NEW YORK (WFAN) — The Mets are handling Fred Wilpon’s critical comments about his top players “internally.”

Scott Boras, Carlos Beltran’s agent, has a different approach.

“These statements are not indicative of the Fred Wilpon I know,” Boras told the New York Post on Monday.

In a profile by The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin, Wilpon called himself a “schmuck” for signing the outfielder “based on that one series” when Beltran tore the cover off the ball playing for Houston in the 2004 postseason.

“He’s sixty-five to seventy percent of what he was,” Wilpon said.

Boras refuted Wilpon’s criticism by citing Beltran’s current statistics. The outfielder is batting .280 with 25 RBI for the Mets this season.

“If you’re a member of a team or an organization and respect one another, any evaluation or internal opinion of players currently on the team should stay there,” he said. “If you want success and optimal performance, it’s best to keep those in-house.”

Boras added: “He’s back to being Carlos Beltran. Any owner who had Carlos Beltran playing like this would be very happy.”

Wilpon also called out David Wright and Jose Reyes. The owner called Wright “not a superstar” and said Reyes “won’t get” a Carl Crawford-type contract.

Who is closer to the truth on Beltran: Boras or Wilpon? Sound off below…

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  1. Howie Sprague says:

    I’m a lifelong Mets fan. I’m not a fan of Wilpon. That said, I agree with what he said about Wright, Beltran & Reyes … Why attack the owner for telling it like it is?

    1. Benny The Ball says:

      I too am a Meta fan since the Polo Grounds days, but what team needs a distraction of ownership proportions!

  2. Cathy Collazo says:

    Mr. Wilpon, I can not believe your comments. !!!!! You don’t deserve a winning team.!!!
    I do hope Beltran, Reyes and Wright prove you wrong, each on their own individual performance. As much as I love the Mets I do wish they loose.
    Your comments have harmed the players and disgusted the Mets fan. No matter how many times you apologize, the harm is there. Shame on you.!!!!!!

  3. Benny The Ball says:

    Fred Wilpon has not, in my opinion, exercised the professional nature that a player owner relationship should have. The airing of his discontent of his core team players to the media reveals a deeper financial frustration. Yeah Fred… you are a big schmuck. Not because of your Baseball dealings but rather your dealings with your friend Bernie. The whole situation with Madoff has clouded your Baseball sense. You keep second guessing your Baseball decisions which in itself is not all bad, but airing it to the media? “Double Schmuck!”

  4. Tim says:

    Does anyone else find it ironic that BORAS is claiming a comment should stay “In House”, lol Kind of funny, coming from a man who has made his living using the media for benefit.

  5. King says:

    Boras is only saying this because at the end of the year he will be looking for a new contract for Beltran, not because he cares about the Mets, Wilpon or the Mets fans.

    He’s trying to protect his client and his client only. Once Beltran leaves the Mets Boras could care less about the Mets until his next client is looking for a job & the Mets have interest.

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