N.Y. Dem Doing Damage Control; Political Pundit: This Could Be End For HimBy Marcia Kramer

Updated at 12:43 a.m., June 2, 2011

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On Wednesday afternoon, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner refused to deny that he’s the one in the lewd photo that was sent to a college student. But later that night opened the door to the very real possibility that it could, indeed, be him.

In a live cable news interview he acknowledged it might be a private picture of him that ended up on a public Twitter account.

He told the interviewer, “It could be.”

It was another weird turn in a story that seems to get more bizarre by the day.

Earlier in the day, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer asked the six-term Democrat the $64,000 question that is at the center of the so-called “Weinergate” Twitter scandal.

“The picture” in question is the one of a man’s bulging underwear that was sent from the congressman’s Twitter account to a pretty coed. On Wednesday afternoon, Weiner wouldn’t say with certainty whether it was or wasn’t him.

“Well, we’re going to try to find out exactly what happened. My system was hacked into. The photograph does not look familiar to me but before I say anything I want to make sure that it wasn’t manipulated, that something wasn’t dropped in to my account,” Rep. Weiner said at the time.

Weiner continued to bob and dodge, even after his friend, comedian Jon Stewart, hinted that he was in a unique position to judge whether the bulging briefs belonged to the congressman.

When advised that most people would know whether a picture is of them or not, Weiner quipped, “Jon Stewart might have had it right last night, that it didn’t look like me for embarrassing reasons.”

It was the recently married Weiner, who wants to be the New York City’s next mayor, doing big-time damage control.

“This was a hoax. It was committed on me. It was relatively easy to do, making fun of my name,” Weiner said.

Weiner had a lot to repair after stonewalling reporters’ questions for days and using his trademark temper as a tool.

“I’m going to have to ask that we follow some rules here and one of them is going to be you ask the questions, I do the answers. Does that seem reasonable?” Weiner told a group of reporters.

But when pushed to give an answer, Weiner cranked up the intensity a bit.

“That would be perfectly reasonable, perfectly reasonable. You do the questions. I do the answers. That jackass interrupts me,” Weiner said.

The outburst was reminiscent of a heated discussion on the House floor last summer between Weiner and Congressman Peter King over a health bill for 9/11 responders.

“I will not yield to the gentleman!” Weiner screamed during that memorable exchange.

The political implications, dodging questions of the picture and refusing to explain why he follows a bevy of women on Twitter could affect his future political ambitions.

“It’s a culture of gossip and entertainment and Anthony Weiner has now found himself as the butt of gossip and entertainment,” political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said.

“For the time being it casts pallor on whether he can be a reasonable candidate for mayor, too many questions. Ultimately, people will forgive Twitter but they won’t forgive not coming clean.”

Sheinkopf said the longer the Twitter scandal goes on, the bigger the damage.

“This could be the end of a career but who knows?” Sheinkopf said.

The congressman said he has hired the Washington DC law firm of Baker Hostettler to sort the whole thing out and help him decide his next step. He also said his new wife is four-square behind him.

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Marcia Kramer

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  1. elvis says:

    Itsmy weiner

    1. shermie says:

      So does the Weiner have sooooooo many pics of his underwear shrouded “manhood” floating around that he’s just not clear that THIS particular photo is actually him…..that’s the impression I got from his obfuscating bs answer-pompous self absorbed a$$ that he is

      1. NOYFB says:


    2. noyfb says:

      What a disgusting excuse for a human being. If he was a republican, he would already be gone. But our LAME STREET MEDIA , never reports any news regarding anything! SHOCKER!

      1. NOYFB says:

        I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner, that is truly I truly want to be. For If I was an Oscar Myer Weiner, everyone, especially, young college girls, would be in love with me. BOYCOTT OSCAR MEYER UNTIL WEINER RESIGNS!

      2. Scott says:

        I bet the evidence won’t stand up in court. LOL

      3. Alex says:

        I think you mean “lame stream media.”

