NEW YORK (WFAN) — Introducing what the New York Post has dubbed: The ‘Net’roCard.

Forest City Ratner, the developer behind Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, and the Nets want to ensure car traffic won’t be an issue when the team makes their first official Prospect Heights tipoff in 2012.

According to the paper, Forest City and the MTA “have begun re-exploring plans” to produce a MetroCard that would double as a Nets game-day ticket.

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However, the plan isn’t without its snags.

“We might be able to put a ticket on a MetroCard,” said Jane Marshall, a senior vice president for Forest City, “but we might not be able to put a MetroCard on a ticket.”

The idea offers “intriguing possibilities,” said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz. But what if the proposal doesn’t pan out?

Officials said a second option could entail packaging Nets tickets with free or pre-paid MetroCards.

Is the MetroCard-Nets ticket a good plan, or will traffic be a disaster no matter what? Fire away in the comments below…