LONG ISLAND, NY (CBSNewYork) – Will life as we know it come to an end on Saturday? There’s a movement across the world that says yes, the rapture is here.

Jeffrey Hopkins is among those who believe the world will end May 21.

“A huge earthquake that’s going to wipe out New Zealand and the Fiji islands and that earthquake is going to move with the time zones. It’s going to take about 17 hours for it to hit New York,” Hopkins told WCBS 880’s Long Island bureau chief Mike Xirinachs.

Hopkins was unable the give the exact Biblical passage he says clearly predicts the May 21 rapture, but don’t try to convince him that the world-wide catastrophe isn’t going to happen.

WCBS 880’s Long Island bureau chief Mike Xirinachs reports: Long Island Man Says He’ll Be Among The Saved

“If it doesn’t happen, there’s not a question I can answer because I’m 100 percent sure it’s going to happen,” he said.

In fact, he’s so convinced of the end of times, Hopkins has stopped paying his bills.

“Am I making my last phone bill? No, I’m not paying my cell phone right now because I’m going to push it off to the end of the month,” he said.

Hopkins refused a follow-up interview on May 22, saying, “I plan on being someplace else, not here on earth.”

Do you think the rapture is coming? Let us know in our comments section.

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  1. Bob Fowler says:

    Before I make a misstatement, did anyone leave via rapture yet? It is after 6pm and May 21, 2011. Or was Harold Camping full of bull again?

  2. sawnetbean says:

    I should have had Camping give me all his money.

  3. Trishe says:

    Well, I really wanted to retire early and get my hands on my social security money…

  4. Nick says:

    This matter should be looked at very close
    Jesus Tells us that that the Angels dont know and that HE does not know when the world will end But that there will be many changes to the world and that there willl be some that will say they come in His name and that are Him but that are here to trick us
    I say the Harold Camping is one of them

    1. Rodin says:

      And I say you’re another.

  5. Rodin says:

    Sorry for the bloopers. I’m rushing to my last meal.

    Now that it′s Saturday the 21st in most of the world, heard of anyone who’s been Raptured?

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      It’s supposed to happen at 6:00PM Pacific Time (9:00PM here).

      1. Rodin says:

        9:15 PM, whasshappenin’?

  6. Rodin says:

    So, now that it6’s the 21st in most of the world, know of anyone whop’s been Raptured?

  7. Terri says:

    Considering it is already Saturday there and nothing has happened???

  8. charlie rangel says:

    what took you so long? i stopped paying taxes years ago.

  9. carlrosen says:

    Well the end og his “credit world” anyway. And so what? Hundreds of millions of other people stopped paying their bills. They’re broke.

  10. Edward Montgomery Barnes 3rd says:

    Who Created God?
    No one can answer this,but a bunch of nuts think
    the world is ending ,I heard that One Billion and a half Chinese
    in China don’t think so.

    1. Rodin says:

      “God created man in his own image. And man, being a gentleman, returned the favor.” – Rousseau

      1. Rodin says:

        Readers, I introduce you all to the impostor “Rodin” in the preceding post. Of course many of you know him already since someone, other than me, keeps reporting his comments and they get deleted. I don’t bother. I like to leave them up because I believe freedom of speech shines the light on the gutter and exposes those whose comments speak only about themselves.

  11. M. B. Cleary says:

    Can’t wait to see Con Man Edison bldg.go down on Union Sq.
    Way to go dude.!!
    I will be at the wine store across the street,
    here’s to yah.

  12. badman says:

    the human race is mostly wack jobs, as evidenced by the wide belief in “god”. This particular Camping guy is just a little wackier than average.

  13. dog screamer says:

    You know I was gonna make a million dollars on this . I was gonna sell Jock Straps , then I found out it is the RAPTURE not THE RUPTURE

    DAMN !!

  14. Rodin says:

    It is now the morning of the 21st in New Zealand and the Fiji Islands .


  15. Nick says:

    So is he and his family going to drink that magic kool-aide? So they can be in a better place? And if not, can we make them? So that this will be a better place?

  16. Ronny says:

    For anyone who doesn’t know, this is the second Harold Camping is preaching the end of the world. He did it back in the mid eighties, and like the BIG COMPUTER CRASH OF 2000 that never happened, we are still here.

