By Sean Adams

JERSEY CITY, NJ (WCBS 880) — New proposed rules could limit beach and waterfront access in New Jersey.

Historically in New Jersey, waterways belong to everyone. But now, the state is considering changing rules that require municipalities and businesses to maintain waterfront access.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports: Proposed Changes Could Limit Beach Access

“Under these rules, we’re going backwards where the town can limit access by citizens to the beaches, bays and waterways,” explained Jeff Tittle, director of New Jersey Sierra Club. “It also hurts urban areas because it will limit access to waterfronts.”

The state says it’s just following a court ruling that New Jersey cannot dictate parking and bathroom availability near beaches. In the industrial north, the Sierra Club is worried riverfront access will be restricted.

There are a few more public hearings before a final decision is made this year.

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  1. iggy says:

    i mention rich, republican and constituents and i was blocked from leaving a was about the governor taking care of his rich constituents by blocking access to the beaches

  2. Wolf says:

    I grew up Jersey and the Jersey shore was an experience every kid needs to have. If government takes away yet another freedom…. goodbye childhood. Imagine if Southside Johnny, Bruce Springteen, Jon Bon Jovi…. so much great music was written by having unlimited access to the Jersey shore. Put “working man” politicians back in office. Get rid of the text book politicians.

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