car is moving…if this was the case the mother would have been able to grab the wheel in a millisecond to to steer the vehicle anywhere but towards two human beings. If, as someone above suggested, the mother was both eating and talking on a cell phone, she should be charged with negligent homicide (again, if this is, in fact, true). My deepest condolences to the family who lost their young son. This is an unspeakable tragedy.

  22. Long Islander says:

    I live in the village and am saddened by the loss of yet another of our young. Fundamentals of driving should not be taught in a 4×4 SUV but small cars are few in number in Floral Park, going to a little league game here is like battle of the Momster trucks. Mothers no longer want the stigma of the minivan and now “need” a 4×4 Escalade to bring the 2.5 kids for ice cream, very sad indeed.

  23. p8nt says:

    Poor kid, The driver and her mom are morons!

  24. D. Welch says:

    Tragic – but it seems a lot of you are rushing to judgement on the side of the driver and her mother – who may have been on the cell phone when it happened. There seems to be some serious mis-judgement on the part of mother here – whether it’s criminal is something for the DA to sort out. But for God’s sake, err on the side of caution when it comes to driving – it sounds like this girl didn’t even have enough experience to know the brake from the gas peddle – she pushed a car 100 feet! according to N. Hudson!

    1. Nancy Hudson says:

      I have to correct a mistake. She pushed the parked car about 45 feet, but she traveled 100 feet before even stopping. Anyway, if you saw the damage to the parked car, you wouldn’t have believed it.

      1. D. Welch says:

        Sorry to hear that you had to witness the whole thing. 40+k people die on our roads each year – not to mention all the maimed and disfigured. That’s one 9/11 every three weeks. or so. In almost every case, it could have been avoided with just a little bit of better judgement . Both my grandparents died in an auto accident – 1 second of poor judgement and those near and dear to you have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

  25. David Ruffin says:

    I have trained two two teenagers, now in their 20’s to drive. Never in a million years would I have taken them to such a narrow, congested street if either of them was so clueless as to mistake the brake for the gas pedal. Of course this was an “accident” – the mother and the teenager didn’t intentionally go out to run people over. So what would you like to call it? Stupidity? Idiocy? Disregard for your fellow neighbors? Irresponsibilty? The parents of this poor little boy should be screaming at those two morons…..”what were you thinking, you psycho idiots??????”

  26. BrooklynCyclone says:

    NYS driving law states that a driving lesson has to be given in a vehicle outfitted with a brake pedal on the passenger side so that an instructor can stop the vehicle if the student loses control.

    1. CM says:

      So parents aren’t allowed to teach there kids to drive in NY without a special car???

      1. driving instructor says:

        Only partially true – a car with a brake is only required by a permit driver when driving in one of the 5 burroughs – that does not include Nassau, Suffolk or Westchester

    2. Nancy Hudson says:

      If that’s a “law,” then why were no charges filed?

    3. MissT says:

      NYS law applies to drivers ed teachers. They are requried to have a brake on the passenger side while teaching a child to drive. This girl had her permit already, she was legally allowed to drive the car as long as she was accompanied by someone who’s had their license for a certain amt of years.

    4. Paul says:

      NOT TRUE. That is New York City law, not NYS law.

    5. M123 says:

      That’s 100% false. Look at the DMV’s website. That rule only applies within New York City. As Floral Park is in Nassau County, you don’t need dual brakes when driving with a learner’s permit, only a parent present in the vehicle.

  27. Lindsay says:

    The police report stated they had just left mcdonalds and mom and daughter were eating in the car. Maybe if the fat mother had gone on a diet this little boy would be alive. Plus the mother was on her cellphone at the time as well, bet you assclowns didn’t know that?

    1. CM says:

      This was not in the article, so how could any of us “assclowns” have known about it. Where did you see a copy of the police report?

      1. Nancy Hudson says:

        That’s what I wanted to know. And who do you think you’re calling an assclown? I stood there and watched that little boy die.

    2. Sam says:

      @Lindsay, this was not in the article. How would you know what was in the police report. Its not even done until a few days after the accident. You really sound like a moroon.

      1. carlrosen says:

        Actually he’s a “maroon” moron.