        Beck and Palin should sell easily digestible cue cards so you brain-dead trolls don’t make such ridiculous mistakes.
        I’ll give you an additional ten points for the never-used “if it was a republican” argument. I’ve NEVER seen that argument made on every single Drudge-linked comment. NEVER.

        But back to the case at hand- you consider this important news? With everything else happening in our country and the world, you honestly insist news organizations are “lame” for not covering an underpants shot that Brietbart’s goons manufactured? Amazing.

        Really fine commenting here. Keep up the great work, patriot.

    3. NOYFB says:

      What a smart mouth, arrogant jerk this guy has been. Imagine, middle class tax paying citizens demanding that OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, actually live like we do. Imagine.

      1. Alex says:

        Why do you hate freedom and America so much?
        God bless you. I hope you’ll find the truth and the light soon. God bless you.

    4. JIM says:


  2. Joe Greenwell says:

    Oh come on. He will not suffer for this. If it happened to a Republican this Weiner would be screaming to burn em at the stake. Its him that is why he is not attempting to deny it. Problem now is the cover up is going to be a real burr under his butt. Should be gone because he is a marxist/socialist who wants to build a communist state here.

    1. mip says:

      Obama and Holder will protect him and his weiner. All will be erased.

  3. RikiTiki says:

    Yes, and apparently — so it seems, anyway — he likes to take pictures of it and post it on Twitter.

    Naw, nothing eyebrow-raising there! That’s exactly the behavior you want in a congressman !

    1. Ron Reale says:

      “Yes, and apparently — so it seems, anyway — he likes to take pictures of it and post it on Twitter.
      Naw, nothing eyebrow-raising there! That’s exactly the behavior you want in a congressman !”

      Ah, you mean DEMOCRAT congressman, don’t you?
      The republicans throw out anyone caught doing anything untoward.

  4. Hunn says:

    There is a very simple, logical plan on what to do next. A way ahead can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIcSuyZjjIM
    Good luck

    1. John Gronski says:

      y’know, really, I thought you had something useful to say…..instead, SHUDDUP!!!

  5. larry burdge says:

    Oviously,the damage is about as big as it’s ever gonna’ get for Mr. Weiner and his staff.

  6. UG says:

    Bulging briefs, that’s no t lewd. Where’s the beef?

    1. Rick in Cali says:

      He sent it to a clollege coed. That’s the beef.

  7. Very Concerned says:

    An insidious psychopath, this mans behavior shows acute manic depression with a touch schizoid paranoia, Keep your pets and children away from this deviant until he undergoes a complete psychiatric exam!

    1. NOYFB says:

      I agree!

    2. amplitude jones says:

      well, considering it voted for ANY victim disarming schemes the traitor pigs call Gun Control, which is equivalent to arranging murders, the evil traitor pig really should have long ago been hanged. THAT would protect all living Americans, and a lot of future ones too!

      1. amplitude johnson says:

        Threatening at sitting member of Congress?

        You have the gall to call someone else a traitor!

  8. RikiTiki says:

    And the guy’s name is Weiner.

    You literally couldn’t make this stuff up.

    Being as Weiner is as scurrilous and hypocritical as they come among the self-serving self-glorifying “ruling class” do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do elitist control-freak hacks who live for face-time on slimeholes like MSNBC, I am laughing so hard tears are leaking from my eyes.

    And when I say “hypocrite,” remember that this is the guy who was just in the news whining about Clarence Thomas and the expected upcoming Obamacare Supreme Court case, Weiner and his corrupt leftist Democrat buddies trying to gin up some flimsy pretext wherein Thomas should recuse himself — THE SAME WEINER WHO WANTS OBAMACARE WAIVERS FOR NEW YORK CITY.

    That’s hypocrisy.

    1. starboardhelm says:

      So — you’re saying he’s a WEINER WAIVER?

      1. Dave says:

        He both IS one, and WANTS one….at least as far as healthcare goes.

        These despicable people need to be removed from power and NEVER, EVER allowed to gain it again.

