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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund who was arrested in New York City for alleged sexual assault, has a court hearing scheduled for Thursday morning to seek his release on bail.

A court administrator says the hearing concerns a special application on behalf of Strauss-Kahn.  Citing a source, CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported that the International Monetary Fund chief could be out of prison by Thursday by posting $1 million bail and subjecting himself to electronic monitoring while remaining in the Big Apple.

Late Wednesday night the IMF said its embattled managing director intends to resign, effective immediately.

The IMF’s executive board released a letter from the French executive in which he denied the allegations lodged against him but said that with “great sadness” he felt compelled to resign. He said he was thinking of his family and that he wanted to protect the IMF.

A judge had held Strauss-Kahn without bail on Monday. He has been charged with attempted rape, sex abuse, a criminal sex act, unlawful imprisonment and forcible touching, punishable by five to 25 years in prison.

Click here to read the criminal complaint against Strauss-Kahn.

Strauss-Kahn is accused of trying to rape a housekeeper at a Midtown luxury hotel. The 32-year-old single mother from West Africa says Strauss-Kahn sexually assaulted her when she entered what she thought was an empty penthouse suite at the Sofitel Hotel.

The French politician has been placed on a suicide watch while being held in at Rikers Island.  That includes having to wear shoes without laces, a jumpsuit instead of drawstring pants and being placed under increased observation.

“When you come into the system, you are evaluated by doctors, psychologists and they deem it necessary to put a suicide watch on him,” explained Norman Seabrook, president of the New York City Corrections Officers Benevolent Association. “So he’s watched and monitored 24-hours a day.”

Seabrook, who is also a corrections officer at Rikers Island where Strauss-Kahn is being held, says the IMF chief is being treated just like other inmate.

Meanwhile, grand jurors were meeting at Manhattan Criminal Court Wednesday considering indictments against Strauss-Kahn.  The 23 grand jurors were expected to hear from all available witnesses, including the alleged victim herself, her co-workers, security officers from the hotel and the medical personnel who examined her at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said authorities were still working the case.

“Detectives investigating this case found the complainant to be credible,” Kelly said.

Two law enforcement officials told the Associated Press on condition of anonymity that investigators were using a piece of hotel room carpet to create a forensic trail in the case.

The officials say the carpet was cut from a place where the maid says she spit after being forced to have oral sex with Strauss-Kahn.

Investigators believe the carpet may contain the financial leader’s semen, which would be crucial forensic evidence that would back up the charges.

Since his arrest, reports began to develop that the accuser was HIV positive, the Post reported earlier this week that she lived in a Bronx apartment exclusively for adults with HIV or AIDS.

But her attorney Jeffrey Shapiro said Wednesday that she was only subletting that apartment and does not have HIV.

“She feels like she can’t go home, feels like she’s been excised from her life, doesn’t know what her future will bring and doesn’t know how she can ever resume a life, much less how to deal with having been assaulted and raped,” Shapiro said.

The defense has also floated a theory that any sex was consensual, something flatly rejected by Shapiro.

‘There was nothing about any aspect of this encounter between this young woman and the defendant which was remotely consensual,” he said.

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Tony Aiello

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  1. American citizen who votes says:

    Any Judge that grants bail for him had better be on the plane with him when he runs to France. Otherwise that Judge’s next place of residence will be Rikers because there is no reason to grant bail for such a flight risk except a bribe…. or an executive order from the White House which would be un-constitutional.

    1. vriginia says:

      100% agreed. Is her particular Judgeship voted on? She said a few days ago that there was no chance she was going to even consider in the future to offer him bail. Can she flip-flop in less than a week?!

  2. dave says:

    Relax, Roman Polanski is his sponsor.

