Speaker Quinn's Threatened Lawsuit Proves Too Much To BearBy Marcia Kramer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Michael Bloomberg has apparently caved-in to threats of legal action by the City Council. On Wednesday, the mayor released the list of the 20 fire companies that could be closed.

The list of fire companies on death row include Engine 161 on Staten Island, Engine 4 at the South Street Seaport, Ladder 53 on City Island and Engine 26 on West 37th street, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

The mayor, who is not known for giving in to political pressure, blinked. He gave up trying to keep the draft list of doomed fire companies secret.

“We’re sending over a bunch of lists,” Bloomberg said.

The mayor caved to irate council members who were furious when FDNY Commissioner Sal Cassano stonewalled them, saying the list would stay in the hands of the Bloomberg administration and no one else.

“The people in the communities throughout the city, those 20 council districts deserve to know where those fire companies are,” Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley said on Monday.

The threat of a lawsuit from Council Speaker Christine Quinn apparently forced the mayor’s hand. He wanted to prevent the list from getting out to lessen public outrage. The list has a lot of information.

“You rank fire houses and companies based on how much they get used, what kind of response time and then you have to see at the end what kind of financial realities there are,” Bloomberg said.

Others on the draft list of potential closures include:

* Engines 46 and 60 in the Bronx

* Engine 157 on Staten Island

* Engines 205, 206, 218, 220, 233, 284 and Ladders 104 and 161 in Brooklyn

* Engines 294, 306, 328 and Ladder 138 in Queens

* Ladder 8 in Manhattan

The mayor insisted the number of companies that get the ax will depend on budget negotiations with the City Council.

“I have not looked and approved any list whatsoever,” Bloomberg said.

Sources told Kramer that they believe that that the Council will be able to save some fire companies through negotiations and that, ultimately, maybe five to eight will close.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn — with 8 firehouses on the list — seemingly has taken the hardest blow.

Al Jones of 1010 WINS spoke with people in Williamsburg upset that Ladder 104 could potentially be axed.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones With Concerned Residents

“It’s what makes you feel safe because if you have any other kind of emergency, someone could always knock in there and they’ll come,” Merta Mendez told 1010 WINS’ Al Jones.

Borough President Marty Markowitz was also not pleased with the news.

“We cannot put the lives of our residents in Brooklyn or anywhere else in this city in jeopardy — period,” he told 1010 WINS.

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Marcia Kramer

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  1. lulu says:

    Maybe, they should all walk out. More power in unity!! except the people would have to pay the price. All he worries about is count his Billions!!!!!

  2. JOE says:


  3. George Myers says:

    I used to visit the Motthaven E 143rd from the Patterson House projects before my family moved to Centereach in Brookhaven, NY. Back then prior to 1960 it was important station, and appears to have been as old as 1906. Apparently right across the street, according to the Bronx historians research was the Janes and Kirtland Foundry which built and assembled the current US Capitol Dome finished for President Lincoln for just over $1 million. As an 7 or 8 year old I ‘m not sure if I thanked the firemen for getting my friend and I out of a stuck elevator in that project at 143rd and Third Ave., so thanks for the service. Maybe it should be on the National Register of Historic Places and might have developed out of a need by the historic foundry, evidence today gone beneath the sidewalks of New York.

  4. crowbird3 says:

    To all – bloomie has a one track brain – Money over people. It’s obvious that he has no regard for for anyone in NYC except his worthless greedy rich low-lifes. Time for all the people in NYC demand for his impeachment before the City of New York totally collapses.

  5. Fran says:

    Closing 157 in Staten Island is just wrong!

  6. Thomas DeMauro says:

    Please let’s just dump this idiot and close his doors for good

  7. floyd bannister says:

    posting here is all very good but if you really want to make change you must call your local politicans and complain about fire house closings or whatever is bothering you…whether it’s your congressman or state senator, call them, that’s the way to get action…..these people represent you. so let them do what you voted for them to do. i have done this more than once and it definitely gets results.

    1. Ladder 53 Rescued Me says:

      OK let’s hold a mock funeral for my 3 beautiful children who could have burned alive if he had shut down Ladder 53 before our fire. We can have a demonstration right in front of his house. Anyone?

