TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Republican Gov. Chris Christie announced Thursday that New Jersey will withdraw from a 10-state regional greenhouse gas reduction program by the end of the year, saying the program is ineffective at combating global warming.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney With Comment From Gov. Christie

“The whole system is not working as it was intended to work. It is a failure,” the governor said.

The announcement thrilled conservatives, who have been dogging governors in Northeast states to abandon the effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions by having polluters pay for their fossil fuel output.

But it angered lawmakers who supported New Jersey’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, known as RGGI, since 2008.

“Gov. Christie has in one wrong-headed decision decimated New Jersey’s clean air and energy advocacy efforts,” said Assemblyman John McKeon, a Democrat who chairs the Assembly environment committee. “Sadly, this day will go down in history as the one in which New Jersey ceded its standing as a leader in environmental protection efforts.”

Though the state Legislature is controlled by Democrats, the majority party may be powerless to stop the Republican governor from carrying out the exit strategy because no legislation is needed for him to do so.

Christie said Thursday he is committed to increasing off-shore wind production and making solar energy more affordable. New Jersey gets about one-fifth of its energy from four nuclear power plants, including the country’s oldest reactor.

Christie, who in November raised questions about the causes of global warming, said Thursday that he believes climate change is real and caused, at least partially, by human activity.

Besides New Jersey, participating states are Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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  1. p says:,,, &

  2. Vienna Joe says:

    I bet Christie gives off some really noxious green gas. Maybe he’s worried that the program would require him to change his diet and to exercise in an effort to cut down on his stank …

  3. jerseyjoey says:

    Wonderful, maybe now i can get real gasoline not liberal Ethagas that Feks up my car. Who cares about imaginary global warming, China doesnt, Russia doesnt, Mexico doesnt, South America doesnt, middle east doesnt Oh but our Idiot Liberal traitor trashAnd Hollywood morrons do, Well i say YOU PAY FOR IT WITH YOUR MONEY THEN.

    1. Richard Billyhamp says:

      Anyone who does not participate in Green House program is selfish, ignorant
      and short-sighted. America is the leader in the world, other countries do not
      it does not mean America has to agree with them. America should take the
      lead to force other countries who do not participate in the program to comply
      with it by economic sanctions. The big rich companies who do not want to comply with it because they are short-sighted, because they want to
      lower their costs and make more money out from the public (including you) and
      get a good profit report to those few big shareholders who do not care about public health, they just care about their revenue income. They are very
      short-sighted. They better don’t not raise any children, grand childrens because
      they will become miserable because the earth will not support them with healthy
      environment to live in, in the coming 30 to 50 years. The water and air are
      polluted, the food sources are all contaminated with chemicals or even extinguished. Their body figures will be distorted into weird shapes due to chemical poisoning. Why you still stand on the side of those big selfish companies who do not care about the human living environment and let them
      poison yourself, your families, your friends and your loved ones. Wake up
      man, please act smartly, thank you.

    2. Putnam Gent says:

      Right on. All you bleeding heart liberal do gooders who want to save the world by driving your Priuses and who refuse to accept that there is no scientific proof that the activities of man have anything whatever to do with global warming-PAY FOR IT WITH YOUR OWN MIONEY-is there something that you don’t understand about the government being bankrupt both morally and financially? As soon as you get China, Russia and the rest of the world on board, let me know. Until then, shut up.

  4. Masters says:

    Everytime Christy opens his mouth New Jerseys air quality drops 50 percent.

  5. SokrMom says:

    The bloated idiot is at it again–he has not balanced New Jersey’s budget, even though he is still playing hide-the-ball with New Jersey’s unpaid pension obligations, and now he is making life even worse by failing to do anything at all about global warming, while the weather gets rapidly crazier. Doesn’t this guy follow the news? Maybe all he reads is poll numbers–but wait, his New Jersey poll numbers are steadily falling. I guess he only pays attention to the steady stream of checks from wealthy people and oil companies.

