NEW YORK (WFAN)  — WFAN’s Jon Heyman is reporting that shortstop Derek Jeter and Yankees management have worked out their differences regarding Jeter’s comments on Jorge Posada.

The two sides had a conference call this afternoon where Jeter explained his answers as reported by the media.

The Yankees appear lost at the plate and in the field, mired in a five-game losing streak. Their iconic catcher was involved in a public spat with club management over the weekend after he pulled himself from the starting lineup Saturday.

And, until this afternoon, captain Derek Jeter appeared to be in the Bombers’ doghouse.

Posada sat face-to-face with manager Joe Girardi and general manager Brian Cashman on Sunday, saying simply, “I had a bad day.”

“All the frustration came out,” Posada said, explaining his apology to Yankees brass. “It was just one of those days you wish you could take back.”

The Yankees initially seemed a bit annoyed that Jeter said the issue was resolved and he saw nothing wrong with what his pal did.

“It’s not the first time that someone has come out of the lineup,” Jeter said. “If you need a day, you need a day. … If I thought he did something wrong, I’d be the first to tell him.”

Should the Yankees have expected their captain to chastise Posada for taking himself out of the game? Or was Jeter merely downplaying the situation to protect one of his best friends?

“It’s over, it’s done,” Jeter said. “Joe says if you feel like you need a day, let him know. It’s understandable.”

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