  3. Micah says:

    This story is just plain silly. Whomever is writing the Ron Paul leads is actually onto something quite legitimate. Think about it…since when does a senior foreign official and head of a global financial agency get accused by a maid and get immediately thrown in Rikers? How about never. The IMF has distanced themselves, as has Geitner (loser himself) negatively commented…with his successor already stepping up to take his place…a “she” I might add. Not sure what it all adds up to…but it’s certainly not legit

    1. weed wacker says:

      What, you the freaking teacher and self appointed grammar checker? Not everyone has an education, some of us have worked all our lives with our hands. I know you look down on so called “dummies”, but I’d rather be around dummies than a snide.

    2. especialedeladia says:

      I considered that as well, Micah. For about two seconds. I think the NYPD and Port Authority and their investigators know a snow job when they see one.
      Both know if they were being handed something and the conspiracy would have to be too wide-reaching to pull off.
      This guy acted as if he should get special treatment. I don’t think cops like that. They probably like to offer that special treatment, not to have it demanded.

      1. dandandersleepingman says:

        Get out of Moms basement boys and girls, put the poptarts down all that sugar is obviously bad for you.
        try a job or even a date, get out more, life is wonderfull but you gotta show up!!!

  4. jacques says:

    This guy is being framed.

    1. SuzieQ says:

      I agree that this looks like a frame-up. Happened too fast. Fish.

    2. MST says:

      If he is being framed, please tell me why the accuser was found to have bruising at the hospital? Did she beat herself up?

      This man (and I use the term loosely) has a history of preying on younger, vulnerable women. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but I am inclined to believe the accuser. After all, she was just a lowly ‘colored” maid, right? He got away with attacking well-educated white women, I guess he thought this was a cake walk.

      Speaking of edibles, if there is strong DNA evidence in this case, this entitled creep is FRENCH TOAST!

    3. Arany says:

      Some frame! The Grand Jury is hearing the evidence even as we speak.

      Both he and the maid had Key Cards recording the times of entry and exit. There is a video camera in the public hallway outside the luxury suite. The maid was sent by her male supervisor to clean the room because check-out time has passed. The suite was supposed to be empty. She didn’t know the guest.

      He has a history of crude and abusive treatment of women, highly-placed educated women in France have filed complaints against him with the IMF. The IMF was warned that he is unsuitable for a job where he supervises or leads women. He behaved like a “rutting orangutang” according to one young staffer.

      Who knows how he treats poor working women in France, the elite there does not seem to care.

  5. Ninth Crusade says:

    It’ not easy to learn about the American justice system between episodes of Dancing With The Stars and Jersy Shore. Give ’em a break.

    1. beelzebubba says:

      Well, captain Smug, do you know about these shows because you watch them too?

  6. Keith Mackenzie says:

    Not every story deserves an analogy to your political philosophy.

    1. Sunnyside says:

      The truth hurts some people.

  7. William C Berry says:

    That’s about one year in a $3,000 a night hotel. Let’s see, spending the rest of my life behind bars or, or skipping bail?

    1. Roy Mark says:

      I doubt that the $3,000 was coming out of his pocket; I suspect he was on a IMF expense account and therefore it was you and me that was actually footing the bill.

    2. Jake Anderson says:

      I don’t think that’s a question mark at all. It was simply about opportunity and conquest. Of course, he can afford a call girl, but its nowhere near as exciting for him as coming out of the shower and finding a woman in your room.

      Rape might be partly about sex, but power is especially important to the rapist.

    3. Mlits says:

      you don’t get it. The “fun” is the coercion. Not the sex.

    4. Joe Nemchek says:

      A lot of rapists could have paid for “fun without any trouble”. That’s not what rape is about, so no, it’s not a question mark of the whole story.

    5. Kayla says:

      Two words: Roman Polansky

    6. sara says:

      Such behaviour by high officials is common and normal in France and the maid would have been ignored there.

  8. Ninth Crusade says:

    Two words – Lorena Bobbit

  9. PEPE LE PIU says:

    He has a private jet awaiting him at White Plains, he will be taken out the back door or over the rooftop to another building, but before, they will jury rig his bracelet off and put it on a chair leg.