    1. badman says:

      no, he forgot to carry the 2 the first time.Hs numbers are solid this time.

      1. Dale Auburn says:

        Did he account for the transition from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, in which 10 whole days were skipped? (Thursday, October 4, 1582 was followed immediately by Friday, October 15, 1582.) Maybe all of this is supposed to happen on May 31st!

  17. Alex says:

    Read your bibles, and see for yourselves.
    2nd Peter – Chapter 3, Verse10
    Matthew – Chapter 24, Verse 36

    1. Rodin says:

      You and Hopkins believe the same fairy tail.

      ” All religions die of one disease – that of being found out ” – JOHN MORLEY

      1. alex says:

        Harold Camping from Family Radio started this and the leaflets spread like wildfire. (Last year the same issue errupts again)….

        The human race is mostly wack jobs, as evidenced by the wide belief in “God”. This particular Camping guy is just a little wackier than average. SEND A MESSAGE TO CMPING , AND SEE~!~

      2. Alex says:

        Remember to look at “2nd Peter;Chapter 3; Verse 10
        Matthew Chapter 24; Verse 36
        Then we can crossmatch what “MORELY” says ~!~

      3. Rodin says:

        “To really know your stuff…,” QUESTION!

    2. carlrosen says:

      Also see the book of Larry verse 20, The Book Of Kenny verse 33, The Book Of Dreams by Steve Miller Band, And the Book of Dennis vesre 42

  18. Dale Auburn says:

    Of course, he’s just PRETENDING to believe the “rapture” thing as an excuse to not pay his bills. Does he really think people are stupid enough to not see that?

  19. Bell Toller says:

    The guys last name is Hopkins. Do we need to say anymore?

  20. Eduardo Rey says:

    I hope psychiatric coverage for these demeted folks is not paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance.

    Anywayd, remember, if they’re wrong – it’s not the end of the world.

  21. Ziggy says:

    I hope there will be no mass sucides like what happened with the Hale Bopp comet in 1997 when 39 followers of Heaven’s Gate commited suicide.

    Exactly what form is the Rapture to take place?

    The Hale Bopp comet was visible for days and was truly an amazing sight.

    1. Rodin says:

      The Rapture will come when all the ‘believers’ realize it ain’t gonna be so.

  22. Arnoldrules says:

    The end is near—but not until the oil runs out. That will be sometime within the next 50 years. On that day, the real Armageddon will hit the fan.

    As for tomorrow, I’m going to Arnold’s house—he giving everyone
    “free” maid service until 6 p.m.

  23. Rodin says:

    Believers, like Jeffrey Hopkins, who subscribe to Harold Camping’s ‘Rapture’ prophesy assert that

    “nonbelievers will endure five months of plagues, quakes, wars, famine and general torment.”

    Sounds to me like BUSINESS AS USUAL.

    “When one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion.”
    – ROBERT PIRSIG, American writer and philosopher, author of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values” (b.1928)

  24. J.R says:

    No Santa?!

    1. Rodin says:

      No Easter Bunny…, no Tooth Fairy,,,, no Great Pumpkin!

  25. Lois Martin says:

    I believe the Rapture is coming but not necessiarily on May 21st. It says in the Bible that no one knows the hour or day when Christ is coming back except God. I do believe that it wont be long till Jesus comes for His Bride because of all of the signs that have already happened. Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in unknown places, etc. I also know that if you have not given your heart to the Lord that you will not be going to Heaven.

    1. Rodin says:

      Will Jesus then lose his virginity to His Bride? Will priests be able to marry then?

      If wars and natural disasters were a sign the end is near, we would have been ‘enRaptured’ several millennia ago.

      Good without god!

  26. ALPO says:

    it must be the end when the Town of Hempstead Pays the Dog Catcher 109,000 a year great Job Kate murray spending our money

  27. nyc says:

    Does that mean that Strauss-Kahn, former IMF chief is going to lose his bail money ?

    1. loiwe says:

      geez if the end is really coming, at least let china and Iran hit us with nuclear weapons lol.

  28. МразимГъзета says:

    So, no 2011 European Soccer Champions’ League Final?
    No time for Mou to prove he is not only an interpreter?
    No time for Arsenal to win a title? Pool gave the all-time record to Man U away?
    Stupid Americans. Watch your football and baseball and believe in HOAX.
    may the murrain take all of you this weekend!

