NYC Political Strategist: Me, Mom Told We Must Buy 4 SeatsBy John Slattery

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Southwest Airlines has apologized to a mother and daughter who said they got rough treatment at the airport.

Kenlie Tiggeman, a 30-year-old political strategist and weight loss blogger in New York City, said it was humiliating, being told she was too fat to fly, reports CBS 2’s John Slattery.

“It was rude. It was in front of lots of people,” said Tiggeman, who’s originally from New Orleans.

Tiggeman said the incident happened in Dallas over Easter. She and her mother were told by a gate agent they each had to purchase two seats.

“And said that we were, in fact, too fat to fly, without an additional ticket,” Tiggeman said.

Yet, this was a return flight, and they hadn’t been stopped before. The gate agent said it was policy.

“I was asked what size clothes, and how much I weigh. I gave answers in front of a gate full of people, some of whom were snickering,” Tiggeman said.

Tiggeman, who once weighed 393 pounds, is down to 268 pounds.

A spokeswoman for Southwest said: “If a passenger cannot fit in a seat with the armrests down, a second seat must be purchased. If the flight is not full, that added charge will be refunded.”

But Tiggeman said she does fit in a seat.

Southwest, which allowed the woman and her mother on a later flight, apologized, refunded their tickets and gave them free vouchers.

Passengers at LaGuardia said Tiggeman got a raw deal.

“As long as she fit in that seat, she should have been allowed to fly,” passenger Arnette Small said.

“I mean, if she fits, she fits, that’s what I say,” Kala Drust said.

“I think if people are rather large they to take accountability for their size and need to buy two tickets. If in fact she fit in the armrests, it’s a different ball game,” Dan Hehal added.

Last year, movie director Kevin Smith, known for his cult hit “Clerks,” was ejected from a Southwest flight, told that he didn’t fit. The airline later apologized.

The policy on wide-body passengers varies from airline to airline. All the Federal Aviation Administration requires is that each passenger be in a belt, which sometimes requires a seat-belt extender.

Tiggeman said she purchased two tickets to fly in the past, but since she’s lost so much weight, she’s been told by several airline employees it was no longer necessary.

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  1. John F'ing Kerry says:

    The photo associated with this article is very flattering and minimizes the sheer size of this woman. Yikes! She shockingly and hilariously enormous. Sitting near her would be torture. Dollars to dog turds, she’s a democrat political consultant.

  2. Mark says:

    Most comments supporting her Royal Largeness here are missing the point. A point that will become perfectly clear next time they fly next to a person of her size. I’m sure she technically fits in one seat, but when her fat rides sidesaddle into my personal space, you better believe she’s going to need to buy that aisle seat. While most airlines are reducing the size of their seats, Southwest is one of the only airlines that actually provide a comfortable accommodation. If she breached a Southwest seat…you can be sure she is too large.

    1. ccaze says:

      I have had the pleasure of getting squeezed between two fatties on a 5 hour flight. Was the worst experience ever. The people were very nice but that isn’t the point. I literally had to squeeze my skinny ass into the seat and I couldn’t move the entire time. Embarrassing for me and them. Not fair to me. they should have been forced to pay for first class or another seat. It is their own fault they are fat. I would rather sit next to a drunk.

  3. Penelope says:

    I was on a transatlantic flight with a fat guy sitting on my left in the window seat. He fit into the seat with the armrest down During the flight, I went to the bathroom and when I came back,, the armrest was up, he had spread the rest of himself into my seat and was FAST ASLEEP!!! The stewardess could do nothing, so walked around for an hour or two until the stewardess has pity on me and let me sit in her reserved seat. When we got ready to land, they forced him to stuff himself back behind the armrest and I got my seat back. I wont fly next to a fatty again.