    1. Bob Dudek says:

      For what the future is and what (punishment) he is looking at..and make no mistake..its a 20 yr. pop..he would opt to cut his foot off ..for freedom.

      1. Captain Obvious says:

        Nah, the French do not value Freedom. Being taken care of by the government is what all Frenchmen (and Democrats) want.

    2. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      He’s going to do a “Polanski” and be eating steak au poivre few hours later.

      —- http://911essentials.com

  10. Sentry Virginia says:

    His IMF has stolen money from the USA and given to his left social agenda and pay offs to third world countries which filter back to IMF “friends” and makes millionaires out of all of them. Yes guilty. Rich French, Poor French with no middle class.

    1. Sunnyside` says:

      He probably made out well with Tarp. I say a fireing squad or find a great big oak tree. Justice deserved is justice served.

  11. Nora says:

    I’m sure that hotel had a camera in the hallway to show the maid entering and running out of the room.

    1. Bob Dudek says:

      “Lets go to the Video tape…”. -W. Wolff.
      Yes, ……………..ITS ALL there
      AND,.It is worse than any one thinks.This punk will blow his (whats left) brains out.

    2. KenInIowa says:

      There is a video camera in the exterior hallway, but as others have pointed out, this is a Suite of many rooms, with an internal hallway.

  12. Bob Dudek says:

    Of course ….in his demented mind and millions of Frenchman,,he did nothing no other (male) Parisian would NOT be proud of..!.

  13. Steve In Tulsa says:

    He will pay his million and flee

  14. Jake says:

    Glad she doesn’t have aids but wouldn’t it have been poetic justice if he contracted aids while raping?

    1. Casper says:

      Straight out of a movie…..name that flick!

      Its just me, casper

    2. John Harding says:

      Apparently she lives in a building which is reserved for people who have AIDS – Whoppee!

  15. Michele W says:

    He is innocent until proven guilty in the JUSTICE SYSTEM, but in the court of public opinion, we aren’t held to that standard. We’re entitled to whatever opinion we want.

  16. Joe Snow says:

    These greedy sodomites are selling out the victim for money but that’s Ok their will weep and cry.


    1. kevin rasmussen says:


    2. Are you sure? says:

      @ Joe Snow
      No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in Heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. –Mark 13:32
      He said to them, “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority”. –Acts 1:7

      Anytime someone claims to know the exact date, I figure that’s one date I can cross off the calendar.

  17. FedUp! says:

    G.U.I.L.T.Y!!!! And he better wear a monitoring device if given bail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember Ira Einhorn & Roman Polanski! They ruined it for all French perv’s!!

  18. la mitch says:

    One wonders how many times he has performed this caper in other countries and gotten away.
    At least the housekeeper was legal in the US.If she had been illegal who
    would have cared.

    1. littleleers says:

      Smitt777 you say that the maid may have known who was in the expensive suite and that there may have been a set-up. Often times, when a VIP checks into a hotel or a hospital (I am an RN) that person takes on an alias to protect their identity to protect their privacy.

      I do not think the maid knew the VIP in that suite. I also think that this man should not be out on bail. A monitoring bracelet can be cut off and he could be whisked out of the country on private jet. I would assume that his passport has been taken away, but the guy is rich and almost anything is possible and he would be capable of the great escape

  19. BUNKY says:


    1. sarah says:

      Being rich has nothing to do with justice. Have you ever seen the photos of wanted criminals or those who have warrants. Poor people jump bail, rich people jump bail. Poor people get away with crimes and so do rich people. People are people regardless of money. It’s about evidence, plea deals, technicalities, and good attorneys….and not so much about justice.

      1. kevin rasmussen says:

        Were you born yesterday? “Being rich has nothing to do with justice”

    2. Sarah says:

      Take a look at this list and tell me, is it only the ‘rich’ that skip out? And this is only NY. Anyone can skip out. Chances are he will have a lot more attention on him than these guys, making it more difficult for him to leave.