  8. Alan Flacks says:

    I am in favor of closing three additional firehouses: The one closest to City Hall; the one closest to Gracie Mansion; and the one closest to Bloomberg’s townhouse on East 79th Street. In addition, to save money, Bloomberg should discontinue fire-fighting on weekends.

    1. JOE says:


  9. Thomas Maguire says:

    Got to keep those millionaire tax breaks! Bloomberg does not care if he BBQ’s a few children or the elderly as long as he does not look bad in the eyes of the Robber Barons and enhances his national political aspirations. He is redefining unmitigated gall. I call upon those Bloomberg supporters to remove their heads from the sand and acknowledge that even rich people have children and elders to protect from fire.

  10. Mac Daddy says:

    Don’t worry Saturday it will be all over!!!!!!

  11. Carla Jen McCarthy says:

    Yeah take away a few firehouses thats smart>.<

  12. Miracle says:

    Sadly Mayor Bloomberg plans to sacrifice the safety of the public so he can continue his failed and corrupt computer initiatives. If Christine Quinn and the City Coucil agree to this budget, they’ll have earned a spot in hell right next to Lord Bloomberg!

  13. Carlos Liriano says:

    dear karlson, the new name for hizzoner should be Dr. Joseph Mangele

  14. Bloomberg hates New Yorkers says:

    Bloomberg, in every way and on every level, is sucking the life out of the community of people who make up New York City. From over-aggressive traffic ticketing to closing fire houses to trying his best to do away with rent regulation laws to ordering the police to spend time aggressively going after street vendors who aren’t harming anyone — while claiming there isn’t enough money to keep fire houses open — to trying to make everyone pay big bucks just to drive into Manhattan, I mean, the list is endless and infuriating.

  15. lenny says:

    why would you ever close down any firehouses. there are 3 main places you don’t close down police stations,hospitals and firehouses.you bail out auto industries and u close down a firehouse that would save your familys life. if i was a millionare i would use my money to help them. you people are crazy. leave them alone and worry about crime,hunger,and terrorist.

  16. Mo Curl says:

    Ladder 138?!? This just goes to show how assinine the mayor and his minions are. The Corona Tigers if L138/E289 are first due to the blocks immediately surrounding PS 89 in Elmhurst. This school has lost 4 students along with 2 younger siblings and seen many school families left homeless because of fires in the past 5 years. They want to TAKE AWAY fire services from one if the most densely populated neighborhoods if the city?!?!?! Assinine. Purely assinine!

  17. MR MANHATTAN says:


  18. nottheplace says:

    this isn’t the place to cut, I will say this, back in the day the firehouses were kind of open to the public, i remember in queens having town get togethers, lunches, casino night, etc, it was great, maybe doing something like that would improve public sentiment. the firefighters are there for emergency, of course there is down time, but when the emergency happens, they are there. these guys don’t get paid a million dollars and aren’t the ones blowing up the public, give them a break, it is a very tough, physical job, probably the most physical in the city, they are good men, don’t take them for granted.

  19. Wolf says:

    What PUBLIC SERVANT waste we have. First.. municipalities and government should be FORCED by LAW to BUY AMERICAN. Not toyota, not nissan… buy american made products. Put Americans to work. Americans would spend more, the economy would improve.. and there would be much more tax money to pay the bills. Second.. get rid of these 500K per year jobs these guys get to take over ten years to build projects with tax money. Look at what every city employee gets paid. How many civillians who pay taxes are earning $25 plus per hour and actually have to workj hard to earn it??? Governments fall when they fail to LISTEN to the people who put them there and support them.

    1. karlson says:

      @Wolf – there isn’t much left that’s American made to buy American. Most of what you buy is made overseas.

  20. Ladder 53 Rescued Me says:

    I was trapped in a burning building in the Bronx on City Island. If 53 was closed that morning I would be dead. DEAD, FROM BURNING ALIVE. How nice of our mayor to risk this for the next person in that situation…it will happen. People will suffer terrifying, brutal, painful deaths because of this. God Bless the FDNY.

    1. karlson says:

      New name for hizzoner – DR DEATH!

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