  9. Pete Petretich says:

    Young people often look over news stories, sometimes VERY young people, for instance, as a school assignment. At my own public elementary school they used to call it “Current Events” and I thought it was fun.

    Letting a story like this dangle out there like this (no pun intended) is HIGHLY irresponsible for any serious adult, especially for anyone who thinks they have a political future.

    The story did not deserve one headline, now it can’t be stopped. There are many, many ethics and PR issues in the House of Representatives which NEVER have a public airing and are resolved substantially, but without publicity.

    1. RikiTikie says:

      Spoken like a true Democrat apologist / liberal shill. Betcha weren’t whining about the media’s ridiculous obsession with trying to destroy Palin’s image at any cost, using any lie they could muster, dragging her family into it. The same with countless other non-Democrat non-liberal politicians.

      But thanks for the daily does of sanctimony.

      1. RikiTiki says:

        Thanks for the daily “dose” of sanctimony. Never mind the typo. Same goes for my mistyped screen-name above.

      2. Pete Petretich says:

        I think you missed the boat here. I’m an avid supporter of the glorious Sarah Palin and regularly post to C4P.

        I’m thinking about kids like my nieces and former students who all spend a lot of time online.

    2. Tim says:

      I’m guessing that you had similar issues with the airing of Clinton’s baggage?

      We as a nation should not put up with this garbage from either party. This guy is very obviously trying to cover, and should be ejected from the House. He’s proven to be a particularly nasty person, and the House will be better off without him.

    3. Bruce tominello says:

      He is finished. If it wan’t him the FBI would have been all over it and the perp would have been exposed. However, he has not called the FBI because he knows it’s him.
      Bye-bye Anthony. Another holier than thou New York politician goes down. Elliot Spitzer redux. It has nothing to do with being Jewish, there are so many Jews in NYC involved in politics that it’s purely a coincidence. The bottom line is another sleazy politician gets caught up with due to his own arrogance and stupidity. Have they not learned that sooner or later this stuff comes out?
      No more stupid people in Congress…please!

    4. IrateNate says:

      I wonder how you might feel had your daughter received one of Weiner’s “Tweets”?

      1. amplitude jones says:

        whoa! My oh shut up comment went to the wrong place! CBS up to confusionist garbage as usual, as enemies of the USA>

    5. amplitude jones says:

      oh shut UP! What a whiny liberal milquetoast twerp you are!

      1. b.mclane says:

        Pete Petrrtrich is not a Liberal . Reread his original post. But Pete ,there is good news for kids in the Weinergate story. 1) what you post online goes everywhere so don’t post a lewd picture especially if you are a married man. 2) Even a Representative can get in trouble for lying.

    6. CookieJar says:

      I understand what you are saying and I respect your opinion, but I am so tired of hearing about how the TV and internet need to be filtered for children. If anyone’s irresponsible, it’s the parents for not monitoring what their kids watch. Why should I have to miss a news story or tv show because some woman down the block wants to treat her TV like a babysitter? When I was a kid, I barely watched TV because my mom actually parented me. We played board games, we read and went for walks….Nowadays parents just want their kids to be quiet and watch TV and then we wonder why they have no social skills…

    7. b.mclane says:

      As Lanny Davis would say. If you are caught in a bad situation come out first, tell all and tell the truth. This story like Bill Clinton’s BJ is not about what he did its about a paid government official telling us to not beleive what we see but what he tells us to believe.

    8. CommiesDestroyMorality says:

      Peter. Commies have no morals. He is just “revealing” his intent. Sure dinged the little college girl, huh… does she matter? You yipe about “it” “getting out” in headlines. Didn’t have to, he could have kept his pants on and behaved like a man not a pervert. No, Peter, these commies can’t help but trip up thinking they can get away with pushing us and our children, society, government, country, into a cesspool. No More, and Never Again. When an American say Never Again… you can know it’s serious.

  10. deimos says:

    I would like to thank the people of New York for sending this sleazy, amoral, lying sack of pig vomit to congress. good job people and you wonder why the rest of the country dislikes you. THROW HIM OUT!!!

