NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s temporary new home is a far cry from the luxurious environs he’s used to. His midtown hotel suite cost $3,000 a night, but now the chief of the International Monetary Fund will spend at least the next three nights in an 11 by 13 foot cell in protective custody at Rikers Island.

He is charged with sex crimes after a hotel housekeeper said he attacked her.

For breakfast, he gets fresh fruit such an apple or banana, a box of Mini-Wheats, milk, two slices of whole wheat bread and a choice of coffee or tea. His meals are served inside his cell and he gets one hour of recreation time outside, with lights out by 11 p.m. and an early 6 a.m. wakeup call.

Strauss-Kahn is in protective custody because of his high-profile status. He will be kept apart from other inmates and have a personal guard to escort him whenever he leaves his cell.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell reports

Strauss-Kahn isn’t eligible for diplomatic immunity because he was in New York on personal business, the IMF said. If he had been working on official business, he could’ve sought that protection.

French newspaper Le Monde reported Strauss-Kahn was in New York for a whirlwind trip to visit his daughter, who studies here.

Judge Melissa Jackson decided he’s a flight risk.

“When I hear that your client was at JFK airport, about to board a flight, about to board a flight, that raises some concern,” said Jackson.

The powerful financial figure and France’s top presidential contender was pulled off a plane Saturday moments before it took off from JFK. His arrest derailed France’s upcoming presidential election and stirred fury among citizens there, who have accepted his past transgressions which includes an affair with a younger co-worker.

Some were complaining that the American justice system isn’t about justice at all.

“It’s about humiliating someone. This is unusually cruel. Anything, any kind of explanation is suddenly given for the fact that he was, shock, horror, treated like any other person suspected of a crime,” said Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, French journalist and author.

Click here to read the criminal complaint against Strauss-Kahn

Police said before heading out of town, Strauss-Kahn tried to rape a housekeeper at Manhattan’s Sofitel where he had been staying. The details of the alleged attack are shocking.

“The defendant restrained a hotel employee inside of his room. He sexually assaulted her and attempted to forcibly rape her,” said Prosecutor John “Ardie” McConnell. “And when he was unsuccessful, he forced her to perform oral sex.”

In arguing against bail, prosecutors said the international banker could afford any amount set. And they reminded the court of Roman Polanski, who was wanted in California for a sex crime for 10 years but escaped to France where he lived openly and notoriously.

Strauss-Kahn has already surrendered his passport.

His high-profile defense team plan to appeal the ruling in court, suggesting the encounter may have been consensual.

“This battle has just begun. We believe and we’ll prove in our judgement that Mr. Strauss-Kahn is innocent of these charges,” said attorney Benjamin Brafman.

Brafman said “there are significant issues that were already found” that he feels make it “quite likely that he will be ultimately exonerated.”

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  1. Barre Flynn says:

    Power has no meaning in Rikers, Money buys you nothing. Rules are the rules. Being confined to your cell for 23 hours a day is horrible. If convicted and sentenced to more than a year, prison upstate will be wonderful too. Luxury living is over for this man. France must be so embarrassed over this.

  2. Big Nard says:

    By Friday, he will be a different looking man.

  3. Cappie says:

    Let this be a lesson: ALWAYS tip The Maid. If you don’t, it will come back to haunt you in many ways. Frenchstick should have learned this a long time ago, I agree he would never be in this situation he is right now. PS to the Frenchstick: you should tip the guards at Rikers unless you want your butt up for auction to a 6ft 5 black man.

  4. Jacque Mehauf says:

    Well the man knows money,3,000 a nite in hotel, versus free stay for three nights at rikers, saves him 9,000., also if he had gave her more than a dollar fdor maid service, this would probably have never happened.

  5. Eddy Bee says:

    What, no Croissants for breakfast??This is a disgrace. Well, after a few nights in Rikers he’ll be on the receiving “end” of forcible sex and get his Karma. What a dirtbag and embarrasement to the French People.

  6. lulu says:

    Liberalism is a killer. If he had a copy of La Bible the French equivalent to the Kings James Version in the hotel room instead of Lolita, he’d be at the meeting in Brussels deciding the fate of the Greeks famous for their Baklava.

  7. JH says:

    IT’S THE FRENCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. nyc says:

    Makes no sense at all for him to try and rape a hotel housekeeper ! This is a international powerfull man with lots of money ! He could have bought any fanatsy he wanted. There is more to this story ! Maybe he offered her money for sex and she changed her mind after it started ? Maybe it’s a set up from political enemies from France ?

  9. French Fry says:

    French people are a bunch of loser. Hopefully he rots in Rikers.

  10. Mike Golab says:

    Yes he is a Real Flight Risk. Holding him without Bail is the Only Way to keep him
    here for Trail. Otherwise this Egotist Banker will Take Flight to France where he
    will Run for Their office of president. Because he is one of the all powerful types
    in his mind, he thinks he is above the LAW. “They” the monied powers that be
    already have chosen his successor. And have written him off. The Elites who are
    Abusers to the T and Try to get away with Murder, Need to be taken down a few
    pegs to the common demoniator of the rest of humanity and dealt with. Otherwise they will continue to Abuse People on any level they can and will
    get away with. Convict him in NYC Court and in the Hage Court as well.He
    Deserves to belong in PRISON not just for The Rape of this woman, BUT the
    Financial RAPE of our Nation. People Alined with him are Responsible for the
    sad state of affairs our Country is in Financially. They are only Interested in
    Lining Their Own Pockets with our hard earned cash.

  11. DanTe says:

    This is what happens when you assume women in other countries are stupid meatbags, like the ones in your home country of France.

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