  20. westernblot says:

    How do you force someone to have oral sex?

    1. phil says:

      Ask your wife, Western…
      Are you working for the DSK’s defense team? I hope so…

    2. Sara says:

      By telling her he’ll get her fired from her job probably. And he has the $$ to do it too.

    3. Siege says:

      The same way they got you to do it at summer camp.

    4. beelzebubba says:

      Well, no woman I know would bite off a bit of frog, so the rest would just require force or intimidation… it’s like any other rape if it happened…

  21. Mauna says:

    First, why did he leave so quickly he left his cell phone and wallet behind? I am sure the authorities took his passport, so he won’t be able to use that to get out of the country; however, he is well connected, and he might be able to do anything. He has the money, the connections, and he is sneaky enough to try anything.

  22. Captain America says:

    HE GONE!

  23. memememe says:

    I thought he was being held without bail? Anyway, nobody will ever convict a high level dignitary or the super wealthy. They are simply above the law.

  24. Hedley Lamar says:

    1 million is not enough unless you’re going to give the bail to the maid. You’ll never see him again.

  25. Flashman1854 says:

    The victim is not a “single mother’, she is a widow. There IS a difference. Come on journalists, do your damn jobs and be accurate.

    1. Sarah says:

      A widow defines her marital status. ‘Single Mother’ defines her status as a mother. She is a single mother because she was divorced and was raisisng her child before her husband passed away. She remains a single mother since she is the only one raising her child.

      I supposed they could have said a divorced single mother, or a divorced widowed single mother, but they did not.

  26. thomas says:

    ‘When I hear that your client was at J.F.K. Airport about to board a flight,” she said, “that raises some concern.” The judge also indicated that she would not reconsider her bail decision, even if Mr. Strauss-Kahn were to agree to wear an ankle monitor.

    No way…this judge, Melissa C. Jackson, or any other judge, cannot change course in such a short period of time. I do not believe this report. It is a rumor floated by the defense and the defense using CBS. Sorry…

    1. KenInIowa says:

      The catch here Thomas is that such a change in bail request can be made by petition, and the Judge usually asks the Prosecution if they agree to it. However, yes the Judge does have that final say on the matter.

      Next step would be for the Defense to petition the Appeals Court. That is an action that the Defense has said to the media would be their next step.

    2. eric says:

      Also, a different judge will be hearing the petition today. Hopefully, Judge Jackson’s philosophy is also held by the judge who rules today.

  27. Tyrone says:

    If they grant him bail, mark my words, he will run and France won’t extradite.

    1. Emily Rayburn says:

      @Tyrone Not necessarily. France won’t extradite but other European countries do. If he did jump bail he’d have to stay in France to avoid arrest.

      I think we should let this play out. There was evidence to arrest him, but the burden of proof is still on the State to prove his guilt.

      His daughter lives and works in the US. His wife is American. He has ties to the community. Its prejudicial to paint him with a Polanski brush.

    2. Bob Dudek says:

      Oui Oui…Paree via Canada…bet on it..Obama already has the fix in at the thruway, tolls right to Niagara Falls!

  28. William S says:

    He will make the bail and then bale. I agree with a previous post, he will skip on the bail and the next thing you know he will be the President of France. There will be no justice for this woman. He will find a way to skip, I guarantee it. Just watch.

    1. smitty77 says:

      What justice? Did the maid knock first?

  29. Abe says:

    Nothing’s proven. Just nasty charges .

  30. ami says:

    Innocent till proven guilty, right?
    So many strange occurences in this story.
    French are saying it was a hired sex game set up, then the wrong person showed up.
    Funny how she’s French-speaking, too, non?

