If You Light Up You Better Look Around, But Not For A CopBy Marla Diamond

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Don’t even think of smoking in New York City parks and plazas or you’ll get burned.

The city’s outdoor smoking ban went into effect Monday, but in one park officials took a “make love not war” approach to banning the butts, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond: Pedestrian Plazas Are Included In The Ban

At Bryant Park the sign reads “smell flowers not smoke.” People who lit up there Monday were handed a flyer with the same message as officials of the privately operated public park took a gentle, 1960s-ish approach to the start the city’s outdoor smoking ban.

Smokers were told:

“Are you aware that this is the first day of the new no smoking law? So we’ll let you continue today but please don’t come back and smoke in the future,” said Daniel Biederman, president of Bryant Park Corp.

Make no mistake, the city is serious. Get caught smoking in a park, on beach, in pedestrian mall or a sports stadium and you’ll get a $50 ticket, but officials hope calling a cop won’t be necessary.

“This will mostly be self enforcement,” Biederman said.

You’d think normally aggressive New Yorkers would have no problem telling their neighbors to put it out, right? Wrong.

“This is New York. What? Are you crazy? No, not gonna tell them not to smoke,” said Brian Hoke of the Upper West Side.

“I probably wouldn’t say anything, but I’ve never liked smoking in the park. It always bothered me. I usually just get up and move,” added Joan Frudden of New Hyde Park.

“I would say something, definitely,” said Max Rutten of Gramercy Park. “I would remain very calm and polite.”

Audrey Silk, of CLASH — Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment – said she worries about this self-policing aspect of the ban.

“Citizen on citizen, inform on your neighbor,” Silk said. “They’re inviting hostile confrontations. I’m not encouraging violence or suggesting it or condoning it, but human nature is when you have confrontation in the street, arguments get heated and things will happen.”

Smokers are not taking the public ban lightly. On Saturday they’re planning a smoke-in at Brighton Beach.

People are decidedly torn over the legislation.

“It infringes on my rights! Outside? You’re not hurting anyone,” said smoker Caroline Britt.

“Guess I should put it out, huh?” lamented smoker Mark Gotham.

Others support it.

“I think it’s great,” said non-smoker Roberta Guerette. “I don’t like smoking and I don’t like smoke around me.”

“I think it’s great cause there’s nothing worse than when you’re walking behind somebody or sitting here in the chairs and the smoke is just billowing into your face,” said non-smoker Dave Taylor.

It’s part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-smoking initiative that began with banning smoking in all bars and restaurants eight years ago.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Infringing On People’s Rights?

“It’s a forced health habit and I think it’s great,” said smoker Al Cascarina.

Thirty-five states, including New York, ban smoking indoors in places like bars and restaurants, but only Los Angeles and Chicago have tackled the outdoor ban.

This law, however, goes much further by making it illegal to light up in many outdoor places, virtually any place under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Recreation Department.

“It’s almost like a dictatorship, telling us we can’t do that,” said smoker Frank Zieran.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports: Lights Out For Smokers

The new law was aimed at drastically reducing exposure to secondhand smoke, but city health officials also want to stop a new generation from picking up the habit.

“I mean, I have a family so I understand why you shouldn’t but I also believe in freedoms,” said smoker Ahmad el Sayd.

“I feel like everywhere I go, people are outside smoking because they can’t be inside, and I have to steer my stroller out of the way of secondhand smoke,” said non-smoker Shar Dorfman.

If caught breaking the law, one will be fined anywhere from $50 to $250.

Still, many defiant smokers said they’ll take their chances.

“I’m a smoker. That’s my choice. It’s not going to make me stop,” said Zieran.

Does this new law go too far? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. unknown420 says:

    for real? thats f-in nuts! i was born n raised in NY and just moved out a couple months ago and was planning to return next month but now i’m not if they going to fine me for smokin outside, i personally dont like smoking inside i always go outside to smoke now if I move back i pretty much have to watch where i smoke….what happened to Freedom?

  2. Andrew Kent says:

    Why are smokers so narcissistic about their “rights” being violated? It’s like some big industrial polluter complaining about the big bad government depriving them of their right to dump PCBs into the water supply. Anti-smoking laws are about health and safety more than they are about relative rights. Please get over it, and get some help with your addiction.