  4. Inge says:

    I once sat next to a really fat man on a flight …the man was a real sweetheart BUT all his fat was rolling over onto ME and the other passenger (the fat man sat in the middle), he also did not smell very nice …he was clean but he had a “fat smell” . He knew that we were being polite and didn’t complaint …however IF I were fat like him, the honorable thing to do is buy 2 tickets or better yet go on a diet and loose all that unnecessary weight

  5. NMK says:

    I agree!

    1. Ryan says:

      I’m 6’4, 275 lbs, which is not obese for a guy my age. However, I still have to squeeze into the normal seat. I’ll gladly pay more, but give me a bigger seat. Plus, nothing makes me more upset than to see a 5’4 guy in the exit row or bulkhead when I’m crammed next to some other poor soul…

    2. AKgrandma says:

      Isn’ that what first class is for? Pay more for a bigger seat?

    3. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      So this means if you’re a thin waif model weighing only 90 pounds you fly for less?

      Who knew?

  6. Bill Brennan says:

    Jess, You are a hubba bubba

  7. fitnessrlz says:

    i hate fat people they r so disgusting and they have no one to blame but their own fat arses! this isnt a problem just on airplanes but on trains and buses as well. i hate it when a fat lard tries to squeeze all 300lbs in a seat next to me (like they really need to sit when they should be standing to burn calories!) and when i get up to stand they get all insulted. obesity should be a crime and fat people should be sentenced to a lifetime of exercise and starvation. anyone who disagrees with me is a fat jellyroll themselves and need to lose the twinkie between their fat rolls

    1. Inge says:

      Love it …..”sentenced to a lifetime of exerse! “

  8. MJL says:

    I agree with Kim and she is not an idiot. She was recounting what had happened to her. It is extrememly uncomfortable and very unpleasant to have someone else lapping over into your seat area.

  9. Bilbo says:

    There’s no way she fits between the arm rests without oozing over them, but if there was two of them…I would’ve made them buy ONE extra and share the extra space in the middle….not TWO. If people in this country keep getting fatter the airlines are going to have to redesign the seats with higher, solid separations so these obese people can’t flow into someone elses seat space

  10. Jackson says:

    I’m with Kim. Jessica, you were probably the one she sat next to.

  11. Kenlie Tiggeman says:

    Stop making fun of me!!! So what if i block the sun…Stop It Stop it…All this shouting is making me hungry for a suitcase of glazed doughnuts! and a 16oz diet soda

  12. Jon says:

    Fat people disgust me. What happened to self-discipline? STOP EATING AMERICA!

  13. Your space is my space says:

    You won’t mind if I sit on your lap next flight will you?

  14. Wild Bill says:

    Even if she fit, she would spill over into half of the surrounding seats. If you were next to her, you would be miserable trying to sit in half of a seat the you paid full price for. They should have two or three seats that convert to “fat people” seats on each flight at cost plus 50%. Make weight and/or waist size limits as policy.

  15. Shirley You Chest says:

    Hey, this is funny. Literally, fatty fatty, two…buy 4!!!

  16. NavyFat yeah right says:

    How can you have a user name of USN but be a tub of lard? Obviously not US Navy.

    1. USAF guy says:

      I made weight standards (body fat) at just under 300 pounds.


      1. SMSgt H says:

        Doubtful. AF doesn’t use body fat standards unless you’ve failed the PT test. Is that what you did, big boy?

        1. Dino says:

          Thank you SMSgt. I knew it was something like that, I hate it when these guys manage to slip through “with a little help from their friends” and then they boast about how lean they are.

      2. Dino says:

        Oh, come on. Seems most fat guys in the Air Force manage to butt snorkel their way through the system. Their buddy does the actual fat measurements and torques down that tape measure to make it look like a 300 lb tub of lard has a body fat percentage of 16 percent or less…when in actuallity the porker is leaning more towards 30-40 percent fat (grossly obese). Then you have the nerve to boast that you made weight standards…You probably barely pass the PRT, and that’s also because your buddy helped you cheat. It’s usually someone in the command that skews the tests because no one wants to admit that their Staff Sergeant is a pig and should be drummed out for eating too many twinkies. You probably need to get two seats as well!

