Theologian Pokes Holes In Saturday End-Of-The World Theory

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It may not be a laughing matter to some people, but New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a lot of fun on his weekly radio show joking about the world coming to an end on Saturday.

Bloomberg said if they world ends Saturday, we won’t have to worry about returning library books or paying parking tickets.

“Think about it. If the world were to end tomorrow it would fix our traffic problems,” Bloomberg said.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports: Bloomberg Jokes About Doomsday On Weekly Radio Show

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It all started when Harold Camping, an 89-year-old Christian radio tycoon, made dire prophecies about May 21, 2011, reports CBS 2’s Katie Fehlinger. Camping made his prediction using complex numerology based on passages straight out of the King James Bible.

Theologian Dr. David Shriver said that wasn’t very smart.

“The 24th chapter of Matthew disclaims any possibility of human beings, including himself, setting a date for God’s judgment of the world,” Dr. Shriver said. “But of that day and hour no one knows — not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.”

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But that hasn’t stopped the hype. Everything from the Centers for Disease Control’s online instructions for dealing with a “zombie apocalypse” to Mayor Bloomberg joking on his radio show has been in play over the last week.

The mayor, who was on quite a roll, said he would change some of the city’s parking rules and give New York City drivers a break.

“If the world does end tomorrow alternate side parking will be suspended. Although I think alternate side parking will take on a whole different meaning, actually.”

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Regardless, in preparation for the end of the world many New Yorkers are planning rapture parties to wait out the end-of-days, while others are cashing in on potential doomsday deals.

“We’re gonna have a good time in New York tonight. I think that’s it!” tourist Jason Gart told CBS 2’s Fehlinger.

“We’re all gonna be at bars across New York City having a grand old time,” added Nick Quinn.

Quinn manages the Manchester Pub on the East Side. Even though he doesn’t believe the end is coming Saturday, he figured why not capitalize on the hype with a bash?

“We’re expecting that people are going to be out on the streets looking for a good time and looking for someplace to go,” Quinn said.

One post on Craigslist is asking for a $200 Rapture Deal. The post asks to sublet an apartment from anyone who is expecting to ascend to Heaven during tomorrow’s apocalypse.

It reads: “As someone who will not be saved I’m looking to make the most of my remaining time here. If YOU’RE someone who WILL be saved and you live in a higher end apartment in one of the more desirable neighborhoods in Brooklyn I’d be interested in subletting until your return.”

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Bottom line: Shriver said nothing will happen.

“To set a date at which the grand climax is going to come of God’s way of dealing with the world is a very big mistake,” Dr. Shriver said.

What are your doomsday plans? Let us know in our comments section.

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  1. Dale Auburn says:

    Of course, Harold Camping’s followers will demand a taxpayer-funded Government bailout to replace the money they’ve lost due to the rapture fraud.

  2. John says:

    Bloomberg is the joke.

  3. ken says:

    Most Christians know that date setting is wrong. Jesus spoke about this in Luke 12: 40. He said, Be ready the Son of Man comes at an hour you think not. All this hype has done is given unbelievers more reason not to believe. Saint Peter addressed this very type of attitude, he might have been talking about this very event. Read in II Peter 3v3 know this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts and sayin, Where is the promise of His coming? Folks, no one should be laughing and poking fun about an event (the Rapture) of God that one day will happen. Look around you, we are more interested in Arnold and Dancng with the stars than praying for our people that have been stricken with no jobs, floods, and tornados that has ravaged society and all the while, a President that is pressuring Israel to give up their land. Yeah, the Rapture may not happen today, but you can bet it’s not to far off!!

  4. sima says:

    im alivee nd its May 21 !

    1. calm says:

      That’s because it’s not 6PM yet

      1. SpaceX FTW says:

        Limited seating is available on SpaceX’s new spacecraft: DragonLab. This will be for non-ISS flights into Space. SpaceX, ftw. Don’t forget your light sabers, ya hear?

  5. sammy says:

    Doomsday Jan 2002
    The day Mr Doomsberg became Mayor of NYC !!!!!

  6. jeff says:

    I’m too still right now to bend over and kiss myass goodbye – so I guess I’ll just have to take this standing-up!

  7. G-D says:


  8. Jimbo says:

    I just woke up and I’m still here!

  9. KPMc says:

    So… you’re turning to a theologian to DISPROVE someone else’s religious beliefs? So much for tolerance and freedom of religion in this country. Here’s a tip… why don’t you stick to the ridiculous dogma you believe in and let others do the same. It’s not harming you.

  10. James says:

    The world is coming to an end, so do your Christmas shopping early! Oh and one more thing, eat desert first!

  11. MR GOEBBELS says:


  12. Darlene says:

    The morons spelled resurrection wrong on their signs. Pathetic.

  13. john says:

    Do we still have to feed the meters.

  14. chayah777 says:

    What is he is WRong??????

  15. chayah777 says:

    what if he is RigHT??

  16. pugphan says:

    That divo is trying to sell his book and using the bible to do it. It may very well turn
    out all wrong for him, as he’s exposed as the cwack pot he is. Must give him some
    credit though for he’s made us all laff a liddle. Thanks divo! smokersodysseycom

    1. NYC says:

      It will be REFUND time on Sunday, May-22 @ 9AM ^_^

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