    1. Keitha Baker says:

      I am a smoker and yes I feel that banning smoking in parks and on the beach is a bit extreme .but I am human first so if it’s the law I will NOT smoke in the park or the beach I can’t just give my money away like that $50.00 is a lot. What’s NEXT..Cars and Planes that is pollution too

  3. R.B says:

    Whats this world coming to??? pretty soon they will be telling you when you can use the bathroom……… This country is getting worse… its so sad….. It seems like we are slowly losing our freedom….. Whats it going to be like 50 years from now… its a scary thought…… FREEDOM????

  4. jimmy says:

    What’s. the hack of regulation!I think automoble’s soot will a lot harm than smoking. Why they don’t even think about smokers right. Smokers do not have thier right? Please this is only matter of economy of nyc. Come on.

  5. Peter says:

    No smoking outside but they have no problem collecting my 5 dollars in cigarette tax now do they. F%&k Bloomberg oh thats right he Fu%*ed us!!!

  6. Stefan says:

    Land of the sheep, home of the sissies being scared to death by a whiff of smoke?

  7. don says:

    come on people please wake up,every one is letting the government take your freedom.remember the government is supposed to work for us , not us work for the government. we need to get together and tell them to leave our rights alone. i can understand inside ban, but outside makes no sense.guess smokers dont have rights anymore.

  8. W. Lasten says:

    NYC seems to have a LOT of economic fantasies these days…
    …If a ‘friend’ were acting like a Catholic preist, (…molesting children, that is), I’d rat him/her out in a second.
    Short of something like that…
    I’d NEVER even consider informing on a ciggie/pot/other smoker, with the theoretical exception of repeat DUI…(crack, pot, H, etc.)
    If I were on a jury decidng the fate of a pot seller, I’d do my best impression of the late John Bannerman, (if memory serves), who played Sgt. Schultz on the idiotic sit com “Hogan’s Hero’s”: “I see nothing!”!
    Remember: It’s costs $500+ EVERY time an NYFD engine co. rolls…
    For NYC, trading a $250 smoking fine for a ’10-92′ (with ‘3&2’ on the alarm), will get prohibitively expensive very quickly…And don’t tell me people will die!
    …NOT with Bloomie’s 20+ firehouse closings!

  9. NonSmoker says:

    If you want to commit suicide, stand behind a bus exhaust pipe.

    I have never smoked, but I’ve always lived around smokers. I’ve researched the mythology of “second-hand smoke.” Unless an adult is standing nose-to-nose with a baby, and smoking constantly, there is nothing more than temporary irritation. On the other hand, I cough for long minutes after walking beside a row of idling car and especially bus exhaust pipes.

    Hysteria, superstition, and pseudo-science create these ludicrous bans. Mayor Bloomberg is a petty tyrant: If HE can’t smoke, NO ONE can. Nearly a dozen years of destroying the city’s school and transportation systems, housing pool, and businesses, but all he cares about is smoking??

  10. fastasashark says:

    All of the non-smokers had better get used to walking through a thick cloud of smoke at the entrance to every park. Especially tourist traps like Central Park. It will probably be worse than smokers in the park! Bloomberg, you’re a genius!!

  11. enough is enough says:

    In the past , the smoking bans were met with lots of resistance and dismay but eventually smokers buckled under and accepted the enevitable.
    This new prohibition is a lot more difficult to enforce and has the additional risk of letting the public “police” itself.
    Arguements and possible physical violence are very real side effects of this rather dumb law.The city is irresponsible to set up such possibilities.

  12. Mayor Nannypants says:

    Flowers and pollen cause allergies and asthma. Ban flowers!

    Car exhaust, grease fat, roasting chestnuts, arepas, cooking sausage, barbecues, dog poop, pigeons, perfume, homeless people, all these things smell bad and hurt your feelings. Ban them all!

    Politicians cause allergic reactions in people containing brains. Ban politicians!

    1. TomNJ says:

      Got agree with you there. If the city really cares about our health and air, let them start by fixing the exhaust on buses and city owned trucks. Oh no, wait, that would cost money! I guess it is easier to “care” when it is just smokers you are attacking. How many of you who complain about a whiff of cig smoke have ever caught a whiff of exhaust while walking down the street? How come you are not “outraged” by that? Once again, double standards. People need to stop being sheep and following the scare tactics of the media. Not that cigarettes are good for you, but you are being harmed by city/state owned things at a much higher rate. But hey, as long as you think that all is well now that we can’t smoke outside, then they have done their job and created a good diversion.

      1. Dave says:

        And I love the fact that they are expecting other citizens to enforce it…….. GREAT IDEA! Lets encourage direct confrontation between people! That should end well.