    2. swift says:

      He’s actually a battlewagon. The USN serves on HIM.

  17. john says:

    put the snickers down

  18. Oink says:

    Piggy piggies

  19. Teri L says:

    Oh go on a diet!!! Have some considration for others. Also shower, throw on clean cloth and some deodorant.. Pretty please.

  20. Shirley You Chest says:

    Hey, this is funny. Literally – fatty fatty two…buy 4!!!

  21. ChunnkyHeffa says:

    that has happen to me…its truly nightmare on Elm street! one of my thighs was numb for 10 mins i can never figure out why they try to do that.

  22. JR says:

    Just try to buy 2 seats and keep them both if you fit in one seat. Twice I’ve had 2 tickets for 2 seats because my husband was unable to accompany me at the last minute. I decided to keep the extra seat so I could have more room on transatlantic flights. Each time the airline, having standbys, sold my extra seat. The first time I gave up the seat and they gave me a credit. The second time I was stubbornly adamant that I was going to keep the extra coach seat. They were so desperate for the seat that they put me in first class (over and back)!

  23. Hey kel... says:

    I’ll pay for my extra, useless weight if you pay for yours….

    So, how much does your head weigh, anyway?

    1. Charlie says:

      I agree with Kel, I paid for my 1 seat I don’t expect or deserve nor will I tolerate someone else using half the seat I paid for.

    2. Runamok27 says:

      Kel has no control over the weight of his head.

  24. Fed Up Commuter says:

    Without being mean or judgmental, I agree with the many posters who have had the unfortunate experience of being wedged between two obese passengers. I have experienced this on planes, trains and subway cars. Some vastly overweight person who does not have a grasp of their body mass will just blatantly sit on half of my body and expect me to fold into myself, origami style, to accommodate their excess weight.

    It simply is unfair for the average-sized person to have someones excess flesh resting on them. And it’s kind of gross. Facts are facts, 268 pounds is obese and it is not possible to contain that mass in the alloted seat space. Buy the extra ticket and stop whining.

  25. USN036 says:

    Untill they knock your teeth out, like I used to do.

  26. Johanna Taylor Antonio says:

    I feel bad – I really do but I DO NOT want to have to share my seat just because someone next to me does not FIT INTO theirs! There have been many an uncomfortable concert, flight, conference spent trying to avoid sitting on someone who is spilling into MY seat!

  27. Shorequant says:

    Get used to this happening more and more often. There are more obese people in the U.S. every day. I, for one, think the responsibility falls upon the obese to pay more so that we who aren’t don’t have to suffer the consequences of their lack of self-restraint.

  28. Ruben Sand says:

    This is the best response so far. And a business opportunity on top of that!

    1. Terry Furlough says:

      ” a full range of domestic and imported bears.” Grizzly, Brown or polar??

  29. Andy says:

    Easy solution – the sympathizers who think they got a “raw deal” can sit beside them!. they can sort it out before each flight in the departure lounge _ “we need volunteers, people.”.. etc. Check back on their comments then.

  30. Gina says:

    I used to weight 386 pounds I now weigh 165. I have been on both sides of this. I can assure you that that heavy person sitting beside you is HYPER AWARE they are larger than you and are trying to make themselves as small as possible.

    I want to say this … when people start telling the smokers “please SHOWER before boarding” The people with kids that kick my seat to SUBDUE their kids and the drinker “please DON’T get drunk and be an ass” then we can talk.

    I would a whole lot rather sit by a heavy person than any of the above! The only reason they do this is because being rude and mean to heavy people is accepted because after all “they can lose weight” Well you can stop smoking etc.

    So lets either live and let live or spread the meanness around evenly!

    1. The_Dude says:

      I agree with you 100%. As a father of two very young active boys, I teach my children to respect the space of others.
      If I sit behind you, be very sure that my children are on their best behavior at all times…that’s called parenting.