    1. 1984AnimalFarm says:

      If you don’t like him? Why are you paying him all those compliments?

  11. Jason says:

    This should be really easy to prove. Twitter admins should be able to determine if his account was hacked fairly easily through an investigation of the logs. I am sure they are logging the IP address that each authentication attempt comes form.

    I am sure that Weiner does not want this to happen as it will prove that his account was not hacked.

    1. FNTM says:

      Amen from an IT guy! Weiner either did it or is covering for oen of his buddies. Period – end of story. He d=needs to go!

      1. Danny says:

        Oh but wait, democrats are supposed to be soooo tech savvy, maybe the dude sent the pic from an open vpn server and now he’ll blame terrence and phillip…BLAME CANADUHH!!

  12. Kathleen says:

    Ummmmm…..does Bishop not remember Elliot Spitzer? Or, does this not count due to the fact the Progressive cable and network stations penalize a pervert by awarding him his own show. Weiner is in the midst of his internship to replace NYC’s little despot, Bloomberg, and this latest scandal will only make him more attractive to the voters (I mean those who count the votes!).

  13. eilspaul says:

    couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  14. David Zukerman says:

    To borrow the delightful quip from the late David Niiven at the Academy Awards, as a streaker ran across the stage — Rep. Weiner’s shortcomings have been on display for a number of years. I am aware how he sought to pierce separation of powers by writing an improper letter to a judge, December 7, 2000, attacking my family. Never could get attention paid.
    Now this. Well, Madison, in Federalist No. 41 pointed out: “A bad cause seldom fails to betray itself.

  15. chitownconserv says:

    Weiner is offering prophylactic excuses as air cover for his head.

  16. Paul B. says:

    One phone call, to authorize Twitter or Yfrog to reveal the source IP of the tweet or photo, and this would all be over. Weiner is hemming and hawing for a reason, and it is not working.

  17. Dan L says:

    It is disgusting that a US Congressman would do this. This is definitely a resigning offense for a Republican, but then again they are held to a higher standard.

  18. Tom Belton says:

    We are talking about a Democrat here. This is a resume enhancer.

    1. amplitude johnson says:

      Do you have to pay Rush royalties for using his lines?

  19. John says:

    You mean Clinton.
    Weiner is guilty of thinking with his.

  20. Fivetools22 says:

    What a tool this guy is. A real tool.

  21. Pamela M Irwin says:

    This is absolutely hilarious. I follow Weiner on Twitter & he did NOT send this pic. You guys are making a mountain out of a molehill & he’s playing you for the idiots you are. LOL sooooo funny.

    1. Tim says:

      You seem to have some information that the rest of the world doesn’t. Care to provide a bit more data to justify your assertion? LOL indeed…

    2. el polacko says:

      playing whom for an idiot ? the man cannot answer a simple ‘yes or no’ question. now he’s not sure if that is one of the pics that he took of his crotch or not ? c’mon lady, if anyone is being played for a fool it’s hyper-partisans like you.

    3. peejer says:

      Nope. Nobody could be that stupid. You don’t actually believe that. You don’t know what he did or didn’t do. And there’s no credit for lame attempts to give him credit for “playing” anybody. He’s scared poopless, dancing as fast as he can.

    4. Melvin says:

      Pamela how do you know that this idiot didn’t send the picture and it is hilarious because little weiner’s political career is hopefully over LOL sooooooooooo funny.

    5. H. E. Vincent says:

      Care to share the real thing with us then? That is the ONLY way that you could know that he definitely did NOT send it (and even then there would be some weinie bit of doubt).

    6. RuRu says:

      Lots of people follow him, but he only follows a select few, about 40 or so young girls, so he would not send it to you, but he would send it to the girls he wants to.

    7. Harold E Vincent says:

      I just got a look at this guy’s wife in another article. If you think Michelle O is ugly, you should check out Huma.
      There are trophy wives, and there are influence and convenience wives.
      I really have to apologizze for posting this but, OMG!
      Explains a lot. http://www.politico.com/blogs/click/0611/Weiners_wife_stays_mum_.html

      1. Pamela M Irwin says:

        It was Bush’s fault.