        I think we should persecute people who eat at McDonalds next. We could confront them as they exit the restaurant and tell them “you are a lard ass and you eating here is causing my health insurance to go up….. so quit being a lard ass!”

        Then we should persecute people who drink alcohol next! After all alcohol is responsible for more societal damage then all illegal drugs and cigarettes combined. We could stand outside of bars and say “shame on you drunkard” as they leave.

  13. Dale Auburn says:

    My right to pollute your air outweighs your right to breathe. Deal with it.

    1. Dave says:

      You can make that argument with indoor smoking for sure, but when it comes to smoking outdoors this argument does not hold water. If you were really serious about what you just said you would be forced to ban all internal combustion engines in the city…… they cause thousands upon thousands of times more air pollution.

      People go after smokers because it is easy and socially acceptable to treat them like lepers……. one day it may be you that is treated like this for a habit you have.

      Signed an EX-smoker who has no problem with smokers.

      1. WorkingPoor says:

        Dave: The term “lard-ass” is particularly inane. When you have your daily lunch in McDonald’s (or Burger King, Wendy’s, etc.), take your attention away from your super-sized fries, and LOOK at customers. They tend to be very young or very old, and rarely fat — even in the Bronx. Why? Cost.

        You’d do beter to outlaw supermarkets! The 2 liter bottle of soda, the super-sized tortilla chips, all the large quantities of real junk food are affordable there! In fact, they’re much cheaper than healthy food. Check the price of a loaf of Levy’s rye bread. My unsweetened fruit juices cost twice as much as soda. Cheese is more expensive than Cheeze Doodles.

        People fill up themselves and their children on the cheapest food available on tight budgets; your McDonald’s lunch costs you about $ 7, which in a supermarket buys 5 boxes of generic macaroni and cheese — family dinner for 5 days!

        The next time you want to yell “lard-ass,” I hope you look into a 3-way mirror.

  14. caleb goldfarb says:

    Mayor Bloomberg is a communist and a radical. He should be tried for treason and sedition. He should al;so be publically flogged and stoned for being the biggest moron east of the Mississippi.

    1. kizamunze says:

      Yep long long time ago.USA fought wars against those kinds of people like Mayor Bloomberg is in order this kinds of laws not to never ever happened.But this show you how people within USA are so weak.Now people will only even hate more USA much more!

  15. NYCWOLF says:

    Welcome to the Police State, We Are Now Robots in NYC. Soon to follow: the rest of the USA. Only eat these foods, only drink these drinks, dont smoke, dont have sex, pay LOTS of taxes with your little pay. The rich get richer and the poor get told what to do and when to do it. WE, the HARD WORKING, tax paying CITIZENS of this city and country are slowly and surely becoming robots to the Powers That Be. And it will continue until WE the CITIZENS have NO RIGHTS left.

  16. Jane says:

    Why does the photo show a filthy hand with rotten nails ??
    I am a smoker and my hands are actually used for nail polish advertisements and are considered extremely attractive.
    This picture is trying to depict smokers as vagrants and filthy people.

    1. kizamunze says:

      That is why you people have to sue them for making you having stress after seeing that picture so they will stop once and for all for that kind of behavior.Now the way it is for them is freedom and you are suppressed while living in non proportional hands world. I wish they burn in hell all of them including Mayor Bloomberg as soon as possible!!

  17. jerseyjoey says:

    Only in NYC would they want you to snitch on a friend over a legal to buy but illegal to smoke cigerette, only so as they can create revenue for themselves(the city of NY). Read your history you liberal arses, Nazi germany used the exact same tactics and we know how that went. as far as i see it, your free to do to your body what ever you like, and as far as the liberal arguement goes that it costs tax payers in health related issues: thats spit in the sea compared to the freebees of tax payers moneys handed out to illegals and low life losers who mooch away our hard earned moneys we the real American tax payers fund every year.

    1. joe says:

      and this is why you live in NJ, the 2nd most corrupt and state and the most backwards Northeastern state in the Union. Stay on that side of the river meathead

  18. Andrew Kent says:

    This law is needed and long overdue, especially in congested spaces like pedestrian malls, boardwalks, and vest-pocket parks. But will the law be enforced or, perhaps even worse than non-enforcement, enforced selectively? Clearly, any perceived “right” of smokers to smoke is trumped by the fundamental right of non-smokers to breathe, and this law will, in the long run, save lives and prolong health. But, if people can get away with smoking in restricted areas, many will, so the police and Parks Enforcement personnel are going to have their hands full giving teeth to this new and necessary advancement in public policy.