  6. PO'd says:

    Reading all these comments is just totally amazing. People voted for Mr. Christie to do exactly what he is doing…tell it like it is AND cut spending. Yet, amazingly, the people who are complaining are the ones who have voted Democratic for years in order to keep the status quo and ride the gravy train. For years, the average person could not voice their opinion about anything because the facts were not known; only twisted stories of how our taxes will pay for everything. Congrats to all those who voted Democratic. Our past legislative decisions put us in the situation were are in.

    Former NBA star Charles Barkley once said “poor people have voted Democratic for 50 years, and they are still poor.”

  7. mike says:

    Government mandated carbon control programs are a complete waste of time, money, and effort. NJ and America have MUCH bigger problems to be dealing with than some lame brain tree hugging program that does absolutely nothing to improve the quality of the earth. Its all fake.

  8. allan Dauber says:

    The system is not working? I wish Christie was not working as a Gov of New Jersey!

    1. coffeeparty says:

      ok ,progressive`s here`s what you need to do , don`t buy jersey fresh or support any nj small buisness for that matter , this doe`s not affect the people who support this gov , who by the way, he has not accomplished anything for nj thus far ,he only makes headline`s with things he can`t do legally . his supportor`s in kansas luv this stuff , go to shoprite not the farmstand , go to penn not the shore , vote dem big next election, send a message , fat fatty must go!!!

  9. Bob says:

    Good for Christie for stopping the wasteful spending of the government.

  10. Mr Sam says:

    Goody, goody, now NJ will get its old nickname back, “The Garbage State”. NJ can go back to smelling like a huge garbage dump. Maybe Humpty can remove the scrubbers from the Linden refineries to speed up the process. Just another step for the GOP to get their country “back”.

  11. Rob says:

    THis guys a big blow hard. A huge windbag. Go on a diet and stop farting so much, that will help clear the air of your stink at least.

  12. Corky says:

    If it was a meatball he wouldn’t have walked away from it.

  13. Kris says:

    Glad I moved.

  14. Warren Mass says:

    Excellent! While I agree with Christie’s action, I think he missed the point: So-called global warming (if it exists at all) is certainly not cause by human activities, but is the result of natural cycles beyond our control.

  15. al says:

    “program is ineffective at combatting global warming”. Sure, and the money saved can be transferred to Cristy’s lunch allowance!!! Go on, Christy have some junk food, you look like you lost some weight lately!! You diet program seems to be ineffective as well.

  16. Reva O'Boyle says:

    Governor Christie has disappointed me very much. If we don’t cut back on pollutants in the air, they will build up to the point that we won’t be able to breath. The pollutants will cover the earth and the sun’s rays will not be able to shine through. Plants will die, and when they die, we will die. The weather will become so dangerous, that all life will be in danger.

  17. Glenn says:

    I would expect nothing less from one of the loudest mouths in the Grand Oil Party.

  18. Jim says:

    Global warming builds up excess energy on the planet’s surface. What do you think happens to that excess energy? Just ask the people of Joplin, Missouri.

  19. Linda Peterson says:

    Does the Governor have uncontrolled diabetes? He “sounds” as if he does.

  20. Bill for NJ says:

    please, do you really think the NJ state government had an good program to reduce emissions? very naive. Chris Christie probably looked into the process and expenses of this group and made a logical decision that is was a total waste of time. If you want clean air than have a law demand that all commercial big rig trucks in US convert to natural gas by x year. That would be a real plan. Not a bunch of paper pushers in some government office building doing inspections.

  21. Its Me says:

    Of course no one here provides a meaningful comment.

    What is the cost benefit analysis here.

    How much CO2 is NJ really reducing that is one side of the puzzle

    The other side of the puzzle is what has the cost been to date for whatever this reduction is.

    Does this make economic sense then is the real question here.

  22. JohnnyRocket says:

    yeah down with clean air, evil clean air!!!

  23. NYFENIAN13 says:


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