    3. Marie McCarthy Floral Park says:

      This was a tragic accident. Your statement is hash and cruel at best. The accident report for such a tragic accident is more then likely not even finished yet, let alone a copy being given to the likes of you. I don’t know of one person that has not been in a near accident due to something they themselves have done ( including me) If you live by the sword – you die by the sword. One day this is going to bite you in the ass.

  28. Nancy Hudson says:

    This horrible accident happened on my block, and my daughter and I were there, not only to see Andrew, but to see how devastated the driver and her mother were, especially when they found out that Andrew didn’t make it. Since I do know the area, I have to say that Plainfield Avenue is NOT a street to be teaching a 16 year old how to drive. It’s just too busy a street, with lots of cars and people walking everywhere, and the block she was turning on, Martha Terrace, where I live, is so narrow that we’re only allowed to park on one side of the street, yet it’s a two-way street. It’s definitely not a place to be learning how to drive for the first time. I’m convinced she must have panicked and hit the gas instead of the brake, because not only did she hit the boy, but she then pushed a parked car about 100 feet into a tree, completely totaling it, front and back. Some serious speed had to have been involved to do that much damage. I just feel very sad for everyone involved. One family lost a beautiful little boy, and a 16 year old girl has to live with the fact that she killed that little boy for the rest of her life. Rest in peace Andrew, and God bless everyone else involved.

    1. Janet Masdsaro says:

      This is just a tragic accident and that little boy suffered from it. The driver and her mother will have to live with this the rest of their lives. Andrew’s mother will never get over the loss of her son, and want to hold him constantly. All parties involved have suffered.
      I do agree with you that Plainfield Avenue is a very busy street to be giving a driving lesson, especially a first lesson. this had to be a mistake of pedals as well as pure panic. I grew up in Floral Park and since have moved. My father never took me on busy streets to practice. It was always in a school parking lot, and once mastered imaginary cars, then took me out on the streets.

  29. robert says:

    For those of you who are condemming a young girl and her mother for a terrible accident I am appaled. They will have to live with this memory every time they get into a car. Its so easy to be judge and jury and exectioner. May God give the families involved the strenghth and fortidude to get through this. And for those who judge remember who the final judge is.

    1. luz says:

      People are upset, a young boy taken too soon from us. Her actions that day were reckless, u dont teach a child how to drive on plainfield avenue which is busy and turn into a tight residental block.

  30. D.R.Whatswrongwithme says:

    I suggest one read the Psychiatrist book “Man against Himself”
    by Karl Meninger M.D., He states there are no accidents when death is
    involved by an” accident” that some people have a death wish etc.

  31. David S.Walenski says:

    Sounds to me like stupidity on the mothers part even though there were no charges there insurance will pay dearly for this one.My condolences to the family of this innocent child.

  32. Ron says:

    No charges have been filed? Its homicide by vehicle no matter who is driving. An innocent little boy lost his life riding his bike. Shame

    1. Incredible is right says:

      I think its time that parents re-think the age they allow their children to obtain a drivers permit. I don’t think a 16 year old is responsible enough to drive.

    2. Paul says:

      It’s actually not homicide when someone is killed by a car unless the driver is drunk, or it can be proven that the driver intentionally ran someone over. It is manslaughter when when you are intentionally doing something you know your not supposed to (runnin a stop sign, talking on your cell phone, etc…) and you hit and kill someone. When you make a mistake, such as a young girl learning to drive, it is called an accident. It is horrible, without a doubt, and this girl probably should have been in a parking lot or something, but to arrest her for homicide or manslaughter in a case like this would be foolish because in no way would justice be served.

  33. elahau says:


  34. elahau says:

    time to rethink at what age a chilkd, who is not yet permitted to vote, should be allowed to drive. My husband sufffered a traumatic brain injury that we are still dealing with 14 yrs later – at the hands of a jut-tuned 17 yr old.

