NEW YORK (CBS 2) — There were fireworks in a Long Island courtroom Wednesday, as attorneys for the suspect in an explosive road rage trial claimed the victim had drugs in his system.

Nassau’s deputy medical examiner rushed out of the courtroom following his testimony. Autopsy photographs and findings seemed so difficult for the family of victim Ian Sharinn to endure that his parents and brother stayed away.

Attorneys for suspect Evan Potts characterized the new evidence as “explosive.”

“The bombshell here is that a member of homicide asked the medical examiner to test for steroids,” defense attorney Stanley Kopilow said.

The road rage confrontation happened in May 2009 in Long Beach.

The medical examiner admitted Wednesday that an independent lab checked Sharrin for anabolic steroids and elevated levels of testosterone. Standard toxicology revealed that Sharinn had trace amounts of cannibis, as well as lamotrigine and citalopram.

The chief toxicologist called those nothing more than standard anti-anxiety medications, with doses considered “therapeutic.” The defense, though, had other claims.

“It would certainly explain the rage that Ian Sharinn was exhibiting that day, and how over-the-top that rage was,” Kopilow said.

Potts accidentally cut off Sharinn at a Long Beach intersection. Following a two-mile verbal argument – shouting at one another as they drove side by side – Sharinn exited his yellow Porsche twice and confronted Potts, kicking his rented Nissan Altima.

Potts called 9-1-1 as Sharinn grabbed the Altima door frame. Potts accelerated, and Sharinn fell beneath the tires and was crushed.

The jury was riveted by police interrogation video, as cameras captured Potts telling detectives that it was an accident.

“There’s this crazy guy, he’s coming at me, I don’t know what to do,” Potts said. “He got out of the little car, he was huge, you know, and I was totally scared.”

Prosecutors said the defense was waging a smear campaign against an innocent man who’s no longer alive to defend himself.

The prosecution was expected to rest Thursday. It is unknown if the defense will call suspect Evan Potts to the stand.

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Jennifer McLogan

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  1. robin says:

    Ian Sharrin was on his way to sign a contract to buy his first house with his fiancee. An irresponsible driver cut him off. The claim that he was holding onto the door frame doesn’t hold water, since his HEAD was crushed by the car. Potts panicked, when he could have just stayed in his car with the doors locked if he was scared. it wasn’t the middle of nowhere or the middle of the night. He’s a hazard on the road and whether intentional homicide, assult resulting in death, or negligence, it DID NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN and it’s not the victim’s fault.

  2. This is what I've been waiting for says:

    I’ve been waiting to hear the toxicology report of what Sharrin had in his system. Lamotrigine is a drug that’s given to people with bipolar disorder. And citalopram is prescribed to control mood swings. That says it all right there! If I were working for Kopilow, I’d build a strong argument based on that alone. I thought from the beginning that Sharrin might have been using steriods. His reaction was totally unreasonable.

  3. Realist says:

    Sharrin died by his own agrression and rage. I would have done it differently: I would have let him beat my car until the police got there so I could take total delight in watching the police taze his hot head. Potts was the victim here

  4. safedriver says:

    I think a lot of these muscleheads are so angry because their jeans are too tight:

    I’m just sayin’

  5. jack says:

    the lady that wrote this article has a cool looking nose

  6. DanTe says:

    So the Potts head was stoned behind the wheels? And it wonders why people are angry at its stupid driving? Can we sterilize that entire stinking family yet?

    1. DanTe the Dumb says:

      Do you even know how to read? Your ignorance is shown every time you comment. The victim had cannibis in his system not Potts.

    2. WhaddaDoopDeeDoop says:

      No Dante it is illegal to steralize the Potts family but I think it might be legal to put a muzzle on you!

    3. Realist says:

      I am praying to god that you are unable to breed.

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