NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The gloomy weather in Manhattan didn’t stop thousands of people from heading out to Central Park for AIDS Walk New York on Sunday.

CBS 2 is a proud sponsor of AIDS Walk New York.

As we head into the 30th year of the epidemic, there is still no cure for the deadly disease, which illustrates why events like AIDS Walk New York are as important as ever, reports CBS 2’s Kristin Thorne.

“I’m going to walk for my grandfather,” Bronx resident Victor Taliaferrow said. “He passed away from AIDS.

Central Park played host Sunday ot he 26th Annual AIDS Walk New York, drawing thousands of people united toward a common goal – finding a cure for the deadly illness.

Emma Nichson lost her brother, David, six years ago to the illness.

“The young lady that he got it from, she passed away before he did,” she said. “This just means so much to me – you guys just have no idea.”

Walkers raised money for local service organizations that help people infected with AIDS or the HIV virus and try to spread the word about prevention.

“Many people think that HIV is over, it’s not really an issue, but we still have many New Yorkers, many Americans, living with HIV,” Dr. Marjorie Hill, CEO of Gay Men’s Health Crisis, said.

AIDS Walk New York is the world’s largest AIDS fundraising event.

“Over the years, we’ve just seen our crowd of supporters grow more diverse, more determined to bring this epidemic to an end,” AIDS Walk founder Craig Miller said.

Even those who haven’t lost loved ones to the devastating disease came out on Sunday, making it a family affair.

The lesson on Sunday, participants said, was that together we can make a difference.

GMHC officials told CBS 2 that they raised $6.3 million at this year’s event.

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  1. Ri DeCarlo says:

    I remember attending the first one. I hope one day we will not need to have these anymore. But until then, WALK and raise money!!

  2. Bryan fleury says:

    The biggest celebrity at the aids walk on may 15th in central park… Was the guy dressed in all the condoms holding the sign USE CONDOMSENSE

  3. zagwee says:

    Wow, what a worthy cause and a great turnout! Awesome!

  4. Reality Check says:

    AIDS will most likely never be cured simply because the pharmaceutical industry will lose billions when they can no longer keep people with AIDS on there 20+yr pill “Treatment” plan.

    1. Captain America says:

      Is EVERYTHING a conspiracy?

    2. DanTe says:

      I agree with twits like “Reality Check”. Pharmaceuticals should never be allowed to make money. So they’ll have no incentives to find new drugs. We should give out the existing drugs free all over the world. So that these twits on and off consumption of the doses leads to drug resistant AIDS strains. It’s a nice way to weed out the stupid twits like “Reality Check”.

  5. kendra says:

    that is a beautiful thing to do cause sometimes i always feel like we just be 1 step closer to raising enough money for the vaccINE THAT I HAVE BEEN HEARING ABOUT SO BE COULD GET WILL SOON.BEING THAT ITS SUCH A divasting disease.

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