    But the suggestion that New Yorkers confront violators can be problematic, as many smokers are already suffering from a form of mental illness, as well as a physical addiction, and could react angrily or even violently. Better to photograph or videotape them and post the results on Facebook or YouTube. There is no expectation of privacy in a public place, and the non-commercial use of such pix and videos, especially of violators breaking the law, does not require the subjects’ permission. Maybe when they, and their non-smoking friends, neighbors,and relatives, see them caught in the act of being a dork, the offenders will get the hint. In life, as in politics, embarassing the guilty is the sincerest form of criticism.

  19. Walter goodenough says:

    Smoked for 40 years and quit 2 years ago. Not a day goes by I don’t miss them or the pleasure they brought. So sick and tired of hearing about second hand smoke. I have a solution for all you complainers, hold your breath, we won’t mind!

  20. Lieutenantdan says:

    What they should do next is to make a law banning excessive use of perfume in public places. Not one day goes by without me being choked by some person wearing too much perfume. I am sure if a study was done on perfume they would find that the chemicals in the product can contribute to asthma attacks, headaches, allergies and may even cause cancer in some people.
    I have to sit on a park bench and breathe in disgusting perfume chemicals constantly. I would rather smell cigarettes.

    1. Bob says:

      good point, if perfume was 10 times more invasive than it is. Smoke is worse than perfume, last time I checked. You moron.

  21. Seeless Bucks says:


  22. Barbara says:

    If you want to smoke outdoors, take a short ride over to New Jersey, get out of your car and smoke away! While you’re there, buy some cheaper gas, tax free clothing and CHEAPER CIGARETTES!

  23. niklu says:

    Could they have used someone with clean hands?
    Yuck!! …..Where have those finges been?

    1. nyc says:

      Media used this picture of someone with filthy fingers to illistrate how discusting cig smokers are ! Ridiculas !

  24. overtaxed says:

    While smokers have been pushed out of the bars ,restaurants and now public parks onto the street, may some of those out there applauding this be reminded that the excessive tax paid to the city and state are subsidizing the parks that smokers are now prohibited from.

  25. Sal says:

    I am a non-smoker but if the government REALLY cares about second hand smoke, ban smoking and make cigarettes illegal. They won’t do that because cigarette tax brings in mucho bucks.

  26. Joseph Didonato says:

    this is a stupid law!!! the cars and trucks exhaust is way worse than second hand smoke, NYC just needs the money from tickets!!!

    1. Jose Berberena says:


  27. kmd says:

    love how communism is slowly making its way into our nyc life…

  28. Seymour Carcinoma says:

    The lung is muscle, it needs exercise. Smoke up and be strong.

  29. badman says:

    exposing others to your own tobacco smoke is not a constitutional right.

    smokers, if smoking means that much to you, go find a place that’s sealed off from the rest of the world, and knock yourselves out. you could all swim around in each others’ smoke like fish in a tank.

    you’re in the great minority, and you’re idiots for smoking in the first place. get over it.

  30. Dave Turner says:

    Hi to you over there, I agree with the ban they should have it here in the U.K to
    We have a ban indoors so you get people outside smoking, not much fun walking through a wall of smoke.

  31. Kiki says:

    I agree it is annoying to have smoke blown in the air, but forbidding public air for only smokers isn’t right. Smokers don’t have the right to smoke indoors and now in public areas? These laws are completely against smokers and going against “All men are created equal.” This law is the stepping stone to “All men are created equal, but some more equal than others.”

  32. DP says:

    New Yorkers seem to be famous for wanting laws (“D’ere aughta be a law”), as well as being famous for their pride in breaking all those laws. In this case, hizzoner says we shouldn’t expect this law even to be enforced, beyond giving license to scowl at your nieghbors. Petitioning gov’t for grievances has become a part of a game of political affiliation, as each side seeks to bring people under their parties’ umbrellas. It seems people petition for their rights, and the other side demonizes that group, suggesting they don’t deserve those rights (as if that makes those rights null and void)… sort of a witch hunt. So, pick your favorite underdog: smokers, gays, gun owners, immigrants (legal or otherwise)… its a long list. How often is the principle that the government is obliged to protect the rights of all of these people, whether the rights are enumerated or not, ever come up in the debate?