  22. John says:

    Leave Weiner alone. Let him be about the people’s business. Weiner is all about the children, the poor, women’s health and immigrants. Republican’s hate all of the aforementioned. I know because I was a Republican and they made me sign a hate pledge before I could join. They also made me foreclose on my mother’s house. That was before I came to Jesus and Karl Marx and not necessarily in that order. Where is the “Leeeaaaavvee Brittany alone ! ” guy when we need him.

    1. Jason says:

      “… and not necessarily in that order,” proves that you have not come to Jesus. You were never a republican. However, you are a moron.

      1. big time liberal says:

        he was easy to spot wasnt he.

      2. Harold E Vincent says:

        He was has hard to spot as a stiff weinie in tight shorts.

    2. el polacko says:

      where were you, john, when the fellow who appeared shirtless in a pic on craigslist was forced to resign in disgrace ? isn’t sending young girls a pic of your erection just a wee bit more serious of an offense ? your ‘mussolini made the trains run on time’ defense’ is pretty lame.

    3. peejer says:

      I knew you were being sarcastic…

    4. bruce tominello says:

      Surely you jest

    5. danny says:

      LOL, you almost got me!!

    6. Rick in Cali says:

      John, looks like they don’t recognize sarcasm.

  23. Sean Oneill says:

    Poor little Weiner….he caught his weiner on a tweet and now he’s tweeting all down Chrissy Mathews leg.

  24. Diogenes says:

    Ted Kennedy is giving him a high-5 from his perch in hell.

  25. Jon Christner says:

    Does anybody remembr how to spell “ratf*cking?”

  26. questioner says:

    If Mr. Weiner really didn’t send the picture, why doesn’t he just say so?

  27. Robert Courtney says:

    He’ll not resign, nor will he be investigated.
    That’s just how the double standard between Democrats and Republicans work.
    The NY-26 election came about because a GOP had shown his naked stomach and chest. Yet this fool gets a pass when he posts a pic of his crotch to a young woman.
    He wasn’t hacked. He is lying. And that is even a distraction from WHY did he have a pic of his crotch on a PUBLIC image site in the 1st place.
    I would love to see him go, but it just won’t happen. He’ll never go, it’s his insane personality. Which is why it’s so suspicious that the cry baby hasn’t already tried to have the “hacker” prosecuted. THAT is his whiny personality, too.

  28. Susan in Texas says:

    Anybody a constituent of this slime ball? Give Mr Weiner a call and let him know he better give a straight answer. We need to start cleaning out the sewer in DC and he needs to go. This doesn’t say too much for the guy’s ‘s integrity. Anything from the wife yet? Or is she standing by her man like Hillary did.

  29. jack nichols says:

    This is funny…Thas not my junk

  30. Tired of the lying, sex-obsessed pols says:

    From the article: Sheinkopf said the longer the Twitter scandal goes on, the bigger the damage.

    It has already gone on long enough. Weiner is making a fool of himself. It’s like Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Two young, heavyset coeds “interested” in Democratic politics. Give me a break. He should step down – just like they make the Republicans do. No double standards.

  31. Johnnieprops says:

    Quite the contrary to losing his job, He is trying to elivate his position in the Democratic party. Look what a sex scandle did for the rapist in chief Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton.

  32. J says:

    I’m calling for his resignation. There was no hacker, hackers would not waste time with this. Do you know what skills are required to commit this potential crime. His computer should be searched, and if there was a hacker, most surely there would be a kit left behind (remnants) if you will. If he says it was from another computer he would have fallen into the trap, because he keeps coming up with plausible explanations as if he knew where it came from.

  33. getbackbarack says:

    I haven’t seen the photo but they say it is obviously him. It leans hard left.

  34. Ron Stahr says:

    perhaps its time to spend a little more time in Torah study Mr. Weiner. The Yetzer Hara you learned of in your youth is gaining control.

