NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was released from Rikers Island Friday, trading his prison cell for house arrest.

The Department of Correction said as of 5:15 p.m., Strauss-Kahn was no longer on Rikers Island.

Strauss-Khan was  to stay at an apartment at 71 Broadway in Lower Manhattan.  CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis got a closer look at Strauss-Kahn’s new downtown digs Friday evening.

The media’s cameras trained in on the building, which will be the temporary home of the French politician accused of rape.  Residents of the building said they were mortified at having such a notorious new neighbor.

“Well why is he here? Why in this building?” asked one tenant.

“I think it’s going be a lot of press, a lot of different negativity to the building,” said another.

Strauss-Kahn may not like it much either.  The accommodations are nowhere near the standard he’s used to. Instead, he will be have a small, but renovated kitchen, minimalist living room decor and a common gym crowded with equipment.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell With More On Where Strauss-Kahn Will Be Staying

The former IMF chief’s original plan hit a road block Friday.

Strauss-Khan’s wife, heiress Anne Sinclair, rented a luxurious apartment in Manhattan at Bristol Plaza, and was to pay the $200,000 a month it would cost to secure her husband inside who would be under house arrest while awaiting trial.

Friday afternoon, 1010 WINS confirmed that the Plaza turned away Sinclair once it was discovered Strauss-Kahn would be staying there.

According to William Taylor, Strauss-Kahn’s Defense Attorney, the manager of Bristol Plaza backed out when the media showed up for a stakeout.

“The reason that he had to move is because members of the press attempted to invade his private residence,” he told reporters, including CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

Reporters and other members of the media wait outside the Bristol Plaza on May 20, 2011 (credit: Al Jones/1010 WINS)

Before the rental agreement was pulled, prison vans and a police escort arrived at the Upper East Side apartment from Rikers Island. Dozens of news crews set up metal barricades outside the high-rise on East 65th Street.

The Plaza bills itself as a luxurious short-term rental building with elegantly furnished apartments, complete with marble baths, flat screen TVs, and maid service.

Oksana Fitzsimmons works in the building as a housekeeper and said she had no problem with Strauss-Kahn staying there.

“I am not afraid. Why am I afraid? He’s crazy? He’s not crazy. He’s a normal person. I don’t believe this,” she said.

In court Thursday, Strauss-Kahn blew a kiss to his wife and daughter moments after a judge granted him bail. The disgraced banker spent the last six nights in a prison cell at Rikers.

Under the terms, the fallen banker paid $1 million dollars bail, another $5 million for a secured bond, and he’ll be confined to home detention with video cameras and ankle bracelet and armed guards ready to restrain him if he tries to leave.

There will also be strong security restrictions regarding when Strauss-Kahn can leave and who can visit him.  His ankle bracelet will be also be equipped with a GPS tracking chip.  He must also give six hours notice before leaving the residence and can only travel to see a doctor, his lawyers or attend religious observances.

The judge acknowledged the risk but granted the conditional release, reminding the court that “he is not convicted of anything, he is presumed to be innocent, he is entitled to a fair trial of all of this.”

Do you agree with the judge’s decision to grant bail for Strauss-Kahn? Sound off in our comments section below.

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  1. Innocent says:

    She learned a thing or two about the criminal justice system when her husband was killed by the police. She waited (“with calculated but great patience) for an opportunity to present itself to get what she believes is rightfully hers. Compensation for dead husband. She new exactly who he was and if she didn’t, she new he was someone with money and someone with importance simply because she new the room was expensive and reserved for the privileged. He may be a womanizer, and frankly he admits that. Which a lot of men who are, don’t. This women didn’t a terrible thing. I am going with he hope he is innocent and likeliness the accuser has slipped up in her little scheme.

