NEW YORK (AP) — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is being criticized by some community leaders over comments he made while discussing a lawsuit seeking to prevent the city from closing 22 poor-performing schools.

Appearing on his weekly radio show Friday, Bloomberg criticized the teacher’s union and the NAACP, two plaintiffs in the suit. He then attacked parents who continue to support those schools, saying some of them “never had a formal education” and “don’t understand the value of education.”

Zakiyah Ansari, a parent organizer with the Alliance for Quality Education, another plaintiff in the suit, called the mayor’s comments “insulting.” She told The New York Times that just because you’re poor doesn’t mean you’re uneducated or “don’t know what’s best for your kids.”

Bloomberg spokesman Marc LaVorgna said the Mayor believes that schools that are failing students should be replaced with schools that work.

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  1. Catherine Ann Fitzpatrick says:

    Close Norman Thomas High School now. It’s an incubator of crime and mayhem.

  2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Expand Rikers Island now and put the money for schools and minorities to good use

  3. stephi says:

    My parents made sure that I learned English. The people who don’t want to speak English are the racists not the ones who want people to speak English in America. I think Teddy R. once said “One nation, One flag, On language.

  4. Hello says:

    People without education probably understand the VALUE of having one better than those who do. That’s probably why they are trying to make sure their children have a better EDUCATION than they do.

  5. VigyVeeee says:

    Hey, if the shoe fits….. Im just sayin.

  6. nyc says:

    This is probably the only time I have ever agreed with BloomRich. If schools are not working ,close them. It is sad to see what has happened to our society regarding parents/children. When you see obese children with obese parents, using foul language and just have no manners or respect for other people, how do you think they are going to act in school ? I have met teachers that work in public schools and the horror stories they tell me they have to deal with is unimaginable when I was young cursing out a teacher or worse was unheard of ! Sad times and it’s getting worse !

    1. Nick9075 NYC says:

      How are they going to get a job or a job that be enough to handle to cost of living in NYC?? The days of guaranteed employment in a union or gov’t job are over.

    2. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:

      your right as rain..yes for once mayor mikey spoke the sad seems being fat and stupid dont make it anymore..

  7. Nick9075 NYC says:

    He then attacked parents who continue to support those schools, saying some of them “never had a formal education” and “don’t understand the value of education.”’

    They don’t (the parents) Period… I have lived in NYC for 33 out of my 35 years of life and this is the truth. Many are ‘afraid’ to say it because they will be tarred as ‘racists’…. Unfortunately, the full employment, unlimited credit era is over and you actually need skills to get a decent job to survive in NYC. Many of these kids will be working at $15 an hour retail jobs the rest of their life if their attitude doesn’t change.

  8. NYCParent says:

    Bravo, Mayor Bloomberg! It is about time you held parents accountable for their children. It is parents responsiblity to make sure their children do homework, study and arrive at school on time. It is amazing that so many children arrive unparepared to learn and refuse to actively, appropriately participate in school. Decades ago uneducated immigrants came here hungry for education and opportunity, they had to work to survive. Times have indeed changed, today when people are not hungry, on public assistance for life, there is no incentive to do well. Parents are not held accountable for ensuring that their children do well in school and therefore they do not.

  9. DannyDD says:

    Discipline must enforced, let the teachers be the teachers the parents be the parents. Let educate the kids not be friends with them. Send them to detention room when misbehaved. Parents stop complaining about school, find out how you can work with it and deal with your kids. The blaming game is resulting in your kids failure… Work together!! Many lousy lawsuits brought the public school systems today as if they were daycare center. Let put in vigorous training and educating them, if you want them to success, parents and teachers work together to ensure the success!!

  10. OldSchool says:

    Over a century ago poor, non-English-speaking, often illiterate immigrants flooded the NYC public schools. The teachers had no resources and only minimal education. Despite this, the fierce determination of teachers, parents, and children led to successful collaboration. What is lacking now is the child’s ambition. Whatever parents and teachers want for the child cannot be dictated. The child, and young adult teenager, must come to school, pay attention, and emerge with skills for the future. School is not a social club.

    1. joe says:

      I could not agree more. When children have no and I mean no leadership at home.

  11. jyason says:

    honestly do u think anything will help these schools. okay we can rearrange the school give it a new name. lets all wake up. these kids today(most of them) have no respect for teachers act like animals and most of there parents arent any better we need joe clark to run these schools (throw the bums out of school)

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