      And I have NO tolerance for stupid drunk people..I understand that you enjoy a beer or two every now and then, but when you get obnoxious, that’s where I have an issue.

      As for the FAT people…well, my wife was large at one time, and she is now HALF the size that she was, and is a certified physical fitness instructor…if she can do it, ANYONE can…so fat folks need to either buy a second ticket or LOSE THE WEIGHT!!! Running is free…and a great sport…take it up!

      1. Jack_Gas says:

        I have seen it all, but never a drunk person…yet. I have kids kicking the back of my seat often. I have a grown daughter who spent a lot of time in the air with me, and she was also on her best behavior,.or else. I understand kids are excited about flying, so I have a few drinks, and keep my mouth shut,,,, but in the back of my mind I think of the life they will lead with parents who didn’t care about them.

  31. TwoTrips says:

    If this lady ever want to haul azz, she’ll have to make two trips.

  32. Dr. K says:

    If you are so fat that your jelly rolls hang over the arm rest and on to the next passenger, then you should be required to purchase 2 seats. It is extremely inconsiderate to force another passenger to endure that for an entire flight. And one should not have to suffer for your lack of self control and sedentary lifestyle.

  33. Jack_Gas says:

    I only fly about 90 times a year, but about 10% of the time some ‘slob’ is using the space I bought and paid for! Why is that I watch my weight yet I’m punished by only getting three quarters of the space I payed for, so someone who is the size of three of me can hang their flab in my space!!! Being responsible is being beat back by the irresponsible backed by so called ‘political correctness’.

  34. Bill Brennan says:

    did you mean JW? if so, NOT NOT NOT

  35. USN036 says:

    How about sparring us you studidity.

    1. swift says:

      And who, exactly, are you talking about sparring with? Sparring is something people do in sports (as in exercise). Also: ‘you studidity’ sounds like a pretty cool complement 🙂

      Jeez, stupid and fat. Your world must suck….

  36. WE AREN’T THE “NORMAL” SIZED PEOPLE ANYMORE!!! Just look! The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, shows that 63.1% of adults in the U.S. were either overweight or obese in 2009.

    1. Jack_Gas says:

      I have to maintain a BMI that is in the ‘green zone’ or I have several people at work, home and the doctors office freaking out on me. Everyone should have to do the same or pay more. We have to fit out carry ons into a space dictated by the airlines, and seats should be the same!

  37. Cindy says:

    I am a large woman, weighing slightly less than this passenger. I fit inside the SW seat, but barely. I am extremely uncomfortable when I fly because I make sure that I am not leaning into the space next to me, not even my arms on the armrest. But that’s MY problem. If I get any larger–too large to ensure that courtesy–I will not fly, as I cannot afford two seats. I am sick of myself for being so fat, but I have been unable to make a significant decrease in my weight because of habits and emotional issues that I fall back into. Sadly, effects of my emotional issues are more noticeable than those of the skinny jerk who flew next to me–who, by the way, was foul-mouthed, sang off key, then snored and drooled on my arm while he slept. An arm, mind you, that was not in his space. I had to change my jacket as soon as I got my bag.

    If I lose 100 lbs. will SW force him to buy two seats so he can drool to his heart’s content?

    1. NoMore says:

      Call the flight attendent, and ask them to have the “customer” (the jerk) watch his language, not sing, and not drool on you.

    2. Jack_Gas says:

      Cindy, if you ever fly next to me you have my permission to use part of my space. You are willing to help yourself, and I would be glad to help. People that think they deserve the space I paid for kinda makes me mad. I had a pig next to me once that was a loud mouth, who had his nasty hairy arms 6″ inches into my space. I curled up against the window in a ball, as he stretched out…. that left me 11″ to fit myself.

      1. Hum Girly Man eh says:

        Grow a pair Jack, man up and defend yourself from obnoxious people. Don’t be a floor mat.