    1. Krypton Falls says:

      The way things are going, we’ll never get off of this planet alive. Escape while you can, and don’t look behind you. SpaceX is rolling out the next generation of Spacecraft to replace the space shuttles. Buy a seat on it if you can, or be a stowaway. Remember the distance between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxies is closing by almost 24 million miles per day. We will either be side-swiped by the Andromeda, or be sucked into a head on collision. A survivial guide can be found at atmospheres.5u dot com. Good luck, all!

    2. M.A.D says:

      We Americans believe in the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion.

      1. Rodin says:

        This American believes in truth, facts and freedom FROM religion.

  29. kendra says:

    if you have a strong believe in god the world will not end until god says so.

    1. Rodin says:

      Oh, THAT explains it!

  30. Ohh Batz says:

    THE END IS COMING TO US ALL – it’s called death by the way and none of us are going to escape it. It’s all pretty mundane really, the birds do it, people do it, even plants do it. You want to call it rapture? I’m not sure why so much joy around such a final event, but that’s your perogative. I guess it makes it easier to accept the end of everything. And it really is the end of everything once you cross that boundry. There’s no floating in the sky, there’s no heavenly father waiting to embrace his children’s return home. And there’s no big bad wolf, Santa or devil. Can’t you see these are all childish concoctions of middling minds trying to make sense of the unknowable? You might as well sacrifice animals and pray to a sun god – it’s all been done to no avail and the modern take on those rituals is no different. Pay those bills my friend because they’ll be waiting for you on Sunday and LIPA and Verizon aren’t as forgiving as the holy ghost.

    1. raymond says:

      Couldn`t have said it better myself. good to know i`m not the only one that sees it realistically.

  31. Roy says:

    The element of HOAX being beside the point, how about the Resurrection of the Dead coming FIRST, and THEN the rapture?

    1. Rodin says:

      How about “none of the above?”

      No gods, but Man will eventually destroy the Earth. That ‘s not even a prophecy, merely an observation.

      1. badman says:

        and right soon!

  32. Marina Ios says:

    it will be unpleasant for this gentleman when he will need to pay all the “late fees” , to have phone , tv, etc
    sir, just make yourself sure your housing bills are paid, so you dont end up on the street.
    no one with logic thinking says or believes that this planet will exist forever, but why is it going to be on the 21? of this year?
    really now, i dont pretend to be an out of the ordinary intelligent or super educated person, but i went through all education i could afford in my life, including 2 universities, which i graduated, its true , not in astronomy or seismology, but still, i had access to a wide range of information in varied fields, and i cannot find the logic in this may 21 2011.
    last time when i remember an almost similar situation was the new years night of 1999 to 2000, when i had- orders from my managers- to spend the whole night “keeping an eye” on the work place, because the teller machines “were going to start popping out money after midnight”….it didnt happen , unfortunatelly
    ps. if this gentleman really believes that this will happen tomorrow, he should do a nice gesture, maybe donate to the city shelters, those people will wake up on the 22 of may on the same miserable conditions

  33. David says:

    That might not be the certain day. But it is coming soon. You’ better be ready for it. Study John chapter 3.

    1. badman says:

      oooh. I am SO SCARED. God is coming to get me. And maybe Freddy Kruger too!

  34. Concerned citizen says:

    If the world will end like he believes then who cares about money? Pay off your bills, your logic doesn’t make any sense.

  35. Common Sense says:

    My suggestion is to cancel his cellphone bill. That way when he trips and falls down the stairs and can’t get up, he can’t call for help.

    1. TT says:


  36. Golden Child says:

    I believe that the Rapture is coming, I just don’t believe its May 21st. I don;t believe man can predict it. When Sunday comes and I find myself at church as usual, I will still believe its coming but we do not know when.

    1. jujubee says:

      far more likely you’ll be gunned down by the psycho preaching at you……..

    2. Jay says:

      Golden Child,…sure you will still believe it`s coming because you will still have fear,and fear is how religion evolved.

  37. David says:

    Well is it PST Or EST, sure hope i am not on the interstate coming back from the Preakness

    1. Marina Ios says:

      sir, you did not read carefully the whole article(s), it will be SST- stupidity standard time
      good luck , anyways

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