  33. edward says:

    This goes beyond the bounds of supression.Indoor smoking bans are one thing but outdoors is highly questionable. One can’t imagine that smkoking could be any worse than the exhaust fumes that surround the new pedestrian plazas in the middle of Times Square and Broadway.Certainly the parks and beaches are large enough that they could have had smoking permitted/prohibited designated areas.
    What’s truly absurd is thecity’s admitting that these new restrictions are as likely to be enforced as jay walking; so why even bothe

  34. pughpah says:

    All of you smokers are whining about your right to smoke, but have you thunk
    of our right to clean air? It’s really annoying to be walking along, enjoying the sunshine, the fresh air, and walk right smack into your damned nicotine wall. It makes the hair on my arms stand right up, my lungs actually ache, and I start to retch. Stop being so damned selfish and have some consideration for your
    fellow man. It must be really excruciating to peeps with sinus, allergies, and asthma. Man up, grow up, and have some compassion for the rest of us. smokersodysseycom

  35. nyc says:

    Wonder what Bob Dylan’s reaction is to sooo many new laws against people’s freedom’s ! There was a time.

  36. John D. says:

    I don’t like the smell of cigarette smoke on or around me but, that does not give me the right to tell someone else what to do. Civil Rights…hello Freedom is the reason our forefathers came to this country in the first place. If you want to live in a country that tells you what to do every second, there are many communist countries that are still in business…. FREEDOM of Speech too !

  37. Colleen says:

    I can’t stand smoking – second hand smoke included. I tolerate it because i have friends who smoke. What I DO NOT tolerate is mothers and fathers who blatantly smoke around their little children. Pushing baby stroller and puffing on a cancer stick. Give me a break… wait until you are home and child is in bed before you light up.

    As far as the argument about the exhaust on cars etc – is that cancer causing? (seriously now – I am asking) Is it right in your face…. are you breathing it in… (for more than a few seconds…)

    Again – it is one thing to smoke around adults etc – but to tarnish the lungs of your children because of your filthy habit… not good, selfish and stupid…
    I once saw a father zipping his kids’ jacket up at a bus stop while a smoke was i his mouth. I mean PUH-LEEZE! That in itself was absolutely disgusting.

    my 2 cents…

    1. lev says:

      So pushing a baby stroller, outside, while smoking a cig is a health hazard to the kid(s)? In a car, sure, but outside? The same with that terrible parent who had the audacity to smoke, again outside, while zipping up the coat. Yes, I agree, PUH-LEEZE, Colleen, stop.

  38. No Brakes says:

    @lev – Are you seriously going to retort with an argument so full of holes? While I certainly empathize with smokers needing a place to do so, it should not be at the expense of other’s health and comfort.
    Hole#1: Exhaust – how are jogging and sucking in CO2 inter-linked? Either way it happens. Additionally, most state governments have made huge strides to reduce amount of emissions at all levels from autos to industrial plants.
    Hole#2: – Eating habits: This is completely irrelevant to the point of these laws. The laws are to protect people from damage that others cause. Most people’s eating habits do not directly impact others as smoking does.
    Hole#3: – An occasional drink: Actually, it has been shown that an occasional drink can have health benefits. From such things as heart health, to reduced risks of stroke and age related dementia.

    I understand you may have a special agenda as a smoker. I absolutely can empathize. But I’d suggest looking for support within your local government to find solutions such as increasing amounts of designated smoking locations that do not impact non-smokers but are easily accessible to smokers. The last thing I’d want to do is work with someone that really needs a good smoke break. We all need a release and I feel that it is your choice how you find it and respect that. However, I think that if you are to argue your case, it would really benefit you to get your facts straight and rather than point your finger at someone else, find a collaborative way toward a solution.

    1. Cos says:

      No Brakes: FYI, when excersising, your lungs draw in more air to increase the flow of oxygen to the rest of your body. This is done to provide as much oxygen-enriched blood to your extremities. During this process, any amount of polution is now capable of ‘poisoning’ your body. Although you may not have lifted a cigarette – let alone, be near a smoker – your entire life, the carbon monoxide will now take place of all that.

      Also, some foods – specifically vegetables (i.e. broccoli) – have been known to cause cancer. I’ll admit that the research behind this is questionable, it does raise an eyebrow. Thus, you ‘may’ eat healthy your entire life – again, not partaking or being around cigarette smoke – and still contract cancer of some kind.