    3. Not a Sow says:

      I’m not buying your story. Either your lardy arm really was in his personal drooling space (and you’re in fat denial) OR you are so needy and desperate for male attention you allowed him to drool on you because it was better than nothing.

      P.S. Stop whining. No one wants to hear about your “emotional issues.” Everyone has “emotional issues.” Using them as an excuse to be a visual blight and a drain on society is immature and pointless.

      P.P.S. If you stop eating like a pig you will have enough money for two seats. If you stop eating like a pig long enough, you won’t need them.

  38. Winton says:

    Why not lengthen the belt to the size that is appropriate for the seats then if someone needs an extension it costs the amount of an extra seat.
    I paid for my seat. Why should I have to share it with some fat woman’s back breasts?

    1. JaJaJa says:

      So would a pregnant woman just be left to fend for herself during turbulence?

      1. glenp says:

        big prenant women aren’t allowed to fly due to the drop in cabin pressure and bursting their water

  39. cindy says:

    I applaud Southwest, by now, with all the publicity these cases have had, and she’s a blogger, that it might be an issue. She should have purchased 2 seats iahead of time, and it wouldn’t be an issue.
    There’s hardly room for a normal sized person in these seats anymore.

  40. Tony says:

    Seems perfectly reasonable to me. Weigh them and their luggage and make th ticket price per pound!

    1. Julie says:

      I too think the best way to deal with the obesity problem on planes is to have the passenger and luggage weighed together and pay for an additional seat for excess of say 220 pounds. I remember when the airlines started charging for checked luggage which was reportedly to make up for excess fuel costs due to the increasing girths of passengers. On longer trips I check my luggage rather than struggling to put it in overhead since I’m only 5″1″ tall,, however, I weigh 103 pounds and my suitcase and I together does not weigh 130 pounds. So I’m basically paying $25 more to fly than a 250 pound person and that’s not counting their luggage.

      1. ExJock says:

        Uh, no. Sorry Julie. Your numbers are way off. I am 6’2″ and 245lbs. I work out, and most of my weight is muscle. I fit well within the confines of an airline seat, but by your estimation, I should have to buy an extra seat? I dont think so.

    2. Laura says:

      If you’re big enough to make someone wonder whether you’re going to “fit” into the seat, then get some thicker skin and go through the conversation like a grown-up instead of Ms. Whiney-pants!

    3. bruce says:

      Southwest was correct. as the other passenger I have the right to NOT have a person spilling over the arm rest into my space. I don’t want to touch that person and I don’t want to spend my flight contorting my body to get away from another passenger. Fitting means, if there were walls extending vertically from the center of the arm rests on either side of the seat, an individual’s body would fit without compression between the 2 walls. If a person needs to squeeze to fit between the imaginary walls, they will, by definition, be encroaching upon the space paid for by the passenger to the left or right.

    4. joan breibart says:

      We have already remade our architecture: larger desk for kids; coffins; ambulance gurneys; clothes of course; and most of all FOOD PORTIONS ARE NOW TWICE WHAT ANYONE SHOUlLD EAT.. In the land of the all you an eat restaurants it is no wonder that 80% of US adults have a BMI over 25 and the obese portion is way over 50%. We don’t want to think about the ONE billion people who are actually starving.

  41. kristy says:

    I am sorry it was embarrassing for her and the gate agent certainly could have taken her aside instead of doing it in front of other passengers. But I don’t feel sorry for her. It is not fair to the person who has to sit next to her if she is too big for her seat. And what exactly qualifies fitting in the seat? I would say if you can use the seatbelt as it is without an extender, than fine, you fit. Extender means you don’t fit. Ugh! Everybody is a victim!!!!

    1. shawn says:

      completely correct
      since when do fat people have the right to infringe of the space of an innocent passenger

      1. Benirs says:

        I agree! Obese people should buy an extra seat. So should annoying people, loud kids, and people who elbow you because they have to use their laptops.