  2. BPF says:

    Legally under the law, the judge is on point and legally correct in granting bail. The first judge was incorrect and swayed by the drama and being on camera etc. I find the conditions under his house arrest to be over the top. Don’t get me wrong he is guilty as sin. But he is being treated differently because he is famous, powerful and rich and has the means to escape……I think he will escape, he would not be able to sustain the brutality of the NY JUSTICE SYSTEM and the INSANITY of the dumb MEDIA including the illustrious New York Times whose journalistic standards have gone to pot. My heart goes out to the hotel maid and I applaud her courage of convictions and belief system….I hope the defense does not discredit her integrity…..Without a doubt the maid is telling the truth 100%. This is what happens when a man has too much power and is too arrogant with deep rooted resentment and hatred towards women, and everyone around this man, allowed him to continue to behave violently against women for many years, without putting a stop to it…He has a sordid violent history against women…..and quite frankly I am so sick of the French at this point and their hatred and jealousy of we Americans….I believe this man and his family along with the maid are all victims carrying their own wounds, demons and sad stories. When you don’t fix a serious problem in your own character makeup it has a funny way of coming back to bite you in the ass…Make no mistake assault, sodomy and rape are not acts of love nor seduction as the French would like everyone to believe…..They are acts of violence against women!!!….The more women tolerate their men to treat them that way They are only adding to their own lack of self worth, low self esteem like his wife who should have reigned him in a long time ago without excuses and hold him accountable as should, We the corrupt American judicial system….

  3. Gregg says:

    Hope his new Pad has a good housekeeping service !

  4. Upsiderules says:

    This guy has got to be a crack addict (or something), unless she looked like J. Lo. Well, at least his family will enjoy the summer in NYC. Wow!!! There’s always an upside.

  5. Gaul Girl says:

    Did you know that her husband Amadou Diallo was killed by the police in the bronx on february 1999 ? read the story there if you wish

  6. will. h. says:

    yes, I agree with the judge. He is innocent untill proven guilty beyond ressonable doubt. in accordance with our judicial system.

  7. rich says:

    it would never cost $200k/month to rent in the Bristol. Please check your facts!!

    1. Jon says:

      The $200,000 includes the cost of hiring the security detsil. Please check YOUR facts

  8. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:


    1. Gaul Girl says:

      Twins were destroyed, by a man killed to avoid a trial compromising the United States at its top, Do not make the mixture. Your exterminator was named Ben Laden and not DSK ! From that moment the foreigner became your wound.

      1. Algerian DZ says:

        Who cares ? It is not Ben Laden who raped this poor woman, but DSK did. DSK is a convicted french rapist .

      2. Gaul Girl says:

        I do care, knowing that in France your women want to free themselves at any rate from their submission

  9. Victor Beube says:

    The Judge has to balance the rights of the accused who is innocent until proven guilty with the rights of the State of New York who are obligated to prosecute this case. So far, it looks fair to me in 2011 terms. We humans have come a long way since Star Chamber days. Let us see the evidence at the trial before we decide innocence or guilt. Fair? What a wonderful country we all live in.

  10. CPSWIRE says:

    Follow this and other top breaking news feeds on

    1. Myles says:

      So much for innocent until proven guilty.

  11. Nick says:

    @aster get a better metaphor. Better yet, get a better brain. Can’t debate the facts like French law so you resort to “sweeping”. Pathetic frenchy. Oh, and do try to stick with the same poster id. Your grammar gives you away.

    1. aster says:

      @nick chickpeabrain
      I repeat it
      sweep in front your door then sweep in front your neighbor’s front door!

  12. Nick says:

    Typical of the lying frenchies. They lie so often, they expect others to be the same. Nope, sorry, unlike you frenchies I never needed multiple smelly names to make myself look like in the majority.

    1. Gaul Girl says:

      The truth waits, only thie lie is in a hurry !

      1. Nick says:

        See? Same stupid metaphors. From the same stupid smelly frenchy using different girl names.

      2. Gaul Girl says:

        New York CBS please inform mister Nick how much he is wrong ! tell him that I always use the same pseudo Gal Girl and proud of it !!!

    2. AL says:

      You’re one sick ass, nick, and an ignorant man, like most people in the US. Xenophobia and hype are the only 2 USA exports.

      1. Nick says:

        What xenophobia? It’s simple truth. The whole world knows it. Even you smelly frenchies know it.

        All you do is surrender, stand and cry, and build Arch de Triumps for non-french armies to march under. It’s all historical FACTS. Even you lying frenchies can’t two-face written records. HA!

    3. Gaul Girl says:

      Nick try to find out what your first name means in phonetic french !!!

  13. Gaul Girl says:

    I love NYC where I had such a great time, where I would love to live, where I have met tremendous persons, I am upset to read some of your comments, Are u going to hate us from now on ? I can’t beleive it ! please be fairplay with us. Thank you guys. I love U 🙂 A little of tolerance could help the world go better !

    1. Al says:

      You need to wake up, Gaul girl. I live here. Hate for the French is the norm. “hate us from now on” Are you kidding me?