  35. Shawn says:

    It’s a shame this child was killed. I’m just dumbfounded at the statement “Burrous told 1010 WINS that she doesn’t understand why the mother was giving the teen a driving lesson in Floral Park in an area surrounded by houses and people.” Where the f else do you give driving lessons, in a parking lot? Also, for those of you who do not know the Floral Park area, it is a very quiet area. Yes there are hoses and people, but that’s because we live on a planet inhabited by such

    1. annon says:

      yes maybe a empty parking lot would be a good place to start if you dont know your brake from your gas

    2. Reader says:

      Why are you DUMBFOUNDED? She just LOST HER CHILD. Maybve she is upset, sad, angry… would you be thinking rationally to give an interview? You’re faulting her????? Do you really tihnk she knows what she is saying? HER SON IS DEAD. That area is NOT quiet that time of day. VERY busy with people coming home from work , walking, and PLainfield is not a side street.

  36. anearby town says:

    honestly teenagers in floral park should stop driving.

    look at the news how many lives would have been saved.

    1. Prayers for Floral Park says:

      I believe you have your name and comment backwards. It was a teenager from “a near by town” driving! So maybe the “near by town” teenagers should practice in their own towns!

  37. Chris says:

    May Andrew rest in peace. What a tragedy!!! May Kathy, Bob and William take it one step at a time and know we in Floral Park are thinking about you!!!

  38. JL says:

    Most of these comments are irresponsible. This was an accident. A horrible accident, and while we would like to think accidents are avoidable they are not intentional. Nor is there gross negligence. The whole point of a learners permit is so our kids can learn how to drive and become good drivers. Do we expect them to just drive in the beech parking lot and never practice in a congested area? Should they go into a congested area for the first time without any experience after they pass a road test? And as far as the type of car? A smaller car could have done the same damage. Yes an SUV may have done more, but you can say that about any accident an SUV is involved in. Please think before you write. This was a horrible accident, but it was an accident. Please pray for the families.

    1. suzanne says:

      JL thank you for your post. Hopefully people can understand that while tragic, accidents do happen and that poor teen girl who hit the boy should not be punished.

  39. td in NC says:

    Seems to me everyone is jumping to a lot of conclusions about this young girl, her mother and this whole accident. I am not familiar with this area so I can not give an opinion on how busy it is or how safe or unsafe it was for her mother to be giving her a driving lesson here. I do know that my parents taught me to drive on the main roads in my area..which are curvy mountain roads. Just because she is young doesn’t mean she is careless. Sometimes awful things happen for no apparent reason. It is a horrible tragedy for both families. My heart goes out to both. For all of you who are quick to jump in and judge….how many times have you made a mistake driving and just been lucky that nothing bad happened? Think about that for a minute before you continue bashing this young girl and her mother.

  40. STEVEN'S DAD says:

    I understand the feelings the family is going through, my thoughts and prayers go out to them. My family can relate to loosing their 9 yr old son. We lost our littleman Steven Petillo on Aug 16 2010 on the I-95 in Virginia after being sent out of control in our minivan & flipping down a 45 ft embankment. It happened so quick “in the blink of an eye” our Steven was gone. Try as hard as it may seem to stay strong as possible, & just go step by step. We are also from Floral Park, if you need anything when you are ready contact someonne you can go to Virtual-memorials & search Steven Petillo., go to guestbook & leave an e-mail address & we would be glad to meet with you, thoughts & prayers are with you all.

    1. Marie McCarthy says:

      God bless you

    2. Peace in Floral PArk says:

      My toughts and prayers are with your family. As I am sure your family is still grieving from your own loss, to extended yourself to the Burrous family is a true testiment of what the residents of Floral Park are about.

  41. bd says:

    what a terrible thing I know the mother of the 9 yr old and she is kind and sweet person The mother of the 16 yr old should be charged with neglilence for giving her lessons on a busy street That is why these kids have drivers ed in school or driving schools

    1. Jose Luna says:

      bd, I understand your point however what will anyone gain for punishing a woman who I am sure didn’t think about stepping into that SUV with her own child with the intention of taken a poor child’s life that day! Everyone is at a loss, your friend, the mother who was teaching her daughter, and that young 16 year old girl who took a life. As i said earlier I hope they all find the strength to get through this.

      Why must we all deal with horrible events by wanting “An eye for an eye”? is it going to change anything? NO!

      1. doc in NJ says:

        of what in blue blazes are you speaking?!?