    2. Daniel says:

      This woman is a political activist. She knew SW policy, and intentionally flew their airline without following policy on two seats. She would have continued flying until a gate attendent actually tried to enforce the policy, and then cry discrimination.

      On her first flight, the attendent was too PC and nice to enforce company policy. On the second flight the attendent attempted to follow company policy and she played the “Offended Card”, which was her intent the entire time.

      Notice how quickly she parlayed that into a CNN, Today Show, and Richard Simmons TV appearance. All pre-planned. She is shopping her book deal now.

      All a set-up, all pre-planned. She is playing on the gullibility and political correctness of Americans. Clearly it is working.

      1. Shelley says:

        You have no clue what you are talking about. There is a HUGE difference between a Political ACTIVIST and what she is, A Political STRATEGIST. That means she doesn’t go up against politics, she helps politicians with their campaigns and things like that. If you THINK you have something smart to say at least get it right. You are insinuating that because she is a political “activist” she was doing this for attention and so that she go “against the man”. Wow since when did the public become psychics?

      2. Daniel says:

        Shelley – YOU have no clue. I KNOW she is an strategist. I also KNOW she is expanding her game for financial gain, and aims to be a political ACTIVIST for “fat” issues. Read her blogs. Google her name. See what shows she visited with her agenda. See what financial gain whe is working on.

        ANYONE can become a political activist, even a political analyist. Get off your high horse, research and THINK.

  42. Chris says:

    “Last year, movie director Kevin Smith, known for his cult hit “Clerks,” was ejected from a Southwest flight, told that he didn’t fit. The airline later apologized”
    Kevin went ballistic when ejected over his weight. Told anyone that would listen how he was wronged. However, he later said that incident was a wake up call and he lost weight.

  43. 100 More to go says:

    Since she is a weight loss blogger, this should be even more incentive and motivation to loose ANOTHER1 100 lbs.

    1. Liath says:

      So, she should only weigh 68 pounds? That’s healthy.

    2. Not a Sow says:

      Liath, she currently weighs 268 pounds.

      Do the math. 268 – 100 does not equal 68.

      I can understand being too distracted by the Twinkies you are shoving down your throat to actually read the article but how on earth could you look at the photo of this greasy sow and think she only weighed 168 pounds?

      Does obesity affect eyesight?

    3. Nicole says:

      Noooo she would weigh 168lbs.. Learn how to add, I don’t understand how you let yourself even get that big…? I reallllly think its sad when parents that are huge let their children get BIG, and bigger and bigger……. STOP EATING like the worldis going to run out of

  44. ChunkyHeffa says:

    Ok sarge…we got another runner from weight watchers!

  45. Guin says:

    Riiight, she consumes enough to feed 3 or 4 people but has lost well over 100 pounds. Reading comprehension is your friend. By the way, she can lose weight but you can’t fix that ugly you have on the inside.

    1. Scarf says:

      She dropped from size “tent” to moo moo and what, she should get an award? Ever sat on a plane where the armrest is someone else’s flab hanging over? I have. As far as I’m concerned, these porkers are not very considerate of others.

      You not only have to fit inside the armrests, but all flab must fit inside as well. If these porkers are embarrassed, tough sh!t, don’t fly or pay more. Grab a hound instead or ship yourself in a crate. Better yet, hike to your destination.

    2. jason says:

      I bet you are extremely overweight, lazy, and unattractive. If you aren’t then you obviously havent sat next to a fat person on a plane. They dont fit into the seat and there obscenely large body overtakes parts of the seats on either side of them. Its not right for people to be inconvenienced because someone can’t take care of themselves

      1. no says:

        Can we apply this to you and your stupid children? As a tax-paying child-free person, I’m tired of being inconvenienced because you can’t take care of your mini-xeroxes.