      As I understand it – and this is open to debate – cancer is when your white blood cells perform too well – causing them to reproduce more than they should. This becomes too much for an individual’s system to handle and the cells now combine to create a ‘tumor’. Because we are talking about cells, this tumor may be removed, but the underlying problem more than likely will continue to exist.

      All that said, it is certainly one thing to protect the public from second hand smoke. But it should not infringe on the rights of others. Therefore, this law is an infringement of smokers rights. I’ve had many tell me, “Well, it doesn’t affect me so I’m not worried about it.” When it does affect them, it will be too late to do anything about it. By then, we would have lost any ability to change government back to the way it was meant to be – where we control it, not the other way around.

    2. lev says:

      My point is simple: smoking outdoors is not a health hazard to others regardless of how much the Gov tells us it is. Re the so called holes in my argument: I am just making a comment re stereotypical people who breathe in who-knows-what while attempting to stay healthy ( such as joggers ). The same with eating. It doesn’t affect others ( neither does one’s smoking outdoors ). However, maybe it does affect others re the cost of health care. People who don’t exercise and have poor eating habits do in fact cause the costs to go up, just as smokers do. So unless you want to walk the walk ( be “Joe Healthy”in ALL aspects ), please just leave the people who are enjoying a LEGAL commodity alone.

      FYI, I only smoke an occasional cigar / pipe.

  39. Paul Fiolkowski says:

    And I have to run a gauntlet of nasty smokers every time I enter a building. Where is the respect for my rights to clean air? Besides, it’ll be better for business, who won’t be losing all the work time to cigarette breaks!

    1. lev says:

      Yes, you run that gauntlet because smokers are forced to smoke in “special” places. That is for your rights, the ones you claim don’t exist. I suppose everything that you do is healthy, such as eating habits, exercising ( maybe even jogging and sucking in all of that CO2 from exhausts ), and perhaps only an occasional drink?

  40. Annapolis says:

    Really? The strength of your argument decreased dramatically when you cited 4 people who smoked prior to the increased and widespread knowledge of how dangerous cigs actually are. So they really weren’t that “smart or stupid at the same time” like you say. Name some influential people today that currently smoke….right. There’s really no one.

  41. Ellen says:

    Well, the trash alone from cigaret butts is a big reason to ban smoking at parks and beaches.

  42. John F Kennedy says:

    Maybe they’ll catch more weed smokers on Rockaway Beach with it’s distinct smell.

  43. lev says:

    The Nannies just can’t stop. They honestly cannot help themselves from “helping” everyone, as they know what is best for us all. Thank you nanny-idiots….I feel SO much safer now.

    There needs to be an organization called “Smokers United” or something. These idiotic laws only get passed due to the passivity of the smokers. Even non-smokers should be fed up by now ( except the cry babies who constantly complain about the “cloud” of smoke that they have to walk through on occasion ).

    1. Duff says:

      If you want to be stupid enough to poison yourself, fine help yourself, but I don’t want to be exposed to it, so go sit in your car and keep it to yourself. That way you can get both first and second hand smoke.

  44. Eugenia Elaine Karahalias says:

    When is enough , ENOUGH? Join the ranks of the non-smokers now and improve your HEALTH! http://stopsmoking.li

    1. marx = bloomberg says:

      workers of the world unite

  45. Maurice Romy says:

    This is really getting crazy.. I do agree about people not littering but i always have an ashtray with me when i smoke on the beach and always dispose of my cigarettes. I think they should ban Breastfeeding in public too.. what will be next??

    1. LovleeME says:

      I agree. At this point, I feel they should just make cigarettes illegal. I would be able to quit a lot easier if they weren’t so simple to get. You see, it’s a catch 22… the gov’t wants to alienate smokers, but they love the extra money they get from the taxes people pay on a pack of cigarettes. I also agree about your breastfeeding comment, I’m a woman- and even i find it really gross. I also think crying babies should be banned from the public as well.. If we are going to make the city better for all, let’s make it better for ALL, not some.

  46. Mike says:

    Smoking is disgusting, and smelling the smoke or getting it on your clothes is the worst. The harder they make it to light up, the better.

  47. KIM says:


    1. JOE says:


  48. Anthony says:

    This law is going to be a lot like prohibition, impossible to obey, and impossible to enforce. The ideal thing is to ban the sale of tobacco products altogether.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Jackie Kennedy, and Marilyn Monroe were four of the most influential people of the twentieth century who smoke cigarettes. I’ll never understand how people can be so smart and so stupid at the same time.

    1. kizamunze says:

      You are even far more stupidest after people read your comment.

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