      2. passingthru says:

        Nobody wants ‘an eye for an eye,’ they simply want adults to act responsibly and with some common sense so this doesn’t happen again.

    2. nyc says:

      I agree with you. Why would you give driving lessons in a busy neighborhood ? How about a large parking lot at night. There has to be accountability for being stupid !

  42. Jose Luna says:

    I will say this, there are many facts about this story that should not have happened. As we have all said the fact that she was learning to drive in a big SUV at such a young age. Then the fact that she was learning to drive in a populated area and finally the fact that she was being taught to drive an overweight vehicle by her mother in a populated area. All this adds up to one terrible accident. The loss of life here is such a tragedy for the poor mother who was enjoying the beautiful weather. But lets not forget the young girl who took a life at the hands of a powerful machine. This girl must be traumatized and going through some horrible thoughts right now. There is no right and wrong, everyone looses here and the end result is what could be learned from this. I only hope both of these families find the strength to deal with this horrible tragedy. God Bless!

    1. Hate SUV's says:

      I hate SUV’s !!! Take them all off the streets ! Only savages drive SUV’s.

      1. SUVdriver says:

        YOU are so stupid! I bet you have no kids. I bet if you had two or more kids you would force them into a toyota corrola and if you were involved in an accident you would real safe! Sure you would you moron! FYI, SUV are safe for responsible people that know how to drive.

      2. Long Islander says:

        I agree, SUV’s should only be for off road or commercial use. We’ve never needed them for families before the 1980’s and they’re not necessary now, they cause an undue burden on our troops. SUV’s are vanity vehicles. It’s funny to see them go slowly over a speed bump so as not to spill the Starbucks. Do you really need one? Are you all hauling boats?
        We actually need the price of gas to go to $6 a gallon just to clear the roads a bit. Owning a small car, I enjoy watching the MOMpetition.

  43. Uncle Jimmy says:

    To the teen getting the driving lesson: YOU FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. :( says:

    Heartbreaking !

  45. EDDIEWOULDGO says:

    CM…you should have been giving your daughter a driving lesson in a empty lot or less busy area. Not fooling any of us..

    1. CM says:

      Apparently you are fooled…My youngest child is 20; and incidentally never got her license because she lives near public transportaion. And if you read correctly you would see that I agreed the mother should have picked a less congested area to teach her daughter, but I still say that unless there is more to the story than what is printed above, it sounds like a horrible accident.

      1. doc in NJ says:

        CM, everyone here voted you the grand high exalted mystic ruler of the WINS / CBS.com comments blog.

    2. doc in NJ says:

      right on.

  46. Mary says:

    How about taking your kid to parking lot or parking field like my parents did.

  47. Tired ot Foolishness says:

    Who gives driving lessons in a SUV?

    1. Val says:

      Apparently someone who doesn’t own a regular car! Damn those trucks! This is such a tragedy in all respects. I have a 9 year old and this just hits so close to home…

    2. Sad says:

      An idiot mom

  48. ben says:

    Not one to speculate, but I think mother was busy texting, tweeting, etc. instead of watching daughter on the road. Now a nine year old boy is dead. The insanity has to STOP!

    1. CM says:

      Speculating is just what you did…What insanity are you referring to? Yes, a child is dead; maybe the mother shouldn’t have been teaching her daughter to drive in that area (I don’t know the area). But from the available info in the story above, it sounds like a horrible accident. Maybe more info will come out later to show otherwise, but sometimes, accidents just happen; even the unthinkable (the loss of a life).

  49. Bell Toller says:

    No charges filed?

    1. samuel ruiz says:

      i guess they are waiting to give an out of control teen a drivers license so she can go out, get drunk and have another accident…

      1. CM says:

        The girl made a wide turn (who hasn’t), how does that make her an “out of control teen”?…It means she needs more lessons in a less populated area, but it, in no way means she is out of control or that she will “get drunk and have another accident”…

      2. Luz says:

        I saw the damaged she did on a park car. She was speeding, and make the turn at a very high speed, completely totalled a park car

    2. Irene M says:

      Possibly because the driver is a minor. Not that that makes what she did alright.

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