        1. Stupid American says:

          If Ms. Tiggeman wants to be mad, she should be mad about the way the situation was handled out in front of other passengers. Taking a person aside to discuss delicate situations should be a common courtesy exercised by airlines. But they should also force those who don’t fit to buy more space. If they really wanted to embarrass people, they should just put an airplane seat in each boarding area and make people sit – just like the carry-on luggage frame by the desk.

          @no :I always PAY FOR SEATS for my children on flights – the airlines sort of MAKE you do that. I’m assuming you are “heavy” since you’ve taken such offense and responded by trying, in very lame fashion, to deflect the issue by arguing that “…we apply this to you and your stupid children?” The fact remains that if your belly roll laps in to the space I paid for, you should have to buy more space. It’s rude to judge people by their size, but there is a finite amount of space on a plane. I paid for my fair share, not for some fraction of it because some other person is too big to fit in his/her share.

    3. mike says:

      Trading insults for insults. I like it. Fat for ugly.

  46. NoFitNoSit says:

    Good, then buy the 2 of them a ticket, and fly with them. Sit in between them. Report back afterwards.

    1. MAKE MY DAY says:

      I love it!!!!

  47. Hey Kevin R says:

    You’re using oxygen to feed a brain that obviously has no use for it. The rest of the world would like you to stop.

    Thank you in advance.

  48. pds says:


    1. Fatty Beltbuckle says:

      Southwest and JetBlue Airlines are the most beloved, according to a survey released today by Consumer Reports.

      The budget airlines received top marks in nearly all of the six categories measured, including cabin cleanliness, baggage handling and cabin-crew service. The magazine surveyed nearly 15,000 readers who had taken round-trip flights in the past 12 months. Southwest and JetBlue are among 10 airlines included in the survey.

    2. Ian says:

      Fantastic! An airline that finally cares about the other passengers that pay for one seat and take up space for only one seat! “Not Telling” you are a dope! you must ake up two seats when you fly as well. I have had to share my seat with a fatty and at the end of the flight there was no appology or even a thank you but because the flight was full. I had to endure it! Great job Southwest!!!

  49. Mikey Johnson says:

    Sorry but she needs to pay for two tickets. She has nerve expecting the airline to redesign their planes to fit the obese. Jetblue offers $38 for more legroom. Legroom isn’t what this young lady needs, obviously. Glad to hear she is losing the weight but really, if I boarded a plane and was expected to sit next to her, I would be the first to say, “Are you kidding me?” Why should I have to sacrifice my comfort for her being overweight? It might sound cold, but c’mon people, time to stop making excuses for being FAT.

    1. heerobya says:

      So lose some frick’n weight.

      This country shouldn’t be appologizing to fat people who are too lazy/irresponsible to keep themselves healthy.

      “But it’s a medical condition blah blah blah” so what, fat people SHOULD be shamed into losing weight. Parents with fat kids should be taxed higher or (even better) publically shamed.

      This country is appologizing itself into a 3rd world country with all of the political correctness.

      Ever wonder why the Health Care industry is REALLY so completely messed up and expensive? Because we fat, lazy Americans are willing to pay for miracle drugs so we don’t have to lift a single fat finger and take ANY responsibility for ourselves and our lives.

      Choices and consequences? What are those! This is AMERICA!

      1. Joe says:

        Perhaps you were too lazy to learn proper spelling and grammar?

      2. Runamok27 says:

        Way to contribute nothing of value to the discussion, Joe.

      3. Cryptid says:

        BIG DEAL. What’s so great about America you arrogant little punk?

      4. RC says:

        Unfortunately, you are too stupid to comprehend that there are hundreds of poor lifestyle choices. However, only smokers and overweight people get harassed by idiots like you. You think no one can find anything wrong with you? Think again.

        And by the way, dummy, your life may one day depend on some overweight person doing their job–be it a nurse, doctor, engineer, etc.

        Why not shut the hell up. Live your life as you want and leave others alone! If not, then EVERY LIFE STYLE should be examined and controlled.