      1. Gaul Girl says:

        AI – .Do you think applying advancements in artificial intelligence will make our roads safer? 😉

      2. Gaul Girl says:

        AI, please inform me do you know Reverent AI SHARPTON ?

  14. AmericanGrrl says:

    actually the presumption of innocence is an English and American thing, NOT French. You are presumed guilty under French law and it is up to YOU to prove you are not guilty. the burden of proof is on the accused, not the the accuser…

    1. Tom says:

      The old Napoleonic Code.

      1. Gaul Girl says:

        ” If you expect to be successful in the world, promise everything, give nothing. ”
        Napoleon Bonaparte

  15. Big Nard says:

    This morning they were serving french dounts at my work place.

  16. dkscomeclean says:

    Gee, I take him in, if it wasn’t for the fact the Arnold’s maid is already staying the weekend. He looks a little smelly, too. I’ll pass.

  17. this dude is going home says:

    Well, let’s see now, first bribe the armed guards with millions of dollars in cash, then the video guy to look the other way while some high priced tecky expands his ankle bracelet without setting it off, and puts it on the dogs collar, then to the roof of the building to come down the stairs of a nearby building, into a black car with tinted windows, to white plains airport, onto a private jet wala

    1. Nick says:

      Fleeing is what the smelly cheese eating surrender monkeys are good at doing.

      1. SF says:

        Dealing with Multiple Personaility Disorder Commentors like Nick (and highly likley that is not this individuals real name) can sometimes be entertaining. Except in instances such as this, when the comment made has an underlying obvious hatred for another nationality and eventually act on that hatred to harm or degrade the inncocent. What a coward.

      2. Gaul Girl says:

        On the balance of the globalization, child’s head of the Third World weighs less heavy than a hamburger…

      3. Gaul Girl says:

        The pride, eternal pride, the need to shine and to amaze the world by merits which you do not have!

    2. John Smith says:

      Did you mean “techie” and “voila”, you idiot?

    3. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:

      your his frog legs..the vermin from France will run..that judge should be made to do his time..he can run..but he cant hide for long…bet he wont be singing when im 64..

  18. SF says:

    With his family sticking by him this women looking for an easy payday is going to have a difficult long road ahead to proove he is guilty of anything. Good luck to her, she’s going to need it.

    1. Nick says:

      SF stands for Stupid Frenchy?

      1. aster says:

        sweep in front your door then sweep in front your neighbor’s front door!

  19. Joe says:

    Everything else aside, why does the media always exagerate. $200,000 a month for an armed guard and electronic ankle bracelet? Over $6,500 a day? Forget school, I should have taken the 6 week armed guard course.

  20. nyc says:

    Pay for sex gone bad ! All she had to do is bite down on his johnson and run out the hotel room door ,which was open, and hear him screaming in the background ! This whole thing stinks or Strauss-Kahn is mentally ill !

  21. Peter says:

    He does not call a prostitute because he is french. The French think they can do whatever the F%@k they want to do!!! thats why ev santiago

  22. linda says:

    is it ok that i call him a “L-SER”

  23. ev santiago says:

    Agreed with judge we do not the other side of the history. Why would anyone paying 3000 a night attack someone when he could just get a high end call girl to do whatever he wants remenber our ex governor? did he spend one night in jail? i do not recall. lets get to the bottom of this situation before we pass judgement.

  24. Fola, B says:

    The African immigrant lady is so pretty and young for him to take his eyes off her. posted the alleged victim’s photos on their site.

  25. David says:

    We had similiar breakfasts, I had oatmeal, raisin tast, coffee, banana, apricots, and oj.

  26. Gaul Girl says:

    Considering that the presumption of innocence is to be respected, like in France it is a good thing. We know that he undertook not to escape from the US.Time to investigate hardly before June 6th. Or both are liying or only one ! It is necessary during this short period that the media respect both presumed victim and presumed innocent thinking of their family and children.

    1. Nick says:

      “like in france”??? You frenchies are good at lying to everybody, even yourselves, huh? French law is the defendant has to prove his innocence. Does the words Napoleonic Codes ring a bell? Stupid frenchies.

      1. aster says:

        @nick sweep in front your door then sweep in front your neighbor’s front door!

      2. Gaul Girl says:

        You sometimes have a disgust to write by thinking of the quantity of donkeys by which we risk to be read…

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