    1. biker trash says:

      you can be proud anthony, how many of us actually get to live up to our names besides you and me?

  35. Tim says:

    It’s interesting that he won’t definitively deny it. Twitter could identify the IP address from which the tweet came (in addition to the location), so this could be easily resolved. In most cases like this, the denial is worse than the event… Let’s hope his wife has some dignity and dumps him.

  36. Ob Noxious says:

    > “He also said his new wife is four-square behind him.”
    http://www.4sq.com ???

  37. John says:

    Funny, he wouldn’t know if a picture of him in his “bulging” undies was taken. Dork!

  38. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

    Weiner…NOT exactly on a roll this week.

    You CAN’T spell liberalism without L-I-E-S

  39. amplitude jones says:

    Truly,there are actually more important issues than this. Like, weiner has voted for Victim Disarming Schemes called gun control- therefore, he should have long-since been hanged for treason! WHY is he still alive? And there are a few hundred others like the vermin traitor PIG! WAKE UP!

    1. Barry A Kenyan says:

      True…………. But god it is funny as hell, and with the world going straight to hell I need a laugh………………. AND HE IS GIVING IT TO ME!!! As many times he as a COMPLETE ASS on TV!!! I am loving it.

      1. amplitude jones says:

        I just saw its dissembling twit-ness on the news… It has such a girly voice… Maybe he’s not telling the truth about it because he mis-dialed and intended it for a young boy…. Still- I would rather all traitors were hanged today, and we laugh at them tomorrow…Or guillotined…or firing squad…tied to railroad tracks. Dang, the money we could make on the videos of the executions! National debt SOLVED… AND laughter for YEARS!

  40. Barry A Kenyan says:

    If the acct was HACKED then the FBI HAS TO BE BROUGHT IN!!!! This is the LAW!!!! He can not say it was hacked and not contact the law. In fact he is breaking the law by making the statement! LOL. I love this…………. Weiner twittered his Weiner!!! LOLOL.

    1. CommiesDestroyMorality says:

      U R RIGHT. But the “law” doesn’t apply to the ELITE. Like the Congress has special health care and THEY promo the DieAlready Policy for “us.” Better face facts, the blood of patriots is required ever so often to refresh the tree of liberty. Actually… I’m replying to B A K because there is a Reply button. THERE IS NO REPLY button on Amplitude Jones comment above it. Wonder why, I wonder why I wonder why I wonder. Anyway, AJ, Oh Yes Oh Yes the NATIONAL RAGE is going to steamroller these commies, there ain’t no way around it… unless they scurry away fast.

  41. Rhetorical Doc says:

    He is not only a weiner but also he is an a$$! Just like Clinton did when he was caught red-handed, he tries the old line, “I have the people’s business to do.” Corrupt to the core!

    1. biker trash says:

      maybe barney frank will be able to shed some light on who it is

  42. lakerman1 says:

    Don’t be so hard on him.

    1. Barry A Kenyan says:

      Your joking right??? Or is this just a pun LOL

  43. RobbieK says:

    Let’s just cut our losses and get Weiner out of here. Not only has this been a serious embarrassment for New York, his antics on the floor of the House have been also.

    1. Sharing News says:

      Everything for New York is a serious embarrassment.

  44. MD says:

    I SOOO love it when Dems implode. I’m actually quite surprised the press won’t let it drop too.

  45. ken says:

    time for a yes or no answer

  46. Gunny G Alz says:

    BUSTED! Time to resign you sleazy leftist. Maybe Obama will hire you in his admin!

  47. Norm Balog says:

    It’s obviously NOT his, um, package. He’s a democrat, you dolts. They can do no wrong. The never sexually harrass, rape, intimidate anyone or do anything that can be construed as sexually offensive. How do I know this? Because the media tells me so. Of course he did it, but until the media say it, I’ll stick with the DNC party line, and Weiner’s lie, ahem, his denial. It’s what all patriots should do. Sieg Heil.

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