    2. The Jakyl says:

      Why be sorry? It’s a safety issue. Both for you and the heavy weight. Seeing the ticket agent apologize for hurting her feelings was disgusting and vile. The airlines lose money with fat people, and we as passengers are put in danger because these folks are big and slow moving, and I have to include myself.
      But don’t be sorry.

    3. Bryan says:

      I’ve been stuck on a plane where I was forced to sit beside someone who spills into my space more than once. It is extremely rude of them. Let’s not forget who is being rude in a situation like this. The flight crew is standing up for the other passengers and I applaud them for it.

      1. B L B says:

        New York to Dallas…….does this mean “No West for the reary”??

      2. Wilbur says:’s carry on baggage.

    4. Dream Out Loud says:

      did you read the part of the article that said she didnt need extra space, that she fit in the seat perfectly fine, and that the ticket agent was just being rude (and wrong) about her? Does that part of the story not get skimmed?

      1. tkelly says:

        Translation: I could fit my fat ass in the seat, please disregard the 80+lbs spilling over into your seat.

  50. emma says:

    I sat next to a person who fit into the seat as fas as the armrest goes but her gigantic thighs overspilled onto my seat crusheding my legs for hours. People need to be considerate of each other and if you’re fat, regardless of why, you need to buy that extra seat. And she smelled …….

    1. vic says:

      Emma, what if they were thighs of a Man , would you be complaining?

      1. emma says:


        Not. At. All.

      2. Stephen Knorr says:


      3. Al says:

        You’re an idiot Vic!

      4. buzzkill says:


    2. Greenlake says:

      what did she smell like, Emma

      1. AJS says:

        She probably smelled like a big fat sweaty person – ewwwww

      2. jasperddbgghost says:

        p1ss and crackers.

      3. Kathy says:

        Like corn dogs, chicken nuggets and big macs~!!

    3. Vik says:

      I agree. On a flight to P.R. I had a middle seat with a very large woman having the aisle seat. Needless to say there was about just enough room in my seat for one thigh – mine. Anyone complaing, face the truth — if you’re big and you know dang well you’re going to use up more room than one regulation airline seat will allow, you need to buy another seat. Or go on a diet. Face the truth and facts folks! Consideration for other folks who will be sitting and flying next to you.

      1. Stephen Knorr says:

        thats the truth becuase i went tru that a few months ago and they should have 2 seats.

      2. Fatty Now on Today Show milking it!!! says:

        Now she is on the Today Show, CNN and Ricard Simmons!!!!

        Milk it fat girl!

        “As I said, I am back in New York to discuss this issue on The Today Show this morning. The first part of my interview took place place Saturday morning in Beverly Hills with Richard Simmons before our workout. You can see me on The Today Show during the 7 o’clock hour before I do interviews with CNN and other news programs.”

      3. Swoop says:

        I nearly suffered the same problem. An extremely fat lady had the seat next to mine. Prior to climbing, she lifted the arm rest and then sat down before I could finish saying what do you think you are doing. When the next stewardess that walked by my seat I of course requested another seat on the plane. The stewardess seeing my dilema qas quick to escort me to first class for not making big scene. Needless to say, I had no complaints for that flight!!!! Keep buying those single tickets fat people, us skinnies like the free upgrades!

    4. Jim Elam says:

      Big dogs got to PAY

    5. mike m says:

      The “and she smelled” part is the icing on your comment’s cake.

    6. wisconsinmomma says:

      On a recent trip I decided to buy an extra seat–not because I am obese but because I am tired of sitting on top of other people. When it came time to board I was told that my extra seat was going to be used by another passenger because they had over booked. They did not even offer me a refund.

      They just took the seat and the money I paid for it and smashed another person in my space. Airlines will do whatever they want as lonf as they can get away with it. Needless to say I will never fly Aitran and now because they own Airtran, Southwest Airlines ever again.

      1. JaJaJa says:

        Yes, everyone is ganging up on obese people instead of holding the Airlines responsible for the conditions they have created.
        When will people wake up?

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