    1. chstne says:

      It is a French hotel. Don’t you think that just maybe they would prefer hiring French speaking staff? Huh? Duh

  31. zazy says:

    This is absolutely dégueulasse. If he was a poor man he would get 25 years smack with no parole. In France a raped woman brings guffaws they have something to learn from the American justice. Money will get him out but not so soon it he comes back French officials will wait for him at the airport with flowers. So is the old world.

    Also there is confusion in the media: a rapist is not a seducer he is the contrary of it.

  32. A J Kuret says:

    If he can get on a plane, he’s gone for good. Once back in Europe, they will never give him up.

  33. Tom says:

    Stupid judge. The Seducer will be back in France by Thursday afternoon.

  34. Mike C says:

    If she was able to escape his grip, why then did she allow herself to give him a BJ and then spit on the rug?

    1. B says:

      Your an idiot Mike C. A man forcibly raping a woman in anyway can physically manhandle her. he could have had a death grip on her hair, all sorts of situations. For all you know he was telling her to do it or heed kill her. Theres all kinds of ways to intimidate. but men are almost always going to be stronger than a woman. And when you are caught off guard or by suprise I should say, she may have been simply stunned. What I read is she fought back. I think while hes raping her mouth hes got her by the hair.

    2. mlits says:

      without being too blunt, a woman CAN be forced to give oral sex. Been there.

      1. MST says:

        I am sorry that you’ve been there, mlits.

  35. Ace says:

    $1 million? We’ll never see him again. The frogs won’t extradite…claim diplomatic immunity.

  36. james says:

    He will bail on the bail and next year at this time, he will be president of France.

  37. Elizabeth Lyles says:

    Preferential treatment once again if he gets bail. Flight risk…YES! Once he’s gone we will never see justice for this woman.

    1. Byron says:

      You’re assuming he is guilty. Most rape claims are false claims. Why didn’t she scream or yell for help?

      1. Emily Rayburn says:

        @Byron “Most rape claims are false claims.” Care to proffer evidence for that broad statement? If you have no facts, it just stinks of misogyny.

        What? Get your hand caught in the “cookie jar” yourself?

  38. vicfromvolta says:

    Are you kidding? This pig gets to walk for $100K?

  39. Slick says:

    Bail? Dude is gone….

  40. Joe Doakes says:

    Too low. Set it at $10,000,000 then let him jump it. Give half to the maid and the rest to the NY general treasury.

  41. CPSWIRE says:

    Follow this and other top breaking news feeds on http://www.CPSWIRE.com

  42. DanTe says:

    So who did he paid off to get bail?

  43. BPF says:

    I BELIEVE the MAID 100%, He assaulted, sodomized and then attempted to rape
    her. He is a MADMAN….THROW the book at him……END OF STORY

    1. Rodin says:

      Chef = chief, Du-uh….

  44. Gaul Girl says:

    SOFITEL “The Wing or the Thigh” …suicide are you kidding ?

  45. nyc says:

    I think it was pay for sex gone bad ! How can you force someone to give you oral sex without a weapon ? She could have just bitten hard and ran out the door which should have been left open anyway when the room is being cleaned. Makes no sense !

    1. Darby says:

      The shock of being violently assaulted and in fear of your life will absolutely make most people submissive. Many guys get raped in prison. How come they don’t just shout or “bite hard”? duh!

    2. Bob Dudek says:

      That comment reminds one of the observation of the late, great George Carlin: “Just think about how stupid the average person is, and then remember that 50% of the people are stupider than that.”

  46. HaHa says:

    I wonder if they’ll call him the Seducer in prision?
    maybe just ‘beeyatch’ LOL

  47. If he knows French literature, he already has an escape plan set out for him: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/dominique-strauss-kahn-rikers-island/

  48. Mammy M. says:

    If the voices in his head don’t get to him first…….then the big, black African Brothers almost certainly will. He won’t last more than a few weeks.

    1. Mark Matis says:

      He won’t be here that long. The frogs will Polanski him out as soon as he leaves the jail.

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